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Kitikifumba is located in Uganda
Location in Uganda
(Placement on map is approximate)
Coordinates: 00°25′14″N 32°38′05″E / 0.42056°N 32.63472°E / 0.42056; 32.63472Coordinates: 00°25′14″N 32°38′05″E / 0.42056°N 32.63472°E / 0.42056; 32.63472
Country  Uganda
Region Central Region
District Wakiso District
Municipality Kira, Uganda
County Kyaddondo
Constituency Kira Municipality
 • Mayor Julius Mutebi[1]
 • MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda
Elevation 1,160 m (3,810 ft)

Kitikifumba is a neighborhood in Kira Municipality, Kyaddondo County, Wakiso District, in the Central Region of Uganda.[2]


Kitikifumba is bordered by Bulindo to the east, the village of Kawuku to the south-east, downtown Kira to the south, the village of Seeta to the west, Namavundu to the north-west, and Kitikutwe to the north. This is approximately 3.2 kilometres (2 mi), by road, northwest of downtown Kira, where the town council offices are located.[3] Kitikifumba is approximately 18.2 kilometres (11 mi), by road, north-east of Kampala, the capital and largest city of Uganda.[4] The coordinates of Kitikifumba are 0°25'14.0"N, 32°38'05.0"E (Latitude:0.420556; Longitude:32.634722).[5]


Up until the 1990s, Kitikifumba and neighboring Bulindo were villages with scattered low income residences and subsistence farms.[6] In 2001, the village was incorporated into Kira Town, the second-largest urban center in Uganda with a population of 313,761, according to the August 2014 national census.[7] During the 21st century, it has developed into an upper middle-class residential neighborhood with scattered business locations among the residences.[6]

In 2011, the government opened the Shimoni Primary Teachers College, which had been relocated from Kampala.[8] The college, built at an estimated cost of US$4 million (UGX:8 billion), has a capacity of 450 student-teachers. During the construction, the Shimoni student-teachers were accommodated at Nyondo Teacher Training College in Mbale.[9][10] The teacher training college opened in January 2011.[2][8]

In January 2018, Shimoni Demonstration School, the teaching school for the Shimoni Primary Teachers College, was opened at Kitikifumba, adjacent to the college.[11]

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