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Black Lunch Table logo.png
Black Lunch Table @
I was Raised on the Internet
MCA Chicago 060930
When and Where
Date:Tuesday, October 02, 2018
Time:6:00 pm – 8:00 pm CST
Address:MCA Chicago
220 E Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60611

The Black Lunch Table (BLT) project returns to the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago as part of programming related to the current MCA exhibition "I Was Raised on the Internet."

Event description[edit]

Black Lunch Table edit-a-thons focus on important but underrepresented visual artists of the African Diaspora. This session will take place from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm CST on Tuesday, October 2, 2018 at the MCA Chicago and will focus on artists local to Chicago and those who have worked with or shown at the MCA. We will create, update, and improve Wikipedia articles pertaining to the lives and works of Chicago area visual artists from the African Diaspora and their work. Together we will create historical documents that respond to the urgent need for a reconstruction of the art historical record.

Also, Chicago artist & photographer Ireashia Bennett will be hosting our BLT PhotoBooth. Come have your portrait taken for inclusion on Wiki Commons!

Please bring your laptop and a friend!

We will provide a training session at the beginning, but help is available throughout the event. All levels welcomed.All are invited, with no specialized knowledge of the subject or Wikipedia editing experience required.

History of The Black Lunch Table[edit]

The Black Lunch Table (BLT) is an ongoing collaboration between artists Jina Valentine (Fishantena (talk)) and Heather Hart (Heathart (talk)) which intends to fill holes in the documentation of contemporary art history. In its 10 year existence, the BLT has taken a variety of forms relating to this most recent iteration, in the form of the Wikipedia edit-a-thon. BLT’s aim is the production of discursive sites (at literal and metaphorical lunch tables), wherein cultural producers of color engage in critical dialogue on topics directly affecting our communities. They endeavor to create spaces, online and off, mirroring the activity and creativity present in sites where Blackness and Art are performed.

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About Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago[edit]

The MCA is an innovative and compelling center of contemporary art where the public can experience the work and ideas of living artists, and understand the historical, social, and cultural context of the art of our time.

The museum boldly interweaves exhibitions, performances, collections, and educational programs to excite, challenge, and illuminate our visitors and offer insight into the creative process.

The MCA engages diverse audiences and creates a sense of community by providing a place to contemplate and discuss contemporary art and culture and issues of our day.

I was Raised on the Internet[edit]

I Was Raised on the Internet focuses on how the internet has changed the way we experience the world. Due to new types of gaming and entertainment and the rise of social media and alternative modes of representation, the everyday is no longer what it used to be. The ways we interact with each other have shifted through the connected nature of telecommunications devices across the internet, including mobile applications, social media platforms, and large search engines that have become everyday tools for individuals from all walks of life. New modes, not only of seeing but also of feeling, have emerged in response to this.

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Event details[edit]

  • Date: Tuesday, Oct 2, 2018
  • Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm CST
  • Location: MCA Chicago, 220 E Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60611
  • Who should attend: Artists, historians, students, teachers, writers, journalists, curators, visitors, the curious...
    • Experienced or new Wikipedians (We will provide assistance with Wikipedia formatting and syntax)
    • Amateur historians or research pros (We will have a selection of resources available for your use)
  • What to Bring: Your laptop and a friend!
  • Hashtag: #BlackLunchTable
  • Etherpad: BlackLunchTable - live doc to keep track of what we are all working on
  • Training: Black Lunch Table Wikipedia Presentation


  • Presentation / overview
  • Editing time
  • Goals: Create user account (if new to Wikipedia), create user page with at least one sentence, sign up for editathon on this Wikipedia Meetup page, make at least one edit to a Wikipedia page
  • For more information about ongoing scheduled meetups see Black Lunch Table Meetup page

Possible articles to edit[edit]

Suggested artist pages for revision and/or creation! This event-specific list focuses on important Chicago area visual artists of the African Diaspora who are under-represented on Wikipedia. Please add a name if you know someone appropriate who needs a page or needs editing. Please do not add an artist who has a substantial page. We are trying to create new pages and beef up under-represented ones.

  • Etherpad: BlackLunchTable - List the article you're working on in this live doc to keep track and avoid duplicate work!
  •   denotes Infobox is needed

These articles are suggested, be sure they qualify according to Wikipedia's NOTABILITY guidelines before you create a new page. Thanks!

Suggested articles to edit or create[edit]

BLT ongoing Task List, click here

You can suggest artists here who fit our scope but are missing from our table below:

  • Suggested Name Here

BLT artists in this exhibition[edit]

BLT artists or curators who have shown at MCA Chicago[edit]

Chicago-based artists[edit]

This list is automatically generated from data in Wikidata and is periodically updated by Listeriabot.
Edits made within the list area will be removed on the next update!

