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Good Humor-Breyers Ice Cream
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Good Humor-Breyers (Ice Cream USA) is the ice cream division of Unilever that includes the formerly independent Good Humor, Breyers, Klondike bar, Popsicle, Dickie Dee[1] and Sealtest brands. Based in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey[2] it was formed in 1993 after Unilever purchased the ice cream division of Kraft General Foods.[3]


Unilever began making Good Humor ice cream products in the United States in 1961. In 1992, Unilever acquired Dickie Dee, a Canadian ice cream vending company that sold product from ice cream trucks and tricycle carts. At the time of the sale, there were around 1,500 tricycles in 300 cities. Unilever ended the ice cream bikes in the early 2000's and carts were sold to distributors.[4]

In 1993, Unilever announced it would acquire the Breyers and Sealtest brands from Kraft who however retained the name use for non-ice cream products.

Unilever integrated its ice cream division into its main offices in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey in 2007.[5]

Good Humor-Breyers products[edit]

The Good Humor brand has been known for its ice cream trucks; Good Humor brand creator Harry Burt was also the first to create the concept of an ice cream truck.[6] Good Humor-Breyers products have included:


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