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SS501HKFM 2.jpg
SS501 during a fanmeeting in Hong Kong (2009)
From L to R: Kim Hyung-jun, Kim Kyu-jong, Kim Hyun-joong (leader), Heo Young-saeng, Park Jung-min
Background information
Also known as Double-S 501
Origin South Korea
Years active 2005 (2005)–2010
Hiatus: 2010–2015 (solo activities)
(active as 'Double S 301')
Labels CI Entertainment
DSP Entertainment
Pony Canyon
Warner Music
Associated acts Double S 301
Website Official Website (JP)
(Double S 301)
Korean name
Hangul 더블에스오공일
Japanese name
Hiragana ダブルエス ごーまるいち

SS501 is a South Korean boy group formed under the management of DSP Media,[1] formerly known as Daesung Entertainment and DSP Entertainment.[2] The group debuted on June 8, 2005 with five members: Kim Hyun-joong, Heo Young-saeng, Kim Kyu-jong, Park Jung-min and Kim Hyung-jun,[3] along with their debut mini-album entitled Warning.[4] They achieved their first number one song with "Never Again" (2005) and released their first studio album, S.T 01 Now in 2006.

In 2007, under the management of Pony Canyon, SS501 entered the Japanese-language market with their debut single "Kokoro". The single debuted at No. 5 on the Oricon chart, and moved to No. 3 the next day.[5] It was also chosen as an ending theme song for an anime entitled Blue Dragon.[6] They also received the "Newcomer Award" at the Japan Gold Disc Awards in January 2008; they were the first Korean artists to receive this award.

In 2008, due to Hyun-joong being cast in Boys Over Flowers and Jung-min being cast in the musical Grease, a SS501 Project Group consisting of Heo Young-saeng, Kim Kyu-jong and Kim Hyung-jun was formed and they released U R Man. During their promotion, Heo was the leader of the sub-unit group.

In 2009, SS501 came back as a five-member group and released Rebirth. In August, they embarked on their 1st Asia Tour Persona, with two concerts in Seoul. It was followed by fifteen concerts in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, Malaysia, and Singapore.

In May 2010, SS501 released Destination, produced by Steven Lee.[7] One month later, in June 2010, upon the expiration of the group's contract with DSP Media, all the members moved to other management companies to pursue solo careers. However, Kim Hyun-joong, the leader, has stated that they have not disbanded.[8]

In October 2013, all five members of SS501 appeared together on one stage and performed together as a group again after three years, as seen at the UNIQLO AX Hall.[9]

In January 2015, SS501's special project group consisting of Young Saeng, Kyu Jong, and Hyung Jun performed on stage together at the Musical & Talk Concert, organized by the Seoul Police Promotional Team, which is where Heo Young Saeng is currently serving his military duties.[10]

In January 2016, SS501's special project group officially grouped as "Double S 301" to make a comeback. Also, CI Entertainment released a photo teaser.[11] On 20 January, CI Entertainment revealed second photo teaser and announced release date for album "ETERNAL 5". The album was released on February 16, 2016.[12] The group is set to have a concert at BLUE SQUARE Samsung Card Hall on March 19 and 20, 2016 entitled "2016 Double S 301 CONCERT〈U R MAN IS BACK〉IN SEOUL".[13]

Following "Double S 301" Korean comeback, they're set to come back in Japan with an album entitled "'Eternal S". Also, they're set to hold a concert in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. Particularly in Tokyo Dome City Hall and Orix Theater on April 25 and 27 respectively.[14]

In May 2016, to celebrate the groups 11th anniversary, CI Ent announced through Twitter that Double S 301 will comeback with a special album.

The special album 'ESTRENO' was released on June 9, with the first comeback stage on June 8. The word means 'debut' in Spanish, which alludes to the album coming out on SS501's 11th debut anniversary.

In December 2016, Double S 301 comeback with their 2nd mini album 'Eternal 0' and 'Eternal 1' completing the "ETERNAL" series of album.


