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This is the first prototype of a monthly (or quarterly) report that provides an overview of the use of self-published sources across Wikipedia projects, as part of Wikipedia:WikiProject Wikipedia reliability.

The report is automatically generated by a program that calls the Mediawiki Search API, then performs subsequent searches and look-ups to determine projects, resolve ambiguities, etc.

The report is generated to encourage various Wikiprojects to remedy the situation by either finding WP:RS sources to replace the self-published items, or tag (or delete) them if the statements they support can not be verified.


This is the very first version of the report, has not been discussed by the community at large and may contain some errors and/or omissions. However, it does point out serious problems with the use of self-published sources across Wikipedia projects.

Examples include:

  • Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences states that one of its notable alumni is Louise Evans (‘49) - named 2001 International Scientist of the Year by the American Biographical Institute's 1000 World Leaders of Scientific Influence, while the page on American Biographical Institute states that its awards are "frequently denounced as scams".
  • The article Hanging Rocks uses the book The Glories of War 2004 by S. Farrar as a reference ten times. There is a link to Google books, and the person who used that book as a reference probably did not know it was self-published and used it support ten different statements.

Future versions will include the ability to check ISBNs on WorldCat to determine the publisher name, even if the name does not appear within a reference, and only the ISBN is used. That activity will take up significant computer time and was hence not included in this version.

The current report does not include all the self-publishers in the list of self-publishers, and is intended as a prototype, but others will be added soon.

This lists in the report may include some proper uses of self-published items, e.g. the discussion of market-share by self publishers, etc. Those need to be remedied in future versions.

Self-publisher analysis[edit]

Appearance counts are now based on direct uses of publisher names in the list of self-publishers and cases where just an ISBN leading to the publisher, or variants in spellings are not handled yet.

This is a first release report and needs much more work. It will eventually provide information that is harder to get just by search, e.g. a search on publisher Lulu (company) vs Lulu (singer), etc.

American Biographical Institute[edit]

American Biographical Institute: Approx. direct appearances: n/a yet.


AuthorHouse: Approx. direct appearances: 887, in 261 Wikiprojects.

Aventine Press[edit]

Aventine Press: Items in this report related to this self-publisher need to be double checked, due to the ambiguity of the name.

Books LLC[edit]

Books LLC: Approx. direct appearances: n/a yet.


BiblioBazaar: Approx. direct appearances: 838, in 98 Wikiprojects.

Blurb, Inc.[edit]

Blurb, Inc.: Approx. direct appearances: 198, in 1 Wikiprojects.


CafePress: Approx. direct appearances: 63, in 1 Wikiprojects.


CreateSpace: Approx. direct appearances: 435, in 10 Wikiprojects.

Famous Poets Society[edit]

Famous Poets Society: Approx. direct appearances: n/a yet.


iUniverse: Approx. direct appearances: 1605, in 20 Wikiprojects.

Lightning Source[edit]

Lightning Source: Approx. direct appearances: n/a yet.


Lulu: Approx. direct appearances: n/a yet.

Outskirts Press[edit]

Outskirts Press: Approx. direct appearances: n/a yet.[edit] Approx. direct appearances: n/a yet.


PublishAmerica: Approx. direct appearances: 69, in 2 Wikiprojects.

Tate Publishing[edit]

Tate Publishing: Approx. direct appearances: n/a yet.

Trafford Publishing[edit]

Trafford Publishing: Approx. direct appearances: n/a yet.

Vantage Press[edit]

Vantage Press: Approx. direct appearances: 1038, in 6 Wikiprojects.


Xlibris: Approx. direct appearances: 660, in 15 Wikiprojects.

Xulon Press[edit]

Xulon Press: Approx. direct appearances: 160, in 3 Wikiprojects.

Yudu Media[edit]

Yudu Media: Approx. direct appearances: 86, in 1 Wikiprojects.

Wikiproject analysis[edit]

This is a partial list at the moment, and will be extended within a few days after a larger search of the article main space has completed.

