Ksibet El Mediouni

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Ksibet El Mediouni
قصيبة المديوني
Commune and town
Ksibet El Mediouni coast
Ksibet El Mediouni coast
Ksibet El Mediouni is located in Tunisia
Ksibet El Mediouni
Ksibet El Mediouni
Coordinates: 35°41′24″N 10°51′00″E / 35.69000°N 10.85000°E / 35.69000; 10.85000Coordinates: 35°41′24″N 10°51′00″E / 35.69000°N 10.85000°E / 35.69000; 10.85000
Country Tunisia
GovernorateMonastir Governorate
 • Total13,122
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)

Ksibet El Mediouni (Arabic: قصيبة المديوني) is a small city located in the region of the Sahel in Tunisia around 10 km south of Monastir. It is a commune in the Monastir Governorate.


Street of Ksibet el Mediouni in 1960

The city origins are thought to be linked to the establishment of an observation post of the Almoravids to control Christian incursion on this part of the Tunisian coast.

Its name is linked to the local saint Mohamed Ben Abd'Allah El Mediouni who may be an Almoravide coming from the village of Mediouna near Casablanca in Morocco.

The city is known for its traditional crafts, especially for its handmade carpets.

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