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A4040 shield

Route information
Length: 25 mi (40 km)
Major junctions
Orbital around Birmingham
Road network

The A4040 is the Outer Ring Road in Birmingham, England. It is the route followed by the Birmingham Outer Circle bus route. It was formed mainly of redesignated old roads, unlike Birmingham's inner (A4400) and middle ring road (A4540), which were mostly purpose built.

Places along the route (travelling clockwise from the northernmost point) include:


Location Coordinate
Northern point 52°31′31″N 1°51′35″W / 52.52525°N 1.85961°W / 52.52525; -1.85961
Eastern point 52°28′27″N 1°48′24″W / 52.4741°N 1.80656°W / 52.4741; -1.80656
Southern point 52°24′57″N 1°55′50″W / 52.41582°N 1.9305°W / 52.41582; -1.9305
Western point 52°28′19″N 1°58′06″W / 52.47201°N 1.96844°W / 52.47201; -1.96844

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Coordinates: 52°28′28″N 1°53′28″W / 52.47431°N 1.89119°W / 52.47431; -1.89119