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Bhola Established 1980

Location of Bhola Established               1980 in Bangladesh
Location of Bhola

Established 1980 in Bangladesh
Coordinates: 22°41′25″N 90°39′09″E / 22.6903°N 90.6525°E / 22.6903; 90.6525Coordinates: 22°41′25″N 90°39′09″E / 22.6903°N 90.6525°E / 22.6903; 90.6525
Country  Bangladesh
Division Barisal Division
 • Total 3,737.21 km2 (1,442.94 sq mi)
Population (2011 Census)
 • Total 1,776,795
 • Density 480/km2 (1,200/sq mi)
Literacy rate
 • Total 29.47% (1991)
Time zone BST (UTC+6)
Postal code 8300

Bhola District (Bengali: ভোলা) is an administrative district (zila) in south-central Bangladesh, which includes Bhola Island, the largest island of Bangladesh. It is located in the Barisal Division and has an area of 3737.21 km².[1] It is bounded by Lakshmipur and Barisal Districts to the north, the Bay of Bengal to the south, by Lakshmipur and Noakhali districts, the (lower) Meghna river and Shahbazpur Channel to the east, and by Patuakhali District and the Tetulia river to the west.[2] About 400 MMcf natural gas has been found at Kachia in Bhola which is being used to run a power station. The largest Tower in Bangladesh is also situated in Bhola which is about 225 foot tall and the designer of this tower is Kamruzzaman Liton.


Bhola sub-division was established under Noakhali district in 1845. At that time its administration centre was at Amania of Daulatkhan. The sub-division was included in Barisal district in 1869. The sub-division was then consisted of Daulatkhan and Burhanuddin Hat Thanas and three outposts such as Taltali, Gazipur and Tazumuddin. The sub-divisional head quarters was shifted from Daulatkhan to Bhola in 1876. It was elevated to a district on 1 February 1984.The past name of Bhola was shahbazpur. The district now consists of 7 upazilas, 60 union parishads, 409 mouzas, 460 villages, 5 municipalities, 45 wards and 62 mahallas.

This  has different historical importance from colonial period. About six hundred years ago, Portuguese pirates used to take shelter in the island.

This island is also play role in . In 1800, the rebellious salt-producers attacked the head office of the Greek businessman Demotirus in  and killed his employee Paliolgas. A total of 314 salt-producers were captured at the order of District Magistrate Middleton. Being unable to resist the oppression of British salt-agents, 350 salt-producers of  went elsewhere in 1818.

Many people of the district, especially of Charfasson and Tazumuddin, lost their lives in a devastating cyclone and tidal bore in 1970. During the war of liberation a battle between the freedom fighters and the Pak army was fought at Ghuigarhat (Bhola Sadar) in which 121 freedom fighters were killed. In another encounter at Bangla Bazar about 80 members of the Pak army were killed.

On 27 October 1971 a group of freedom fighters under Ansar Adjutant Ali Akbar took position at Tonir Hat, 10 km from Bhola in order to attack the Pak army. The Pak army conducted a surprise attack on the freedom fighters and killed 80 freedom fighters and many villagers. However, the freedom fighters took position at Guinger Hat, 7 km from Bhola, and continued attack on the Pak army and killed 5 Pak soldiers. After the War of Liberation the freedom fighters renamed Tonir Hat as Banglabazar. Another encounter between the freedom fighters and the Pak army was held in Burhanuddin upazila on 22 October 1971 in which 50 Pak soldiers and their collaborators were killed. The Pak army brutally killed Abdul Hamid, then the Circle Officer of daulatkhan upazila, and his wife. 11 freedom fighters were killed in an encounter with the Pak army at a place in between Aminabad and Sunamganj unions of Charfasson Upazila. Besides, 7 freedom fighters were killed in encounters with the Pak army in tazumuddin Upazila.


The area of Bhola is 3737.21 sq km, located in between 21°54' and 22°52' north latitudes and in between 90°34' and 91°01' east longitudes. It is bounded by lakshmipur and barisal districts on the north, bay of bengal on the south, Lakshmipur and noakhali districts, Meghna river and Shahbazpur channel on the east, patuakhali and Barisal districts and Tentulia river on the west.



