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KAlgebra Logo
KAlgebra showing its different tabs
Screenshot of KAlgebra
Developer(s) Aleix Pol González
Stable release
0.9 / February 9, 2010; 7 years ago (2010-02-09)
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Mathematical Software KDE Education Project
License GNU GPL

KAlgebra is a calculator with symbolic and analysis features that lets you plot 2D and 3D functions as well as to easily calculate mathematical expressions. KAlgebra is part of the KDE Education Project.


Current features[edit]

The current stable version, 0.9, contains several features like:

  • Language
    • Variable and function (even recursive) definition
    • Syntax autocompletion
  • Calculus
    • Support for symbolic manipulation and simplification, such as differentiation
    • Vector Calculus
    • Support for list manipulation
  • Plotting
    • Support for plotting piecewise-defined functions
    • Plotting of 3-dimensional explicit functions
  • A self-explainatory dictionary with examples of all functions

Planned Features for next releases[edit]

This features will appear when KDE 4.4 is released [1]

  • 2D parametric function plotting
  • A faster script parser


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