Coxcomb Mountains

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Coxcomb Mountains
Coxcomb Mountains is located in California
Coxcomb Mountains
Location of Coxcomb Mountains in California [1]
Highest point
Elevation 564 m (1,850 ft)
Country United States
State California
District Riverside County
Range coordinates 33°56′12″N 115°20′31″W / 33.9367°N 115.3419°W / 33.9367; -115.3419Coordinates: 33°56′12″N 115°20′31″W / 33.9367°N 115.3419°W / 33.9367; -115.3419
Topo map USGS Coxcomb Mountains

The Coxcomb Mountains are a mountain range located in eastern Riverside County, Southern California.


The Coxcomb Mountains are within the easternmost area of Joshua Tree National Park. They are east of the Eagle Mountains and Twentynine Palms, north of Interstate 10, and southeast of the Sheep Hole Mountains.

The range's highest point is Aqua Peak, at an elevation of 4,416 feet (1,346 m), located within the park. It is at GPS latitude—longitude coordinates of N 33.93668, W -115.341927.[2]

Joshua Tree National Park[edit]

The Coxcomb Mountains are the most rugged and sharply perpendicular mountains within Joshua Tree National Park. Being in the park's wildest and least-visited northeastern corner, their relative isolation protects their wilderness habitat. There are trails to hike and explore the area.[3]

The range is in the ecotone where habitats merge from the higher elevation Mojave Desert ecoregion and the lower elevation Colorado Desert of the Sonoran Desert ecoregion.

Acton's brittlebrush (Encelia actoni), in the Coxcomb Mountains.

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