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Green University of Bangladesh
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Motto A Global Higher Education Center of Excellence
Type Private University
Established 2003
Chancellor President Abdul Hamid
Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Md. Golam Samdani Fakir
Location Dhaka, Bangladesh
Campus Begum Rokeya Sarani & mirpur-2
Nickname GUB
Affiliations University Grants Commission Bangladesh

The university is accredited by the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, and its curricula and programs have been approved by the Bangladesh University Grants Commission, the only national accreditation authority in Bangladesh. The President of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is the Chancellor of Green University of Bangladesh. The Vice Chancellor, the Pro-Vice Chancellor, and the Treasurer are appointed by the President of the country in his capacity as the Chancellor of the University.

Green University of Bangladesh is also the member of the following local and international associations:

  • Association of Private Universities of Bangladesh (APUB).
  • International Association of University Presidents (IAUP).
  • Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP).

The university has six students clubs Green University Debating Club (GUDC), EEE Club, Green University Business Club (GUBC), Green University Textile Club Green University Cultural & Cine Club (GUCCC), Film Television & Digital Media. This club organises various programs related to their objective and has many extracurricular activities all through year.


Green University of Bangladesh (GUB), one of the leading private universities in Bangladesh, was founded in 2003 under the Privat e University Act 1992 with a vision to create a global higher education center of excellence. GUB offers studen ts from all walks of life the adva ntages of an affordable, personalized education of global standard. As a modern, dynam ic, and innovative institution for undergraduate and graduate students, GUB lays stress on quality education imparted by a galaxy of highly qualified, dynamic, dedicated, and well-experienced faculty members with global exposure.

GUB’s greatest resource in fulfilling its mission is its faculty of about 1 00 distinguished scholars and educators, whose scholarly research experiences and teaching skills enrich t he students’ classroom environment. To ensure quality education, GUB is equipped with modern infrastructural facilities, latest academic curricula, Intern et with Wi-Fi facility, air-conditioned classrooms, and seminar halls supported with multi-media, rich libraries, most sophisticated laboratories, students' cafeterias, standby generators, etc. The students of GUB experience a vibrant university community with a diverse range of academic offerings and about 3,000 participating students. Today, GUB continues to grow, both in its facilities and in the dimensions of its educational and research programs. The goals of GUB include the continued provision of the highest quality education at the undergraduate and graduate levels along with increased support for outstanding research to meet the needs of society and to fulfill GUB’s role as a leading private university in Bangladesh.

Green University of Bangladesh was established in as a non-profit organisation. It is an initiative of US-Bangla Group – one of the leading groups in Bangladesh and owner of US-Bangla Airlines, Purbachal American City.

Vision & Mission[edit]

Vision of Green University Green University as a leading world class academic and research institute of excellence devoted to ensure transformational impact on learning systems of the greater community engaged in developing human resources and creating new knowledge to serve the Knowledge –Based-Economy and Society and the humanity.

Mission of Green University The mission of GUB is to prepare competent and compassionate leaders in the areas of science, engineering, arts and social sciences in a well designed and quality learning environment. We are committed in preparing our graduates fully equipped to achieve the highest personal and professional standards and making them prepare to make a significant, sustainable and socially responsible contribution to Bangladesh and the world.

Moto of Green University[edit]

• Academically Excellent • Ethically Driven • Socially Responsive

Core values of Green University[edit]

Academic Excellence[edit]

Green University of Bangladesh (GUB) values an uncompromising standard of excellence in teaching, research, learning, creativity, and scholarship within and across disciplines i.e. quality services to the society. Our academic excellence pervades in research, knowledge creation and dissemination, innovation across discipline.


Green University of Bangladesh (GUB) believes commitment and determination is the key to success. All stakeholders directly and indirectly engaged in the creation of knowledge. As teachers and scholars, mentors and facilitators, we endeavor to educate the whole person. We nurture and challenge students—intellectually, spiritually, aesthetically, morally, socially, and physically—preparing them for leadership and service to the common good in their professional, civic, and personal lives.

Honesty and Integrity[edit]

Honesty and Integrity are the foundation of all successful interactions and relationships of our university. We represent ourselves truthfully, unconditionally, impartially, and completely.


Green University of Bangladesh (GUB) values diversity and demonstrate respect for human dignity. We recognize that people with different backgrounds, age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, skills, beliefs, attitudes and experiences bring fresh ideas and perspectives. We consider the impact of our words and deeds on others. We further affirm the worth of each member of our office and those in the university community by treating each individual with respect and courtesy.


Green University of Bangladesh (GUB) values people’s voice, ideas, free speech, tolerance, debate and challenge. In an era of austerity, society needs institutions where people are free to speak out, where challenge is regarded as a fundamental value of the institution. We nurture a culture of freedom transparency, openness and inclusiveness in all our activities to produce acceptable outcome.

