Quarry Falls

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Quarry Falls
Location Hamilton, Ontario
Type Ribbon
Total height 6 m (20 ft)
Total width 1 m (3.3 ft)
Watercourse Grindstone Tributaries

Quarry Falls is a 6 metre high horsetail ribbon waterfall found on private property (private without permission to access) in Flamborough, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It was "discovered" by Joe Hollick and Montfield Christian (formerly of the Hamilton Conservation Authority) when the two of them were out to do measurements and take GPS readings on some other waterfalls in the area in the spring of 2006.[1]

Nearby attractions include the Bruce Trail, Smokey Hollow Resource Management Area, Rock Chapel Sanctuary, Borer's Falls, Rock Chapel Golf Course, and the Royal Botanical Gardens.[2]

Upper Quarry Cascade is 4 metres in height and is found just northeast of Quarry Falls near the Bruce Trail. A wooden bridge for the Bruce Trail crosses over the crest of this cascade.[3]


Follow the Bruce Trail until you are behind the new power centre (east of Highway 6), then get off the Trail. Found on private property and inaccessible.[2]


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