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Lynnwood is located in Edmonton
Location of Lynnwood in Edmonton
Coordinates: 53°31′01″N 113°35′20″W / 53.517°N 113.589°W / 53.517; -113.589
Country Canada
Province Alberta
Sector[2]Mature area
Area[3][4]Jasper Place
 • Administrative bodyEdmonton City Council
 • CouncillorSarah Hamilton
 • Total0.89 km2 (0.34 sq mi)
671 m (2,201 ft)
 • Total3,302
 • Density3,710.1/km2 (9,609/sq mi)
 • Change (2009–12)
 • Dwellings

Lynnwood is a residential neighbourhood in west Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Its location gives residents good access to downtown, the University of Alberta, MacEwan College, and West Edmonton Mall. It became a part of Edmonton when the Town of Jasper Place amalgamated with Edmonton in 1964.

The neighbourhood is bounded on the east by 149 Street (part of which was renamed "Lynnwood Way"), on the south by Whitemud Drive, on the west by 159 Street, and on the north by 87 Avenue.

The community is represented by the Lynnwood Community League, established in 1960, which maintains a community hall and outdoor rink located at 155 Street and 84 Avenue.[8][9]

Typical residential street in Lynnwood


In the City of Edmonton's 2012 municipal census, Lynnwood had a population of 3,302 living in 1,431 dwellings,[7] a 3.3% change from its 2009 population of 3,197.[10] With a land area of 0.89 km2 (0.34 sq mi),[6] it had a population density of 3,710.1 people/km2 in 2012.[7][6]

Over half of the homes in the neighbourhood are single-family houses on tree lined streets. On the north side of the neighbourhood diagonally across from the Meadowlark Park Centre is an apartment building complex called Whitehall Square. Situated on the site of the old Starlite Drive-in Theatre, Whitehall Square consists of three towers of 17 stories, as well as eight "walk-ups" with three stories. There is also a "walk-up" apartment block located at the north east corner of the neighbourhood consisting of a basement and two upper floors. Almost all the units in the apartment buildings are rented, as are approximately one out of ten single-family dwellings. The remaining single-family dwellings are owner-occupied.[11]

Approximately 20 percent of Lynnwood residents are under the age of 20.[citation needed] All age groups are well represented in the overall population.


Good Edmonton Transit System bus service provides university students living in the neighbourhood with access to the University of Alberta. The same routes provide access to Whyte Avenue and Old Strathcona. There is also good bus service to both the Centre for the Arts Campus (formerly Jasper Place Campus) and the Downtown Campus of MacEwan College.

The fastest access to the south side from Lynnwood is by way of the Whitemud Drive, with access to the Whitemud by interchanges at 149 Street and at 159 Street. In addition to the university campus and old Strathcona, the Whitemud also provides access to Fort Edmonton Park.


Parents with school age children can send their children to either Lynnwood Elementary School in the Edmonton Public School System or the Our Lady of Victories Catholic Elementary School in Edmonton's separate school system. Junior high schools are located in the neighbourhoods of Laurier Heights to the east and parkview to the north east. Nearby high schools are Jasper Place High School and St. Francis Xavier High School, both located in the neighbourhood of West Meadowlark Park to the north west.

Shopping and recreation[edit]

Residents have excellent access to shopping. The best known shopping destination, located just ten blocks west of the western edge of the neighbourhood along 87 Avenue, is West Edmonton Mall. Additional retail shopping and medical services are available at the Meadowlark Park Centre just to the north of the neighbourhood. By way of the Whitemud, residents also have good access to the Southgate Shopping Centre. If that isn't enough, there is a small strip shopping centre located at the north west corner of the neighbourhood, and two other strip shopping centres located just across 87 Avenue in the neighbourhood of Jasper Park. The best known store in this complex is referred to as "Lynnwood Drugs" though it has undergone several official name changes.

The neighbourhood also has park and recreation facilities, Lynnwood Park and the Lynnwood Athletic Field. Another popular recreational area is a ravine that extends from Lynnwood Elementary School to the 149 Street / Whitemud Drive interchange. It is particularly popular among dog owners who will walk their dogs along the length of it. It is lined on both sides with trees and bushes of various species including evergreens, pin cherries, choke cherries, saskatoon berry trees, mountain ashes (Rowan), red elderberries, currants, gooseberries, raspberries and wild roses. It is home to the American Red Squirrel and numerous bird species.

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