Team Spirit[edit]

Green University of Bangladesh (GUB) values a sense of ownership among the faculty members, students and others staffs to enhance their retention in the University for long period of time. We strive to integrate academic reflection and direct experience in the classroom and the community, especially to understand and improve the lives of those with the least education, power and wealth.

Go Green[edit]

Green University of Bangladesh (GUB) promotes sustainable knowledge, environment, and human capital and cultivate sustainability to make the university green and influence green environment everywhere in the society. We believe good humor in the work place makes the environment lively and benefit the stakeholders to be green. Healthy humor promotes team bonding and increases our productivity and creativity as well as building a community working for sustainable professional enrichment.

Goals of Green University[edit]

  • Prepare graduates as human capital to be used for further production in all existing and emerging discipline both undergraduate and post graduate level
  • Cultivate clientele among all stakeholders of the university so that they can serve the society ethically and honorably.
  • Ensure outstanding learning outcomes and richness of the stakeholder’s experience.
  • Breed ongoing creativity, critical thinking and innovations in teaching and learning
  • Establish commitment to equity and excellence and reinforce each other in an environment characterized by uncompromising high standards.
  • Create strong nexus between teaching and research.
  • Establish world-class research clusters, an exciting, research-intensive culture and producing commendable timely research output.
  • Establish agility and adaptability in building and maintaining productive partnerships with industry, business and the community.
  • Develop high-performing staff and prestigious national and international partners.
  • Develop GUB alumni and ensure and mutually beneficial relationships with its GUB alumni.
  • Establish a strong sense of collective ownership.
  • Strengthen a culture of extra curricula activities to ensure extended learning for the students.
  • Extend public service role through expanded engagement with local, national and international communities.

Academic Semester[edit]

  • Spring Semester : January to April
  • Summer Semester : May to August
  • Fall Semester  : September to December


Green University of Bangladesh has three faculties. Each faculty has departments. A dean is the head of each faculty, while departments are headed by Chairpersons.

Faculty of Science and Engineering[edit]

Undergraduate program:

  • B.Sc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
  • B.Sc in Computer Science & Engineering.
  • B.Sc in Textile Engineering.

Faculty of Business[edit]

Undergraduate program:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

Graduate program:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA).
  • Master of Bank Management (MBM).

Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences[edit]

Undergraduate program:

  • Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in English.
  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB-Hon's).
  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB-Pass).
  • Film, Television and Digital Media (FTDM).
  • BSS (Hon's) in Sociology.
  • BSS (Hon's) in Anthropology.

Graduate program:

  • Master of Laws (LL.M).

Green University of Bangladesh (GUB) is established under the private University Act 1992, as amended in 1998. It is an initiative of US-Bangla Group.[1]

Academic Collaboration & Institutional Memberships[edit]

  • University of Huddersfield
  • University of Regina
  • Wuhan Textile University

Language Center[edit]

Since 2012 the Green University Language Center (GULC) strengthens GUB’s language education, curricula and consistently supports the development of its students. In particular, GULC focuses on current trends in on-line instruction and teaching. GULC encourages dynamic and diversified language education with an emphasis on translingual and transcultural competence that in turn imbue both the curriculum and the research effort of the academic community.


  • Green University of Bangladesh Journal of Science and Engineering (GUBJSE)

details at

  • Green University Review of Social Sciences (GURSS)

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Green University Library[edit]

  • Library Rules and Regulations

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Scholarship and Waiver Policy[edit]

Scholarship and Waiver Policy for Undergraduate and Master’s Students Financial Aid is monetary assistance from institutional, governmental, or private source that is available to assist students in affording educational costs. This financial aid could be in the form of academic scholarships, tuition fee waiver and study loans. Green University has dedicated 10 CRORE Taka in its Scholarship and Waiver fund for 2015. Eligible students can avail this Scholarship and Waiver fund. In 2014, GUB has spent 9 CRORE Taka in Scholarship and Waiver purposes. This was a significant step up of GUB to enhance academic excellence in the higher education in Bangladesh. We commit our willingness in persistent investment in the Scholarship and Waiver program in coming years. We encourage serious students, aiming for a bright career to apply for admission at GUB. During admission, you can also apply in a prescribed form paying Tk. 100.00 for scholarship and waiver.

What types of Financial Aid are available at Green University of Bangladesh?

Green University of Bangladesh (GUB) offers financial aid under the provision of Private University Act 2010. Students of GUB can apply for Financial Aid in the following categories:

A. Based on previous academic attainment (Merit based Scholarship) B. Based on high academic attainment at GUB (Semester result based Scholarship) C. Based on Financial Need and Merit (Need-Merit based Scholarship) D. Based on second degree at GUB (Second Degree Program Scholarship at GUB) E. Based on siblings/ female/ ethnic minority group/ group of students studying together at GUB F. Based on the wards of Freedom Fighters (WOFF Quota Waiver) G. Based on GUB Employment (Tuition Fee Waiver for GUB Employees) H. Based on first blood relatives of GUB Alumni (Tuition Fee Waiver for GUB Alumni Relatives)

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