The Wikiprojects with the largest number of pages with self-published references are:

WikiProject:Biography articles, 320 pages

Abdullah el-Faisal: AuthorHouse • Abraham Lincoln: BiblioBazaar

Abraham Markoe: AuthorHouse • Achaemenes: AuthorHouse

Aconia Fabia Paulina: Aventine Press • Aden Ibrahim Aw Hirsi: AuthorHouse

Adrien Bertrand: BiblioBazaar • Akaitcho: BiblioBazaar

Al Gregg: AuthorHouse • Al Guest: AuthorHouse

Alan Eichler: AuthorHouse • Albert Pike: BiblioBazaar

Albertina Walker: AuthorHouse • Alessandra Scala: BiblioBazaar

Alexander I of Scotland: AuthorHouse • Alfred Loisy: BiblioBazaar

Alice Duer Miller: BiblioBazaar • Alki David: AuthorHouse

Allan Hamilton: AuthorHouse • Alphonse de Lamartine: BiblioBazaar

Andrew Carnegie: Aventine Press • Ann Nolan Clark: AuthorHouse

Anna Bergman: AuthorHouse • Anna Colonna: BiblioBazaar

Anne Hathaway (Shakespeare): BiblioBazaar • Anne Montgomery: AuthorHouse

Anthony James Pye Molloy: BiblioBazaar • Antipope Adalbert: AuthorHouse

Antipope Clement III: AuthorHouse • Antipope Theodoric: AuthorHouse

Antonio Mancini: Aventine Press • Arthur Catterall: AuthorHouse

Avitus Marinianus: BiblioBazaar • Azor Betts: BiblioBazaar

B. Traven: AuthorHouse • Balaam and the Angel: AuthorHouse

Barbette Spaeth: Aventine Press • Benito Mussolini: Aventine Press

Benjamin Franklin Butler (politician): AuthorHouse • Benny Goodman: AuthorHouse

Bernard Lens II: BiblioBazaar • Beverly Swerling: AuthorHouse

Biff Hoffman: AuthorHouse • Black Dahlia: AuthorHouse

Black Lace (band): AuthorHouse • Blackleach Burritt: BiblioBazaar

Bliss Carman: BiblioBazaar • Bob Folwell: BiblioBazaar

Bobby Sheen: AuthorHouse • Boris III of Bulgaria: AuthorHouse

Boston martyrs: BiblioBazaar • Brian David Mitchell: AuthorHouse

Bunny Bleu: AuthorHouse • C. C. Saint-Clair: AuthorHouse

Cao Van Vien: AuthorHouse • Cardinal Richelieu: BiblioBazaar

Carl Gardner: AuthorHouse • Carol S. Batey: AuthorHouse

Casey Kasem: AuthorHouse • Cassius M. Hollister: AuthorHouse

Catherine of Aragon: BiblioBazaar • Chaitanya Mahaprabhu: AuthorHouse

Charles B. Pierce: AuthorHouse • Charles D. Cooper: BiblioBazaar

Charles Edward Moldenke: BiblioBazaar • Charles Fletcher Lummis: BiblioBazaar

Charles Stewart Parnell: BiblioBazaar • Charles Theodore Hagberg Wright: BiblioBazaar

