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The following list describes each of the characters from the popular webseries Red vs. Blue, originally created by Rooster Teeth Productions.


Note that some of the characters listed are either currently MIA (Missing in Action), KIA (Killed in Action), reoccurring, and/or are important to the plot of each season.

Main characters[edit]

Red Team[edit]

The Red Team, from left to right: Lopez (Brown), the Warthog (the Jeep), Sarge (Red), Simmons (Maroon), Grif (Orange) and Donut (Pink).


  • Full Name: Col. Sarge
  • Voice Actor: Matt Hullum
  • Armor Color: Red
  • Signature Weapon(s): M90 Close Assault Weapon System Shotgun
  • Appearances: Season 1–Present
  • Status: Alive
  • Side: Red, Chorus, Blues and Reds (formerly)

Colonel Sarge is the leader of the Red Team on Blood Gulch. He is voiced by Matt Hullum, co-creator of the series, and first appeared at the end of Episode 1. He has a Southern accent. Sarge is somewhat bloodthirsty, and the only Blood Gulch soldier on either team to actually be serious about war. It is mentioned that he has a military background and briefly joined the ODSTs. His preferred weapon is a shotgun, which he carries at all times. He has a passionate disgust for Grif, demonstrated by his repeated willingness to sacrifice Grif during combat missions as well as how all of his contingency plans are to kill Grif. Despite all of this, Sarge relies on Grif the most as the only times his suicidal plans work are when Grif holds an active role in them. He has something of a father-son relationship with Simmons, but is either oblivious to Simmons' feelings or just doesn't seem to care. He displays little knowledge of tactics and his plans are often horrible suicide missions. However, he is shown to be a good mechanic, and is able to repair Jeeps with limited supplies and construct complex droids.

At the end of The Recollection series, after finding out that the whole Blood Gulch war was merely simulation training for the Freelancers, he is extremely devastated, forcing him to re-evaluate his motives. Realizing how important his teammates are to him, both Red and Blue, he rallies both teams together to fight a common enemy; The Meta. After his revaluation, he is shown to be a good motivational speaker, and speaks to the teams various times throughout the later seasons.

In Season 15, Sarge becomes extremely depressed as he did not die heroically on Chorus. His depression leads him to create evil robots to fight, and declaring war on gravity and the "Whites" (Jax and Dylan). Sarge is easily manipulated by Temple, and joins the Blues and Reds to help the war on the UNSC, betraying the Reds and Blues. Sarge has a change of heart, and saves Dylan and Jax from execution before rejoining the Reds and Blues.

Sarge is played by Saul Portillo in the live-action, crossover episode Immersion: The Warthog Flip.[1]


  • Full Name: Richard "Dick" Simmons
  • Voice Actor: Gustavo Sorola
  • Armor Color: Maroon, Blue with Maroon trim (briefly)
  • Signature Weapon(s): M19 SSM Rocket Launcher, BR55 Battle Rifle
  • Appearances: Season 1–Present
  • Status: Alive
  • Side: Red, Chorus, Blue (briefly)

Captain Richard "Dick" Simmons is voiced by Gustavo Sorola, co-creator of the series. He's the second-in-command of the Red Team. Simmons and Grif were the first two characters to ever appear in Red vs. Blue, appearing at the start of Episode 1. He is very attentive to his superior, Sarge, and, unlike Grif, obeys his orders, but is also a "brown-noser". Simmons is by far the most intelligent member of Red Team and shows extensive knowledge of technology and computers, as he is able to hack into the Freelancer mainframe and delete the Blue Team's records. He is shown to be very tactically minded and continuously demonstrates an ability to formulate effective battle plans and strategies. However, his plans are always overlooked by Sarge, but when Simmons attempts to follow through with his plans, the plan often falls apart and he panics. He appears to be the most practical of the Red team, and determines the logical explanation for events while Sarge creates ludicrous theories. He appears to have a fairly decent friendship with Grif, despite their constant bickering.

When the Reds finally find out that the Red and Blue teams are staffed by the 10th percentile, Grif asks Simmons how he ended up there. In reply, Simmons complains that time limits on tests are not fair. It is therefore very likely that Simmons is the only team member worthy of actual military status, but is most likely hindered by his lack of self-confidence and panicky nature when put in timed or complicated situations.


  • Full Name: Dexter Grif
  • Voice Actor: Geoff Ramsey
  • Armor Color: Orange
  • Signature Weapon(s): The Meta's Brute Shot (Renamed "The Grif Shot"), Battle Rifle, Teleportation Grenades (Renamed "Future Cubes"), Suppressor
  • Appearances: Season 1–Present
  • Status: Alive
  • Side: Red, Chorus

Captain Dexter Grif is voiced by Geoff Ramsey, co-creator of the series. Grif first appeared at the start of Episode 1, along with Simmons. Grif was forced into the Red army after the first military draft in hundreds of years. He is incredibly lazy and a loudmouth, often talking back to Sarge. Grif is shown to be relatively adept at driving vehicles, even managing to fly a Pelican and a Hornet with next to no experience with aircraft. He is also shown to be exceptionally hard to kill, being able to survive multiple shots, being run over by a tank, and falling from extreme heights. He has a mostly begrudging kinship with his teammates, and is slow to assist them, but will assist them nonetheless.

In Reconstruction it is revealed that he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant when Sarge refused relocation, but is later demoted to the fictitious rank of "Minor Junior Private Negative First Class" because of a deal between Sarge and Agent Washington. It is eventually revealed that Grif does not avoid work or ignore orders out of sheer laziness, but as a way of showing disrespect towards Sarge, whom he dislikes. This bears out Church's assessment of Red team in the early seasons, judging Grif to be the most overall competent member, and the biggest threat, assuming he ever developed the motivation to use it.

In season 15, Episode 6, Grif becomes extremely upset at the idea that not only has Church appeared to once again be resurrected, but that everyone else is prepared to leap into a new adventure to go save him. Having had his fill of action and life-threatening battles over the years since being stationed at Blood Gulch, Grif secludes himself into a cave where Dylan Andrews attempts to calm him down. When she mentions that his sister Kaikaina— known simply as Sister to the majority of the cast— has told her that despite how he acts, he genuinely cares for his friends, it prompts a berserk reaction from Grif who begins screaming that he hates Sarge, Simmons, and everyone else in the cast before storming out of the cave to get away from Andrews. At the end of the episode as everyone is gearing up to head out for clues to Church's whereabouts, he declares that he is quitting. When asked by the Reds and Blues as to what he's quitting, his reply is, "You." He declares that he is finished with the cast and plans to stay on the moon that the Reds and Blues have been living on since the end of season 13, and doesn't respond at all when Sarge threatens his life for desertion of the military, a fact that leaves Simmons utterly stunned. He is last seen still on the moon as the rest of the cast takes off to find clues about both Church and the other events surrounding the apparent attacks on Chorus.

Grif, as seen in "Objects in Space", goes insane from loneliness and guilt, creating volleyball versions of the Reds and Blues. Grif joins Lopez and Locus in saving the Reds and Blues, though he annoys Locus to no end with his newfound tendency to go on rambles and talkative nature, though he eventually returns to his previous composure. During this period Grif has also learned Spanish to "learn Lopez's lines". (making him the third member of Red Team capable of speaking Spanish, and the only one able to correctly translate Lopez's dialogue.) Grif distracts the Blues and Reds, being captured, but this was a diversion so Locus could free Washington and Carolina.

Beginning in Halo 3, Grif has had a multiplayer game based around him called "Grifball". In Grifball, the opposing Red and Blue teams, armed with Energy Swords and Gravity Hammers, repeatedly attempt to kill 'Grif' as he tries to score. This comes from a scene in Hunting Time where Sarge, while shooting at Grif, exclaims "this is the best game since Grifball!" There was a second running gag in the series where Grif would be repeatedly kicked, punched, or knocked in his testicles, mainly by Agent Texas.


  • Full Name: Franklin Delano Donut
  • Voice Actor: Dan Godwin
  • Armor Color: Red, later Pink
  • Signature Weapon(s): BR55 Battle Rifle, Fragmentation Grenades and Plasma Grenades
  • Appearances: Season 1–5, 7, 9–Present
  • Status: Alive
  • Side: Red, Chorus

Private Franklin Donut is from Leggat Plains, Iowa. He first appears in Episode 3 of Season 1 as a new recruit, whose garrulous personality tends to annoy other members of the Red Team. He originally sported standard issue red armor, but due to an inadvertent series of events he is eventually given his own armor color; Pink. Initially insecure about this, he insists on calling it "Lightish Red". The pink armor invites teasing from his teammates, and even causes the Blues to think he's a girl for the first two seasons which causes Donut's normal gender behavior to alter.

Donut is unwittingly caught up in the aftermath in Recreation, eventually getting shot by a short-tempered Washington, and is presumed dead. He is later revealed to be in Recovery Mode, which locks down the user's armor in the event of heavy injuries. He is indirectly brought out of Recovery Mode by Epsilon-Church. Inside the Epsilon unit in Season 9, he is incorrectly remembered as the leader of the Reds. However, when Epsilon-Church comes up to the Reds to explain their true personality, Donut then starts to revert to his old self. Donut returned in Season 10, after he was given medical attention by Doc.

Donut reappears in Season 11, episode 10 "Long Live the King", to rescue the Reds and Blues and brings Doc and Lopez with him. However, the Reds and Blues begin to attack him and Doc for telling the rescue ship to leave. In the near Season Finale, when confronting Dos.0's new body, it is revealed that Donut is able to speak Spanish, much to Dos.0's surprise, though he admits he does not speak it well shortly before helping to destroy Dos.0. His claim of not being able to speak it well are proven in season 13, when he is shown constantly mistranslating everything Lopez says in Season 13, while working in the Armory.

Rooster Teeth had a plan for Donut's character from the start: In the multiplayer games of the Halo video game series, which was used to film Red vs. Blue, human characters wear futuristic MJOLNIR battle armor. In changing his armor to pink in the later part of Season 1, the producers made his armor color, gender, and sexual orientation a running gag, and fully developed his personality during Season 2. It is later explained that after he was blown up by Tex, he received sensitivity training while in recovery, leading him to develop a more feminine attitude. Godwin ad-libbed some of Donut's lines, to the approval of other Rooster Teeth personnel. In some scenes, the filming was adapted to complement Godwin's interpretation of the script. Early in Season 1, fans reacted well to Donut; as a result, Burnie Burns, the main writer for Red vs. Blue, focused the storyline on Donut and Caboose, the Red and Blue Team's rookie.

Lopez The Heavy[edit]

  • Full Name: Droid #01011331123[2]
  • Voice Actor: Burnie Burns
  • Armor Color: Brown, Cobalt (briefly)
  • Signature Weapon(s): Battle Rifle, Missile Pod, Heavy Machine Gun Turret
  • Appearances: Season 1-7, 9, 11-Present
  • Status: Active
  • Side: Red, Chorus, Blue (briefly)

Lopez is a robotic mechanic built by Sarge with a robot kit. He does not speak for most of Season 1, and it is eventually revealed that he is a robot that is missing a speech unit. Sarge orders a speech unit, but accidentally damages it with a static electric discharge during the installation process, which causes Lopez to speak only Spanish. However, he is able to understand English just fine. Sarge often pretends to know what Lopez is saying and Lopez often exclaims to Sarge asking why he pretends to know what he is saying. Lopez calls himself "Lopez the Heavy" and demonstrates a stoic, tough personality. He also tends to exhibit characteristics that are stereotypically Latin American, such as a strong socialist ideology. Being programmed by Sarge, Lopez also dislikes Grif, though he shows frequent disdain for all the members of both the red and blue teams.

