National Police of Uruguay

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National Police of Uruguay
Policía Nacional de Uruguay
Uruguay policia Nacional.jpg
Patch of the National Police.
Agency overview
FormedDecember 18, 1829
Jurisdictional structure
National agencyUruguay
Operations jurisdictionUruguay
Governing bodyCabinet of Uruguay
General nature
HeadquartersMontevideo, Uruguay

The National Police of Uruguay is the police institution of Uruguay created 18 December 1829, formed by civil personnel, with complete attributions of police. It constitutes the Security Force, is a body of national and professional nature, dependent on the Executive Branch through the Ministry of the Interior.

As administrative police is responsible for the maintenance of Public Order and the prevention of crimes. As an auxiliary of justice, he is responsible for investigating crimes, collecting evidence and handing off criminals to the judiciary.

The National Police is responsible for the personnel in activity:

  • Defend freedom, life, and property of all people.
  • The maintenance of public order, the preservation of security, the prevention and repression of crime.


On December 18, 1829, the Constitutional and Legislative Assembly of the Eastern State created the office of Political Chief in each of the nine departments. Standing as Political and Police Chief in the whole national territory, Colonel Don Ignacio Oribe. The 18 of December 1829 has been instituted by law, like historical - legal date of "creation of the Uruguayan National Police".

police vehicle.


Firearms used by the National Police in its different departments:


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