Charles William Dymond: BiblioBazaar • Charlie Burns: AuthorHouse

Charlie Chaplin: AuthorHouse CreateSpace • Charlton Lyons: AuthorHouse

Chiune Sugihara: AuthorHouse • Chris Beaty: AuthorHouse

Chris Oyakhilome: AuthorHouse • Christian Wilberg: BiblioBazaar

Christopher Columbus: BiblioBazaar • Christopher Levett: BiblioBazaar

Christopher Pole-Carew: AuthorHouse • Clara Ward: AuthorHouse

Country Joe McDonald: AuthorHouse • Daeng Parani: BiblioBazaar

Dan Locklair: AuthorHouse • Dan Lurie: AuthorHouse

Daniel LeRoy: AuthorHouse • Daniel Webster Whittle: BiblioBazaar

Daniel Zion: AuthorHouse • David Bohm: AuthorHouse

David Dwight Baldwin: BiblioBazaar • David Ochterlony Dyce Sombre: BiblioBazaar

David Osborne Hamilton: BiblioBazaar • Dean Garrison: Aventine Press

Decius: Aventine Press • Demetrios Chalkokondyles: BiblioBazaar

Desiree West: AuthorHouse • Dick Biondi: AuthorHouse

Dick Cavett: AuthorHouse • Dominique Auguste Lereboullet: BiblioBazaar

Donald Shepperd: AuthorHouse • Doriot Anthony Dwyer: AuthorHouse

Doris Akers: AuthorHouse • Dorothy Day: AuthorHouse

Dual monarchy of England and France: BiblioBazaar • Duane Earl Pope: AuthorHouse

Dudley Hardy: BiblioBazaar • E. Bernard Jordan: AuthorHouse

Edgar Hull: AuthorHouse • Edwin Booth: AuthorHouse

Edwin E. Smith: AuthorHouse • Eileen Caddy: AuthorHouse

Elizabeth Yates (author): AuthorHouse • Elmer H. Inman: AuthorHouse

Emperor Wu of Han: AuthorHouse • Emperor Xuan of Han: AuthorHouse

Emperor Yuan of Han: AuthorHouse • Empress Wang Zhengjun: AuthorHouse

Empress Wei Zifu: AuthorHouse • Erika Celeste: AuthorHouse

Ernie Fletcher: AuthorHouse • Ernie Newton: AuthorHouse

Eugene Peyton Deatrick: AuthorHouse • Feliks Konarski: AuthorHouse

Ferdinand Ludwig Herff: AuthorHouse • Fran Capo: AuthorHouse

Francis Dade (Virginia Burgess): AuthorHouse • Francis Wingfield: AuthorHouse

Frank O. Salisbury: AuthorHouse • Franz Kafka: AuthorHouse

Fred Ascani: AuthorHouse • Fred Secombe: AuthorHouse

Friedrich Schleiermacher: AuthorHouse BiblioBazaar • Frosty Wooldridge: AuthorHouse

Gaius Gracchus: Aventine Press • Garry Young (ice hockey): AuthorHouse

Gary Fanelli: AuthorHouse • Gary Malkowski: AuthorHouse

General Lawrence Taliaferro Dade: AuthorHouse • George Arthur Buttrick: AuthorHouse

