Khogyani (Pashtun tribe)

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The Khogyani (Khugyani, Khogiani,Khugiani,Khakwani) (Pashto: خوګياڼي‎, Persian: خاکوانی‎) tribe is a Pashtun tribe of the Karlani or "Hill Tribes" branch. The Khogyani Tribe originated in the Khogyani District of Nangarhar Province and later in Ghazni Province of Afghanistan. Some of their clans are also settled in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, Balochistan and Punjab provinces of Pakistan.[citation needed]


The tribe is divided into three sub-tribes: the Kherbon, the Wazir, and the Shirzad tribe.[1] The Khogianis have a long history of conflict with the neighboring Shinwari and Ghilzai tribes.[citation needed]

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