Xinwu District, Taoyuan

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Coordinates: 24°58′N 121°06′E / 24.967°N 121.100°E / 24.967; 121.100

Xinwu District
臺灣公路之旅 - panoramio (9).jpg
Location of Xinwu
Coordinates: 24°58′41″N 121°04′03″E / 24.97806°N 121.06750°E / 24.97806; 121.06750
Country Taiwan
Region Northern Taiwan
 • Mayor Xu Tongzhi
 • Total 85.0166 km2 (32.8251 sq mi)
Population (January 2016)
 • Total 48,469
 • Density 570/km2 (1,500/sq mi)
Website (in Chinese)
Chinese 新屋
Postal Sinwu
Xinwu District office

Xinwu or Sinwu District is a rural, coastal district in Taoyuan City, Taiwan.


  • Area: 85.02 square kilometres (32.83 sq mi)[1]
  • Population: 48,469 (January 2016)

Xinwu District accounts for almost 7% of Taoyuan's total land area and is the city's 6th largest district.[1] Local industries include agriculture, fisheries, and livestock.[2][3] 90% of Xinwu residents are Hakka.[4]

Many rivers flow through the district, including the Shezih, Sinwu, Foshing, Fusing and Houhu.[5]

Administrative divisions[edit]

Xinwu, Xinsheng, Houhu, Qinghua, Shilei, Tungming, Shezi, Puding, Jiudou, Touzhou, Dapo, Wangjian, Houzhuang, Kejian, Shenzun, Kanglang, Bengang, Yongan, Yongxing, Xiapu, Shipai, Xiatian and Chilan Village.


Xinwu has eleven elementary schools, three junior high schools, and one high school. It also has one district nursery, three kindergartens, other private kindergartens, and a district library.[6]

Tourist attractions[edit]


Xinwu Bus Station

Xinwu is served by Xinwu Bus Station and Provincial Highway No. 66.

Notable natives[edit]


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