George Gurdjieff: AuthorHouse • George Herbert: AuthorHouse

Giacomo Matteotti: Aventine Press • Giambattista Nolli: Aventine Press

Grady Chapman: AuthorHouse • Greg Ballard: AuthorHouse

Gregg Rainwater: AuthorHouse • Hanns Scharff: AuthorHouse

Harold Robbins: AuthorHouse • Henry Plummer: AuthorHouse

Henry Rono: AuthorHouse • Henry Tayali: AuthorHouse

Henryk Kuna: AuthorHouse • Herbert Ratner: AuthorHouse

Herschel Savage: AuthorHouse • Holly Ryder: AuthorHouse

Hulond Humphries: AuthorHouse • Huo Qubing: AuthorHouse

Ian Fleming: AuthorHouse Xlibris • Ignacio Solares: AuthorHouse

Irving Kane Pond: AuthorHouse • Ivan Boldirev: AuthorHouse

Ivan Sidorenko: AuthorHouse • J. G. Ballard: Aventine Press

Jack Lord: AuthorHouse iUniverse • Jack Sarfatti: AuthorHouse

Jack Vance: AuthorHouse • Jack Wrangler: AuthorHouse

James Cleveland: AuthorHouse • James Files: AuthorHouse

James Hannon: AuthorHouse • James J. Hill: AuthorHouse

Jamie Hince: AuthorHouse • Jeff Chandler (actor): AuthorHouse

Jerome Evans (singer): AuthorHouse • Jerry Adler (harmonica player): AuthorHouse

Jimmy Norman: AuthorHouse • Joe Profaci: AuthorHouse

John Barry (naval officer): AuthorHouse • John Gouriet: AuthorHouse

John M. Gamble: AuthorHouse • John Remsburg: AuthorHouse Xulon Press

Jon Vincent: AuthorHouse • Joseph Patrick Tumulty: AuthorHouse

Joseph Tawil: AuthorHouse • June Allyson: AuthorHouse

Katharine Hepburn: AuthorHouse • Ken Wilber: AuthorHouse iUniverse

Khalish Dehlavi: AuthorHouse • Kirsty Ashton: AuthorHouse

Kreskin: AuthorHouse • Laoshang Chanyu: AuthorHouse

Larry Norman: AuthorHouse Xulon Press • Laura Myntti: AuthorHouse

Le Duan: AuthorHouse • Lemuel Hawkins: AuthorHouse

Leonard Oprea: AuthorHouse Xlibris • Leslie Easterbrook: AuthorHouse

Li Guang: AuthorHouse • Li Si: AuthorHouse

Lily Elsie: AuthorHouse • List of Harvard University people: AuthorHouse

List of premature obituaries: AuthorHouse • Livius Andronicus: Aventine Press

Lloyd M. Bucher: AuthorHouse • Lonn Friend: AuthorHouse

Lorenzo Perosi: AuthorHouse • Louis Slotin: AuthorHouse

Louis de Montfort: Aventine Press • Louise Uwacu: AuthorHouse

Lucius Fabius Cilo: Aventine Press • Lucy Lightfoot: AuthorHouse

Luigi Sturzo: Aventine Press • Lynn Brewer: AuthorHouse

M. Owen Lee: AuthorHouse • MC Hammer: AuthorHouse

Ma Fuxiang: AuthorHouse • Mabel Gardiner Hubbard: AuthorHouse

Machito: AuthorHouse • Mack David: AuthorHouse

Mahalia Jackson: AuthorHouse • Malamine Camara: AuthorHouse

Manute Bol: AuthorHouse • Marcus Velleius Paterculus: Aventine Press

Marcus Vinicius (consul 30): Aventine Press • Marrese Crump: AuthorHouse

Mary Faustina Kowalska: AuthorHouse • Michael Q. Schmidt: AuthorHouse

Michael Robert Cavendish: Aventine Press • Michal Morey: AuthorHouse

Mike Bingham: AuthorHouse • Mike Christie (ice hockey): AuthorHouse

Mike Gravel: AuthorHouse • My Bloody Valentine (band): AuthorHouse

Nayirah (testimony): AuthorHouse • Neal Powless: AuthorHouse

Neale Donald Walsch: AuthorHouse • Nicholas Green: AuthorHouse

Nikolay Karazin: AuthorHouse • Nina Wilcox Putnam: AuthorHouse

Norman Grubb: AuthorHouse • Olga San Juan: AuthorHouse

Oscar C. Eliason: AuthorHouse • Ozark Mountain Daredevils: AuthorHouse

Parley P. Pratt: AuthorHouse • Patricia Bath: AuthorHouse Xlibris

Paul Ferrara: AuthorHouse • Paul Fussell: AuthorHouse

Paul Gunn: AuthorHouse • Pervez Musharraf: AuthorHouse

Peter Cantrell: AuthorHouse • Peter Gunnarsson Rambo: AuthorHouse

Peter Lehmann (author): AuthorHouse • Philip Jenkinson: AuthorHouse

Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza: AuthorHouse • Pineton de Chambrun: AuthorHouse

Plato: AuthorHouse • Pope Gregory VII: Aventine Press

Pope John XII: AuthorHouse • Pope Lucius II: Aventine Press

Pope Marinus II: AuthorHouse • Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar: AuthorHouse Vantage Press

Qin Shi Huang: AuthorHouse • Quinton Aaron: AuthorHouse

Radim Gaudentius: Aventine Press • Rahul Dev Burman: AuthorHouse

Randy West (pornographic actor): AuthorHouse • Raymond Apple (rabbi): AuthorHouse

