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This is my sandbox. If you are an anonymous user, please go to Wikipedia:Sandbox. If you are a registered user, please create or use your own in your user space. Alternatively, you can go to the Test Wikipedia instead.

Bring Special:Undelete to feature parity with live page histories[edit]

Special:Undelete/PAGENAME is clunky and cumbersome to use because of its limited functionality. Some of the more obvious annoyances include (but are not limited to):

Your user page[edit]

A {{mfd}} tag has been placed on your user page, requesting that it be deleted from Wikipedia. All Wikipedians can join the debate at Miscellany for deletion, where pages asserted to be inappropriate to Wikipedia are discussed. You are encouraged to submit your opinion, and remember that Miscellany for Deletion debates are not a vote. ~~ ~~

Regarding [[{{{1}}}]]=[edit]

I have tagged [[{{{1}}}]] for deletion because Wikipedia is not a social networking site. (Insert firm admonishment here - must resist temptation to link to wikia:uncyclopedia:Nobody cares)

To contest this deletion add {{hangon}} to the page, under the deletion notice. Then, on the [[Talk:{{{1}}}|talk page]], explain why you believe [[{{{1}}}]] should be included in an encyclopedia. ~~ ~~

Final warning for copyright violations[edit]

Hello. I am an administrator on this wiki. Wikipedia policy requires contributions be written in your own words, with a small number of exceptions. Content found online is almost always copyright, and it is against the law for you to copy it into Wikipedia without permission. Please read and understand our copyright FAQ before editing any further, because any further violations will result in your editing privileges being revoked without further warning. MER-C 12:28, 16 March 2016 (UTC)

regular expressions[edit]

  • spam catcher: .*?\/\*\s[Ee]xternal\s[Ll]inks.*?
  • section names: .*?\/\*\ssection title.*?

code bits[edit]

// nukes some unlicensed images
String[] noDescription = wiki.getCategoryMembers("Images lacking a description");
for (int i = 0; i < noDescription.length; i++)
    if (wiki.getCategories(noDescription[i]) == 1) // not implemented yet, what this does is gets the categories a page is in
        LogEntry[] history = wiki.getUploadHistory(noDescription[i]);
        User uploader = history[history.length - 1].getUser();
        wiki.prepend(noDescription[i], "{{subst:nld}}");
        // notify user