The name of the band is a combination of letters and numbers that have special meaning. The first “S” stands for "Superstar", the second “S” is an abbreviation for "Singer", and the combination of 5, 0, and 1 symbolizes "five members united as one forever".[15] SS501's official fan club name is Triple S (SSS)which means "Super Star Supporters.[16] Their first studio album entitled ST 01 Now is a combination of "S" from SS501, "T" from Triple S, and "01 NOW" which, when combined altogether, means "SS501 and Triple S united as one from now until forever".[17]



Before debuting with SS501, most members had experiences in the entertainment world.

Kim Hyun-joong was initially about to debut in a five-member group, of which Han Yeon of B2Y (now disbanded) was to be the leader and Kim the youngest member.[18] During 2001 and 2002, while working as a waiter in a family restaurant located at Jamsil-dong, Kim was introduced to a new set up management company CEO. While the group underwent training together, they were asked by their company to debut in China as a Hallyu project group, but they rejected the offer and disbanded.

Heo Young-saeng started as a trainee at SM Entertainment for about 2.5 years.[19][20] He then joined DSP Media, formerly known as DSP Entertainment and trained for 3 months before debuting as a member of SS501.[20] In relation with him being a SM trainee, according to his father if he stayed with SM Ent most probably he will debut together with Super Junior.[21]

Park Jung-min was once a commercial model for condoms.[22] When he was 13, he was scouted by an agency and was accepted by both DSP Media and S.M. Entertainment. At that time, S.M. Entertainment told him that they were preparing a new group, but that the group consisted of many members, which according to Park was probably Super Junior since he saw them rehearsing too.

Kim Hyung-jun appeared on Ock Joo-hyun's music video, "Catch" in 2004.[23] He was also the first one to be included in SS501, which means he had the longest training period.[24]

In addition, SS501 has had their first variety show before they officially debuted entitled SS501 M!Pick by MNET, documenting their pre-debut days and three months after their debut.[25]

2005–06: Debut[edit]

SS501 officially debuted on June 8, 2005 along with their first mini-album, Kyeonggo (Korean: "경고", "Warning");.[4] Their second mini album, Snow Prince was released in late 2005, five months after their debut.[26] During this time, they also established their official fan club name, "Triple S", and fan club color, pearl green.[16] The group earned popularity right away as they won many rookie awards after their debut.[27]

The group was inactive in Korea for most of 2006, although they had their first fan meeting in Japan in April of that year.[28] The reason was due to Heo Young Saeng's throat condition, which required a surgery, thus resulting in a need for time to fully recover.[29] In mid-2006, they held their first successful concert, "Step Up Concert" in Osaka, Japan.[30] In late 2006, they returned to Korea in order to promote their first studio album, which was released on November 10 entitled S.T 01 Now.[31] Singles from the album included "Unlock" and "Four Chance".[32] Alongside promoting the album on various variety and music shows, they also filmed a show on MNet, which was called SS501 SOS.[33][34] The group (excepting Heo Young Saeng, who was recovering from the surgery) also lent their voices for the 2006 animated movie Pi's Story.[35]

2007–08: Breakthrough success, Japanese debut, Boys Over Flowers, and sub-unit[edit]

SS501 at My Style My MTV on stage (2008)

Later in 2007, the group debuted in the Japanese market to further spread their activities and challenge themselves outside Korea.[27] A Japanese fan club was established with the name "Triple S Japan", which officially debuted on March 25, 2007, when SS501 had their first official meeting with the club.[36][37] The group at this time released their Japanese single Kokoro, alongside multiple versions, including one with all members and five featuring each member individually.[38] The single debuted at the 5th spot on the Oricon chart, and moved to 3rd spot the next day.[5] It was also chosen as an ending theme song for an anime entitled Blue Dragon.[6]

SS501 appeared in the Japanese drama Hotelier as a cameo seen in episode seven.[39] In May 2008, Kim Hyun-joong joined the cast of We Got Married[40] along with Hwangbo in episode 9. The other members frequently appeared on the said show as well, while doing their Japanese activities and recording their upcoming second single.[41] Later in September, SS501 released their second single in Japan entitled Distance.[42] Finally in October 24, a month later, a full album was released with their self-titled album, SS501.[43] SS501 also received the "Newcomer Award" by Japan Gold Disc Award in January 2008; this was the first time for Korean artists to receive this award.[44]

SS501 returned to Korea with their single Deja Vu, which was released on March 13, 2008.[45] The title track was the first song to be promoted, and they began their comeback on music channel M.Net's M Countdown.[46] After their success with their single "Deja Vu", they began to promote their second single, "A Song Calling for You".[47] They performed their Goodbye Stage on Music Bank in June 2008, to return to Japanese activities.[48] Their third Japanese single was released on June 18, 2008 entitled Lucky Days.[43] Then, for a short period of time, they return in Korea and released a mini album entitled, Find.