Reginald Bazire: AuthorHouse • Regis Philbin: AuthorHouse

Richard B. Fitzgibbon, Jr.: AuthorHouse • Richard C. Cook: AuthorHouse

Richard Carrier: AuthorHouse CreateSpace • Robert DeBlieux: AuthorHouse

Robert L. Crawford, Jr.: AuthorHouse • Robert Lima: AuthorHouse Xlibris

Robert X. Golphin: AuthorHouse • Rock Hudson: AuthorHouse

Rolf Furuli: AuthorHouse • Romulus and Remus: Aventine Press

Ron Gassert: AuthorHouse • Ronnie Bright: AuthorHouse

Roy Calley: AuthorHouse • Ruspoli: Aventine Press

Ruth Barrett: AuthorHouse • Sacco and Vanzetti: AuthorHouse

Saint Subber: AuthorHouse • Samantha Dorrance: AuthorHouse

Samantha Strong: AuthorHouse • Sarah Jane Hamilton: AuthorHouse

Scott Keir Anderson: AuthorHouse • Sejanus: Aventine Press

Servius Tullius: Aventine Press • Shane and Sia Barbi: AuthorHouse

Shanna McCullough: AuthorHouse • Sibel Edmonds: AuthorHouse

Sima Guang: AuthorHouse • Snowboy: AuthorHouse

Stuart Wilde: AuthorHouse • Su Wu: AuthorHouse

Susan Powell (entertainer): AuthorHouse • Suwanda HJ Sugunasiri: AuthorHouse

Swede Risberg: AuthorHouse • Teresa Cornelys: AuthorHouse

The Caravans: AuthorHouse • The Coasters: AuthorHouse

The First Edition (band): AuthorHouse • Tiberius: Aventine Press

Tito Puente: AuthorHouse • Unorthodox Australian Poet: AuthorHouse PublishAmerica

Velino Herrera: AuthorHouse • Vernon Harrell: AuthorHouse

Vettius Agorius Praetextatus: Aventine Press • Walter Russell: AuthorHouse

Wei Qing: AuthorHouse • Wendy Wright: AuthorHouse

William H. Coles: AuthorHouse • Winfield Townley Scott: AuthorHouse

Woody Erdman: AuthorHouse • Xen C. Scott: AuthorHouse

Zhang Qian: AuthorHouse • Zhizhi Chanyu: AuthorHouse

WikiProject:Military history, 34 pages

45th (Nottinghamshire) Regiment of Foot: BiblioBazaar • Action of 8 April 1740: BiblioBazaar

Adjutant-General to the Forces: BiblioBazaar • Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company: AuthorHouse

Battle at Chignecto: BiblioBazaar • Battle of Arlington Mills: AuthorHouse

Battle of Ayacucho: BiblioBazaar • Battle of Big Sandy Creek: BiblioBazaar

Battle of Cape Finisterre (1805): BiblioBazaar • Battle of Clervaux: AuthorHouse

Battle of Fort Oswego (1814): BiblioBazaar • Battle of Haarlemmermeer: BiblioBazaar

Battle of Lacolle Mills (1814): BiblioBazaar • Battle of Landriano: BiblioBazaar

Battle of Mentana: BiblioBazaar • Battle of Mobei: AuthorHouse

Battle of Orbetello: BiblioBazaar • Battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (1706): BiblioBazaar

Battle of Santiago de Cuba (1748): BiblioBazaar • Battle of Stralsund (1809): BiblioBazaar

Battle of Valenciennes (1656): BiblioBazaar • Battle of Vienna, Virginia: AuthorHouse

Bowie knife: AuthorHouse • Chief of the General Staff (United Kingdom): BiblioBazaar

Defence of KamalPur: AuthorHouse • Iraq spring fighting of 2004: AuthorHouse

Japanese-American service in World War II: AuthorHouse • John Quincy Marr: AuthorHouse

M2 Browning: AuthorHouse • Motor Torpedo Boat PT-59: AuthorHouse

Operations Manna and Chowhound: AuthorHouse • Push dagger: AuthorHouse

Stay-behind: AuthorHouse • Thornsbury Bailey Brown: AuthorHouse

WikiProject:United States articles, 18 pages

1856 Last Island hurricane: AuthorHouse • Alexander Asboth: BiblioBazaar

Alexander Graham Bell honors and tributes: AuthorHouse • American Country Countdown: AuthorHouse

American Samoa: BiblioBazaar • American Top 40: AuthorHouse

Bell Telephone Company: AuthorHouse • Black president in popular culture (United States): AuthorHouse

Buddhism in the United States: BiblioBazaar • C. Howard Crane: AuthorHouse

General of the Army (United States): AuthorHouse • Jumping the broom: AuthorHouse

List of people deported from the United States: AuthorHouse • Marc Seifer: AuthorHouse

Oklahoma City bombing conspiracy theories: AuthorHouse • Oscar Burkard: AuthorHouse

Rescue of Bat 21 Bravo: AuthorHouse • United States Marine Corps: AuthorHouse

WikiProject:Classical Greece and Rome, 16 pages

Aventine Triad: Aventine Press • Bacchanalia: Aventine Press

Conflict of the Orders: Aventine Press • Crisis of the Roman Republic: Aventine Press

