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This is a list of brands owned by the Anglo-Dutch multinational company Unilever.


These brands have annual sales of one billion euros or more:[1]

Food and beverages[edit]

Condiments and extracts[edit]

  • Amino – dehydrated soup (Poland)[citation needed]
  • Amora – French mayonnaise and dressings
  • Aromat – seasoning (South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland)
  • Best Foods – mayonnaise, sandwich spreads, peanut butter and salad dressings
  • Blue Band - margarine (Kenya)
  • Bovril – beef extract
  • Calvé – sauces, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, peanut butter
  • Chicken Tonight – wet sauces range (excluding the United Kingdom and Ireland)
  • Colman's – mustard, condiments, packet sauces, OK Fruity Sauce
  • ConimexAsian spices (Netherlands)
  • Continental – side dishes
  • Fanaco – mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup (Argentina and for export to Latin America)
  • Fruc – ketchup, mayonnaise and condiments
  • Hellmann'smayonnaise
  • Jawara – hot sauce (Indonesia)
  • Kecap Bangosoya sauce in Indonesia
  • Kissan – ketchups, squashes and jams (India and Pakistan)
  • Lady's Choice – mayonnaise, peanut butter and sandwich spreads (Philippines, Malaysia)
  • Lao Cai – seasoning
  • Salsa Lizano – Costa Rican condiment
  • Maille – French mustard
  • Marmite – yeast extract spread (except in Australia and New Zealand, called Our Mate)
  • Robertson's – spices/seasoning (South Africa)
  • Royco – stock cubes, non-MSG stock (Indonesia,Kenya)
  • Sir Kensington's – Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise, Ranch, Vinaigrettes (US, Canada)
  • Slott's – mustard (Sweden)
  • Sunce (Sun) – mayonnaise (Serbia, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro), brand now discontinued, Sunce factory now produces Unilever brand Knorr mayonnaise
  • Tortex – ketchup (Poland)
  • Turun sinappi – mustard (Finland/Sweden)
  • Unox – soups, smoked sausages


  • Alsa – desserts and syrups
  • Ben & Jerry's – ice cream
  • Breyers – ice cream
  • Darko (Дарко) – ice cream (Bulgaria)
  • Fudgsicle – ice pops
  • Grom – gelato (Italy)
  • Heartbrand – ice cream (umbrella logo)
  • Klondike – ice cream sandwiches
  • Paddle Pop – ice cream (Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia [incorporated with Wall's], discontinued in the Philippines)
  • Popsicle – frozen treats
  • Seru – low-cost ice cream (Indonesia)
  • Streets – ice cream (Australia/New Zealand)
  • Talenti – gelato
  • Weis – frozen fruit desserts, ice cream

Other foods[edit]


Other beverages[edit]

Ice cream[edit]

The Heartbrand logo
A Langnese ice cream selling booth in the Zoo Heidelberg
A Swirl's ice cream parlour at Den Haag Centraal railway station

Unilever is the world's biggest ice cream manufacturer, with an annual turnover of €5 billion.[3] With the exception of its U.S. brands Popsicle, Klondike, Talenti gelato, Breyers and Ben & Jerry's, the bulk of the company's ice cream business falls under its "Heartbrand" brand umbrella, so called because of the brand's heart-shaped logo. Unilever currently operates eleven ice cream factories in Europe; the biggest include factories at Hellendoorn in The Netherlands, Heppenheim in Germany, Caivano in Italy, Saint-Dizier in France, Gloucester in the United Kingdom and Santa Iria de Azóia [pt] in Portugal.[4]

The Heartbrand was launched in 1998 (and slightly modified in 2003) as an effort to increase international brand awareness and promote cross-border synergies in manufacturing and marketing ("centralisation"). It is present in more than 40 countries.[3] Although the logo is common worldwide, each country retained the local brand name so as to keep the familiarity built over the years, one notable exception being Hungary where the previous Eskimo brand was replaced with Algida in 2003.

In 2005, the Israeli food conglomerate Strauss, whose ice cream brand is a joint venture between Strauss and Unilever and marketed under the Heartbrand logo, received special permission from Unilever to export its brand of ice cream, Glidat Strauss to the United States because of the strict kosher certification the products in Israel have. Under terms of the agreement, Strauss ice cream and krembo may be sold only in kosher supermarkets and import shops. It is distributed in North America by Dairy Delight, a subsidiary of Norman's Dairy.

