Operation Panther Backroads

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Operation Panther Backroads
Date 15 December 2003
Location Al Anbar province
Result to interdict anti-coalition and smuggling activities
 United States
Iraqi insurgency
Commanders and leaders
Not Reported Unknown
Casualties and losses
None None

Panther Backroads was a military operation in Iraq in 2003 designed to stop anti coalition and smuggling activities.

Operation Details[edit]

The 82d Airborne Division and attached units, also known as Task Force All American, conducted continued security operations to improve safety within the Al Anbar Province.

Within 24 hours starting on 15 December 2003, the 82nd Airborne Division and subordinate units conducted 25 tactical checkpoints and eight cordon and searches. Units also performed 169 patrols, including 13 joint patrols with the Iraqi Border Guard and Iraqi Police. These operations resulted in the killing of three and capture of 16 enemy personnel while suffering one U.S. casualty.

In 3rd Brigade 82nd Airborne Division’s area of responsibility, paratroopers began Operation Panther Backroads - an operation to interdict anti-coalition and smuggling activities in order to deny enemy forces freedom of movement. Units throughout the task force participated in the establishment of 25 tactical checkpoints and the execution of eight cordon and searches. The brigade searched 1,351 vehicles and confiscated 15 AK-47 assault rifles, two Enfield rifles, and other miscellaneous weapons and ammunition. The operation was successful and resulted in the capture of 13 enemy personnel.

Paratroopers on a patrol were engaged by small arms fire from four enemy personnel. The group returned fire, killing two enemy personnel and wounding two others. Although one of the wounded enemy personnel evaded capture, the patrol captured the other wounded individual and confiscated four AK-47’s. No friendly forces were injured during the engagement.

A reconnaissance team engaged four armed enemy personnel northeast of Fallujah with small arms fire, killing one. The remaining enemy personnel fled into a nearby house that was later searched by Coalition Forces. The search resulted in the capture of four Iraqi males as well as the confiscation of two AK-47s, seven bolt-action rifles, and various kinds of ammunition.

In 1st Brigade, 1st Infantry Division’s area of responsibility, a patrol was ambushed with rocket-propelled grenades and small arms fire near Ar Ramadi. The unit returned fire killing one enemy personnel and recovered an RPG launcher with ammunition.

Cooperation efforts between Iraqis and Task Force “All American” continue to grow as Iraqis become more confident in controlling and providing a more stable environment for the Al Anbar Province.[citation needed]

Participating Units[edit]

American Units[edit]

Iraqi Units[edit]

  • Iraqi Border Guard
  • Iraqi Police

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