On October 4, the group represented Korea to perform at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, and received the Best Asian Artist Award at the 5th Asia Song Festival, organised by Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange.[49][50]

On October 2, 2008, Kim Hyun-joong was cast for his first lead-acting role as 'Yoon Ji-hoo' in the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango, officially named Boys Over Flowers,[51] a role for which he won the "Most Popular Actor Award" at the Seoul International Drama Awards 2009[52] and the "Popularity Award" at the 45th Baeksang Arts Awards.[53] The series was broadcast on KBS during the first half of 2009.[54] During this time, around early 2009, Park Jung-min was also cast for his musical debut in Grease as "Danny Park",[55] where he received the award "Best New Musical Talent" by the Golden Ticket Awards.[56] While both Kim and Park were busy with their schedules, the remaining three members formed 'SS501 Project Group' with Heo Young-saeng as the leader. The 'Project Group' was initially to be named after their fan club 'Triple S', however before the sub-unit group debut it was decided to retain 'SS501' name out of respect to the absent members. They released a project album named U R Man in November 2008, with a high tempo dance track "U R Man",[57] which the three remaining SS501 members promoted by themselves, with the exception of some special performances that included all five band members. The project group also performed "U R Man" in episode four of Boys Over Flowers, where they appeared for a cameo performance.[51] Moreover, they contributed to the Boys Over Flowers soundtrack with "내 머리가 나빠서" (Because I'm Stupid) track, in which they received multiple awards such as "Song of the Month (February)", "Best OST Award", and "Best TV Drama Song of the Year" just to name a few.[58][59]

2009–10: Mini albums, first Asian tour, leaving DSP Media[edit]

SS501 during a fan meeting in Hong Kong (2009)

SS501 released their official second Japanese studio album, All My Love, on May 13, 2009.[60] Although they were doing a cappella performances during their past years, it was their first time to record and include an a cappella title track to their album, "All My Love".[43] A promotional tour was held in Japan in support of the album.[43]

On July 21, 2009, they released their sixth mini-album, Solo Collection, which consisted of the individual members' songs.[61] It also includes a mini-drama starring SS501, particularly Kim Hyun-joong and Park Jung-min.[62] In August 2009, they embarked on their 1st Asia Tour Persona, with two concerts in Seoul. It was followed by fifteen concerts in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, Malaysia, and Singapore.[63]

The group's seventh mini album Rebirth was released in two parts: in a limited and a full edition. The former was released on October 20,[64] and the latter on October 22.[65] SS501 promoted the album with the single "Love Like This", a track collaborated by Steven Lee, Sean Alexander, and Drew Ryan Scott.[43] The single was also sung by Varsity Fanclub, Scott's group, in English lyrics with the same title single, which was released later in 2010.[66]

On November 21, 2009, the group did not attend the 2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards with various artists from SM Entertainment, Inwoo Production and Pledis Entertainment.[67][68] However, DSP stated that unlike the other agencies, they were not boycotting the event, but they were busy with preparations for their first Asian tour.[69]

In 2010, SS501 continued their 1st Asia Tour Persona concert in Thailand before holding their final encore concert, on February 27, in Seoul to conclude the tour.[70] Although the release of a new mini-album was planned for May 1, 2010 (a nod towards "501" in the group's name, or as they call it "501" day), the date was pushed back in order to "add finishing touches". They performed at the 2010 Dream Concert later that month. Because Kim Hyun-joong was still recovering from a previous injury, they sang two ballads instead of the rumored comeback track.[71]

Their last mini-album before the contract's expiration, entitled Destination, was released on May 24, 2010.[7] The lead track, "Love Ya", composed by Steven Lee, is a song accompanied by an orchestra, and blended with a piano melody.[72] Their first win for the lead track, "Love Ya", was on KBS's Music Bank, on June 11.[73] On June 18, DSP announced that SS501 would end their "Love Ya" promotions due to the expiration of their contract on June 7, 2010, five years after their debut.[8]

During the second half of 2010, upon the expiration of the group's contract with DSP Media, all the members signed with other management companies. Kim Hyun-joong signed with KeyEast Entertainment, Park Jung-min joined CNR Media, Kim Hyung-jun with S-Plus Entertainment. Heo Young-saeng and Kim Kyu-jong both signed with B2M Entertainment.