Prior to the heart logo, each country could choose its own logo, although the most common one consisted of a blue circle with the local brand's name over a background of red and white stripes; the second most common old logo, used by Wall's in the UK and other countries, was a yellow logo with Wall's in blue text.

Unilever generally manufactures the same ice cream with the same names, with rare occasions of regional availability, under different brands. Some of these ice creams include Carte D'Or, Cornetto, Magnum, Solero, Twister, Choc Ice, Super Split, Fat Frog, Feast, Brunch and Viennetta.

In addition, a Dutch-based ice cream parlour franchise called Swirl's has been in operation since 1994, and adopted the Heartbrand logo in 2001 following its acquisition by Unilever that same year. There are Swirl's stores in the Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, India, Indonesia and Israel, which sell ice cream products corresponding to each country's Heartbrand sub-brand. Belgium formerly had a single Swirl's store at Kinepolis Antwerpen in Antwerp which closed in August 2018.

Partial list of national brands variants of the Heartbrand[edit]

Many of these sub-brands were previously independent local ice cream vendors while others were introduced into the country by Unilever.

Name Country
Algida Italy, Albania, Algeria, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Malta, Moldova, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey (as ALGİDA), Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vatican City
Bresler Bolivia, Chile
Cargills Sri Lanka,Tuva
Eskimo Austria, Croatia
Frigo Spain
Frisko Denmark
GB Glace Sweden
Glidat Strauss Israel, United States
Good Humor Canada, United States
HB Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland
Helados La Fuente Colombia
Holanda Central America, Mexico
Ingman Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia
Inmarko Russia, Kazakhstan,Alaska
Kibon Argentina, Brazil, Suriname
Kwality Wall's India, Bhutan, Brunei, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan
Langnese Germany[5]
Lusso Switzerland
Miko France, Morocco, Egypt (ميكو)
Napoca Romania, Bulgaria
Ola South Africa
Ola Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands
Olá Cape Verde, Macau, Portugal, Angola
Pingüino Ecuador
Selecta Comoros, Philippines, Tanzania
Streets Australia, New Zealand
Swedish Glace A non-dairy soya based Heartbrand product sold in Britain and Ireland
Tio Rico Venezuela
TofuLine A non-dairy soya based Heartbrand product sold in Sweden and Finland
Wall's/和路雪 Cambodia, China, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Moldova, Pakistan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam
Wall's HB Northern Ireland

Home care and beauty & personal care brands[edit]

