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Barco ColorTone was a stripped down version of the Barco Creator image manipulation program. It was originally developed for IRIX, and only featured the base "CT-Brix", brush and colour correction modules. An additional "image quality estimator" module, not featured in Creator, was also added.

Later it was ported as a standalone program to Windows NT. Esko continued to support it after the Barco Graphics division merged with Purup-Eskofot to form Esko Graphics. Now known as Esko ColorTone, the current 3.0 version also features the optional CT-Brix modules "InkSwitch" and "BlackSmith" in addition to the "FlexoFix" filter.

The last version was 7.0 build 70511 released with Esko Software Suite 10.[1] Some time prior to August, 2013 Esko ceased selling the ColorTone program*.

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