Archduchess Amalie Theresa of Austria

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Archduchess Amalie Theresa
Archduchess of Austria
Born 6 April 1807
Hofburg Palace, Hofburg, Vienna, Holy Roman Empire
Died 7 April 1807 (1 day)
Hofburg Palace, Hofburg, Vienna, Holy Roman Empire
House Habsburg-Lorraine
Father Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor
Mother Maria Theresa of Naples and Sicily

Archduchess Amalia Theresa (Amalie Theresia, 6 April 1807 in Hofburg Palace – 7 April 1807 in Hofburg Palace), was the youngest daughter and twelfth and youngest child of the last Holy Roman Emperor, Francis II and his second wife, Maria Theresa of Naples and Sicily, daughter of Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies and his first wife, Maria Carolina of Austria.

Amalie Theresa was born on 6 April 1807 at the Hofburg Imperial Palace in Hofburg, Vienna and died the next day. Her mother fell ill after giving birth to her and died less than a week afterwards.

As a daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor, she was born with the title Archduchess of Austria (Ihre Königliche Hoheit Erzherzogin von Österreich) and the style Imperial and Royal Highness.


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