  • Meghna.
  • Tetulia.
  • Ilsha.
  • Boalia.
  • Shahbajpur channel.

Points of interest[edit]

  • Central Saheed Minar, Bhola
  • Kobi Mozammel Haque Town Hall
  • Tulatuli river
  • Bhola Shishu Park
  • Bhola Kheya Ghat
  • Monpura island
  • Daulatkhan Block Par
  • Dhal Char
  • Bank of Meghna
  • Char Kukri-Mukri
  • Shahbajpur Gas Field
  • Shantir Hat Meghnar Par
  • Tarowa Dip



Bhola district comprises the following upazilas:

  1. Bhola Sadar Upazila
  2. Daulatkhan Upazila
  3. Burhanuddin Upazila
  4. Tazumuddin Upazila
  5. Lalmohan Upazila
  6. Char Fasson Upazila
  7. Manpura Upazila
  8. Adamdighi Upazila
Area (sq km) Upazila Municipality Union Mouza Village Population Density (per sq km) Literacy rate (%)
Urban Rural
3737.21 7 5 62 409 461 234302 1468815 456 36.89
Others Information of District
Name of upazila Area (sq km) Municipality Union Mouza Village Population Density (per sq km) Literacy rate (%)
Adamdighi 168.84 1 6 112 178 187012 1108 50.4
Char Fasson 1440.04 1 14 69 73 413593 287 37.8
Tazumuddin 512.92 - 5 62 80 120189 234 36.7
Daulat Khan 316.99 1 9 47 27 173253 547 37.3
Burhanuddin 284.67 1 9 57 58 244137 858 37.2
Bhola Sadar 413.16 1 13 98 122 408094 988 39.1
Manpura 373.19 - 3 21 27 67304 180 35.7
Lalmohan 396.24 1 9 55 74 276547 698 32.2

Source- Bangladesh Population Census 2001,Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.

Members of ninth Jatiyo Sangshad (2006 - )[edit]


Literacy rate and educational institutions Average literacy 36.89%; male 39.50%, female 34.09%. Educational institutions: college 7, secondary school 264, kindergarten 12, madrasa 257.

There are 3 government colleges Bhola.[5]

  1. Bhola Govt. High School
  2. Bhola Govt. College
  3. Bhola Girls High School
  4. Govt. Fazilatunnesa Women's College
  5. Dhaligour Nagar High School
  6. Karim Gonj High School
  7. Charfassion Govt. College.
  8. Fatema Matin Women's College.charfassion.
  9. Mofizabad F.H. Secondary School
  10. Bhurhanuddin Abdul Jabbar College
  11. Burhanuddin Mahila College
  12. Bhola Govt. Technical School & College
  13. Burhanuddin Kamil Madrasha
  14. Kutuba Secondary School
  15. Burhanuddin Secondary School
  16. Kulsum Rahman High School
  17. Goungapur Secondary School
  18. Daulatkhan Govt.High school
  19. Daulatkhan Govt.Girls High school
  20. Daulatkhan Abu-Abdullah Degree College
  21. Bhola Technical Training Center

Remarkable Personalities from Bhola District[edit]

  • Birshresta Mostafa Kamal,
  • Tofayel Ahmed (Politician)
  • Mozammel Hoque (Poet)
  • Dr Abul Hasan Shamsuddin (Educationist)
  • Firoza Begum (Educationist)
  • Naziur Rahaman Monjur (Politician)
  • Dr Azhar Uddin Ahmad (Politician)
  • Major (Rtd) Hafiz Uddin Bir Bikrom (Politician)
  • Comorad Nalini Das (Politician)
  • Mosharof Hossain Shajahan (Politician)
  • Nasir Ahmed (Poet)
  • Principal Afsar Uddin Babul
  • Principal Faruquar Rahaman,
  • A K M Makbul Ahmed (Poet)
  • M. Mokammel Haque (Bureaucrate), etc.


Agriculture 63.64%, non-agricultural labourer 4.95%, industry 0.50%, commerce 12.67%, transport and communication 2.47%, service 5.74%, construction 1.55%, religious service 0.35%, rent and remittance 0.44% and others 7.69%.