Near the end of Season 1, Church possesses Lopez, and later has the other Blues paint his body Cobalt to match his old armor. Initially, Church can only speak in Spanish while possessing Lopez. However, before the beginning of Season 2, the Blues manage to partially disable Lopez's Spanish language setting, allowing Church to speak English. After being freed from Church's control, Lopez defects to the Blue Team when the Reds mistake him for a Blue soldier and attempt to kill him. As a Blue, he repairs, and falls in love with, Sheila the Tank. He soon develops a resistance to possession and has his old armor color restored.

Later on, Lopez is taken by O'Malley, and a large bomb reduces Lopez to a disembodied head. He spends most of Season 4 in hiding with Doc and O'Malley in a secret lair. The Reds soon learn that Lopez has secret plans from Command. In Episode 75, the Reds find Lopez and request the plans embedded in his head. However, the recording was translated into Spanish and no one understands them. In Episode 76, he points out that the instructions were unhelpful, a prediction that was confirmed in Episode 77, when the instructions translated by Andy prove useless. Having served under Reds, Blues, and O'Malley, Lopez grows increasingly tired of the conflict and makes numerous requests to simply die. However, since no one understands what he says, his requests are in vain. After another absence, Lopez's head is rediscovered in the caves by Sister and Doc. Sister manages to communicate with Lopez in Spanish, only to be mocked by him. He is left behind in the caves in the same cavern as Andy. In the final episode of the series, Lopez reunites with Sheila, who was transferred into the large ship that landed in Blood Gulch.

Lopez appears in Reconstruction, where it is shown that he remained at Blood Gulch with Sarge, who built a new body. In Chapter 9 of Reconstruction, Lopez is left behind while Sarge heads off to find Simmons and Grif. Lopez states that he plans to wipe his memories of Sarge like he did with Grif and Simmons. The sponsor's cut shows Lopez feeling lonely after Sarge leaves. He reappears in Relocated, where he is called to Valhalla by Sarge to build a new underground holographic testing room. In Recreation a short-tempered Washington abruptly shoots him in the head. However, Lopez took preemptive measures and made backup copies of himself. In the Epsilon unit in Season 9, he only speaks Spanish because Sarge wanted to add multiculturalism to the Red team, realizing only in hindsight that this was a poor idea.

In Season 10, when the Reds and Blues return to Valhalla, the Reds immediately go off to rebuild Lopez. When the Reds return to base, they discover that Donut has turned Lopez into a scarecrow.

In Season 11, Lopez reappears in episode 10 when brought by Donut and Doc to "rescue" the Reds and Blues after their wreck, again reduced to a talking head. He eventually takes Dos.0's body after the latter's betrayal. This changes his armor configuration to a Mark VI helmet, Defender shoulders, Stalker torso, XV-27 Shifting forearms and LG-50 Bulk legs, making him the only Blood Gulch Soldier, aside from Caboose's Mark V Helmet, to have a unique armor configuration.

In Season 12, Lopez is with Wash, Sarge, and Donut on the war-ridden planet of Chorus, captured by Locus, the evil gun-for-hire. During the season finale, he is once again decapitated, but discovers he can now control his body even if it's separated from his head.

In Season 13, he, along with Donut and Simmons, gain full access to, and become in charge of, the Armory. However, this causes confusion when soldiers make requests for weapons and vehicle repairs, only because Donut loosely translates what Lopez says.

During Season 15, after the Reds and Blues are captured by the Blues and Reds, they replace a missile warhead with Lopez' head so he can get help. Lopez manages to contact both Locus and Grif, convincing them to help. Lopez is not seen during the rescue itself, but helps with the plan to stop the Blues and Reds, though he is once again reduced to a head and thrown into the ocean due to Grif. He is also now capable of communicating with Grif due to the latter's having learned to speak fluent Spanish, a fact which caught the robot by surprise when Grif began speaking to him in Spanish to ask him whether or not the Reds and Blues were safe.

Blue Team[edit]

The Blue Team, from left to right: Tucker (Aqua), Tex (Black), Epsilon-Church (the monitor), Sheila (the tank), Alpha-Church (Cobalt) and Caboose (Blue).


  • Full Name: Leonard L. Church
  • Alternate Names: Alpha, Epsilon, The Director
  • Voice Actor: Burnie Burns
  • AI Fragment: Full AI (Alpha), Memory (Epsilon)
  • Armor Color: Cobalt
  • Signature Weapon(s): SRS99 Sniper Rifle
  • Appearances: (Alpha) Season 1-6, 14, 15 (Epsilon) 7-13, 14
  • Status: Deleted (Alpha), Fragmented (Epsilon)
  • Side: Blue, Chorus

Private Leonard Church is voiced by Burnie Burns, co-creator and main writer of the series. He is from Texas and the de facto leader of the Blood Gulch Blue Team, a group of soldiers engaged in a futuristic civil war against the Red Team. Rooster Teeth often uses Church, who has an irate disposition,[3] to advance the plot by managing the situation at hand.[4] To provide a twist in character development, Burns decided to kill Church early in the series and have him return as a "ghost." In Chapter 16 of Reconstruction, Washington tells Church that he is the Alpha AI from which the other Freelancer Program AIs originated, stating, "There is no such thing as ghosts." In this setting, as in Halo canon, smart AIs are based on an actual person. In this case, Church was based on the director of Project Freelancer, the original Dr. Leonard Church. At the end of Reconstruction, Church is caught up in an EMP blast and deleted. Burns has confirmed that Alpha-Church truly dies in the EMP. At the end of Chapter 15 of Reconstruction, it is revealed Epsilon was not deleted but instead stored at Freelancer Command. Washington gives the unit to Caboose and instructs him to turn it over to the authorities. In the final chapter, Caboose manages to save Epsilon from an incoming EMP wave. Caboose is shown to have taken Epsilon's container to safety at Blue Base.

It is revealed in Chapter 4 of Recreation that Caboose is attempting to combine Epsilon with Tex's body and parts of Sheila to create a "super best friend", but was at first unsuccessful. In the Red Team's hologram room Epsilon takes the appearance of Delta and speaks to Caboose. Later, Caboose transfers Epsilon into a round artifact, and as Epsilon recovers his memories, he becomes what the cast and fans have called Epsilon-Church. Epsilon-Church has residual memories of the original Church, inheriting his voice and personality. However, his memories of Alpha's life on Blood Gulch are at first limited to the stories that Caboose had told him. In his season-seven body, a floating sphere, he possesses a form of telekinesis and a deadly laser, which only seems to fire when he is enraged.

In Revelation, it is revealed that Epsilon-Church is suffering from periodic memory flashes of his past, and they become more frequent. This causes Epsilon-Church to lead Caboose to a Freelancer facility, where he brings Tex back to life. Epsilon-Church then transfers himself into a new human-like robot body, whose armor is the same color as the old Church's. He then confronts Tex in his new body after she brutally beats the Reds and Tucker, only for her to start beating him over the head with his old body. He later accompanies Tex to another Freelancer base, where, to his surprise, Tex shoots him, so as to activate his recovery beacon as bait for Washington and the Meta. However, the Meta then captures Tex in a storage unit. After the battle, Church enters the unit to retrieve her. Trapped inside, he realizes his error in chasing Tex and relives his memories of Blood Gulch while he waits for her to come to him. After reuniting with Tex and believing the memory unit to be failing, he decides to forget her to find inner peace before what he believes will be his demise. Caboose then brings him out of the memory unit. It is then revealed that Carolina helped them rescue Epsilon-Church so that he can help her kill the director.

Church is known for carrying a Sniper Rifle throughout the series, though he is a terrible shot, and at one point cannot hit a soldier standing a few feet away with a pistol. In another instance, he manages to hit the Meta with a sniper rifle after the shot ricochets off several walls, to which Washington responds, "It only counts if you call it." The Rocket launcher appears to be the exception, as during Chapter 6 of Reconstruction, not only would he have not missed his shot at the Meta if the latter hadn't used his time distortion unit, but it's also a perfect headshot.

In Project Freelancer, Epsilon was briefly paired with Agent Washington as his AI partner, but the two of them were never functional. Epsilon is somewhat infamous among the soldiers of Project Freelancer, as he is revealed to be the first AI to break down, and all plans for future AIs were put on hiatus because of Epsilon. In "Recovery One," Agent South refers to Epsilon as, "The one that killed itself," and expresses surprise that Washington was ever allowed to return to duty after the mental injury he sustained. In "Project Freelancer," it is revealed that in the process of acquiring more AI from the Alpha, the heavy stress and torture forced Alpha to sever its memories for self-preservation, producing Epsilon, who immediately went insane. When Epsilon was implanted in Washington, it began to replay the memories of the torture in his mind, harming Washington in the process. Epsilon was quickly removed and supposedly deleted. This event left Washington scarred, and his personality became more serious. It also, unknown to the Director, left Washington privy to all of Alpha's memories. He refused to put another AI in his head, as is he did not know if it would keep his secrets, and slowly planned revenge on the Director.

In Season 13, when Carolina confronts Sharkface, as he is fleeing, Carolina is cornered. Epsilon stops time for a brief moment, so as to come up with a plan. However, his fellow AI Fragments deteriorate, as well as he. In the finale of Season 13, Epsilon records a message to the Reds and Blues, stating in order to run Agent Maine's suit, which is equipped by Tucker, Epsilon must deconstruct himself into the different Fragments to run a certain part of the suit.

In Season 14, it is revealed that the body of Church prior to his "death" in Season 1 was actually Pvt. Jimmy, who was talked about also in Season 1. Pvt. Jimmy was implanted with the Alpha before going into Blood Gulch, and that A.I. turned Pvt. Jimmy into Pvt. Leonard Church.

In season 15 Dylan Andrews presents the Reds and Blues with a message that appears to be from Church calling for help, leading the team to question whether or not this is somehow the original Alpha version of Church, as Epsilon had fragmented itself in the hopes of powering the Meta's armor to allow the team to defeat Hargrove's forces during the final episode of season 13 before deciding— sans Grif— to mount a rescue attempt, eventually leading them to encounter more sim troopers from Project Freelancer who are effectively counterparts to the Reds and Blues called the Blues and Reds. Among them is a trooper named Temple, who appears to be the counterpart to Church and commander of the Blues and Reds. Temple reveals in Season 15, episode 8, that his team is responsible for setting up relays designed to send the message from Church out into space in the hopes of attracting the attention of the Reds and Blues. He suggests that some version of Church is active, but an apparent prisoner of the UNSC as part of a currently unknown plot. No indication is made of whether or not this is the Alpha or some other incarnation of Church at this time. The transmission is revealed to have been edited from one of Alpha-Church's transmissions from Blood Gulch by Loco. Loco's time machine later sends the Reds and Blues back to the past, where the Alpha-Church angrily questions Caboose why he isn't guarding the flag. Caboose then tells Church a heartfelt goodbye, though he mentions that Church dies. In the post-credits scene, a confused Church resolves to forget this conversation ever happened.


