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Alignment Usually evil
Type Humanoid
Publication history
Source books Forgotten Realms
Serpent Kingdoms

The sarrukh are a race of reptilian humanoids in the Forgotten Realms setting of the game Dungeons & Dragons.[citation needed]

Publication history[edit]

The sarrukh (progenitor race) appeared in third edition in Serpent Kingdoms (2004), also appearing as a player character race.[1]


The sarrukh are one of the five progenitor races, or Creator Races, of Faerûn. Eons prior to the current storyline of Dungeons & Dragons, they built and maintained empires across most of the continent. These ancient and evil creatures are now almost extinct. Most sages who know of the sarrukhs' past glory simply refer to them as the saurians, the sauroïds, or the progenitors of the Scaled Ones.

The sarrukh have left a lasting legacy: the racial diversity of the scaled races of Faerûn. They took the scaly, reptilian animals and monsters native to Abeir-Toril and modified them into sentient beings such as the yuan-ti, nagas, pterafolk, saurials, asabis, lizardfolk, troglodytes, tren, and others.