Liber: Aventine Press • Libertas: Aventine Press

List of Roman deities: Aventine Press • Livius: Aventine Press

Luna (goddess): Aventine Press • Novensiles: Aventine Press

Piscina Publica: Aventine Press • Pomerium: Aventine Press

Pontifex Maximus: Aventine Press • Roman-Latin wars: Aventine Press

Sacellum: Aventine Press • Tribune: Aventine Press

WikiProject:Politics articles, 12 pages

Anti-nuclear movement: AuthorHouse • Democratic Alternative (Nigeria): AuthorHouse

Distributism: BiblioBazaar • Fascism: Aventine Press

Fascism and ideology: Aventine Press • History of the Constitution of the Roman Republic: Aventine Press

History of the Roman Constitution: Aventine Press • Imperialism: AuthorHouse

Libertarianism: AuthorHouse • List of books about the politics of science: AuthorHouse

Neo-Nazism: AuthorHouse • Show election: AuthorHouse

WikiProject:Illinois articles, 10 pages

Chicago Gaylords: AuthorHouse • Chicago Union Stock Yards fire: AuthorHouse

Cyrus McCormick: BiblioBazaar • Farmer City, Illinois: AuthorHouse

Frankie Laine: AuthorHouse • Lincoln Place (Granite City): AuthorHouse

Mark Damon: AuthorHouse • Ping Tom Memorial Park: AuthorHouse

Pioneer Zephyr: AuthorHouse • Tri-State Tornado: AuthorHouse

WikiProject:Cities articles, 10 pages

Aksu, Xinjiang: BiblioBazaar • Bedford, Nova Scotia: BiblioBazaar

Berkhamsted: BiblioBazaar • Calais: BiblioBazaar

Cheshunt: BiblioBazaar • Kunming: AuthorHouse

Navenby: AuthorHouse • Plovdiv: AuthorHouse

Rome: Aventine Press • Ustka: AuthorHouse

WikiProject:China, 10 pages

Battle of Baideng: AuthorHouse • Battle of Zhizhi: AuthorHouse

Chinese sovereign: AuthorHouse • Hexi Corridor: AuthorHouse

Liangfen: AuthorHouse • Luodai Town: AuthorHouse

Penglai City: AuthorHouse • Touman: AuthorHouse

Western Regions: AuthorHouse • Xinjiang: AuthorHouse

WikiProject:Christianity, 9 pages

Christ myth theory: AuthorHouse Xulon Press • Christian perfection: BiblioBazaar

Christianity and Paganism: BiblioBazaar • History of the Knights Templar: AuthorHouse iUniverse

Immersion baptism: AuthorHouse Xulon Press iUniverse • Ministries Without Borders: AuthorHouse

Monotheism: AuthorHouse

WikiProject:Books articles, 9 pages

A Guide to the Scientific Knowledge of Things Familiar: BiblioBazaar • Adventures of Wim: AuthorHouse

Citizen Power: A Mandate for Change: AuthorHouse • Classic book: BiblioBazaar

Help at Any Cost: AuthorHouse • List of self-publishing companies: AuthorHouse Aventine Press BiblioBazaar Blurb, Inc. CafePress CreateSpace PublishAmerica Vantage Press Xlibris Xulon Press Yudu Media iUniverse

Red Poppies on Monte Cassino: AuthorHouse • The Culture of Critique series: AuthorHouse

Vanity press: AuthorHouse Vantage Press Xlibris iUniverse

WikiProject:Africa articles, 9 pages

Abyei Liberation Front: AuthorHouse • African cuisine: AuthorHouse

Congo Free State: AuthorHouse • Dashiki: AuthorHouse

History of the Republic of the Congo: AuthorHouse • Laptot: AuthorHouse

Liberal Party (Sudan): AuthorHouse • Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Brazzaville: AuthorHouse

Traditional African religion: AuthorHouse

WikiProject:Television articles, 8 pages

Cheyenne (1955 TV series): AuthorHouse • Est and The Forum in popular culture: AuthorHouse Xlibris

How the West Was Won (TV series): AuthorHouse • List of Rome episodes: Aventine Press

Son of Hades: Aventine Press • The Amazing Race (U.S. TV series): AuthorHouse CreateSpace

The Giant (Twin Peaks): AuthorHouse • Whispering Smith (TV series): AuthorHouse

WikiProject:Novels, 8 pages

A Dying Light in Corduba: Aventine Press • Anekdote zur Senkung der Arbeitsmoral: AuthorHouse