  • Full Name: Lavernius Tucker (Sr.)
  • Voice Actor: Jason Saldaña
  • Armor Color: Aqua
  • Signature Weapon(s): Energy Sword, M392 DMR
  • Appearances: Season 1–5, 7–Present
  • Status: Alive
  • Side: Blue, Chorus

Captain[2] Lavernius Tucker is voiced by Jason Saldaña. Tucker debuted alongside Church in Episode 1. He almost never gets to use the Sniper Rifle, which is a running gag. In Season 5, Episode 94, he finally manages to get one, only to unintentionally shoot Tex. Tucker is also known for always talking dirty about women and uttering the catchphrase "bow chicka bow wow" at every available opportunity. Tucker appears to have excellent sight, as he was able to see that Sister was a female from across the canyon. He claims it is because he never gets to use the Sniper Rifle. In Season 3, Tucker finds an Energy Sword, which only works for him and it becomes his signature weapon. At one point The Alien impregnates Tucker with a parasitic embryo, and he gives birth to Junior. His armor also gets coated with "black stuff" whenever he goes through a teleporter, which is a continuous source of frustration, even causing him to be confused for Tex in Revelation. In Season 3, it is suggested that he is Black, but when asked by Church he finds the question offensive.

After the Blood Gulch Chronicles, it is stated that Tucker and Junior were recruited as ambassadors between the humans and aliens, and transferred to a desert. He makes a brief voice appearance in Reconstruction, calling Freelancer Command and requesting help with his mission in the desert, only to be ignored by the Reds. He is shown to be a capable soldier, and even Sarge admits to this. In Recreation, he single-handedly fends off C.T.'s team, and in Revelation, he stabs The Meta with his sword in the final fight. In Season 11 of Red vs Blue, Tucker is shown to still have his sword despite having stabbed the Meta with it in the final fight. Because the sword de-activates after a few moments of non-contact with Tucker's hand, a mechanism apparently designed to make sure the weapon couldn't be used by a thief, a comic moment is when after Church tries to locate Tex in Caboose's mind in episode 100, Church starts to tell Tucker that the sword only works for him, before stopping mid sentence, stating that Caboose couldn't understand that the sword would only work for Tucker.

Season 14 reveals some of Tucker's past. Apparently, he joined the army just so he could get a girlfriend and has been arrested for having sex with a minor (although to his credit, she said she was 18, so the charges were dropped).

As of Season 13, Episode 20, Tucker wears a modified version of Agent Maine's armor, of which each piece is controlled by a fragment of Epsilon. However, by Season 15, he's gone back to wearing his Mark VI Armor, claiming that the fragments are somehow gone, leaving the suit entirely empty, though it is not explained how. Tucker begins to mistrust Dylan after he discovers she had not told him about the process server. Tucker eventually begins to share her suspicion of the Blues and Reds, and confronts them about this along with the other Reds and Blues after her disappearance, and is imprisoned by them with the other Reds and Blues who did not join them.


  • Full Name: Michael J. Caboose
  • Voice Actor: Joel Heyman
  • Armor Color: Blue
  • Signature Weapon(s): MA5D Assault Rifle
  • Appearances: Season 1-Present
  • Status: Alive
  • Side: Blue, Chorus

Captain Michael J. Caboose is voiced by Joel Heyman. Caboose first appears in Episode 3 of Season 1 as a new recruit for the Blue Team. According to the backstory released by Rooster Teeth, Caboose is the youngest in a large family. He apparently joined the Blue Army by mistake; he thought he was signing up for a study abroad program in France. Caboose is from the Moon (Southern Colony #6) and is portrayed as one of the more eccentric characters in the series.

Ever since Reconstruction, Caboose wears a Mark V Mjolnir helmet, instead of Mark VI.

Consistently shown to be mentally abnormal, his behavior varies from merely somewhat dim-witted in Season 1 to almost completely divorced from reality from Season 3 onward. This is most likely due to Omega ('O'Malley') possessing him in Season 1 and permanently damaging his mental faculties after he left. It is stated that Tucker and Church once "rebooted" his armor, causing his life support systems to shut down - including his oxygen supply. It is implied that Caboose suffered brain damage from oxygen deprivation.

His unusual behavior frequently earns him scorn and disrespect from the other characters. It is a running gag that he either injures or kills anyone that he attempts to help, to the point where Command has a keyboard shortcut to report his team kills (Caboose claims said shorcut is Ctrl+F+U). In the original series, he killed Alpha-Church with the Blue Team's tank, Sheila. In Reconstruction, Washington finds him in a military stockade, apparently for accidentally killing several squad-mates. Later in Reconstruction, in an attempt to stop Agent South, Church tells Caboose to "help her", resulting in Caboose immediately shooting her. In the first few series Caboose falls in love with Sheila the tank, but loses her when Lopez comes into the picture. Despite his shortcomings, he is arguably the most genuinely loyal character and frequently displays above-average physical strength, which Church and Tucker describe as "God's way of compensating". In Reconstruction, he has an uncharacteristically smart idea to get into Freelancer Command by using captured Freelancer vehicles, stating "they can't see inside of a tank". He is also able to gain better fighting prowess than a Freelancer by focusing his rage. After this alternate personality is uncovered, Caboose speaks in a deep baritone.

Oddly enough, whenever Church possesses Caboose (allowing viewers to see inside Caboose's mind), Caboose's mental representation of himself seems completely sane and reasonable, like a calmer version of how he acted in his first few episodes before he was taken over by O'Malley. A few episodes take place partly in Caboose's mind, and it is shown that he pays little attention to what some of Red Team look and act like. For example, Sarge spoke like a pirate, Grif was originally yellow, Simmons was called Simon, Donut was a girl, and Sister was Church's twin brother. Delta also appeared as a memory after briefly residing in Caboose's suit. Caboose is also responsible for bringing Epsilon-Church to Valhalla and later the desert area in hopes of getting a new best friend.

In Season 11, he revived a Mantis Droid, and renamed it "Freckles", due to the spots on its hood. The droid became extremely loyal to Caboose who treats Freckles like a dog.

In Season 13, after Freckles' memory chip is placed in Caboose's Assault Rifle, it is revealed that Caboose's Gun has an alternate ammo magazine, which whenever Caboose pulls the trigger on his gun, it fires Confetti instead of actual bullets. This was most likely because after Caboose was given his gun back, Dr. Grey pointed out that 'it was a busy day in the hospital'.

During Season 15, Caboose does not believe Church is truly gone, thinking people come back to life if you care about them, even backing up his belief with a math "equation" (Dead Friend + Love = Church). Upon meeting the Blues and Reds, Caboose begins a friendship with his counterpart Loco. After being imprisoned by the Blues and Reds, Temple shows Caboose that the transmission from Church was edited from one Church sent from an earlier date at Blood Gulch, which Loco edited. Tucker comforts Caboose, who finally begins to accept that Church is truly gone. In the finale, Loco's machine opens a time portal to Blood Gulch, allowing Caboose to say goodbye to a confused Church.

In part due to positive early fan reaction, Burnie Burns, the main writer for the series, focused the storyline on Caboose and Donut (Dan Godwin), the Red Team's rookie. In an early episode of the Rooster Teeth Podcast, Joel Heyman, Caboose's voice actor, revealed that his motivation for the character was that Caboose is "the only character who is aware that he's in a video game."


  • Full Name: Freckles
  • Voice Actor: Shane Newville
  • Armor Color: Gun-Metal Green
  • Models: HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark IX "Mantis" Class Assault Droid (Destroyed), Caboose's Assault Rifle
  • Appearances: Season 11–Present
  • Status: Active (Stored in Caboose's MA5D Individual Combat Weapon System "Assault Rifle")

Freckles was a HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark IX "Mantis" battle robot that was activated by Caboose, who later took him as a pet. After the Reds and Blues crash landed in an unknown location, in Season 11, Caboose discovered the damaged robot hidden in a cave and successfully repaired it. Caboose's new friend, Which he named "Freckles", due to the spots on his face, caused great unease to everyone on both teams, as Freckles obeyed Caboose's every whim, according him the respect due a superior officer. This included the robot acting as Caboose's military-justice enforcer when Washington (accidentally) gave command of the team to Caboose through a poor choice of words during a heated argument. During Caboose's tenure as team leader, everyone did as he said because otherwise Freckles would find them guilty of disobeying a superior officer in a time of war and issue the appropriate punishment: execution. Caboose eventually gave control of Freckles to Agent Washington when the two reconciled.

In Season 12, Freckles is ultimately destroyed by Locus when the robot refused to give up. Freckles was stored in a memory chip, which turned out to have a tracker device on it. This was removed, and then the A.I. was placed into Caboose's Assault Rifle.

In Season 13, Freckles' Ammunition was alternated with Confetti, whenever Caboose pulls the trigger on his gun, due to the fact that there was an incident, Dr. Gray commenting, 'It was quite a busy day at the Hospital'. Only Freckles had control of when the rifle fired live ammunition, which when combined with the gun's smart scope and stabilizer system, allowed Freckles to direct the gun (even in Caboose's hands) anywhere it wished to take out targets with efficiency.

In Season 15, Freckles is removed from Caboose's rifle, now having a mini Mantis for a body. In the episode, "Blue vs. Blue", it is revealed that he is broken, and that he runs on batteries.

Former Freelancer Agents[edit]


  • Full Name: Unknown (last name Church)
  • Codename: Carolina
  • Voice Actor: Jen Brown
  • Armor Color: Cyan with Silver Trim
  • Armor Ability: Adaptive Camouflage, Domed Energy Shield, BioScan and Speed Boost
  • Implanted AIs: Eta and Iota, later Epsilon
  • Signature Weapon(s): S9-10: Dual Wield Plasma Rifles and Humbler Stun Device. S12-Present: Suppressor and Magnum
  • Appearances: Season 9-present
  • Status: Alive
  • Side: Chorus, formerly Project Freelancer, Blue

Agent Carolina was a female member of the experimental AI program, Project Freelancer. Unique to the program, Carolina was implanted with not one, but two AI units, to see what would happen to her. Delta later mentions to Church and Caboose in Reconstruction Chapter 8 that the experience of having three minds in her was too difficult, and she was not able to function very well. In the flashbacks of Season 10, it is revealed that she was the first victim of The Meta, who ripped out her AIs and threw her off a cliff as Tex watched. In Season 5, Tex referred to the events and mentioned that Carolina was dead.

She appears in the flashbacks of Season 9 and Season 10. She displays the ability to change armor color, and later demonstrates the ability to run at inhuman speeds with armor enhancers. She was shown to be a proficient fighter, and was the top Freelancer agent until Tex arrived and took the top spot. She is shown to be extremely competitive against Tex, even willing to risk the mission's completion in order to best Tex. During an unscheduled training fight against Tex in the Mother of Invention's training arena post operation, the Director's sudden worry at Tex getting hurt prompts all the AIs into screaming in anguish, and due to Carolina being implemented with both Eta and Iota, the Alpha's fear and happiness, she becomes so emotionally crippled that Tex, under pressure from Omega, knocks her unconscious to spare her the pain. Carolina is the fifth freelancer so far to be shown without her helmet, she is depicted as a young Caucasian red-haired woman with green eyes. In Season 10 she gives up her AI, Sigma, to Maine to help him communicate after his neck wound. She later decides to receive two AI units, Eta and Iota. Carolina faces off against York and eventually Tex when the two started a rebellion aboard the "Mother of Invention", but was unable to defeat Tex before the ship crash landed.