Kim Hyun-joong explained in an interview that, at the time, there wasn't a company that would accept them as a whole, thus the group decided to take the chance to focus on their solo activities. In October 2010, Kim Hyung-jun announced that SS501 was planning release a new album in 2011[74] but was pushed back, probably because of their busy schedules.

2011–12: Solo artists and military service[edit]

For detailed information, see also: Kim Hyun-joong; Heo Young-saeng; Kim Kyu-jong; Park Jung-min; and Kim Hyung-jun

With the group on hiatus, the members pursued solo activities.

Kim Hyun-joong joined KeyEast after leaving DSP Entertainment and started promoting both as an actor and singer. His first acting project was Korean drama Playful Kiss,that broadcast on MBC in September 2010. He played the leading role of "Baek Seung Jo" in the drama. He then released his debut solo album Break Down on June 8, 2011 and it exceeded 70,000 pre-ordered copies in ten days.[75] The album was certified gold in Korea and was certified platinum in Taiwan. The album also debuted at #1 in oricon weekly foreign album charts. He, then released his second mini album Lucky, in October. It debuted at number 5 on Billboard's World Chart,[76] at #1 in Japanese oricon weekly charts in foreign album category and #1 on Gaon charts. On December 15, 2011, Kim released his digital single Marry You / Marry Me, which consists of "Marry Me" and Marry You" as well as instrumental versions of them. Music videos for both songs were released on his official YouTube channel the same day.[77] On January 25, 2012, Kim released his first Japanese single Kiss Kiss / Lucky Guy[78] which debuted at #1 on Japanese oricon single album daily charts and #2 in weekly charts. He was also offered as the main lead role for the drama "Conquest for the City/City Conquest", portraying the main character of Baek Mir, a wild and strong man.[79] Only a few days before filming for City Conquest began in Japan, Kim released his second Japanese single Heat on July 4[80] and topped oricon weekly charts. Kim finally released his first full length Japanese album entitled Unlimited on December 12, which consists of 14 tracks including the Japanese versions of Break Down and Lucky Guy.[81]

Heo Young-saeng and Kim Kyu-jong held a joint fanmeeting, Kim Kyu-jong & Heo Young-saeng Story In Seoul on December 4, which continued in Hong Kong, Japan and countries across Asia.[82][83] Heo Young-saeng was scheduled to launch his solo singing career on April 28, 2011, but had to postpone because he pulled the ligaments on his right hand during dance practice.[84] His debut solo mini album, Let It Go was released on May 12, 2011, which features Kim Kyu-jong and Hyuna of girl group 4minute.[85] The album peaked at number one on Gaon's album chart for the week starting on May 8, 2011.[86] In November and December, Heo made his theatrical musical debut in The Three Musketeers.[87] Afterwards on December 28, just before the end of the year, Heo released a soundtrack song entitled "The Words On My Lips" for Fermented Family, a Korean drama.[88] Later in 2012, Heo joined the cast of KBS2 sitcom I Need a Fairy (or Sent From Heaven) in episode 23, playing the role "Heo Young Saeng/ Kaki".[89] A month later, He released a soundtrack of the said drama entitled "Love Song".[90] Heo released his second mini-album entitled Solo in May,[91] in which Heo, himself, participated in the planning process and production of it.[92] He, then, went to Japan to release his first Japanese album entitled Over joyed in September.[93] Overjoyed entered the Japanese Oricon weekly album charts at #29.[94] Heo Young Saeng enlisted in the army on October 31, 2013. After serving his mandatory military service as a police officer, he was discharged on July 30, 2015.