Devapi: BiblioBazaar • Last Act in Palmyra: Aventine Press

Shadows in Bronze: Aventine Press • The Silver Pigs: Aventine Press

The Third Twin: Aventine Press • Time to Depart: Aventine Press

WikiProject:Mythology, 8 pages

Bungisngis: BiblioBazaar • Creation myth: AuthorHouse

Faunus: Aventine Press • Glossary of ancient Roman religion: Aventine Press

Jupiter (mythology): Aventine Press • Roman mythology: Aventine Press

Shapeshifting: AuthorHouse • Zorya: AuthorHouse

WikiProject:India articles, 8 pages

Advaita Vedanta: AuthorHouse • Ashtami: AuthorHouse

Dacoity: BiblioBazaar • Halva: AuthorHouse

Hinduism: AuthorHouse iUniverse • Kama Sutra: AuthorHouse

Rati: AuthorHouse • Religion in India: AuthorHouse iUniverse

WikiProject:England pages, 8 pages

Bessingby: BiblioBazaar • Bradenstoke Priory: BiblioBazaar

Bretwalda: BiblioBazaar • Castle Bytham: BiblioBazaar

Convention Parliament (England): BiblioBazaar • Culverthorpe: BiblioBazaar

Doom Bar: BiblioBazaar • Knights Templar: AuthorHouse

WikiProject:Dogs articles, 8 pages

American Alsatian: AuthorHouse • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: BiblioBazaar

Cross fox (animal): BiblioBazaar • Goldendoodle: AuthorHouse

Kitsune: AuthorHouse • Oxford Stadium: AuthorHouse

Sighthound: AuthorHouse • Yukon Wolf: AuthorHouse

WikiProject:Catholicism, 8 pages

Byzantine Papacy: Aventine Press • Chaplet of Divine Mercy: AuthorHouse

Legion of Mary: Aventine Press • Pontifical Lateran University: Aventine Press

Roman Catholic Marian movements and societies: Aventine Press

Santa Sabina: Aventine Press • True Devotion to Mary: Aventine Press

WikiProject:Aviation articles, 8 pages

1968 Thule Air Base B-52 crash: AuthorHouse • Cedric Howell: BiblioBazaar

David Schwarz (aviation inventor): BiblioBazaar • Douglas XCG-17: AuthorHouse AuthorHouse • GE Aviation: AuthorHouse

Glenn Curtiss: AuthorHouse • Kenneth O. Chilstrom: AuthorHouse

WikiProject:Women's History articles, 7 pages

Bona Dea: Aventine Press • Ceres (mythology): Aventine Press

Juno (mythology): Aventine Press • Libera (mythology): Aventine Press

Minerva: Aventine Press • Venus (mythology): Aventine Press

Vestal Virgin: Aventine Press

WikiProject:South Sudan articles, 7 pages

Ikotos County: AuthorHouse • Mongalla, South Sudan: AuthorHouse

Natinga: AuthorHouse • New Cush: AuthorHouse

Palotaka: AuthorHouse • Parjok: AuthorHouse

Wildlife of South Sudan: AuthorHouse

WikiProject:Religion, 7 pages

Conversion to Christianity: BiblioBazaar • Doomsday cult: AuthorHouse

Immortality: AuthorHouse • Knights Templar in England: AuthorHouse

Priest: Aventine Press • Religion in ancient Rome: Aventine Press

The Infinite Way: AuthorHouse

WikiProject:Indigenous peoples of North America articles, 7 pages

Belen point: AuthorHouse • Conquistador: AuthorHouse

Golondrina point: AuthorHouse • Indian Mound Cemetery: AuthorHouse

Paleo-Indians: AuthorHouse • Plainview point: AuthorHouse

Simpson point: AuthorHouse

WikiProject:Greece general articles, 7 pages

Chariot racing: Aventine Press • Diogenes and Alexander: BiblioBazaar

Dionysian Mysteries: Aventine Press • Hercules: Aventine Press

Hercules of the Forum Boarium: Aventine Press • Labours of Hercules: Aventine Press

Semele: Aventine Press

WikiProject:Classical music articles, 7 pages

Baroque music of the British Isles: BiblioBazaar • Classical music of the United Kingdom: BiblioBazaar

