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Route information
Length: 61 mi (98 km)
Major junctions
North end: Birmingham
  [ M 42  ] M42 motorway J3
A4540 A4540 road
A4040 A4040 road
A4023 A4023 road
A4189 A4189 road
A448 A448 road
A422 A422 road
A46 A46 road
A40 A40 road
A426 A426 road
A429 A429 road
A417 A417 road
South end: Cirencester
Road network

The A435 is a main road in England running between Birmingham and Cirencester (although most of the section between Alcester and just North of Cheltenham has been reclassified as the A46).


Birmingham to Alcester[edit]

The A435 starts on the Birmingham Ring Road, A4540, heading South through the suburbs of Moseley and Kings Heath. A dual carriageway bypasses Wythall before crossing the M42 at junction 3. The road serves the new town of Redditch, yet avoids it to the East. 2 miles (3.2 km) before the village of Studley the road becomes single carriageway again passing through the heart of the village, meeting the A448 road at the other side. Alcester is bypassed to the West, meeting the A46 on the South side of the town. The next 21 miles (34 km) the road is concurrent with the A46.

Teddington to Cheltenham[edit]

At a roundabout near Teddington, the A435 resumes as a non primary route, passing through the centre of Cheltenham, continuing South to eventually cross the A417 and terminating in the centre of Cirencester

Former Routes[edit]

In several places the A435 has bypassed towns and villages, or superseded by other routes.

  • Hollywood and Wythall
  • Portway
  • Alcester
  • Between Alcester and Evesham, the A435 route was bypassed by a new dual carriageway classified as the A46. The former A435 route passed the villages of Dunnington, Harvington and Norton and is now classified as the B4088.
  • Between Evesham and Teddington the existing A435 route was reclassified as the A46

Historical Places along the route[edit]

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Coordinates: 52°12′39″N 1°52′53″W / 52.21087°N 1.88145°W / 52.21087; -1.88145