Kim Kyu-jong made his musical debut in Goong: Musical, playing the lead role of Crown Prince Lee Shin, in Kyoto, Japan from June 11 to July 1,[95] and debuted as a solo artist in September 2011 with mini album Turn Me On.[96] The album features rap by Heo Young-saeng in dance track "My Love", and Yang Jiwon of Spica in Yesterday music video.[96] In October 2011, Kim was cast in 36-part weekend drama, Saving Madame Go Bong Shil on cable channel CSTV, playing an aspiring musical actor named Nicky to mark his acting debut.[97] In June 2012, B2M Entertainment announced that Kim Kyu-jong is to fulfill his mandatory military service in July, making him the first member to enlist.[98] On June 3, he held his farewell fan meeting, Thank U ThanKYU with Triple S at Yonsei University in Sinchon-dong, Seoul. This marks his last official activity before his enlistment in July and the first time in over two years that all five members of SS501 have gathered together.[99] On July 23, Kim reported to the recruit training center of the 35th division in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province for four weeks of basic training. They further explained that he was originally exempted because he has a hepatitis B carrier. However, since a changed in conscription law, he is eligible to serve non-active duty as a public service worker.[100] On July 18, Kim released a limited edition, and later on a normal edition, mini-album Meet Me Again dedicated to his fans before his enlistment.[101][102]

Park Jung-min's comeback single, Not Alone, was originally planned to be released on November 25, 2010, but was pushed back to January 20, 2011.[103] He, then, released his first mini-album The, Park Jung Min on April 1, 2011.[104] Park was cast in a Japanese musical Bonds Of Boys as an exchange student from November 18 to 23, 2011.[105] He also expanded his experience in acting by being cast in the Japanese drama, Love Song in August.[106] He also contributed to KBS2's The Princess' Man OST in August, where he sang "Missing You" composed by Park Jung Wook[107] During 2012, Park acted in the Taiwanese drama Fondant Garden in February, playing the lead role of "Park Hee Hwan".[108] On April 12, Park filed an injunction at Seoul Central District Court against his agency CNr Media to cancel his exclusive representation contract, citing improper distribution of profits.[109] The decision of the court came on July 30, favoring Park Jung Min's case against CNR Media,[110] and it finally came to an end on May 22, after reaching an agreement that all ties would be cleared.[111] He then debuted as "Romeo" under Victor Music after his lawsuit against CNR Media.[112] He released two Japanese albums: Give Me Your Heart and Tonight's The Night in September and October respectively.[113] In November, he comes back to Korea as "Park Jung-min" for his 3rd mini-album Beautiful.[114] At the end of the year, he released a full length Japanese album Midnight Theatre back as "Romeo".

Kim Hyung-jun signed with Avex Entertainment for his Japanese activities in January 2011.[115] On March 8, 2011, Kim finally released his debut solo mini album My Girl[116] with music videos for the two lead tracks "oH! aH!" and "Girl", in which Park Jung-min visited him during the music video shoot for the latter.[117] A Japanese version was released on April 6, 2011 with two bonus tracks of Japanese versions of the two lead tracks.[118] On July 27, Kim released his first Japanese single, Long Night.[119] In October 2011, Kim made his theater debut in the romantic comedy musical Caffeine, where he played as a barista.[120] After his acting debut on Black City, Kim starred on his first main lead role in KBS Drama's romantic comedy series, My Shining Girl in March, playing the role of "Kang-min".[121] His acting career was followed by SBS Plus's Late Blossom in the same year, playing the character of "Jung Min-chae".[122][123] In July, he released his second mini album entitled Escape with its single "Sorry, I'm Sorry".[124] The album includes five songs, and a 25-minute drama MV starring Kang Ji-hwan, Lee Ki-woo, and himself.[125] He, then, held his first solo live tour "2012 1st Story in Japan" in April, and "2012 2nd Story in Japan" in August consecutively.[126] In November, he was cast in Rough Play (An Actor is an Actor), a film written and produced by Kim Ki-duk.[127]

2013–2015: Expanding individual careers, SS501 Best Collection[edit]