Early music of the British Isles: BiblioBazaar • Hugo Rignold: AuthorHouse

John Finley Williamson: AuthorHouse • Magnetic Rag: AuthorHouse

William Colvig: AuthorHouse

WikiProject:Architecture, 7 pages

Architectural style: BiblioBazaar • Astor House Hotel (Shanghai): AuthorHouse

Capitoline Hill: Aventine Press • Chapelle Rouge: AuthorHouse

Pyramid: AuthorHouse • Roman Forum: Aventine Press

Tetraconch: AuthorHouse

WikiProject:James Bond articles, 6 pages

Inspirations for James Bond: AuthorHouse Xlibris • James Bond: AuthorHouse Vantage Press Xlibris

James Bond (character): AuthorHouse Xlibris • List of James Bond novels and stories: AuthorHouse Xlibris

M (James Bond): AuthorHouse Xlibris • Octopussy and The Living Daylights: AuthorHouse

WikiProject:Indiana articles, 6 pages

15th Regiment Indiana Infantry: AuthorHouse • IUniverse: AuthorHouse

Mount Vernon, Indiana: Aventine Press • Muscatatuck River: AuthorHouse

Stump v. Sparkman: AuthorHouse • Thomas Taggart: AuthorHouse

WikiProject:Ethnic groups articles, 6 pages

Cornish people: BiblioBazaar • Dayuan: AuthorHouse

Japanese American: AuthorHouse • Persian people: AuthorHouse

Qiang people: AuthorHouse • Somali people: AuthorHouse

WikiProject:Chinese history articles, 6 pages

Government of the Han Dynasty: AuthorHouse • History of China: AuthorHouse

Wang Mang: AuthorHouse • Warring States period: AuthorHouse

Xiongnu: AuthorHouse • Zizhi Tongjian: AuthorHouse

WikiProject:Albums articles, 6 pages

A Hostage and the Meaning of Life: Aventine Press • Blonde on Blonde: AuthorHouse

Hai! (Live in Japan): AuthorHouse • Highway 61 Revisited: AuthorHouse

Origin of Symmetry: AuthorHouse • The Basement Tapes: AuthorHouse

WikiProject:Science Fiction articles, 5 pages

Human disguise: AuthorHouse • Interpretations of 2001: A Space Odyssey: AuthorHouse

List of science-fiction films of the 1980s: AuthorHouse • Mission to Mars: AuthorHouse CreateSpace Xlibris

The Matrix (franchise): AuthorHouse

WikiProject:Ohio articles, 5 pages

Cincinnati riots of 1884: BiblioBazaar • Curtis LeMay: AuthorHouse

LeVeque Tower: AuthorHouse • Rachel Ryan: AuthorHouse

Robert C. Schenck: AuthorHouse

WikiProject:Law articles, 5 pages

1887 Constitution of the Kingdom of Hawaii: BiblioBazaar • Bachelor: AuthorHouse

Bankruptcy in the United States: AuthorHouse • Emilio Changco: AuthorHouse

Pacific Justice Institute: AuthorHouse

WikiProject:Food and drink, 5 pages

Banana pudding: BiblioBazaar • Dining in: AuthorHouse

Global cuisines: AuthorHouse • Gluten-free diet: AuthorHouse

Tavern sandwich: AuthorHouse

WikiProject:Dance articles, 5 pages

Dance slot: AuthorHouse • David Winters (choreographer): AuthorHouse

Jazz hands: AuthorHouse • Viola Farber: AuthorHouse

West Coast Swing: AuthorHouse

WikiProject:Business articles, 5 pages

Charles Bergstresser: BiblioBazaar • National Orchestra Service: AuthorHouse

Statement of retained earnings: AuthorHouse • Think and Grow Rich: Aventine Press

Trafford Publishing: AuthorHouse Xlibris iUniverse

WikiProject:Baseball articles, 5 pages

Cleveland Indians: AuthorHouse iUniverse • History of the Cleveland Indians: AuthorHouse iUniverse

Hitting for the cycle: AuthorHouse • List of Major League Baseball players to hit for the cycle: AuthorHouse

Negro league baseball: AuthorHouse Xlibris

WikiProject:Articles for creation, 5 pages

Battle of Turtle Gut Inlet: AuthorHouse • Kimes-Terrill Gang: AuthorHouse

Oliver W. Dillard: AuthorHouse • Skilo: AuthorHouse

William Kronick: AuthorHouse