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Nikola Tesla Technical Museum, Zagreb
Tehnički muzej Nikola Tesla
Tehnički muzej.jpg
The main building of the Technical Museum
Established21 December 1954 (1954-12-21)
Location18 Savska Street, Zagreb, Croatia
Coordinates45°48′13″N 15°57′52″E / 45.803493°N 15.964508°E / 45.803493; 15.964508Coordinates: 45°48′13″N 15°57′52″E / 45.803493°N 15.964508°E / 45.803493; 15.964508
Visitors162,312 (2014)[1]
FounderCity of Zagreb

The Nikola Tesla Technical Museum (Croatian: Tehnički muzej Nikola Tesla) is located at 18 Savska Street in Zagreb and it exhibits numerous historic aircraft, cars, machinery and equipment.[2]


The museum was founded in 1954 and went into operation in Savska Street in 1963.[3]

In 2012, the museum had 125,000 visitors.[3] In 2013, it had over 118,000 visitors, and was the most visited museum in Croatia.[4]

In June 2015, the City Assembly of the City of Zagreb decided to rename the Technical Museum after Nikola Tesla.[5]



The Technical Museum maintains the oldest preserved steam engine in the area, dating from the mid-19th century, which is still operational.[6]

There are various distinct sections in the museum:

The Museum organises educational, study, informative and occasional exhibitions, lectures and panel discussions on popular science, as well as playrooms and workshops.


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