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This is a partial list of Canadian Inuit. The Arctic and subarctic dwelling Inuit (formerly referred to as Eskimo) are a group of culturally similar indigenous Canadians inhabiting the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Nunavik (Quebec) and Nunatsiavut (Labrador) that are collectivity referred to as Inuit Nunangatt .

The names of the communities are given as they were at the time of the birth or death. Those people who were born or died prior to 1 April 1999 in what is now Nunavut were actually born in the Northwest Territories.

Name Birth date Birthplace Region Death date Death place Region Notes
Eva Aariak[1][2] 10 January 1955 Arctic Bay NU politician, second Premier of Nunavut
Acoutsina[3] 1697 Labrador NL Labrador NL interpreter
Willie Adams[4] 22 June 1934 Fort Chimo QC politician who was a member of the Senate of Canada
Johnny Ned Adams[5][6] 1960 Fort Chimo QC pilot, a businessman and a former mayor of the village of Kuujjuaq
Susan Aglukark[7][8] 27 January 1967 Churchill MB musician
Leona Aglukkaq[9] 28 June 1967 Inuvik NT politician, Minister of Health and Minister of Environment
Olayuk Akesuk[10] 1965 Cape Dorset NU politician
Atuat Akkitirq[11] Igloolik NU filmmaker and costume designer, cofounder of Arnait Video Productions
Tony Akoak 1957/1958 Gjoa Haven NU politician
David Alagalak[12] 11 April 1944 Southampton Island NU politician
Ovide Alakannuark[13] 25 December 1938 Pelly Bay NU politician
Madeleine Allakariallak[14] Resolute NU musician and television journalist
Titus Allooloo[15] 1953 Pond Inlet NU politician and business man
Simeonie Amagoalik[16] 1 May 1933 Fort Chimo QC 2 March 2011 Resolute NU carver
Jack Anawak[17] 26 September 1950 Repulse Bay NU politician
William Andersen III[18] Okkak Bay NL politician
Wally Andersen[19] 31 July 1951 Makkovik NL politician
Margaret Dawn Anderson[20] 1966/1967 Tuktoyaktuk NT politician
Paul Apak Angilirq[21] 1954 1998 film producer and screenwriter
Michael Angottitauruq[22] 1951 Gjoa Haven NU politician
Stephen Angulalik[23] 1898 Ellice River NU 1990 Cambridge Bay NU fur trader and trading post operator
Irene Kataq Angutitok[24] 1914 Bathurst Inlet NU 1971 Repulse Bay NU sculptor
Moses Appaqaq[25] 2 April 1946 Sanikiluaq NU carver, politician
Joe Arlooktoo[26] 26 June 1939 Lake Harbour NU carver, politician
Goo Arlooktoo[27] 28 November 1963 Lake Harbour NU 30 April 2002 Kimmirut NU politician
Germaine Arnaktauyok[28] 1946 Igloolik NU printmaker, painter, and drawer
Alethea Arnaquq-Baril[29] Iqaluit NU producer and director
Silas Arngna'naaq[30] Baker Lake NU politician
James Arreak[1] 6 October 1952 Clyde River NU politician
James Arvaluk[31] April 1948 Coral Harbour NU politician
Kenojuak Ashevak[32] 3 October 1927 Ikirasaqa NU 8 January 2013 Cape Dorset NU artist
Shuvinai Ashoona[33] 1961 Cape Dorset NU artist
Pitseolak Ashoona[34] 1904 or 1907 or 1908 Nottingham Island NU 1983 artist
Andrew Atagotaaluk[35] Salluit QC first Inuk diocesan bishop, Bishop of the Arctic
Aua[36] 1870 Igloolik NU after 1922 angakkuq (shaman)
