Xiph QuickTime Components

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Xiph QuickTime Components
Developer(s) Xiph.org
Stable release
0.1.9 / 2009-06-14
Operating system macOS, Windows
Type QuickTime Component
License LGPL
Website http://www.xiph.org/quicktime/

The Xiph QuickTime Components are Xiph.org's implementation of the Ogg container along with the Speex, Theora, FLAC and Vorbis codecs for QuickTime. This allows users to use Ogg files in popular applications such as iTunes, QuickTime Player and any other application that uses QuickTime for audio and video file support.

XiphQT replaces other QuickTime Ogg implementations, such as qtcomponents[1] and Arek's OggVorbis QuickTime components.

Note: Xiph QuickTime Components will play FLAC only if in Ogg container - file suffix .oga. For native FLAC support - file suffix .FLAC - Arek's FLACImporter.component is required. Using FLACImporter.component, QuickTime Player plays native FLAC fine, iTunes might have issues - see FLACImporter.component information.[2]

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