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Coordinates: 23°07′11″N 120°06′12″E / 23.11972°N 120.10333°E / 23.11972; 120.10333

Cigu District in Tainan City
Cigu District

Cigu District (Chinese: 七股區; Hanyu Pinyin: Qīgǔ Qū; Tongyong Pinyin: Cigǔ Cyu; Wade–Giles: Ch'i1-ku3 Ch'ü1; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Chhit-kó͘-khu) is a rural district of about 23,378 residents in Tainan, Taiwan. It was a salt producing area, but now most of the salt products are imported from other counties.

The Cigu Lagoon is located in this township, and an ecological conservation area for black-faced spoonbills is situated on the estuary of the Zengwen River.


Around 360 years ago, seven settlers arrived in the area from Fujian and built a fish farm. At that time, the area was mostly inhabited. Gradually, new settlers started to spread northwards over the next 80 years. There was only one port at that time and people made a living based from offshore fishing. As the population gradually increased, they began to cultivate the lands near the coast to grow grains and make salt.

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