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Non-resident Odia are people of Odia ancestry residing outside Odisha.


NROs can be mainly of two types:

  • NROs in India: Odia people (ancestrally or originally) settled in different parts of India outside Odisha
  • NROs abroad: Odia people (ancestrally or originally) settled in different parts of the world.

Oriya Community in Norway[edit]

Norway Oriya Community is group of people who belong to the state of Odisha, India living in Oslo, Norway.[1] page is the casual forum for people to share their thoughts, ideas and everything about Odisha

NROs in India[edit]

Oriyas in different Indian states outside Odisha[edit]

Migration from Odisha has a long history. The Oriya merchants had trade links with other parts of the country during the ancient and Middle Ages.In modern times, the Oriyas started migrating to different parts of the country mainly for two reasons: education and jobs. There are various social and cultural organizations in various parts of the country which include Oriya Cultural Association[2][3] which is a group of Oriyas in Delhi(Based in Haryana),The Oriya Association Of Delhi(Which owns the Jagannath Temple) and Oriya Mahasangram.[4] There is an Oriya association at Varanasi,Uttar Pradesh named as Varanaseya Utkal Samaj having long history of more than six decades of existence which is instrumental in bringing together the Odia people and culture within and beyond the Oriya community living around the holy city of Varanasi.[5] The NRO community has even honored Jyoti Kullu former captain of National Hockey Team(women's) in 2007 on her achievement of the Arjuna Award.[6] The Delhi Oriya Lawyer Association awarded the Trophy.She was honored in a brief function held at the resident of Mr.Jual Oram M.P. and National Vice President of BJP at Delhi. Oram and his wife Jhingia Oram, garlanded Jyoti and congratulated her for her success in the field of sports.[7] Indian diaspora

Web Presence[edit]

There are a lot of websites all over operated by group of Odia people such as (Odia Pua is the first Oriya newspaper which is printed and published from New Delhi). They give all news and happenings of NROs all over the country.

Oriyas abroad[edit]

Oriya Diaspora[edit]

The Oriya diaspora constitute a significant number with distributions in several countries around the world. They are significant in number in countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, England, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Java, Sumatra and Bali. Presently Oriyas are found in almost all countries of the globe. They maintain close contact among themselves, with the kith and kin around the world albeit relatives back home in Odisha. Being a coastal region [Odisha], maritime trade played an important role in the development of Oriya civilization, where cultural, commercial and political contacts with Southeast Asia, particularly southern Burma and Indonesia were especially extensive.

Oriya Culture in the United States[edit]

The Oriya immigrants in the United States have remained attached to their invaluable culture, which finds expression in the traditional festivals and ceremonies. They perform the festivals such as Rath Yatra, Holi, Diwali and New Year in which large number of Oriyas participate. The traditional dance and theater forms of Odisha like Odissi dance and Chhau dance, traditional dramas, stage shows of the story of Ramayana and Mahabharata etc. are also performed in the diaspora. Today specialized dance troupes are invited from Odisha to perform in several special occasions. While watching these performances, the Oriyas, feel a sense of nostalgia of being a member of the great civilization. Among the well-known performers who have visited the United States are Bagmi Das, Natasha Rao, Sidhartha Mohaptra, Satish Mishra, Mrunali Das, Rajashri Mishra, Prerana Pradhan, Shashwati Das, Suman Ojha etc.[8]

Other International Organizations[edit]

There are various Odia organizations in the Canada, United Kingdom, United States and other countries such as: The Orissa Society of Canada, Odisha Society of UK , The Orissa Society Of the Americas[9][10] and The Norway Oriya Community.[11]

The Indo American Friendship Foundation also supports OSA and its chapters.[12][13] The Odisha Society of the Americas organized their 40th Annual Convention on 3 & 4 July 2009 at Patriots Theater at the War Memorial & Marriott Hotel, Trenton, New Jersey.[14] Other organizations safeguarding Oriya culture abroad include Shri Jagannath Temple Trust, Canada.[15][16]

Beside these country level organizations, there has been attempts to unite all the NROs residing abroad to connect via various online communities. Pravasi Odia.[17] is one of such online community with an objective to reconnect NROs from all over the world.

Non-Resident Oriya Facilitation Center[edit]

The Non Resident Oriya Facilitation Center is an organization that works in liaison with the Govt. Of Odisha.[18] The Society takes the form of a Public-Private-People-Partnership and shall have representation of the government, Non-Resident Oriyas (henceforth called NROs) and Community. The "Society" shall take the form of a Public-Private-People-Partnership and shall have representation of the government, NROs and Community.[19]

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