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The Kew Bolmer is an apartment building located in Kew Gardens, Queens.

Two brothers, Aldrick Man and Albon Man Jr., decided to lay out a new community in the vicinity of an old golf course in Queens, and first called it Kew but then changed it to Kew Gardens, after the well-known botanical gardens in England. Soon the first apartment building in Kew Gardens was created, the Kew Bolmer. It is located at 80-45 Kew Gardens Road. The Kew Bolmer was erected in 1915, and still stands today, at the intersection of Kew Gardens Road, and Queens Boulevard.

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Coordinates: 40°42′48.31″N 73°49′47.39″W / 40.7134194°N 73.8298306°W / 40.7134194; -73.8298306