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Stable release
4.1.3[1] / May 5, 2013 (2013-05-05)
Development status Active
Written in C and Java
Operating system UNIX-like
Type GUI language bindings for java
License GNU General Public License with exception.

java-gnome is a set of language bindings for the Java programming language for use in the GNOME desktop environment. It is part of the official GNOME language bindings suite and provides a set of libraries allowing developers to write computer programs for GNOME using the Java programming language and the GTK+ cross-platform widget toolkit.

Up until version 2.0, java-gnome was written by a project team,[2] the current version 4.0 was originally an internal project of Operational Dynamics, a change management consultancy group.[3] This new version is a complete re-write of java-gnome and was originally written for creating business tools to the company's clients, but eventually grew into a full replacement Java language binding for GNOME.

Unlike most other GTK+ bindings, there is no version available for Microsoft Windows.

Java-gnome is free software released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.[4]


To compile a java-gnome class it's necessary to add the gtk-4.1.jar jar in the classpath. The jar is available on Debian (and all Debian-based distributions) in the libjava-gnome-java[5] package, which can be found in the official repositories (the jar is installed under the /usr/share/java path).

java-gnome GtkExample
package org.wikipedia.javagnome.example;

import org.gnome.gdk.Event;
import org.gnome.gtk.Gtk;
import org.gnome.gtk.Widget;
import org.gnome.gtk.Window;
import org.gnome.gtk.WindowPosition;
 * Java-Gnome GTK Example
 * ispired official site
public class GdkSimple extends Window {
    public GdkSimple() {
        connect((DeleteEvent)(source, event) -> {
            return false;
        setDefaultSize(250, 150);

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        new GdkSimple(); 

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