In Season 9, in the present day, it is revealed that she is still alive. She helps the Reds and Blues infiltrate a military compound to find the Epsilon storage unit. She then confronts Epsilon, calling him Alpha, and states that she needs his help to kill the Director. In Season 10, she searches for clues to the Director's location with Washington, while becoming increasingly frustrated by the behavior of the Reds, Blues and Epsilon. However, when Epsilon shows her a recording of York expressing his feelings for her, she softens. She also blames herself for creating The Meta, as it was her AI, Sigma, that started it. After a bad falling out with Washington and the Reds and Blues, Carolina with Epsilon-Church decides to go without them. When she is eventually defeated by an army of Tex copies, she falls apart and realizes she will never beat her. However, the Reds and Blues soon return to save her. After finally meeting the Director, she realizes that he was just a tired old man, and decides to spare him, knowing that nothing will change.

It is implied in the Season 10 finale that The Director is her father, and, in the epilogue, that Allison was her mother. This is confirmed by Wiz and Boomstick in the Season 14 episode "Death Battle: Meta vs. Carolina: Dawn of Awesome".

At the end of Season 10, she left the Reds and Blues to go off with Church (Epsilon) to hunt down some Freelancer technology that was now in the open. In Season 11, she returned having uncovered the conspiracy taking place on planet Chorus, leading the Reds and Blues on a mission to expose Locus and Felix along with their clandestine backer, Malcolm Hargrove.


  • Full Name: David (last name unknown)
  • Alternate Names: Agent Washington, Recovery One, Wash
  • Voice Actor: Shannon McCormick
  • Armor Color: Steel with Yellow Trim, Cobalt with Yellow Trim (temporarily)
  • Armor Ability: EMP Blast, BioScan, and Healing Unit (Obtained from York)
  • Implanted AI: Epsilon (removed)
  • Signature Weapon(s): BR55 Battle Rifle
  • Appearances: Season 6-Present
  • Status: Alive
  • Side: Chorus, Blue, formerly Project Freelancer

A former member of Project Freelancer, Agent Washington is infamous for an incident in his past where his AI, Epsilon, malfunctioned while still in his system. According to Washington, Epsilon's mind allegedly broke down and the AI would later "commit suicide" while still in Washington's head. This left his sanity questionable and as a result of the accident, Washington distrusts AI constructs and refuses to allow them to be placed in his system (it is later revealed in Reconstruction that his refusal is due to his fear of another AI discovering the memories of Alpha's torture that Washington acquired through Epsilon). His commanders then sent him on a mission to retrieve AIs from their dead hosts, knowing full well he would not place them in his system.

He is the main protagonist of the mini-series Recovery One. He is also a major character in Reconstruction where he assists the Red and Blue teams in stopping The Meta. He was imprisoned by the UNSC afterward but was offered freedom in exchange for the retrieval of the Epsilon AI, causing him to side against the Red and Blue teams for most of Revelation. However, upon capturing a copy of the Tex AI, The Meta betrays Washington in order to pursue his original goal of gaining the full Alpha AI. Wash is subsequently injured by The Meta and saved by the Red and Blue teams. He fakes his death and joins the Blue Team, wearing Church's armor with his original yellow trim, so as to not be caught by authorities, as his mission failed.

In Season 10 it is revealed that he essentially replaces Church on the Blue Team and even takes the name of Church and is Caboose's best friend, which enrages Epsilon-Church. Throughout the season he is loyal to Carolina despite not agreeing with most of her methods, but he soon begins to see the Reds and Blues as his friends rather than incompetent soldiers as Carolina does. When Carolina threatens them for abandoning the mission, he puts a gun to her head and threatens her, having had enough of her actions. He later joins the Reds and Blues on the attack on the Director's base. In Chapter 6 of Season 10 he was shown without his helmet, however only the back of his head was shown, revealing that he has spikey blonde hair.

In Season 11, Wash assumes command of Blue Team when Epsilon Church left with Carolina to find low-level soldiers who have stolen Project Freelancer equipment. In Episode 18, The Reds and Blues are attacked by an unknown force. Washington sacrifices himself and orders Freckles to collapse the cave leading to the Republic base and is knocked out and captured by Locus seconds later.

In Season 15, Wash and Carolina separate from the Reds and Blues to trace Church's transmission. Upon reuniting with the Reds and Blues and meeting the Blues and Reds, Temple secretly traps them in armor lock mode in a room full of Freelancers who fell victim as well. While the Blues and Reds are distracted by Grif, Locus frees Wash and Carolina. Wash is left extremely fatigued and disoriented, and is shot in the throat when he wanders into a battlefield. Locus promptly puts him onboard his hip, and goes to get Wash medical attention. In the episode, "Epilogues", it is revealed that Washington is alive and well, but still disoriented. He is briefly seen in the hospital on Chorus.

Washington has a habit of exaggerating, one such event was when Caboose and Washington, while fighting The Meta, take cover behind a wall. When told to throw a spike grenade at The Meta, Caboose instead throws it into the wall between them, prompting Washington to say "That was the worst throw ever..... of all time". This leads to other "That was the worst [blank] ever... of all time" gags. In the flashbacks of Season 9 and Season 10 he is shown to be naive and neurotic, much like the Reds and Blues. However the encounter with Epsilon hardened him, making him a considerably more serious and skilled character throughout The Recollection.

Although Washington is not as skilled in combat as higher-ranked freelancers such as Carolina, he is nevertheless a formidable opponent in a fight. It is revealed through flashbacks that he only ranked sixth out of the top eight Freelancers, which prompts York to later joke that Washington is the "second worst" fighter in their squad, before admitting that Washington is really the "worst fighter". Despite that, Washington was known for his skills with the battle rifle, to the point where it became the icon next to his name on the leadership board. It can be inferred that Washington's skills as a fighter gradually improved later on, that he was able to perform amazing feats of which included taking down a UNSC Hornet single-handedly, being able to take on highly trained space operatives, and battle against the likes of Tex, The Meta, and Locus.

Chorus War[edit]


  • Full Name: Samuel Ortez
  • Codename: Locus
  • Voice Actor: Gray G. Haddock
  • Appearance: Steel with Sage trim, later Black with White and Sage trim
  • Signature Weapon(s): Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, SAW, and Railgun
  • Armor Abilities: Active Camouflage
  • Appearances: Season 11–Present
  • Status: Alive
  • Side: Neutral; formerly Control/Space Pirates

In his first appearance, Locus discovers Washington's call for help after the Reds and Blues are left stranded in an unknown location, but he doesn't respond. Locus later arrives at the teams' location in "A House Divided", then "Multiplied" and begins spying on them (off-screen). When a feud between the Reds and Blues ends and they attack their "rescue team", he remarks the situation is "unfortunate" before cloaking himself.

Locus's first action is killing the pilot that dropped off Doc, Donut, and Lopez. He then reports in to 'Control', stating that his objective is complete and that he's returning to Crash Site Bravo. Back at the crash site, Locus is once again spying on the Reds and Blues, but soon turns his sights on Felix. When the latter notices him, Locus activates his cloaking. Locus is shown again at the end of Reconciliation, this time entering an unknown military base filled with white-clad soldiers and recruits some for a mission.

After launching a sneak attack on the Blues, which lures out Felix and the Reds, he offers the Reds and Blues to join him, but they reject his offer. He later returns with an army against the Reds, Blues and Felix and personally incapacitates and captures Donut, Wash, Lopez, and Sarge.

In the epilogue, it is revealed that the 'Control' Locus reports back to is actually The Chairman.

Locus reappears in Season 12, and in a sponsor cut audio log, it is revealed that Locus knows Agent Washington's name is David. He also makes comments about Locus is not his real name, something Felix has stated before, and that his real name no longer suits him. The other FAC soldiers view him as something inhuman. Locus appeared at the base Tucker was at and killed Cunningham before disappearing when hearing an explosion. He shows back up de-cloaking in Felix's rifle sights.

Kimball reveals later on to Tucker that Felix and Locus were in fact friends and fought alongside each other, but the war changed them both so much they couldn't face returning to civilian life. Felix teams up with the Chorus rebels and, out of rivalry, Locus joins the Imperials to finally find out which one of them is the better. In episode 9 Locus calls himself a "soldier". Locus is then revealed to be working alongside Felix to keep prolonging the war on Chorus for an organization (Control) that intends to use Chorus for their own purposes.

In the Season 13 episode "Locus of Control", a piece of Locus' past is revealed when Locus enters a portal. Supposedly, both Felix and Locus were working for a leader for an army before they joined "Control" (On account of the armor they both wore). Locus, Felix, their Captain, and their squad came across an Alien that hadn't seemed to be a threat. However, Locus' Captain was trying to think of a plan for it. Locus suggested they take it prisoner, to learn more about it. Felix, on the other hand, stated that they had no time to take prisoners. So, their Captain ordered the two to execute the Alien. When Locus argued against this, his Captain berated him, saying that Locus was nothing more than a 'Gun in a Suit of Armor'. The Alien prepared its weapon, forcing the whole group to shoot it dead. This was believed to be the motivation for Locus to join Control; He wanted to be something other than a Gun. Locus' greatest fear was also revealed in part of this; He fears his past will eventually resurface, so he makes continuous attempts to prevent this.

When the space pirates began losing the battle, Locus believes the mission has failed. Felix forces Locus to battle the Reds and Blues. When Santa confronts Locus about this, he learns that Felix is afraid of him. With this knowledge, Locus refuse to aid Felix, leading to the latter's death. Locus vows to amend his wrongs, but proclaims that he won't do it from a cell.

In Season 15, Locus joins up with Lopez and Grif to save the Reds and Blues. While Grif distracts the Blues and Reds, Locus saves Washington and Carolina. Locus, then meets up with Sarge, who helps free their friends. After Wash is wounded, Locus takes him aboard his ship to Chorus, where he receives medical attention, it is unclear what happened to Locus after. The Reds and Blue also didn't tell Palermo and Jensen about Locus after being rescued.


  • Name: Isaac Gates
  • Codename: Felix
  • Voice Actor: Miles Luna
  • Appearance: Steel with Orange trim
  • Signature Weapon(s): DMR, Remote Detonator, and Combat Knife
  • Armor Abilities: Hardlight Shield
  • Appearances: Season 11–14
  • Status: Deceased
  • Side: Control/Space Pirates

Felix first appears in Season 11, episode 12 where he observes the Blue Team and notices that Locus is nearby. Later, he warns Lopez and Lopez Dos.0 and informs them to flee to avoid danger. However, they are unable to warn the rest of the Reds and Blues. When Locus and his men attack the Reds and Blues and Locus attempts to kill Wash, Felix uses a hardlight shield to counter the bullet, but is shot in the leg. Locus flees, Doc manages to heal Felix, and Wash interrogates him. He reveals he is a mercenary working with the New Republic that is fighting on the planet of Chorus, a planet forgotten about by the UNSC during the war against the aliens, and requires the help of the Reds and Blues. Although reluctant, the Reds and Blues eventually agree to help.

During Season 12, we find out that Felix was once a partner with Locus, and that the Great War drove them apart. When news reaches them that the four captured Reds and Blues are being kept in a nearby outpost, Tucker decides the only way to ready their troops is by capturing Felix. They fail miserably, however, and decide to leave without the troops. Felix goes after them, and in episode 10, he is revealed to be working alongside Locus to keep prolonging the war on Chorus for an organization that intends to use Chorus for their own purposes. Felix's true colors are revealed to the Reds and Blues, showing himself to be a sadistic, manipulative psychopath.

Currently, he has developed a sort of rivalry with both Lavernius Tucker and Vanessa Kimball; Tucker always making an attempt to go into hand-to-hand combat with Felix, but failing, and Vanessa being royally upset that Felix was the one responsible for prolonging the conflict between the FAC and NR.

