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The two actors of the Technion Theater on stage, playing The "Dybbuk for Two", based on Anski's play

The Technion Theater[1], was established in 1986 in a limited framework, as part of the Department of Humanities and Arts at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. The founder is Professor Ouriel Zohar, who today serves as director, researcher and teacher. Zohar teaches 8 theater courses, and more than 300 students each year. The theater has presented till 2015 over 52 performances in different styles, some are by Hanoch Levin, Joshua Sobol, S. Anski in Hebrew. Zohar has directed classic plays written by Moliere, Shakespeare, Pierre de Marivaux, Henrik Ibsen and Bernard Shaw etc. Zohar has directed his own writings[2], as well as plays written by the actors and the actresses. The theater is developing especially in Fringe theatre. He is invited to many university festivals worldwide, and has won international recognition.

Ouriel Zohar
Joshua Sobol

Plays and shows[edit]

  • Ophir Award winning filmmaker Scandar Copti has participated in "End-End" as part of the theater, which was performed in Jerusalem 2001, as part of "Thespis Festival".
  • Shlomo Plesner has participated in the collective plays "Soft Mattress" and "Mixed Marriage".
  • The play "Transparent Chains" by Shelly Baliti from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering was performed at the International Theatre Festival of Bratislava (Slovakia) in 2006, in Granada (Spain), Haifa Cinematheque and at Neve Yosef Community Theater Department of the University of Haifa in 2007. Starring: Anat Nissan and Nadav Shoval.
  • The play "An Enemy of the People" by Ibsen, with the participation of Professor Ronny Navon, from the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, won an honorable mention at Benevento in Italy in 2009, and performed in Haifa few theatres and Isfiya.
  • The play "The Invisible Garment" written by Zohar has performed in the International Festival of St. Petersburg State University in 2012.


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