  • All – laundry detergent (except the United States)
  • Ala – laundry detergent (Argentina and North/Northeast Brazil)
  • Andrelon
  • Aviance – cosmetics
  • Axe – deodorant, shower gel, body spray (Lynx in the UK, Ireland and Australia)
  • Ayush (India)
  • Baba (East Europe)
  • Badedas – shower gels
  • Biotex – laundry detergent
  • Block & White – whitening lotion (Philippines)
  • Breeze – laundry detergent (Philippines [discontinued in 2002 and reintroduced in 2013], Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand)
  • Brilhante – laundry detergent (Brazil)
  • Brisk – hair-styling products for men (Southeast Asia, North America)
  • Brylcreem – hair-styling products for men
  • Caress – soap
  • Cif – cleaning products (Jif in Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East)
  • Citra – women's hand and body lotion, beauty soap, and scrubs (Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and the Middle East)
  • Clear (Linic in Portugal, Ultrex in Greece) – anti-dandruff, scalp care shampoo and conditioner (China, Southeast Asia, Australia, Romania, Pakistan, Poland, South Africa, Hungary, United States, Canada, Latin America)
  • Clinic – dandruff shampoo
  • Close-Up – toothpaste
  • Coccolino – softener (Hungary, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Romania)
  • Comfort – fabric softener
  • Cream Silk – conditioner (Philippines)
  • Dimension (Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East, North America, South America)
  • Dollar Shave Club – razors and other personal grooming products direct to consumer by mail (United States)[6]
  • Domestos (Vim in Bangladesh, Canada, India, Pakistan and Vietnam; Domex in the Philippines, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) – bleach (Australia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom)
  • Dove – skin care, hair care, and deodorant
  • Dove Spa
  • Dr. Kaufmann – sulfur soap (Philippines)
  • Dusch Das – shower gels and deodorants (Germany)
  • Eskinol – women's facial wash and cleanser (Philippines)
  • Fair & Lovely – skin lightening product (available in India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei and Timor Leste)
  • Fissan – foot powder (Philippines) / baby skin care products (South Africa)
  • FDS – skin care range
  • Gessy (Brazil) – soap
  • Glorix (Netherlands)
  • Good Morning – soap (Egypt)
  • Hijab Fresh – body lotion for hijab wearers (Indonesia)
  • Impulse – deodorant and body spray
  • Ioma – premium skin care range
  • Korea Glow – skin care range (Indonesia)
  • Lakmé – cosmetics
  • Lever 2000;– soap
  • Lifebuoy – soap (discontinued in the Philippines in 2008)
  • Living Proof: Prestige Hair Care Brand
  • Linic – dandruff shampoo (Portugal)
  • Love Beauty & Planet - vegan hair and body care
  • Lux – women's soap, shower gel, and lotions (Caress in the United States)
  • Lysoform – home care (Italy)
  • Master – men's facial wash and cleanser (Philippines)
  • Matey – children's bubble bath
  • Mentadent – toothpaste[7][8] (except for North America)
  • Minerva – laundry and dishwasher detergents (Brazil)
  • Mist – soap (Egypt)
  • Molto – fabric softener (Indonesia)
  • Nameera – halal skin care range (Indonesia)
  • Neutral – laundry detergent
  • Noxzema – skin care range
  • Omo (Australia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, South Africa, Norway, Brazil and Chile) – laundry detergent
  • Organics – shampoo and conditioner
  • Pears Transparent Soap
  • Pepsodent – dental (outside of the United States) (P/S in Vietnam)
  • Persil - this brand name is primarily operated by Henkel, but Unilever owns the rights to use the Persil name in Malaysia, Singapore, Ireland, United Kingdom, France and New Zealand. It sells its own premium detergents under this brand, based on the Omo. They are not the same formulation as Henkel’s Persil products, although they may occupy the same market position.
  • Pond's - beauty lotion, anti-aging,beauty cleansing foam, lightning toner and lightning cream
  • Prodent – toothpaste
  • Pukka tea
  • Quix – dishwashing liquid (Chile)
  • Q-Tips – cotton swabs
  • Radox – shower gels and bubble bath
  • Regenerate – toothpaste
  • Rexona (Degree in the United States and Canada; Sure in the United Kingdom, Ireland and India; Shield in South Africa; Rexena in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand) – deodorant
  • Rin  – laundry detergent (India)
  • Rinso (except the United States)
  • Robijn – softener
  • Sahaja – cleaning products for Muslims (Indonesia)
  • Seventh Generation – home and personal care products including bobble
  • Signal – toothpaste
  • Simple – skin and body care range
  • Skip – laundry detergent
  • SR – toothpaste
  • St Ives – hand and body care
  • Suave – personal care (United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina)
  • Sun – dishwasher detergent
  • Sunlight (discontinued in the Philippines in 1998 as laundry detergent and reintroduced in 2015 as dishwashing liquid)
  • Sunsilk (Sedal in Spanish-speaking Latin American countries, Seda in Brazil, Elidor in Turkey; Hazeline in China) – shampoo and conditioner (discontinued in the United States and Canada in 2007)
  • Super Pell – floor cleaning fluid (Indonesia)
  • Surf – laundry detergent (worldwide) and fabric conditioner (Philippines only) (DERO in Romania and Vietnam)
  • Surf Excel – laundry detergent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka)
  • Swan Soap (defunct)
  • Tatcha – Luxury skin care brand acquired on June 10, 2019 for close to $500 million dollars
  • Thermasilk – shampoo and conditioner
  • Tholl – skin care
  • TIGI – shampoo and conditioner for hair salons[9][10]
  • Timotei – shampoo and conditioner
  • Toni & Guy – hair care range
  • TRESemmé – hair care range (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Finland, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States)
  • Vaseline – body lotion, shower gel, deodorant (Vasenol in Portugal, Brazil, Italy, Spain and Mexico)
  • Vibrance – shampoo and conditioner
  • Vinólia – soap (Brazil)
  • Viso – laundry detergent (Vietnam and Indonesia)
  • Vixal – porcelain cleaner (Indonesia)
  • Wheel (detergent) (India)
  • White Beauty – skin lightening cream
  • Wipol – carbolic floor cleaner (Indonesia)
  • Williams – men's care
  • VO5 – hair care/styling (except the United States)
  • Xedex
  • zendium – toothpaste
  • Zhonghua – toothpaste
  • Zwitsal – baby care range (Netherlands and Indonesia)[11]
  • Unilever Professional – professional markets (home and personal care)



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