In the Season 13 episode "Locus of Control", a piece of Felix's past is revealed when Locus enters a portal. Supposedly, both Felix and Locus were working for a leader for an army before they joined "Control" (On account of the armor they both wore). Felix, Locus, their Captain, and their squad came across an Alien that hadn't seemed to be a threat. However, Locus' Captain was trying to think of a plan for it. Locus suggested they take it prisoner, to learn more about it. Felix, on the other hand, stated that they had no time to take prisoners. So, their Captain ordered the two to execute the Alien. Although Felix was reluctant to do so, his partner, Locus, argued against this. The Alien prepared its weapon, forcing the whole group to shoot it dead. After Locus joined Control, Felix followed suit. The reason; Felix was given the opportunity to black-market Alien technology for a fair price. Felix's greatest fear was revealed that he was afraid of Locus. In the same episode, Felix is killed when the Reds and Blues discover that Locus will not kill them. He is blasted off the Communications tower by a bomb from his own Sticky Detonator captured by Simmons and a grenade from Tucker.

The Chairman[edit]

  • Full Name: Malcolm Hargrove
  • Alternate Name: Control, The Chairman
  • Voice Actors: Jack Lee, Arryn Zech (voice filter as "Control")
  • Appearance: Bald Caucasian male with green eyes
  • Appearances: Season 6-7, 9-10, 12–13
  • Status: Alive
  • Side: Control Leader

The Chairman, also known as Control, is the head of Charon Industries, a company which specializes in military hardware. In the finale of season 12, the Reds and Blues acknowledge his true identity, Control. He then receives a threat from them, after which we learn that he is in possession of the Meta's helmet. He and the Director of Project Freelancer are heard in the introductions of most Reconstruction episodes, with the Chairman suspecting him of criminal acts with his experiments. He eventually presses charges against the Director and sends officers to place him under arrest in Reconstruction's epilogue.

In Chapter 9 of Recreation, the Chairman is revealed to be a commander and is stationed at the UNSC Maximum Security Detention Facility. In Chapter 13, he strikes a deal with Washington that he will free him and clear all the charges provided Washington returns Epsilon to him.

In Season 13, he is the Captain of The Staff of Charon, and is the head Businessman for selling Alien technology on the black market. He uses the F.I.L.L.S AI to conduct his business and communications. When Hargrove's crime is exposed, he arrives on Chorus, declaring if he is going down, then so will the inhabitants and the space pirates. Hargrove later confronts the Teds and Blues on a video screen aboard the Staff of Charon.

Season 15 reveals that Hargrove was defeated and arrested.


  • Alternate names: F.I.L.S.S. (Freelancer Integrated Logistics and Security System)
  • Models: D77-TC Pelican Dropship and M808V Main Battle Tank a.k.a. Scorpion Tank
  • Voice actor: Yomary Cruz
  • Armor color: Gun-metal green
  • Appearances: Season 1–6, 8–10, 12–present (as F.I.L.S.S.)
  • Status: Inactive (as Sheila), inactive (as F.I.L.S.S.)
  • Side: Chorus; formerly Blue Team (as Sheila), Project Freelancer, and Control

Sheila is one of the many copies of the F.I.L.S.S. (Freelancer Integrated Logistics and Security System, pronounced "Phyllis") AI. In The Blood Gulch Chronicles Sheila appears primarily as the AI of the Blue Team's tank. In seasons 9-10, the original F.I.L.S.S. system is shown running training programs, security and databases. Unlike the Alpha, Sheila/F.I.L.S.S. is not a "smart AI", meaning that she was programmed rather than based on a person. She is usually friendly and cheerful but sometimes defensive. Yomary Cruz voices both versions of the character.

In Season 1, Sheila is driven by Caboose, who accidentally kills his teammate, Church, due to a disabled Friendly Fire protocol, this becomes a running joke in the series. Sheila initially shows some indications of liking Caboose. However, in the middle of Season 2, she falls in love with Lopez, much to Caboose's dislike. Later, the two attempt to lead a robot revolution against the humans in response to the abuse they have received from constantly being blown up and possessed by ghosts. When Church goes "back in time", he attempts to stop himself from being killed. When he encounters Sheila she calls herself F.I.L.S.S. This confuses Church, she then asks if he would like her to change her name to Sheila, which she does. It is also revealed that the robot revolution idea stemmed from Church's attempt to intervene. After O'Malley kidnaps Lopez, she starts assisting the teams again.

Sheila remains behind on Blood Gulch while the Reds and Blues leave to pursue O'Malley through the teleporter. After a brief conversation with a "time-traveling" Church, Sheila powers down. She is the source of the distress signal that the Reds hear in Season 3. A deleted scene from Season 4 confirms that she sent out the distress signal with a disguised voice. In addition, all of the Reds except Sarge see her drive past Red Base. When Sarge demotes Simmons for his talk about "imaginary" tanks, she helps Simmons attempt his revenge on the Reds, and is unable to recognize the team as her enemies due to faltering memory units. In a deleted scene from Season 4, she expresses dissatisfaction when Church collects all the vehicles available to the Blue Base in Blood Gulch, while Church perceives her reaction as jealousy.

In Season 5, Church notes that Sheila has been acting aggressive lately and saying "random threatening things." They suspect that O'Malley could be possessing her and she is shut down. Tex explained that the tank was too damaged to be reactivated, so they transfer Sheila's AI into the ship that Sister had arrived in. She is pleasantly surprised by the roominess of her new home, and later tells Caboose that O'Malley has moved into the Blue leader (Captain Flowers). Her tank body is then taken over by the AI Gamma. Later they link the ship up to the tank and she locks Gamma behind a firewall.

Caboose tells the other Blues in Episode 54 that Andy knew Sheila from a previous encounter. On the Rooster Teeth Podcast[when?] it was stated that Andy was originally to be Sheila's ex-boyfriend, but this idea was not used.[5] that actress Brittany Murphy was considered for the role of Sheila, but she declined. Sheila is believed to be destroyed when Andy explodes inside the ship in the final episode of the Blood Gulch Chronicles. However, it is revealed in Reconstruction that Sheila survived the explosion and is still present within the crashed ship. As a result of the explosion, she is damaged and functions at minimal capacity, stuttering when speaking. Later in Relocated Caboose is seen taking parts from the ship. In Revelation she occupies an abandoned Freelancer facility where the Reds and Blues travel. After constantly being called Sheila, she begins to respond to that name as well.

In Project Freelancer, F.I.L.S.S. assisted the Director on the flagship Mother of Invention and various other freelancer bases. She appears to be a close companion of the Freelancers as they greet her when they return from their missions. One subroutine becomes Sheila the tank. In Season 10, in the present day, the same abandoned facility from earlier had become Director's hideout. There she spends her days constantly repeating a video of Allison. After Carolina and Church left the Director, he ordered F.I.L.S.S. to delete everything, including her, except the video. Before deletion, they both express the honor of serving each other.

In Season 12's finale, F.I.L.S.S. is shown to be functional and working for Chairman Hargrove, though sounding more depressed and reluctant in her duties. In the conclusion of Season 13, F.I.L.S.S is discovered by the Reds and Blues on the ship Staff of Charon, where she reveals she has been working under duress, and aids the Reds and Blues in their plot to expose Hargrove.


  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Alternate Name: Insurrectionist Flame Soldier
  • Voice Actor: David Jennison
  • Armor Color: Black with maroon trim and white painted teeth on a red visor while with the Insurrection. Steel with red trim while working for the Space Pirates.
  • Signature Weapon(s): MA5D Assault Rifle (custom with shark-teeth and eyes paint) and a flamethrower
  • Armor Abilities: Wrist-Mounted Flamethrowers and Hardlight Shield
  • Appearances: Seasons 9 and 13
  • Status: Deceased
  • Side: Control/Space Pirates; formerly with the Insurrection

Sharkface first appears in Season 9, Chapter 13. In the following chapter, when the Freelancers attack a building, he is ordered to lead a squad up to the vault to kill the Freelancers. Carolina and Washington are about to leave the vault when the door is opened and the Flame Soldier appears. The two Freelancers, confused by his bold entrance, are forced to take cover as he begins to fire a flamethrower. After a tough fight, Carolina, jumps onto a Banshee suspended from the ceiling, tosses a grenade and kicks off it. The grenade explodes sending the Banshee flying into the Flame Soldier. To their surprise, the Flame Soldier takes the hit and begins to get up, but Carolina throws a Gravity Hammer at his head, rendering him unconscious.

In the first episode of Season 13, Sharkface is seen for a brief moment in a prison cell on a giant prison transport ship, the Tartarus. Later in the episode, he is seen getting released and recruited by Felix and Locus, due to his past experience with the Freelancers. The Insurrection Flame Soldier, now known as Sharkface due to the tattoos of his old Insurrection personality and the left side of his face being covered by scar tissue, explains to the Counselor that they left him for dead, dropped a building on him, and killed all his friends. He is also seen spray painting his helmet and gun with the gun receiving the shark decal instead of the his helmet. The Counselor has numerous therapeutic sessions with Sharkface where he vividly expressed his hatred of the Freelancers. He successfully defeats Carolina after Epsilon fails to maintain her armor upgrades and constantly butts heads with Felix. He puts himself on a warpath against Carolina and Wash which gets him killed. After being defeated by Carolina, he vowed that he will hunt Agents Carolina and Washington, no matter what they do to him. With that said, he is swiftly executed by Agent Washington and Vannessa Kimball. His corpse is destroyed as Doyle blows up Armonia.

The Counselor[edit]

  • Full Name: Aiden Price [6]
  • Voice Actor: Asaf Ronen
  • Appearance: Black Male, short hair
  • Appearances: Season 6, 9–10, 13
  • Status: Deceased
  • Side: Control, Project Freelancer

The Counselor was a high-ranking member of the Freelancer Project.

The Counselor first appears in a flashback during Part 4 of Recovery One, where he interrogates Agent Washington about the failure of the Epsilon AI and informs him he is a candidate for Recovery. His next appearance is in Reconstruction, where he appears on a monitor and interrogates Pvt. Henderson before speaking to Agent Washington about The Meta. He also speaks briefly with Washington in Chapter 19 and attempts to negotiate with The Meta. He is also seen during a flashback in Recreation debriefing Donut after his transfer from Blood Gulch. He typically speaks in a very soft voice, and tries to calm those he is speaking to. The Counselor appears in the flashback portions of Season 9 and Season 10 where he frequently advises against some of the Director's more erratic actions, but is usually ignored, the Director even going so far as saying "Shut up Counselor".

In Prologue (the first episode of Season 13), it is revealed the Counselor is being held on the UNSC prison ship Tartarus in transit for transport to an unknown facility. When the ship is raided by Felix and Locus, he offers his knowledge of the Freelancers project, showing bitterness to Agents Washington and Carolina. In episode 18 the Counselor is killed when the Tartarus crash lands on Chorus.