Moses Aupaluktuq[1] Baker Lake NU politician
Susan Avingaq NU writer, filmmaker
Levi Barnabas[10] 24 January 1964 Igloolik NU politician
Ernie Bernhardt politician
Paul-André Brasseur[37] 25 August 1994 Montreal QC actor
Levinia Brown[38] 1947 Dawson Inlet NU politician
Nicole Camphaug[39] Rankin Inlet NU fashion designer
Caubvick[40] Labrador NL Labrador NL visited England, smallpox carrier
Nellie Cournoyea[41] 4 March 1940 Aklavik NT politician, Premier of the Northwest Territories
Charlie Crow[42] c. 1943 Richmond Gulf QC politician, disc jockey
Tagak Curley[1] 1944 Coral Harbour NU politician, prominent figure in the negotiations that led to the creation of Nunavut
Beatrice Deer[43] Quaqtaq QC singer
Lisa Dempster[44] Charlottetown NL politician
Ebierbing[45] c. 1837 Cumberland Sound NU c. 1881 guide, husband of Tookoolito
Randy Edmunds[46] North West River NL politician
Edna Elias[47] 1955 Coppermine NU politician, Commissioner of Nunavut
Monica Ell-Kanayuk[1] 1954/1955 politician
Joe Enook[1] c. 1950s Pond Inlet NU politician
Tommy Enuaraq[48] Clyde River NU politician, author
Elijah Erkloo[49] Pond Inlet NU politician
Kingmeata Etidlooie[50] 1915 Itinik NU 1989 artist
Tivi Etok[51] 1929 Qirnituartuq QC artist, illustrator, and printmaker
Mark Evaloarjuk[52] 1937 3 July 2002 Igloolik NU business pioneer and politician
Joe Allen Evyagotailak[53] 15 July 1953 Coppermine NU politician
Alice Masak French[54] 29 June 1930 Baillie Island NT 5 July 2013 Souris MB
Simon Gibbons[55] 21 June 1851 Forteau NL 14 December 1896 Parrsboro NS first Inuk priest
Melissa Haney 1981 Inukjuak QC first female Inuk pilot to reach the rank of captain
Glenna Hansen[56] 10 August 1956 Aklavik NT politician, Commissioners of the Northwest Territories
Ann Meekitjuk Hanson[48] 22 May 1946 Qaktut NU politician, Commissioner of Nunavut
Donald Havioyak[31] 1950 Napaktoktok NU politician
Joshua Haulli Igloolik NU musician
George Hickes Jr.[57] 1968/1969 Churchill MB politician
George Hickes Sr.[57] 26 June 1946 Ports Point NU politician
Joseph Idlout[58] Pond Inlet NU 2 June 1968 Resolute NU featured on the former Canadian two-dollar bill[59]
Lucie Idlout[60] 1978 NU singer/songwriter
Osuitok Ipeelee[61] 1922 Neeouleeutalik NU 2005 Cape Dorset NU sculptor
Alootook Ipellie[48] 1951 Nuvuqquq NU 8 September 2007 Ottawa ON graphic artist, political and satirical cartoonist and writer, photographer, and Inuktitut translator
David Iqaqrialu[62] 2 July 1954 Clyde River NU politician
Peter Irniq[48] 22 August 1947 Lyon Inlet NU politician, Commissioner of Nunavut
Enoki Irqittuq[63] 5 February. 1955 Hall Beach NU politician
Elisapie Isaac[64] 1977 Salluit QC pop singer, broadcaster, documentary filmmaker and activist
Johnny Issaluk Chesterfield Inlet NU actor, athlete
Peter Ittinuar[65] 19 January 1950 Chesterfield Inlet NU politician. first Inuk to be elected as an MP
Madeline Ivalu[66] Igloolik NU filmmaker and actor, cofounder of Arnait Video Productions
Paul-Dylan Ivalu[67] c. 1997 Igloolik NU actor, grandson of Madeline Ivalu