Flora and fauna[edit]


Paddy, Jute, Potato, Onion, Garlic, Chilly, Peanuts, Mastered, Banana, Coconut, Betel Leaf, Betel Nut, Vegetables etc.


Bhola have a small island also what name is monpura under charfashion  it's totally full of forest under forestry. The main attractions of monpura are chitra Horin [Deer], Monkey, python & lots of various types of Birds. The greens created  by the Forest Department  about a decade ago and the natural beauty has turned coastal Monpura inland in Bhola into an attractive tourist spot. Animals were also released at same period. During winter, thousands of migratory birds visit the islands. The significantly exclusive feature of  is one can see both sunrise and sunset from some of its locations. 


Folk culture Folk Music, Lalon geeti, Bhatiyali, Bhawaiya, Pala Gan, Kavigan, Shiva's Gajan, Marfati, Halkhata, Durga Puja, Chadak Puja are notable.

Places of interest[edit]

Manpura Island[edit]

Monpura is a river Island located in the Souther part of Bangladesh under Bhola district. The Island area is 373.19 km2 with around 50,000 Population. Monpura is a well known name in  after releasing a movie as same name directed by Gias uddin selim. Actually, Monpura is one of the beautiful islands in Bangladesh . This area is totally off the beaten track for the travelers but full of beauty. So, who loves to explore the secrets of any place, can visit Monpura Island.

This Island has different historical importance from colonial times. About 600 years ago, Portuguese pirates used to take shelter in the Monpura  island. When the Portugueses left the island, people from Bhola, Laxmipur and Noakhali started living there. This island is also play role in British India. In 1800, the rebellious salt-producers attacked the head office of the Greek businessman Demotirus in South Shahbajpur and killed his employee Paliolgas. three hundred fourteen salt-producers were carrested at the order of District Magistrate Middleton. For that three hundred fifty salt-producers of this Island went elsewhere in 1818.

The natural beauty of Monpura can not be utilised due to lack of any Gov. decisions and help. There are many possiblity to build tourists spots in this island. It’s 70,000 people are poor. A tourist spot can change their life. A person name Baschu Chowdhry has built a tourist resort on 161 acres of land. Mainly it is a farmhouse. Deer, several hundred cows in a farm, fishes in few ponds, gardens, orchards and lots of coconut trees there. It will attract anybody.

Char kukri Mukri[edit]

A natural beauty rising on heart of Bhola. People know it as ‘Dip Konna’ too. A good place for traveler who love nature as you can enjoy natural beauty of Mangrove Forest, Wildlife and sea. This island is familiar to everyone cause of its natural beauty. It is an assumption that the island is four to five hundred years old and not so highly modernized.

Sometimes can find The Royal Bengal Tiger. There is secure Navy - Communication systems, hotel - motela & modern tourism, If we can develop this Spot, many tourist will come to see its beauty. Beside this, 2 more island are here named Chor Patila & Dhalchor. Various species of deer during in winter. Recently, Chor Kokri Mukri is identified as the world's biodiversity area by the IUCN

Accommodation: many circuit/guest houses are available here (Bhola) but More plentiful accommodations are available in Barisal.

Wild Life: Fishing Cat, Egrets, Heron, Small-clawed Otter, Grey Pelican and Bitterns

Getting There: You can go up to Barisal by road or riverinetransport and Then go to Bhola by road . From Bhola go 2.5 hours by road towards the Char, then take 1/2 hour boat ride on local craft. 

  • Bhola Shishu Park
  • Birsresta Mostafa Kamal Museum
  • Kheaghat Bridge
  • Bhorhanuddin helipad
  • Shabazpur Gas Field
  • Graveyard of Tofayel Shah
  • Kobi Mozammel Hoque Gateway etc.


Population Total 1703117; male 884028, female 819089; Muslim 1630460, Hindu 72275, Buddhist 99, Christian 68 and others 215.


Newspapers and periodicals Daily: Ajker Bholabani, Banglar Kantha, Ajker Bhola; weekly: Fasson Bartha, Upakul Bartha, Prothom Akash, Dipabani; periodical: Ahaban; defunct: Lalsurjo, Manpura Bani, Syamole, Ajker Bholabashi, Palli Chitra, Somoyer Shikha, Srabone, Dipshikha.

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