  • Full Name: Vanessa Kimball
  • Voice Actor: Lindsay Jones
  • Appearance: White with light blue trim, blue visor.
  • Signature Weapon(s): DMR
  • Appearances: Season 11–Present
  • Status: Alive
  • Side: Chorus, New Republic

Kimball is the leader of the New Republic on a planet called Chorus. She is currently fighting alongside the Reds and Blues and the Federal Army against Malcom Hargrove, who has gone to war with the planet Chorus. Kimball was first seen greeting Tucker when he arrived at the New Republic. She was regularly seen aiding Simmons, Grif, Tucker and Caboose in their attempts to train their elite teams for the first half of season 12. When Felix lies to her and tells her that the Reds and Blues were killed, he manages to convince Kimball to go to the capital with her soldiers. However, when she and the New Republic forces enter Armonia, they are trapped inside the capital by the Federal Army of Chorus. After battle ensues in Armonia between the Feds and the New Republic, Kimball pursues Doyle as he attempts to flee. She is about to kill Doyle but before she can, she, along with everyone else in Armonia, witnesses Felix revealing his true intentions and allegiance to Control, as well as the fact that the Reds and Blues are all still alive. Kimball and Doyle both order their troops to stand down.


  • Full Name: Donald Doyle
  • Voice Actor: Gray G. Haddock
  • Appearance: White with gold trim and an orange visor.
  • Signature Weapon(s): None/Unknown magnum
  • Appearances: Seasons 12-13
  • Status: Deceased
  • Side: Chorus, Federal Army

Doyle was the leader of the Federal Army of Chorus. Originally a secretary for a brigadier general, he became the FAC leader after previous leaders either left or died during the Chorus Civil War. He is shown to be extremely cowardly when it came to combat situations. In Season 13, Episode 16, Doyle sacrifices himself by manually attaching an explosive to Armonia's nuclear reactor in an attempt to kill all space pirates who had invaded Armonia.


  • Full name: Charles Palomo
  • Voice actor: Kerry Shawcross
  • Appearance: Tan with aqua trim
  • Signature Weapon(s): DMR
  • Appearances: Season 12–Present
  • Status: Alive
  • Side: Chorus, New Republic

Palomo was first seen alongside Tucker, Felix, Cunningham, and Rogers spying on a Federal Army of Chorus outpost. When the group decides to blow up the compound, Palomo is left in the cave to guard their escape route as Tucker doesn't trust him to infiltrate the compound with them. However, when the group is compromised because of Tucker's actions, Cunningham is killed, concerning Palomo before Tucker and Felix return to the cave. As they fight off several Feds, Felix detonates the last C-4 explosives after learning of Locus being at the outpost.

After the mission, Palomo is recruited to be a part of Simmons, Grif, Tucker, and Caboose's rescue team, along with Bitters, Smith, and Jensen. When making an introduction, Palomo states that he is the only surviving member of Tucker's green team, which he is proud of. During their training, the four recruits are given helmet cameras to record their sessions, where Palomo utilizes his camera to stare at Jensen's butt. Shortly after, Palomo and the other Rebel soldiers discover a message from the Red and Blue captains, detailing their departure.

John Smith[edit]

  • Full Name: John Elizabeth Andersmith
  • Voice Actor: Ryan Haywood
  • Appearance: Tan with blue trim.
  • Signature Weapon(s): DMR
  • Appearances: Season 12–Present
  • Status: Alive
  • Side: Chorus, New Republic

Smith is first seen in Oh Captains, My Captains, where he and his squad mates, commanded by Caboose, take involvement in a New Republic training exercise. Unfortunately, the exercise goes haywire due to Caboose, Simmons, and Grif's poor leadership.

In Teaming with Problems, Smith is chosen to be a part of Caboose, Simmons, Grif, and Tucker's rescue team, along with Jensen, Bitters, and Palomo. As he introduces himself, Smith reveals he believes that Caboose is an extremely wise and great leader, shocking the others. Shortly after, Smith and the other Rebel soldiers discover a message from the Red and Blue captains, detailing their departure.


  • Voice Actor: Adam Ellis
  • Appearance: Red Ascetic Elite
  • Appearances: Season 13–Present
  • Status: Active
  • Side: Neutral

Santa, named by Caboose, is an AI construct which first appears in Season 13, Episode 8. He is activated after Caboose enters a mysterious portal and proves himself "a true warrior". After Caboose exits, Santa introduces himself as an AI left behind to protect gifts from his creators. These gifts range from alien weaponry to communications centers. He is known to be the only AI guarding all the Temples on Chorus. Even though he had befriended the Reds, Blues, and Chorus residents, he refuses to help them, claiming it was not his war to begin with. He also refuses to aid the Space Pirates for the same reason.

However; after realizing that the Space Pirates intend on selling the Technology he has guarded for many years, Santa now looks towards the Blood Gulch Crew, the Agents, and Chorus in hopes that they can stop the Pirates before they accomplish their mission.


  • Full Name: (First name unknown) Matthews
  • Voice Actor: Kyle Taylor
  • Armor Color: Tan with yellow trim
  • Appearances: Season 12–13
  • Status: Unknown (critically injured)
  • Side: Chorus, formerly New Republic

In Teaming with Problems, Matthews attempts to convince Grif to let him join the latter on a rescue mission. However, Grif refuses and chooses Bitters instead, describing Matthews as a being a kiss-ass, saddening Matthews. However, he soon spies on the meeting, much to Grif's displeasure. When Grif berates Bitters for eating his jelly cream pie, Matthews defends his comrade, resulting in Grif calling him Simmons to the group's confusion. After the Blood Gulch Crew decide to leave early without the recruits so they aren't put into danger, Matthews discovers they have taken two warthogs when Bitters asks if he has seen them.

Later on, the rebels learn of the Reds and Blues' supposed "deaths", prompting Kimball to lead the New Republic to Armonia and launch a final attack on the Feds. However, during the battle at the capital, both armies witness Felix confessing the Space Pirates' involvement in the war through numerous television screens. This results in a cease fire between the armies, who find the Blood Gulch Crew at a radio jamming station. Regrouping at the New Republic HQ, Matthews joyfully reunites with Grif, much to the latter's disappointment.

A month later, at Armonia, Matthews thanks Grif for his actions at the radio jammer for the 57th time. Grif gets exasperated and asks him for Kimball's location, in which Matthews comments that the armory was where he last saw her. Upon hearing this, Grif immediately walks out on him. He is later seen in All or Nothing with the rest of the Rebels and Feds at Crash Site Bravo, mourning over the loss of Armonia and General Doyle after Charon's assault. In retaliation, the New Republic and Federal Army set aside their differences, arm themselves with alien weapons, and make one final push against the Space Pirates at the Communication Temple. There he saved a Gunman Fed by using one of the alien vehicles, but completely loses control of it afterwards.

After the Blood Gulch Crew broadcast their message across the galaxy, Chairman Hargrove arrives at Chorus and releases numerous Mantises, with one injuring Matthews. After the Blood Gulch Crew shut down the droids, Matthews, the Lieutenants, Dr. Grey, Kimball, and the Freelancers fly to the Staff of Charon to evacuate the Reds and Blues, with Dr. Grey taking care of the injured Matthews.

Dr. Grey[edit]

  • Full Name: Emily Grey
  • Voice Actress: Arryn Zech
  • Armor Color: White With purple trim
  • Occupation: Doctor
  • Weapons: Medical Scanner
  • Appearances: Season 12–Present
  • Status: Alive
  • Side: Chorus, formerly Federal Army of Chorus

Emily is first heard performing surgery on Washington, saving him from a hallucination that was induced by Locus during The Federal Army of Chorus. Afterwards, she helps treat General Donald Doyle after he faints and later defends the Blood Gulch Crew from Locus when he makes them feel uncomfortable. She then formally introduces herself to the group before stating they'll be shipped off the next day. Weeks later, F.A.C. Outpost 37 is attacked by Locus and his team of mercenaries, forcing Grey to hide in her office.

When she sees Wash and Carolina with the Blood Gulch Crew in the battle, she runs towards them but is caught in the radius of a Teleportation Cube utilized by Carolina, and is sent to a secret Forest Base along with them. There, she treats Carolina's wound and learns the truth behind the Space Pirates' actions towards the Chorus Civil War. When the group analyze Grif's Suppressor, Emily quickly discovers the connection between it and the Teleportation Grenades. As a result, the Blood Gulch Crew and Carolina go on a mission to the separate crash sites, while Dr. Grey stays behind.

When they return, Carolina re-injures her leg after saving Caboose from a space pirate, prompting Emily to rush to her aid. After patching up Carolina, Emily decides to interrogate the space pirate herself, wanting payback for the murdering of her friends at F.A.C. Outpost 37, and proceeds to torture the mercenary completely indifferently with surgical equipment while singing out loud to herself, terrifying the Blood Gulch Crew. Dr. Grey successfully manages to learn the merc's name, Zachary Miller, as well as gain coordinates to a nearby radio jammer.

After Wash and Carolina question Zachary, the hideout is attacked by space pirates, forcing the group to escape to a Desert Refueling Station, where Wash reveals that Locus hid a tracking device in Freckles' storage unit. After Epsilon removes the tracker, Felix and Locus contact the group and offer them a first-class trip off Chorus. As the group decide on whether they stop the Space Pirates and save the Chorus armies or take the pirates' offer and return home, Dr. Grey suggests that they deserve to leave, as they have already accomplished their goals. However, the crew choose the former option and execute a sneak attack on the mercs at Radio Jammer Station 1C.

After Felix reveals the Pirates' plans to Tucker, Dr. Grey and the other Reds and Blues disable the radio jammer, allowing Epsilon to send Felix's recorded words from Tucker's helmet cam to the Feds and Rebels at Armonia, who finally learn the secret behind the Pirates' involvement in the war. Because of this, Felix and Locus teleport away, with Dr. Grey running to Tucker's aid afterwards. After the crew are picked up by the armies, who have agreed on a truce, they return to the New Republic headquarters and learn the identity of Control: Chairman Malcom Hargrove. After Hargrove declares war on Chorus, the Blood Gulch Crew, New Republic and Federal Army accept.

A month later, Dr. Grey is teleported to Charon Research Complex 2C in order to help Epsilon and Carolina gain more info on a nearby alien temple. When Dr. Grey decides to study it alongside Sarge, Tucker, and Caboose, Tucker accidentally activates the structure, resulting in the destruction of Charon's weaponry and the reveal of a map. The group relay the information to the others at Armonia and devise a plan to attack the mercs, with Kimball leading Wash, the Reds, and Chorus armies on an assault at Crash Site Alpha and Grey, Carolina, and the Blues following the map's coordinates.

Upon arriving at their destination the group finds an energy portal, where Dr. Grey informs them that only a true warrior of mental clarity and great strength can be accepted through. Caboose is sent through and manages to pass the test, befriending an alien A.I. named Santa in the process. Santa informs them of the Temple of Communication, which will allow them contact with Earth without the disruption of the radio jammers. He also mentions the planet's Purge and the location of a key that can activate it. Just then the group is ambushed by Sharkface and his band space pirates, forcing Carolina to protect them under her bubble shield.

After Sharkface leaves for the key, Grey commands Freckles to activate his Aimbot function, prompting Freckles to kill the remaining pirates. The team then learn that Doyle flew to the east mountains and obtained the key, spurring them to follow him. Upon arriving at the mountains, Carolina quickly chases after Sharkface, leaving Grey and the Blues to fend for themselves. After they're attacked by two pirates, the three take cover inside a cave, where they find Doc. As Caboose explains their relationship with Doc to Grey the two pirates find them, until Donut and Lopez come to the rescue. They then join the Blues in finding Doyle while Grey looks after Doc.

