Rio Terrace, Edmonton

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Rio Terrace
Rio Terrace is located in Edmonton
Rio Terrace
Rio Terrace
Location of Rio Terrace in Edmonton
Coordinates: 53°30′29″N 113°34′59″W / 53.508°N 113.583°W / 53.508; -113.583
Country Canada
Province Alberta
Sector[2]Mature area
Area[3][4]Jasper Place
 • Administrative bodyEdmonton City Council
 • CouncillorSarah Hamilton
 • Total0.58 km2 (0.22 sq mi)
669 m (2,195 ft)
 • Total1,305
 • Density2,250/km2 (5,800/sq mi)
 • Change (2009–12)
 • Dwellings

Rio Terrace is a neighbourhood in west Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It is bounded by the Patricia Heights neighbourhood across 156 Street to the west, the Lynnwood neighbourhood across Whitemud Drive to the north, the Quesnell Heights neighbourhood across 149 Street to the east, and the North Saskatchewan River valley to the south.[8]

The community is represented by the Rio Terrace Community League, established in 1960, which maintains a community hall, outdoor rink and tennis courts located at 155 Street and 76 Avenue.[9][10]


Development of Rio Terrace began in the 1950s, with most construction (roughly 70%) occurring during the 1960s.


Rio Park Playground, rebuilt by members of the community in 2005

In the City of Edmonton's 2012 municipal census, Rio Terrace had a population of 1,305 living in 509 dwellings,[7] a -2.1% change from its 2009 population of 1,333.[11] With a land area of 0.58 km2 (0.22 sq mi),[6] it had a population density of 2,250 people/km2 in 2012.[6][7]


Vehicle access to Rio Terrace is limited to the 156 Street overpass over Whitemud Drive and the 159 Street interchange along Whitemud Drive via Patricia Heights to the west.

The Edmonton Transit System provides bus service to the neighbourhood via 156 Street to the north and 76 Avenue/159 Street to the west through Patricia Heights.[12]


The Rio Terrace Elementary School, operated by Edmonton Public Schools, is located within the neighbourhood.

Amenities and facilities[edit]

Rio Park, which includes a playground, is located on the east side of 156 Street between 76 Avenue and 76A Avenue. Rio Terrace Park is located along the south edge of the neighbourhood overlooking the North Saskatchewan River valley.

The Rio Terrace Moravian Church is located in the neighbourhood on 76 Avenue.[13]


In 2005, all of the 501 dwelling units in Rio Terrace were single-family dwellings, of which only 20 were occupied by renters.[14]

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