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Microsoft Mouse
First MS-Mouse.jpg
Alps Electric (contract manufacturer)
Release dateMay 2, 1983

The Microsoft Mouse is a computer mouse released by Microsoft in 1983. It is the first mouse released by the company, and it was bundled with Microsoft Word, Notepad, and an on-screen teaching tutorial for an initial price of $195.[1][2]

Nicknamed the "green-eyed mouse", the Microsoft Mouse featured a pair of green buttons. It also featured a more curved body than the blockier designs more common of mice at the time. As with other mice at the time, the Microsoft Mouse used a steel ball for tracking.[3]

The initial version featured an InPort ISA interface, requiring a Microsoft bus card to be installed in the computer. Later versions were available with DE-9 or DB-25 serial connectors. All versions of the Microsoft Mouse could be used with IBM-compatible and other MS-DOS systems.[4][5][3]

Later Microsoft mice[edit]

In 1985 Microsoft introduced the "gray-eyed" Microsoft Mouse, featuring a higher resolution than competing mice. In 1987 the "dove bar" Microsoft Mouse was introduced, compatible with both serial port and PS/2. In 1991 a ballpoint Microsoft Mouse was made. The "kidney" Microsoft Mouse 2.0 was introduced in 1993, and its design served as the basis for the IntelliMouse, which debuted in 1996.


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