Samisa Passauralu Ivilla[68] 1924 Puvirnituq 1995 artist
David Joanasie[69] 22 June 1983 Frobisher Bay NU politician
Yvonne Jones[70] 15 March 1968 Mary's Harbour NL politician, leader of the Liberal Party of Newfoundland and Labrador
Victoria Kakuktinniq[71] 1989 Rankin Inlet NU fashion designer
Helen Kalvak[72] 1901 Tahiryuak Lake NT 7 May 1984 Holman NT graphic artist, angakkuq (shaman)
Nancy Karetak-Lindell[73] 10 December 1957 Eskimo Point NU politician
Peter Kattuk[74] 2 June 1950 Belcher Islands NU politician
Simeonie Keenainak[75] Pangnirtung NU musician and RCMP
Pauloosie Keyootak[76] Broughton Island NU politician
Janet Kigusiuq[77] 1926 Putuqsuqniq NU 2005 Baker Lake NU artist, daughter of Jessie Oonark
Kikkik[78] Ennadai Lake NU charged with, but acquitted of, murder, child neglect and causing the death of one of her children
Ipeelee Kilabuk[79] 1932 Pangnirtung NU 2000 politician
Peter Kilabuk[31] 27 September 1960 Pangnirtung NU politician
Kiviaq[80] 23 January 1936 Chesterfield Inlet NU lawyer, politician, and former sportsman
Adamee Komoartok Pangnirtung NU politician
David Pisurayak Kootook[81] 13 August 1958 Spence Bay NU December 1972 Hottah Lake NT saved the life of Marten Hartwell after an aircraft crash
Madeleine Isserkut Kringayak[82] 1928 Repulse Bay NU 1984 sculptor and jewelry artist
Peter Kritaqliluk[83] 1951 Eskimo Point NU 27 August 2011 Arviat NU politician
George Kuksuk c. 1954 Eskimo Point NU politician
Zacharias Kunuk[66] 27 November 1957 Kapuivik NU producer and director
Floyd Kuptana[84] 1964 Cape Parry NT artist, stone carvings
Rosemarie Kuptana[85] 1954 Sachs Harbour NT Inuit rights activist, politician
Nellie Kusugak[86] 1955 Rankin Inlet NU politician, Commissioner of Nunavut
Lorne Kusugak[1] 1959/1960 Rankin Inlet NU politician
Michael Kusugak[87] 27 April 1948 Repulse Bay NU children's writer
Jose Kusugak[49] 2 May 1950 Repulse Bay NU 19 January 2011 Repulse Bay NU politician
Anna Lambe Iqaluit NU actress
Johannes Lampe[88] Nutak NL politician
Sarah Leo[89] NL politician
Bill Lyall[90] 1941 Fort Ross NU politician, business man
Helen Maksagak[91] 15 April 1931 Bernard Harbour NU 23 January 2009 Cambridge Bay NU politician, Commissioner of Nunavut, Commissioner of the Northwest Territories
Steve Mapsalak[92] 17 March 1957 Repulse Bay NU politician
Johnny May[93] 1945 George River QC first Inuk bush pilot in eastern Canada
Mosha Michael[94] c. 1948 17 November 2009 Toronto ON filmmaker, composer, carver
Mikak[40] c.1740 Labrador NL 1 October 1795 Nain NL visited England, interpreter
Johnny Mike[95] 1954/1955 Pangnirtung NU politician
Nancy Mike Iqaluit NU musician
Rebecca Mike[96] politician
Rita "Riit" Mike-Murphy Igloolik NU musician, actress
Andy Miki[97] 1918 Eskimo Point NU 1983 Eskimo Point NU artist
Simeon Mikkungwak 1968/1969 Baker Lake NU politician
Annie Mikpiga[98] 1900 Puvirnituq QC 1984 Puvirnituq QC artist
Nakasuk[99] early 20th century Pangnirtung NU founder of Iqaluit
Agnes Nanogak[100] 12 November 1925 Baillie Island NT 5 May 2001 Holman NT artist
Mitiarjuk Nappaaluk Igloolik NU writer