Kim Hyun-joong had his first Japanese tour in January entitled 'JAPAN TOUR 2013 “UNLIMITED”' tour.[128] In February, it was rumored that City Conquest has been rejected by KBS for the reason that it "lacked in quality".[129] After some time, it was announced that Kim Hyun Joong will be withdrawing from the drama and is planning to start in another drama later this year instead.[130] On the other hand, Kim made his comeback in a Korean variety show, "Barefoot Friends", which first aired on April 21.[131] On June 5, Kim released his third Japanese single, Tonight.[132] On June 6, the same day as his birthday, Kim released his new digital single in Korea entitled "What It Means To Be Alive" as a present for his fans.[133] Two days later, on June 8, Kim held his "2013 KHJ Show - Party People" fanmeeting in Seoul, Korea to meet with his fans after a long while.[134] According to "Star Today" interview to Kim, he is planning to enlist in the army next year (2015).[135]

Heo Young-saeng was invited to do a collaboration with Lee Jung Bong named "Goodbye My Love", which was released on January 31.[136] Heo then released his third mini album Life on March 13.[137] After his album promotions, he left to Japan and started his Summer Snow musical as Tachibana Seiji, a young doctor who has a one-sided love to his patient, Katase Yuki.[138] On May 29, news were spreading that Heo is planning to enlist for his mandatory military service in November.[139] According to one of B2M Entertainment's representatives, he already decided to enlist by the end of 2013 right after he receives a draft notice. In fact, he already had a health checkup, and he was found to be fit for active duty by the Office of Military Manpower Administration. Further information about his enlistment has not been decided yet.[140] During early June, Heo's Japan official website released tracks and information for his upcoming second Japanese album entitled Memories To You, to be released on July 3.[141] The title is said to be Heo's memories shared with his fans.[142] On October 3, 2013, B2M officially announced Heo's enlistment details through his official website. They confirmed that he will be enlisted on October 31 at 2pm at Nonsan Korean Army Training Center.[143] Four days later, B2M once again announced Heo's last album release on October 16 before his enlistment.[144] At the same time, Yesasia released a pre-order version of She special album. The album contains five tracks about a man's regrets and painful memories for a past lover,[145] and his single, "Weak Child", features Japanese actress Fujii Mina.[146] There was a fansigning event held on October 20, 7pm at KT Ole Square.[147]

Kim Kyu-jong is still serving in the military service as of 2013. Since he was doing his military duty, updates about him can only be known through his friends' Twitter updates and him writing personal handwritten letters to his fans to show his love and appreciation.[148][149] To further show his acknowledgement towards his fans, it was revealed that he joined ThanKYU's (name of his fanclub) various donation activities. On February 1, Kyu Jong sent 14 woven hats that he and his mother had personally weaved during his spare time.[150] On March 9, Kim spent his free time attending Kim Hyung Jun's 1st solo concert, "The First" at Woori Art Hall, Olympic Park, Seoul. He even went up to the stage with Kim Hyung Jun and bowed together, marking the end of the concert.[151] 22 July 2014, Kim was officially discharged from Military Service.

Park Jung-min attended and performed at the 2013 StarHub TVB Golden Viva Spectacular together with Sistar, U-Kiss and more on February 9, that was initially filmed during the January 31 at the Seoul Student Jamsil Gymnasium. The performances were broadcast simultaneously in Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong to celebrate the Lunar New Year with their Hong Kong fans.[152] On February 14, he held a press conference at the Sony Music Square in Tokyo about his upcoming concert tour. He had eight performances in total, starting on March 19 in Fukoka, March 21 in Osaka, March 22 in Tokyo, and March 23 in Nagoya. His shows had a different concept, though: light/dark; good/bad concept. In particular, he performed by the name "Park Jung Min" during the day, then changing his persona to "Romeo" when the night comes.[153]

Kim Hyung-jun had his first solo concert in Korea to commemorate his 2nd anniversary since his solo debut in 2011.[154]Kim Hyung Jun "The First" was held on March 9 at the Woori Art Hall at the Olympic Park, organized by SPLUS Entertainment and managed by SH Creative Works.[155] He then came back on television screens, as he has been cast in MBC drama Pots of Gold (also known as Gold, Appear! and I Summon You, Gold!), playing the role of Han Ji-hye's younger brother Mong Gyu.[156] On May 1, it was reported that he is planning to be enlisted in the military next year, 2014. During this time, he had his "Who Am I" Japanese live concert, which was held on March 29 to April 7 (six concerts in total) that went through cities such as Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo.[157] On May 1, it was reported that he is planning to be enlisted in the military next year, 2014. During this time, he was busy preparing for his 'Who Am I' live tour concert in Nagoya and Tokyo at the end of May and early June.[158]