Article Gender Occupation Place of birth Residence
Allison Glenn female art curator New Orleans
Amanda Williams female visual artist
installation artist
Angela M. Rivers female artist
Anna Martine Whitehead female artist Chicago
Anthony Stepter male art curator
Archibald Motley male painter New Orleans
Arnold Kemp male artist Chicago
Ayanah Moor female video artist Chicago
Barbara Jones-Hogu female painter Chicago Chicago
Washington, D.C.
Bethany Collins female visual artist Atlanta
Blanche Brown female artist Chicago Milwaukee
Brendan Fernandes male visual artist
Kenya New York City
Caitlin Cherry female artist
Chicago New York City
Candida Alvarez female painter
visual artist
Brooklyn Chicago
Farragut Houses
Carlos Rolón male painter Chicago
Caroline Kent female artist
Cauleen Smith female film director Riverside Chicago
Los Angeles
Charles Wilbert White male painter Chicago
Che Baraka male visual artist Chicago Brooklyn
Danny Giles male artist
Dawoud Bey male photographer New York City Chicago
Derrick Woods-Morrow male visual artist Greensboro
Dread Scott male visual artist Chicago
Edra Soto female visual artist Puerto Rico Chicago
Eldzier Cortor male painter
graphic designer
Tidewater region of Virginia Chicago
Eliza Myrie female visual artist New York Chicago
Fo Wilson female visual artist
university teacher
Fred Hampton male activist Summit
Frederick J. Brown male painter
visual artist
Greensboro New York City
Gerald Griffin male painter
visual artist
Gerald Williams male visual artist Chicago
Washington, D.C.
Hale Woodruff male painter
visual artist
Cairo Chicago
New York City
Hamza Walker male art curator Chicago
Los Angeles
Jae Jarrell female visual artist
fashion designer
textile artist
Janet Dees female art curator Chicago
Jeff Donaldson male painter
visual artist
Pine Bluff Chicago
Jefferson Pinder male visual artist Washington, D.C. Chicago
Jessica Vaughn female visual artist Brooklyn
Jina Valentine female visual artist Berwyn Durham
San Francisco
Kamau Amu Patton male artist Chicago
San Francisco
Kamilah Rashied female art curator
Kerry James Marshall male painter Birmingham Chicago
Krista Franklin female poet
United States of America Chicago
Lamont Hamilton male visual artist Wichita Queens
LaToya Ruby Frazier female photographer Braddock Chicago
New Brunswick
New York City
Margaret Taylor-Burroughs female poet
visual artist
St. Rose Louisiana
McArthur Binion male painter Macon Chicago
Mike Cloud male visual artist
Najjar Abdul-Musawwir male painter Chicago Carbondale
Naomi Beckwith female curator New York City
Napoleon Jones-Henderson male visual artist Chicago
Nate Young male visual artist Chicago
NIC Kay non-binary performance artist
The Bronx
Nick Cave male sound artist
costume designer
Fulton Chicago
Nina Chanel Abney female painter Harvey Chicago
New York City
Nyeema Morgan female visual artist Brooklyn
Rashayla Marie Brown female performance artist
visual artist
Rashid Johnson male photographer
film director
New York City
Ray Noland male visual artist Chicago Berlin
Richard Hunt male sculptor
South Side
Romi Crawford female writer
art historian
Senam Okudzeto female artist Chicago
Senga Nengudi female sculptor Chicago
Simone Leigh female sculptor
Chicago Brooklyn
Tempestt Hazel female Chicago
Theaster Gates male artist Chicago
Tyanna Buie female visual artist Chicago
Wadsworth Jarrell male sculptor
Albany Chicago
Washington, D.C.
William Edouard Scott male painter Indianapolis
William Paul Thomas male visual artist Chicago
William Pope.L male painter
performance artist
visual artist
Newark New York City
New Jersey
Yashua Klos male visual artist Chicago Brooklyn
Yesomi Umolu female curator Lagos Chicago
Zun Lee male photographer
Germany Toronto
End of auto-generated list.

Wikipedia editing resources[edit]

Where to start...
  1. Rules on Visual Art, Murals, Graffiti and Sculpture are different!
  2. Follow instructions to upload your images here...
  • Create or update Wikidata!
Wikidata is central storage for the structured data of its Wikimedia sister projects including Wikipedia, Wikivoyage, Wikisource, and others.
  1. Go to Wikidata
  2. Read Wikidata's Introduction!
  3. Search for the person or subject
  4. If none exists, you can 'Create a new item'
  5. Look at another similar item to follow format... for example human female instead of female animal.
  6. To add a field, click 'Add Statement'
Wikidata + AuthorityControl
  • Create or update Authority Control!
Update Wikidata using Virtual International Authority File (
  1. Go to
  2. Search for person (last name, first name)
  3. At bottom of page, where it says History of VIAF, expand section. See Werner Herzog example
  4. Add each listed Authority to Wikidata if its info is not already populated in Wikidata
  5. Add {{Authority control}} after External links section above Categories
  6. Refresh Wikipedia page
  • Click here for many more editing resources


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