EFC Uganda Limited

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EFC Uganda Limited
IndustryFinancial services
HeadquartersPlot 6 Acacia Avenue,
Kampala, Uganda
Key people
Charles Nalyaali
Shem Kakembo
Managing Director
ProductsLoans, savings
Total assetsUGX:26.8 billion (2015)
Number of employees
121 (2015)

EFC Uganda Limited (EFCUL), also known as EFC Uganda, is a microfinance deposit-taking institution (MDI) in Uganda. It is licensed and supervised by the Bank of Uganda, the central bank and national banking regulator.[1] EFCUL lends primarily to small enterprises.[2]


The headquarters of EFCUL are located at 6 Acacia Avenue on Kololo Hill in the Kampala Central Division, about 3.5 kilometres (2 mi) north of the central business district of Kampala, Uganda's capital and largest city.[3] The coordinates of the institution's headquarters are 00°20'12.0"N, 32°35'15.0"E (Latitude:0.336667; Longitude:32.587500).[4]


The institution opened in Uganda in June 2012 as Entrepreneurs Financial Center Limited, with one branch in Ndeeba in the Lubaga Division of Kampala.[5] In November 2014, EFCUL was awarded an MDI banking license by the Bank of Uganda, adopting the name EFC Uganda Limited.[6] As of December 2015, EFCUL owned assets of UGX:26.8 billion, with shareholders' equity of UGX:5.982 billion. At that time, the institution employed 121 staff.[7] EFCUL focuses on financing micro, medium, and small enterprises.[8] In December 2015, EFCUL received a loan of UGX:10 billion for onward lending to micro, small, and medium-sized businesses.[9]


As of August 2016, the shareholding in the stock of the company was as depicted in the table below:[10]

EFC Uganda Limited Stock Ownership
Rank Name of Owner Percentage Ownership
1 Développement international Desjardins of Canada
2 AfricInvest Financial Sector Limited of Tunisia
3 Uganda Gatsby Trust of Uganda
4 BIO of Belgium
5 Bamboo Financial Inclusion Fund of Mauritius
6 ASN-Novib Microcredit Fund of the Netherlands
7 EFC Uganda Employee Stock Ownership Fund[5]
8 EFC Uganda Customer Stock Ownership Fund[5]
Total 100.00


As of December 2015, the institution maintained networked branches at the following locations:[11]

  1. Kololo Branch - Ground Floor, Acacia Place Building, 6 Acacia Avenue, Kololo, Kampala
  2. Ndeeba Branch - Master Wood Plaza, 1156 Kampala-Masaka Road, Ndeeba, Kampala Main Branch
  3. Kireka Branch - 1525 Kampala-Jinja Road, Kireka
  4. Nansana Branch - Kampala-Hoima Road, Nansana
  5. Nateete Branch - 1396 Kampala-Masaka Road, Nateete
  6. Mukono branch

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