During SS501's eight anniversary, SS501 members posted the same video on YouTube together to celebrate and greet their fans.[159] Kim Hyun Joong was not able to be in the video at that time because he had a shooting on his variety show, Barefoot Friends.[160] However, Kim Hyun Joong still talked about his debut on his Korea fanmeeting entitled 2013 KHJ Show - Party People, held at the same day of their anniversary.[161]

On October 26, 2013, Heo had his first and farewell concert in Seoul entitled "2013 Heo Young Saeng Seoul Concert 0513 My Story",[162] which marks the first time that all five members of SS501 appeared together on one stage and performed together as a group again after three years, as seen at the UNIQLO AX Hall.[9]

In 2014, SS501 to release "SS501 Best Collection" album in Japan on September. The compilation set features a total of two albums, one featuring their greatest Korean-language hits and the other featuring their Japanese-language hits. Volume One features 26 Korean-language songs. It comes with a bonus DVD containing 16 music videos[163] while, Volume Two features 17 Japanese-language songs. It comes with a bonus DVD containing three music videos and additional bonus content.[164] September 2, both "SS501 Best Collection" versions ranked on the Oricon Albums Chart at number eleven and thirteen respectively.[165]

On January 17, 2015, SS501's special project group consisting of Young Saeng, Kyu Jong, and Hyung Jun performed on stage together at the Musical & Talk Concert, organized by the Seoul Police Promotional Team, which is where Heo Young Saeng is currently serving his military duties.[10][166]

It was confirmed on September 2, 2015 that the trio sub-unit is preparing for a comeback.[167]

2016–present: Double S 301, Eternal 5, Eternal S, Estreno, Eternal 0 & 1[edit]

Following last year's news that the trio sub-unit is preparing for a comeback. On 13 January 2016, CI Entertainment revealed a photo teaser of the trio. They're coming back as "Double S 301". Both Young Saeng and Hyung Jun are currently signed to CI Entertainment, while Kyu Jong to B2M Entertainment.

"Double S 301" is the transcribed pronunciation of SS501, altered to represent the group's member loss. Also, it's a nod to SS501's Official fanclub, Triple S. Both Hyun Joong and Jung Min are currently serving in the military.[11]

On 20 January 2016, CI Entertainment revealed second photo teaser and announced release date for album "ETERNAL 5". The group is set to release it on February 16, 2016. Also, it will also mark as Double S 301′s first release since singing “Because I’m Stupid” for the soundtrack of “Boys Over Flowers” in 2009.[168] On January 28 midnight CI Ent released the first video teaser of their title track "Pain", focusing on Kyu Jong.[169] Following Kyu Jong's video teaser, they released second teaser focusing on Young Saeng.[170] Then, third focusing on Hyung Jun.[171]

The group is set to have a concert at BLUE SQUARE Samsung Card Hall on March 19 and 20, 2016 entitled "2016 Double S 301 CONCERT〈U R MAN IS BACK〉IN SEOUL".[13] On February 4 at 4 p.m. KST, the ticket will be sold to the public through Interpark and a vigorous ticketing war will be continued.

Moreover, this event is a new foothold for members to meet their fans after each members’ long breaks such as military service, solo activity and others. Double S 301 is receiving attention from the fans in and out of the country and even from the mass public.

CI ENT said, “Every member is practicing hard with great passion and love for the upcoming comeback album and the Seoul concert. They will show off well-made album and performance, so please give lots of love and support for their comeback.

Meanwhile, Double S 301 held its comeback showcase at Art Hall of Lotte Card Art Center on February 15 at 8pm KST, and released their new mini-album ETERNAL 5 on the following day.[172] The tickets for the said concert were sold out 3 mins upon release.[173][174]

Following their Korean comeback, they're set to come back in Japan with an album entitled "'Eternal S". Also, they're set to hold a concert in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. Particularly in Tokyo Dome City Hall and Orix Theater on April 25 and 27 respectively.[14]

On April 20, they officially released their Japanese mini album. A famous Japanese songwriter Matsui Goro and a singer songwriter Meghan Trainor, who received ‘Best New Artist’ award in the 58th Grammy Awards, participated in making the album.

