Flamenco Sketches

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"Flamenco Sketches"
Composition by Miles Davis, Bill Evans
from the album Kind of Blue
ReleasedAugust 17, 1959
RecordedMarch 2 and April 22, 1959
Composer(s)Miles Davis and Bill Evans
Producer(s)Teo Macero
Kind of Blue track listing
  1. "So What"
  2. "Freddie Freeloader"
  3. "Blue in Green"
  4. "All Blues"
  5. "Flamenco Sketches"

"Flamenco Sketches" is a jazz composition written by American jazz trumpeter Miles Davis and pianist Bill Evans. It is the fifth track on Davis's 1959 album Kind of Blue and an innovative experiment in modal jazz. The track features Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley, Paul Chambers, Jimmy Cobb and Bill Evans.

The piece has no written melody, but is rather defined by a set of chord changes that are improvised over using various modes. Each musician separately chose the number of bars for each of the modal passages in his solo. Davis gets credit for the song form, but Evans is credited with the opening 4-bar vamp over Cmaj7 and G9sus4, which is the opening theme to his ballad improvisation "Peace Piece". Because of the presence of this vamp, "Flamenco Sketches" is usually played as a ballad. The modes used in "Flamenco Sketches" are as follows:

An alternate take of "Flamenco Sketches" is included on most recent re-issues of Kind of Blue as the sixth and last track.