Patterk Netser[101] Coral Harbour NU politician
John Ningark[1] 17 March 1957 Pelly Bay NU politician
Johnny Ningeongan[1] Coral Harbour NU politician
William Noah[102] 1944 Back River NU politician, artist, son of Jessie Oonark
Samuel Nuqingaq Broughton Island NU politician
Jobie Nutarak[103] 10 May 1947 Pond Inlet NU 22 April 2006 Pond Inlet NU politician
Natan Obed[104] Nain NL politician
Paul Okalik[31] 26 May 1964 Pangnirtung NU politician, Premier of Nunavut
Abe Okpik[49] 12 January 1928 near Aklavik NT 10 July 1997 Frobisher Bay NU politician, community leader, head of Project Surname
Jessie Oonark[105] 2 March 1906 Chantrey Inlet NU 7 March 1985 Churchill MB artist, mother of Janet Kigusiuq and William Noah
Elisapee Ootoova[106] 6 January 1931 Devon Island NU May 2021 Pond Inlet NU Inuit elder
Orpingalik[107] fl. 1921 angakkuq (shaman), poet
Hezakiah Oshutapik[1] 1955/1956 Pangnirtung NU politician
John Pangnark[108] 1920 Eskimo Point NU 1980 Eskimo Point NU sculptor
Charlie Panigoniak[109] 7 March 1946 Chesterfield Inlet NU singer-songwriter and guitarist
Pauloosie Paniloo[110] 1943 Clyde River NU 20 April 2007 200 km south of Clyde River NU politician
Parr[111] 1893 Cape Dorset NU 3 November 1969 Cape Dorset NU artist
Markoosie Patsauq Igloolik NU writer
Enuk Pauloosie 1961 Spence Bay NU politician
Lena Pedersen[112] 1940 Greenland first woman elected to the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories
Aaju Peter[113] 1960 Arkisserniaq Greenland lawyer and sealskin clothing designer
Looty Pijamini[114] 14 November 1953 Clyde River NU artist
David Ruben Piqtoukun[115] 1950 Paulatuk NT artist
Peter Pitseolak[48] 2 September 1902 Nottingham Island NU 30 September 1973 Cape Dorset NU photographer, sculptor, artist and historian
Annabella Piugattuk[116] 19 December 1982 Frobisher Bay NU actor
Calvin Pokiak[117] 28 May 1955 Tuktoyaktuk NT politician
Annie Pootoogook[118] 11 May 1969 Cape Dorset NU 19 September 2016 Ottawa ON artist
Kananginak Pootoogook[119] 1 January 1935 Ikerasak NU 23 November 2010 Ottawa ON sculptor and printmaker
Napachie Pootoogook[120] 26 June 1938 Sarruq Island NU 18 December 2002 Cape Dorset NU artist, daughter of Pitseolak Ashoona and mother of Annie Pootoogook
Patty Pottle[121] NL politician
Pudlo Pudlat[122] 4 February 1916 Kamadjuak NU 28 December 1992 Cape Dorset NU artist
Kenoayoak Pudlat politician
Ludy Pudluk[123] politician
Uriash Puqiqnak[124] 15 April 1946 Chantrey Inlet NU politician, carver
Andrew Qappik[125] 25 February 1964 Nunatak Island NU graphic artist
Mumilaaq Qaqqaq Baker Lake NU politician
Lucy Qinnuayuak[126] 1915 Salluit QC 1982 graphic artist and printmaker
Emiliano Qirngnuq c. 1950 Pelly Bay NU politician
Rachel Qitsualik-Tinsley[127] late 1950s NU writer
Paul Quassa[128] 12 January 1952 Igloolik NU politician
Tumasi Quissa[129] 1948 near Akulivik QC singer-songwriter, carver
George Qulaut c. 1954 Igloolik NU politician
Taamusi Qumaq[130] 1 January 1914 near Inukjuak QC 13 July 1993 helped preserve Inuit language and traditional culture, wrote an Inuktitut dictionary and an encyclopedia on Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit
Madeleine Redfern[131] 1967 Frobisher Bay NU politician
Keith Rusell[132] 24 May 1975 Happy Valley-Goose Bay NL politician
Todd Russell 22 December 1966 William's Harbour NL politician
Pitaloosie Saila[133] 1942 Cape Dorset NU artist
Pauta Saila[134] 1916/1917 Kilaparutua NU 2009 artist
Tom Sammurtok 1946/1947 politician
Alexander Sammurtok politician
Joe Savikataaq 8 December 1960 politician
Eric Schweig[135] 19 June 1967 Inuvik NT actor
Elisapee Sheutiapik[136] Frobisher Bay NU politician
John Shiwak[137] 1889 Rigolet NL 20 November 1917 Masnières France sniper in the First World War
Isaac Shooyook[138] 1939 Arctic Bay NU politician
Nick Sikkuark[139] 21 May 1943 Garry Lake NU 19 December 2013 Kugaaruk NU artist
Marika Sila[71] 1991 or 1992 Yellowknife NWT actress and entertainer
David Simailak Baker Lake NU politician
Mary Simon[140] 1947 Kangiqsualujjuaq QC politician, diplomat, Governor General-designate of Canada
Vince Steen[141] 1941 Aklavik NT 3 February 2007 politician
Donald Suluk[142] c. 1925 Chesterfield Inlet NU religious figure
Thomas Suluk[143] 14 March 1950 Eskimo Point NU politician
Tanya Tagaq[144] 5 May 1975 Cambridge Bay NU throat singer, artist
Joe Talirunili[145] c. 1893 Qugaaluk River area or north of Puvirnituq QC 1976 printmaker and sculptor
Louis Tapardjuk[1] 30 January 1953 northwest of Igloolik NU politician
Peter Taptuna[1] 1956 Cambridge Bay NU politician, Premier of Nunavut
Adam "Hyper-T" Tanuyak Chesterfield Inlet NU musician
Ningeokuluk Teevee[48] 27 May 1963 Cape Dorset NU writer and artist
Manitok Thompson[31] 1955 Coral Harbour NU politician
Willie Thrasher[146] 1948 Aklavik NT musician
Irene Avaalaaqiaq Tiktaalaaq[147] 1941 Princess Mary Lake NU artist
John Tiktak[148] 1916 Kareak NU 1981 Rankin Inlet NU sculptor
Kane Tologanak[149] politician
Tookoolito[45] c. 1838 Cape Searle NU 31 December 1876 Groton CT guide, wife of Ebierbing
Simon Tookoome 9 December 1934 Chantrey Inlet NU 7 November 2010 Baker Lake NU artist
Jordin Tootoo[150] 2 February 1983 Churchill MB hockey player
Hunter Tootoo[151] 18 August 1963 Rankin Inlet NU politician
Victor Tungilik[152] NU religious figure, both a Christian and a traditional angakkuq (shaman)
Lucy Tasseor Tutsweetok[153] 1934 Nunalla MB 2012 Arviat NU artist
Marion Tuu'luq[154] 1910 Chantrey Inlet/Back River NU 2002 artist
Jeannie Ugyuk[1] Spence Bay NU politician
Abraham Ulrikab[155] 29 January 1845 Hebron NL 13 January 1881 Paris France human zoo exhibit
Umik[156] fl. 1920 NU angakkuq (shaman)
Natar Ungalaaq[157] 1959 Igloolik NU actor, filmmaker, and sculptor
Terry Uyarak[158] Igloolik NU musician, circus performer
Uvavnuk[159] 19th century Igloolik area NU angakkuq (shaman), oral poet
Sheila Watt-Cloutier[160] 1 December 1953 Fort Chimo QC politician, activist
Charlie Watt[161] 29 June 1944 Fort Chimo QC politician
Rebekah Williams[162] 3 March 1950 politician
Simonie Michael[163] 1933 Apex, Iqaluit NU November 2008 first elected Inuk legislator in Canada


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