Particularly, addictive dance title song Fraction, Bad Dimension contains the sexy attraction and Never Ending Dream that has an outstanding beautiful harmony of three members are included in the album. Various five original Japanese songs are included and completed a variety album.[175] The album even ranked 5 in oricon.[176]

On May 2016, to celebrate the groups 11th anniversary, CI Ent announced through Twitter that Double S 301 will comeback with a special album.

The special album 'ESTRENO' was released on June 9, with the first comeback stage on June 8. The word means 'debut' in Spanish, which alludes to the album coming out on SS501's 11th debut anniversary.

The title song is the punk pop "AH-HA", and the mini album will also contain "Shining Star", a track only available on the physical CD.[177]

After 6 months of taking a break from 'ESTRENO', the group is coming back with their 2nd mini album 'Eternal 0' and 'Eternal 1' on December 2016. The album will complete the ‘ETERNAL’ series, the 2 versions of jacket cover of the new album was released through Double S 301’s official company SNS on 23-Nov.

CI ENT said “Double S 301 will release a new album. There will be 2 different versions of album to be released. We worked hard to capture the members’ various charms in it, we hope for fans’ support and anticipation for the mini album which will be released on 9-Dec.” [178]


Although most of their music is composed by various people, the members of SS501 have also contributed to their albums. Five of them wrote the lyrics for "Green Peas" from Rebirth Album dedicated especially to their fans.[179] Kim Hyung-jun and his brother, Kim Ki-bum, formerly of U-KISS, composed, under the name "H&B", the songs: "Want It", "The One", "I AM" from U R Man Album[180] and "Hey G" from Solo Collection Album.[61] Kim Hyung-jun also wrote the lyrics of the song "Obsess" in their Rebirth album.[179] Heo Young-saeng composed his solo song "Is It Love?" from Solo Collection Album[61] and wrote the lyrics of "Until Forever", one of the tracks in SS501's album Destination. Park Jung-min composed the song "Kiss" which is sung by Rainbow from Gossip Girl Album,[181] where he performed the song at their Persona concert.[182] He also wrote the lyrics of Not Alone and contributed to all the other songs from his album.[183] He wrote lyrics in Japanese and sang the song "Your Colour" himself for his new mobile drama for LISMO Channel in Japan entitled Love Song In August.[184]




  • 2008: PHOTO501 --- photo book
  • 2009: Endless Melody --- photo book

Concerts and showcase[edit]


For individual awards, see also: Kim Hyun-joong awards; Heo Young-saeng awards; Kim Kyu-jong; Park Jung-min awards; and Kim Hyung-jun awards

Major Awards[edit]

Year Awards References


2006 [58][59][188][189]
2008 [44][58][58][59][189][191]
2009 [58][59][189][192][193]
  • The First Barkada Choice Awards: Choice Asian Pop Band of the Year
  • 2011 KBS World Radio Awards: Best Korean Band/Solo of the Year
  • 2012 KBS World Radio Awards: Best Korean Band/Solo of the Year
  • Nominated M Countdown 10th Anniversary: 2006 Favorite Song of the Year: "Snow Prince"
  • Pending M Countdown 10th Anniversary: Best MC


Music program awards[edit]

These are a collection of SS501's wins on Korea's televised music shows. Inkigayo is aired on SBS, M! Countdown on Korean cable channel, and Music Bank on KBS.

Music Bank[edit]

Year Date Song[199]
2009 13 November "Love Like This"
29 November
2010 11 June "Love Ya"
18 June


Year Date Song
2007 7 January "4 Chance"
28 January
4 February
2008 20 April "Deja Vu"
2009 11 January "U R Man"
2009 22 November "Love Like This"

M! Countdown[edit]

Year Date Song
2005 15 September "Never Again"
2006 5 January "Snow Prince"
19 January
2007 18 January "4 Chance"
1 February
2009 8 January "U R Man"
15 January

The Show[edit]

Year Date Song
2016 23 February "Pain" (Double S 301)


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