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Kaneva, LLC
Industry computer and video game industry
Founded 2004
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia
Key people
Christopher Klaus
Greg Frame
Products Virtual World, MMOG Platform
Website www.kaneva.com
Footnotes / references
Offline as of 14th November 2016

Kaneva, LLC is a privately owned American video game company based in Atlanta, Georgia and founded in 2004 by Christopher Klaus and Greg Frame. Kaneva was a 3D Virtual World that supported 2D web browsing, social networking and shared media.

In 2004 Kaneva worked with Georgia's Department of Economic Development to draft a new law that would promote video game development in Georgia. It passed in 2004.[2]

On 14 November 2016, Kaneva's online world was shut down, with its "2d" social networking site closely following.


Kaneva was founded to develop a massively multi-player online game (MMOG). In late 2004, Kaneva released the first version of the Kaneva Game Platform.[3]

Kaneva later decided to use its own technology to develop a virtual world that combined video sharing, social networking and 3D environments. In 2005, Kaneva started development on the Virtual World of Kaneva, the company’s flagship product.[4] The Virtual World of Kaneva was released into beta in mid-2006.

A new site was created in April 2006 to allow the community of game developers to collaborate on their Kaneva Game Platform projects. This site was named the Kaneva Elite Developers Site.

The Elite Developers program was discontinued with their source code release in November 2009. The source code is hidden but still available to everyone on the resources page at in their developer web site.[5]

In the first quarter of 2010 Kaneva released their Kaneva 3D Applications and their 3D App Game Developer Program.[6] Kaneva shifted from featured MMO development to smaller scale 3D application development which closely mirrors the very popular Facebook applications.

As of 2016 the original game has been shut down, relaunching in 2017 as a "rebranded" Casino Life for mobile platforms, and as a Facebook App. Reception to this change has been predominantly negative from the prior members.


In June 2010, Kaneva had over five million members.

The original 3D world has been closed as of 2016, with a rebranded "Casino Life" app for mobile platforms, and Facebook Apps taking over in 2017.


The reception of the rebooted/rebranded Casino Life (Closed Beta launched 26/9/2017) received as mainly negative reviews. With feedback via social media citing such a drastic shift in gameplay ruined the reason as to why people played it in the first place. After several bad decisions made in the game there were mass exitings by members. Within the last year the game was on, membership had slipped to less than 90. Two weeks prior to its closing there was an emergency live stream meeting where Chris Klaus and his staff listened to the member's complaints, it was one of the highest attended meetings in the last couple of years. There were promises to correct some of the bad decisions, making all involved happy, and confident that their concerns would be taken care of, and their membership had value. Two weeks later the announcement that the game would close and come back with members worlds, inventory, and credits remaining intact. However, all was deleted, no return on the cash purchases of the credit balances to members. The next word on the progress of Kaneva came on Facebook as Casino Life. Recent updates site future designer capabilities with clothing and 3d models, however it will all be contingent on the poker games. Casino Life was also cited as being not the improvements that members were promised at the close of the game. Kaneva promised to send emails out as to progress of the "New" version so nobody knew when the Beta testing was, or even when it was launching because they failed to even send emails as promised.


Kaneva has several competitors, including OSgrid.org, Smallworlds, Entropia Universe, Utherverse, IMVU, Active Worlds, Second Life and Twinity.


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