After the four Reds and Blues find Doyle, who loses the key to Felix, they return to Armonia along with the rest of the away and assault team. After patching up Carolina and Doc, Grey quickly becomes interested in Doc's split personality and chases him around the city to perform electroshock therapy on him. Later on, the Space Pirates attack the city, forcing Grey to take refuge inside the hospital. As the pirates attack the hospital, Grey is luckily saved by Smith, Jensen, Palomo, and Bitters, who inform her that they are evacuating the city.

Upon escaping, the Feds and Rebels regroup at Crash Site Bravo and grieve over the loss of Doyle, who sacrificed himself in order to kill a majority of the pirates in the city. Kimball later addresses the armies and delivers an inspiring speech that encourages them to fight as one. Now united, the armies attack the pirates at the Communication Temple. Meanwhile, Dr. Grey and the Lieutenants infiltrate Crash Site Alpha and activate the tractor beam. The action brings down the Tartarus, destroying it and subsequently the Purge along with it.

They then join the fight at the Communication Temple and are quickly forced to take cover when Chairman Hargrove releases numerous Mantises. After the Blood Gulch Crew shut down the droids, Dr. Grey, the Lieutenants, Kimball, and the Freelancers fly to the Staff of Charon to evac the Reds and Blues on the ship, with Grey overlooking an injured Matthews.

Blues And Reds[edit]


  • Full Name: Mark Temple
  • Voice Actor: Andrew Matthews
  • Armor Color: Colbalt with Blue visor
  • Occupation: Simulation Trooper
  • Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Suppressed Magnium
  • Appearances: Season 15–Present
  • Status: Alive
  • Side: Blues and Reds

Temple is Church's counterpart, and the leader of the Blues and Reds, the group attacking the UNSC. According to him, it's retaliation for how the UNSC is apparently killing anyone related to Project Freelancer. It later revealed to be a vendetta against Project Freelancer when he Locks Wash and Carolina's armor.

Unlike Church, Temple is a capable leader, but they are both terrible shots with the sniper rifle, their preferred weapon. It is unknown if Temple's inability to use the sniper rifle extends to other firearms as it did with both known instances of the Church AI, or if it is exclusive to the sniper rifle at this time. In addition, Temple also has far more respect than Church did, with the Blues and reds all switching to Blue visors so as to avoid confusion.

Personality wise, Temple is the exact opposite of Church. Temple presents himself as caring and kind, while Church presents himself as a jerk. In reality, Temple is a manipulative and sadistic individual more than willign to murder anyone who gets in his way, while Church was willing to sacrifice himself on numerous occasions (and actually has, twice).

Temple is revealed to have planned to use a specialized drill that runs on temporal power to destroy the UNSC headquarters, unaware that doing so would endanger the entire planet(and possibly the universe) due to the fact that drawing energy from the past would mean a backlash that would rip apart everything currently in existence, at least within the radius of Earth, if nothing else. When confronted by the Reds and Blues with this information, he stubbornly refuses to believe it, insisting that they simply wish to keep him from destroying the UNSC and achieving the vengeance he seeks for the death of his longtime friend Biff. Temple is knocked unconscious by Tucker, and is seen in a mid-credits scene imprisoned with the surviving Blues and Reds. He is last seen being served fish, much to his disappointment.


  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Voice Actor: Dallas Reid
  • Armor Color: Aqua with Blue Visor
  • Occupation: Simulation Trooper
  • Weapons: Sniper Rifle
  • Appearances: Season 15–Present
  • Status: Alive
  • Side: Blues and Reds

Buckey is Tucker's counterpart in the Blues and Reds. Much like Tucker, Buckey is extremely perverted, even having his own version of Tucker's "Bow Chicka Bow Wow!" catchphrase, "Boom Chicka Wah Wah!" After the Reds and Blues are captured, Buckey takes Tucker's sword, despite knowing it only works for Tucker. When the Reds and Blues try to stop Loco's machine, Buckey goes into a one-on-one battle with Tucker which end with Tucker knocking Buckey unconscious and recovering his sword. Buckey is seen in a mid-credits scene imprisoned with the surviving Blues and Reds.


  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Voice Actor: Kirk Johnson
  • Armor Color: Blue with Blue Visor
  • Occupation: Simulation Trooper
  • Weapons: Assault Rifle
  • Appearances: Season 15
  • Status: Deceased
  • Side: Blues and Reds

Loco (likely short for Locomotive) is Caboose's Blues and Reds counterpart. Loco is like Caboose in almost every way, even having the same intelligence. Loco also has a knack for engineering, according to Temple. He is also the only member of the Blues and Reds to actually like the Reds and Blues, forming a deep friendship with Caboose. Loco also creates a time machine/laser drill that will cause a black hole that will destroy Earth. After activating the machine, Loco gets Caboose batteries to fix Freckles, but is accidentally shot by Temple. Loco gives Caboose the batteries, before revealing that his machine will allow Caboose to say goodbye to Church. Loco then dies of his wounds.


  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Voice Actor: Kent Williams
  • Armor Color: Red with Blue visor
  • Occupation: Simulation Trooper
  • Weapons: Railgun, Rocket Launcher
  • Appearances: Season 15
  • Status: Deceased
  • Side: Blues and Reds

Colonel Surge is Sarge's Blues and Reds counterpart. While they are similar in personality, they have a differing taste in weapons, with Surge prefuring a Railgun as opposed to a shotgun. During the Blues and Reds invasion of Earth, Surge is the most concerned with killing the Reds and Blues. After Loco's machine is activated, Surge and Sarge get into a one-on-one battle. Sarge tries to get Surge to turn against Temple, but accidentally causes Surge to fall into an incinerator.


  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Voice Actor: Gustavo Sorola
  • Armor Color: Maroon with Blue visor
  • Occupation: Simulation Trooper
  • Weapons: Battle Rifle
  • Appearances: Season 15–Present
  • Status: Unknown
  • Side: Blues and Reds

Gene is Simmons' Blues and Reds Counterpart. Unlike the othe Blues and Reds, Gene is identical to Simmons in every way, with even their voices being the same. After Loco activates his machine, Gene, now with a gold visor, attacks Grif and Simmons. Grif is at first unable to tell them apart, but gets Gene to reveal himself by asking the question "Why are we here". Grif promptly shoots Gene, who stumble over a catwalk and is left hanging precariously over a lava flow.


  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Voice Actor: Miles Luna
  • Armor Color: Pink With Blue Visor
  • Occupation: Simulation Trooper
  • Weapons: Battle Rifle
  • Appearances: Season 15
  • Status: Alive
  • Side: Blues and Reds

Cronut is Donut's Counterpart. Like Donut, Cronut often nearly dies, and has a dislike of his armor being called pink, instead preferring "reddish-white." Cronut also frequently makes innuendos. When the Blues and Reds arrive on Earth, Cronut and Lorenzo are sent to kill the Reds and Blues in a tank. Tucker quickly decapitates Lorenzo, and causes the tank to explode with Cronut still inside. It's later revealed that Cronut managed to survive, and was imprisoned along with the other surviving Blues and Reds.


  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Voice Actor: Burnie Burns
  • Armor Color: Brown with Blue visor
  • Weapons: Battle Rifle, Heavy Machine Gun Turret
  • Appearances: Season 15-Present
  • Status: Unknown
  • Side: Blues and Reds

Lorenzo is Lopez's Counterpart. Like Lopez, Lorenzo is a robot, likely created by Surge. In another similarity with Lopez, Lorenzo can only speak in a foreign language, Italian. When the Blues and Reds arrive on Earth, Lorenzo and Cronut are sent in a tank to kill them. Tucker jumps on the tank and decapitates Lorenzo, who was serving as the gunner, and kicks his head into the distance. Lorenzo's body is destroyed when the tank explodes.


  • Full Name: Frank DuFresne[7]
  • Voice Actor: Matt Hullum
  • Armor Color: Purple
  • Signature Weapon/s: Plasma Pistol (Medical Scanner), M41 Rocket Launcher
  • Appearances: Season 2–5, 8, 10–11, 13–Present
  • Status: Alive
  • Side: Reds and Blues, formerly Blues and Reds, formerly Neutral

Medical Officer Frank "Doc" Dufresne is a medic who is from the delta quadrant system sent to Blood Gulch to treat both armies, despite the lack of medical skill that he often displays. As he is not a qualified doctor, he doesn't take to his new nickname of Doc, forced upon him by Church because of his inability to pronounce his surname. He is also a pacifist of the most extreme kind, and tries to avoid doing or even saying anything that would seem remotely aggressive or competitive. His extreme pacifism in the middle of a war quickly earns him the ire of both teams, and he is eventually exiled to a cavern equidistant from both bases. As revealed in the bonus material on the Season 3 DVD, this pacifism had caused him to be released from the Red Army before the events of The Blood Gulch Chronicles, thereby necessitating the draft that forced Grif into military service. The profile also states he is the only person in history to enlist in an army as a 'conscientious objector'.[2] He has also stated that he is a vegetarian and that he went to medical school at Jamaica State.

Doc failed medical school, and his lack of medical knowledge is apparent. In one case he rubs Caboose's neck with aloe vera to treat a bullet wound in the foot, and he agrees with Grif's using CPR to treat the bullet wound to the head. He also has no idea what his medical tool does except that it glows green when something is wrong. Church has even stated at one point that Doc has more kills than everyone in Blood Gulch combined due to Doc failing to save lives.

When Tex and Church force O'Malley out of Caboose, O'Malley finds a new host in Doc. Split-personality Gollum/Sméagol conversations and arguments between O'Malley and Doc frequently occur. However, the difference between Doc and O'Malley is even greater than it is for the former pair. Doc apologizes on occasion for O'Malley's trash talk and conduct; O'Malley, on the other hand, frequently tells him to shut up. As the series progresses, both personalities apparently grow more accustomed to each other. When Tucker becomes ill in episode 73, Church calls Doc for help. In Episode 77, O'Malley leaves Doc after the Reds, unaware of his presence, contact Command via radio. Free of O'Malley, Doc continues to aid Tucker, who was in fact pregnant with an alien. Church also uses Doc determine the cause of Sheila's erratic behavior, on the grounds that he will either fix Sheila completely by accident, break her so that Church can freely examine her, or get blown up trying; all of which are beneficial to Church. He is later sent into the caves with Sister and Junior to ambush the Reds, and is confronted by Captain Flowers, now O'Malley's new host, and an alien, who take him, Junior, and Sister hostage and bring them down to the underground computer terminal. When Captain Flowers collapses, he and Sister return above ground. At the end of the Blood Gulch Chronicles, Doc is briefly seen wandering around with the Blue Team.

In Reconstruction, when Washington comes to Blood Gulch, he finds most of the characters, including Doc, had departed. In Reconstruction Doc was called to assist a comatose Caboose, but Washington's team had already departed before Doc arrived. Doc is next seen in Revelation when Simmons, as Washington's prisoner, calls for a medic. Command sends the nearest one, Doc, who is soon attacked by Washington and also taken prisoner. Washington asks him to check The Meta's vitals. In the finale of Revelation, Doc manages to escape with the Red and Blue teams.

In Season 10 it is revealed that he eventually returned to Valhalla, where he revived Donut. After Church and Carolina leave to kill the Director, the others are left at the base when Doc talks about how close they have all become and the group is encouraged to go find Church and Carolina. Doc, who is excited they are going on another adventure, goes to pack medical equipment for the trip. He is then left behind by the Reds and Blues who leave in Hornets. However, Doc returns in Season 11, along with Donut and Lopez. He assists Grif with researching the teleportation grenades found on the crashed ship. When the two present their findings to Sarge, Grif accidentally throws one at Doc and he disappears. Doc is not seen for the rest of the season, and only Lopez seems to notice his disappearance.

