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DSP Media
Native name
DSP 미디어
FormerlyDaesung Enterprise (1991–1999)
DSP Entertainment (2000-2006)
DSP Enti (2006–2007)
FoundedOctober 1991 (1991-10)
FounderLee Ho-yeon
HeadquartersMapo-gu, ,
South Korea
Key people
  • Kim Jin-woo (CEO)
  • Choi Mi-kyung (Former CEO)
OwnerLee Ho-yeon
ParentRBW (since 2022)

DSP Media (Hangul: DSP 미디어) is a South Korean entertainment company established in 1991 by Lee Ho-yeon. The company operates as a record label, talent agency, music production company, event management and concert production company, and music publishing house. In January 2022, the company was acquired by RBW.[1]

The label is home to artists such as Heo Young-ji, KARD and Mirae. Former artists for the label include SoBangCha, ZAM, COCO, Fin.K.L, Sechs Kies, SS501, KARA, Rainbow, A-Jax and April.


1991–2009: Formation and early success[edit]

Daesung Enterprise was founded in September 1991 by Lee Ho Yeon to provide entertainment to the public. One of their first Korean music groups was SoBangCha (소방차). The group was a hit and is still loved by the older Koreans.

In the late 1990s, Daesung Enterprise saw significant success, and with the success of groups like Sechs Kies, formed in 1997, and Fin.K.L., formed in 1998, it was considered one of the top entertainment labels in South Korea, alongside SM Entertainment.[2][3] Click-B was formed in August 1999.

In February 1999, the company was renamed DSP Entertainment. After merging with Hoshin Textile Company (호신섬유) in March 2006, DSP Entertainment was renamed DSP Enti.

In 2002, Ha Hyun-gon, Yoo Ho-suk and No Min-hyuk of Click-B left DSP.

In 2006, Fin.K.L members departed DSP Media.

In September 2008, DSP Enti was renamed DSP Media.

2010–present: Change in leadership and acquisition[edit]

In March 2010, Lee Ho-yeon suffered a stroke, after which his wife, Choi Mi-kyung began running the company. Lee Ho-yeon was considered a major component of the group's success, which began to see a decline following his retirement from the company due to his stroke.[3] Following Choi becoming president of DSP, several members of the girl group Kara filed a lawsuit to end their contract with DSP.[3][4]

In 2012, the group Puretty debuted through the anime series Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future. In January 2014, Puretty officially disbanded with members Jeon Somin, Yoon Chae-kyung and Cho Shiyoon remaining under DSP Media.[5]

In February 2015, DSP debuted another girl group, April. Former Puretty member Jeon Somin was originally part of the line-up, but she left the group in November 2015. She later debuted as part of DSP's co-ed group Kard in December 2016. Former Puretty member Yoon Chae-kyung joined April after their initial debut, in November 2016.

On January 15, 2016 KARA officially disbanded following the expiration contract of Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon and Goo Hara parted while Heo Youngji remained her solo career under DSP Media.

In the early morning of February 14, 2018, Lee Ho Yeon died at the age of 64, after a long battle with an illness.[6][7]

On January 26, 2022, it was announced that DSP Media had 39.1% of its shares bought by RBW, which houses idol groups such as Mamamoo, Oneus , Vromance, Onewe and Purple Kiss. DSP Media will be merged into RBW as a subsidiary.[8]


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