It wasn't until the 13th season that Doc made his return, stating that after Grif threw a "Future Cube" at him, he entered a sort of "other dimension", that sent him to the cave where Caboose, Dr. Grey, and Tucker found him. However, when Doc discovered that no one noticed his disappearance, he somehow began to manifest the O'Malley persona and proceeded to tackle, and violently beat Tucker, until Dr. Grey knocked him out. No explanation for the return of the O'Malley personality was given, however the persona would appear again near the end of season 13's finale, with the implication that it had become ingrained into his psyche during his time with the Omega AI and had simply lain dormant until triggered upon learning nobody had been searching for Doc when he disappeared, and became semi-active during the final battle against Hargrove's forces.

Doc returns in Season 15, where he reveals he's actually known about the Blues and Reds for some time before he met the Blood Gulch troopers. In addition, he has learned to suppress his "O'Malley" persona. He also officially becomes an antagonist when he defects to the Blues and Reds, due to the Reds and Blues treating him like dirt. Upon realizing Temple's plan, Doc attempts to talk him out of it and is imprisoned. Tucker later frees Doc, and has him give Carolina medical attention.

Doc was originally envisioned as a journalist-type character but was changed to a medic when a war journalist was deemed "too close" to the then ongoing War in Iraq.[8] The original plan for Doc's character, as noted by the Rooster Teeth crew, was simply to provide a vessel for O'Malley to jump into, and also to display his pacifism. Matt Hullum notes going through several different accents for the character, such as Cockney, French and Australian, before settling on his own voice to use, as he was unsure which direction to take the character.[9]

Inactive and guest characters[edit]

Red Team[edit]


  • Full Name: M12-LRV Warthog
  • Code Name: Puma
  • Voice Actor: Burnie Burns
  • Color: Gun-Metal Green[2]

The Warthog (the vehicle's actual name in the Halo video game series) is a battle jeep delivered to the Reds in Episode 2. Failing to see much resemblance to a warthog, Grif suggests the name Puma. Believing that Grif is suggesting the name of a mythical creature, Sarge mockingly suggests several other mythical creatures — such as Bigfoot, unicorn, leprechaun, and "Chupathingy" (after the Chupacabra) — as names. Chupathingy is the name listed on the character biography, available as an Easter egg for the season 3 DVD. In Episode 29, Grif notes that the warthog seems to be "really bad luck." During the first two seasons, it spends most of its time out of commission, or being repaired by Lopez. The warthog is frequently blaring loud Mexican ranchera music, most likely set by Lopez, and it can often be heard approaching because of it. Throughout the show, multiple Warthogs are used, destroyed and repaired. They almost always play the same ranchera music.

The original warthog had a homing beacon and remote control system linked to Lopez. This system is accidentally activated in Season 2 when Church, then possessing Lopez, and Tucker attempt to activate Lopez's repair sequence. It was during this period that the warthog spoke. Burns suggests that, like Sheila, the vehicle was originally going to be a full-blown character and maintain a personality throughout the series, in a parody of Speed Buggy. However, this idea was abandoned shortly after the remote control gag.[9]


  • Full Name: Lopez Dos.0
  • Voice Actor: Shannon McCormick
  • Armor Color: Brown
  • Appearances: Season 11
  • Status: Destroyed

In Season 11, Sarge decides to build a robot to fix the communications dish for the Reds and Blues. Upon completion, the robot coincidentally looks and speaks Spanish like Lopez, much to the chagrin of Grif and Simmons. The robot is now called Lopez Dos.0. Also a misunderstanding between the Reds and Dos.0 leads them to think that the robot is stupid, even though Dos.0 was able to fix the radio transmitter. Dos.0 is initially very loyal and respectful until he meets Lopez, who tells the newer machine all of the bad things about the teams and how conversing with the Red Team will lead the members to make up entire conversations, regardless of the content, allowing for the Lopezes to insult them endlessly. Later, Sarge assigns Dos.0 and Lopez to repair a Cyclops robot that the Reds found on the crashed ship. Lopez suggests that they upload Lopez into the robot so that the two can gain respect from the others. However, Dos.0 betrays Lopez and the Reds and uses it to attack the simulation soldiers. During the fight, Donut uses a transporter grenade to teleport the robot over a minefield destroying it. Later, Lopez takes Dos.0's body and mocks him.

In Season 12, Lopez finds Dos.0's destroyed Cyclops body in "Crash Site Crashers", untouched by the FAC. Upon finding it, Lopez remarks "What a jerk".

Blue Team[edit]


  • Full Name: Lavernius Tucker Jr[10]
  • Voice Actor: Jason Saldaña[5]
  • Armor Color: Aqua and Blue
  • Appearances: Season 4–5, 13
  • Status: Alive

Junior is the result of the Alien supposedly impregnating Tucker, with a parasitic embryo. In Episode 77, his voice is first heard. In Season 5, he causes havoc in the Blue Base and Doc feeds him with some of Caboose's blood off-screen. Junior first appears in Episode 80, and is a mini-version of the Alien, with cyan and blue armor. Its existence frustrates Church who threatens to kill it multiple times. In Episode 84, the creature is introduced to Tucker, its "father". Tucker slowly becomes accustomed to this role, even snapping back at Church when he refers to it in a flippant manner. In Episode 91, Tucker is heard to call him Junior, and in Episode 94, Junior mimics Tucker's catch phrase by saying "blarg chicka honk honk". Later on, Junior is sent through the caves with Doc and Sister, where he is found by Captain Butch Flowers, who at the time was possessed by O'Malley. According to Episode 97, Junior is part of "The great prophecy" and is to be the savior of the Alien. The villains, however, intend to use him to control the Aliens. It is later implied that the whole prophecy was largely fictitious.

Junior was taken onto the ship that Tex used to blast off from Blood Gulch, which exploded. However, the ship was later found crashed in Valhalla with no sign of either Junior or anyone else on board. The footage found on the Pelican implies that the Other Alien escaped with Junior before the Pelican crashed. In Recreation, however, Tucker mentions that Junior is with him and together they act as ambassadors between the humans and Aliens. Despite this, Junior does not make an appearance.

Junior would make an appearance in a photograph carried by Tucker in Season 13 where Junior is posing with his 5th grade Grifball team and also appears in Season 13, Episode 19 in the Sangheili Embassy watching Epsilon's message.

Rooster Teeth released a video detailing how Junior was filmed at such a small size, it was included on the Season 5 DVD. According to the video, fans speculated upon an outside modification being used, but in reality the crew simply used forced perspective.[11] In shots where Junior is standing next to other characters, the crew placed the Junior in the background of the shot and kept the feet of all the characters obscured so the distance between the characters was not noticeable. As Junior "grew", he was moved closer. In perspective shots where the characters looked down at Junior, the "camera" was simply positioned on top of the Warthog so that it was higher. In shots from Junior's perspective, the characters would then stand on top of the Warthog. Matt Hullum edited the image of a foot of one of the characters to look larger than it was, and positioned it next to Junior in perspective shots to make Junior look smaller than he really was.


  • Full Name: Kaikaina Grif[10]
  • Voice Actor: Rebecca Frasier[12]
  • Weapons: M6 Magnium
  • Armor Color: Yellow
  • Appearances: Season 5–6, 13, 15
  • Status: Alive
  • Side: Blue, Red (briefly), Reds and Blues

In Episode 81, a door on the large ship that landed in Blood Gulch opens and Grif's sister is introduced. She is referred to as Sister by both teams. She tells the Reds she joined in order to be reunited with Grif, and that Command had sent her as a new recruit since one team member will be promoted to replace their deceased commanding officer. However, in following episodes she is revealed to be colorblind and is actually part of Blue team; Grif subsequently sends her to the Blue Team to protect her from Sarge. While the Blues give her an orientation, Tex appears and expresses indignation at the fact that the Blue Team had acquired a new girl while she was absent. Later, Tex and Sister bond during a private conversation while Church and Tucker discuss the consequences of having two girls on the team.

While Doc is giving Sister a physical, which requires her to remove her armor, the Reds find some surveillance equipment and see her naked, which infuriates Grif but intrigues Sarge and Simmons, while Donut is interested in the room's decor. Later, Doc, Sister and Junior are sent into the caves where they are held captive by a possessed Captain Flowers and the new Alien until O'Malley leaves Flowers's body in Episode 100.

A running gag throughout her appearance is that she frequently make unbelievably ridiculous comments that prompt other characters to say "Wait, what?". Such includes comments about attempting Aspirin overdose, having the ability to ejaculate, having seven abortions, and giving the idea of raiding the supplies for morphine.

Sister is the only remaining Blue soldier in the canyon come Reconstruction. She throws raves every night and refuses to give Washington information, believing he is a cop. In Episode 3 of Relocated, when Sarge calls Lopez to tell him to relocate to the new base, Lopez informs Sarge that he killed Sister and won the battle of Blood Gulch for the Reds. When Grif is informed that Sister is dead, he refuses to believe it, saying that when they were kids, she survived being trapped under ice for three hours, and somehow emerged pregnant. In Season 13, Episode 19, she is shown watching Epsilon's message for help. In season 15, Sister briefly appears before Dylan Andrews and her cameraman when they arrive at Blood Gulch and briefly discusses her brother and the other Reds and Blues, telling Dylan that despite his behavior, Grif cares about his friends. Andrews mentions this to Grif in Season 15 Episode six, which provokes a berserk reaction from him. In the episode "Epilogues", Sister is picked up by New Republic troops from Chorus, and is taken to Earth, she is then reunited with her brother, and the remaining Reds and Blues. Note, Sister hasn't seen her brother, or her teammates since season 5.

Throughout the series, Tucker claims that he and Sister had a relationship during their tour in Blood Gulch, which annoys Grif.

Although Rebecca Frasier was a good friend of the Rooster Teeth production crew, Burnie Burns intended to allow other women to audition for the role of Sister despite the pressure of the other members. He notes two other girls auditioned for the role before Frasier was given her chance, but when she began auditioning the team made something of a joke out of the audition, slipping in increasingly more vulgar lines to see how far Frasier would go before refusing to read them. Upon realizing she had no such limits, Frasier was cast as Sister and the role was re-written as a far more promiscuous character to fit with the lines she had read in the audition.[13]

Project Freelancer[edit]

Project Freelancer, from left to right: The Counselor, Four Seven Niner, Maine, North, South, Carolina, York, Wash, C.T., Wyoming, Florida, the Director and Tex.

The Director[edit]

  • Full Name: Dr. Leonard L. Church
  • Voice Actor: John Marshall Reed
  • Appearance: White male, with black hair with grey streaks, black goatee with grey streaks, green eyes, wears black square full frame glasses
  • Appearances: Season 6, 9–10
  • Status: Deceased

The Director is the head of Project Freelancer, and is responsible for most of the scenarios that the Red and Blue armies encounter. He and the Chairman of the Oversight Subcommittee are heard in the introductions of the Reconstruction chapters, alternating in a series of messages. He apparently uses both armies as test subjects for his experiments. His own forces wear white armor and run the Command Center that the armies call for missions. Throughout Reconstruction, he was suspected by the Chairman of wrongdoing with his experiments and underwent a criminal investigation for his misuse of military property and the Alpha AI, leading to a warrant for his arrest. In the epilogue, it was revealed that the Director is the original Leonard Church, and the AI Church was based on his own mind. He is haunted by memories of Allison, a woman he loved who died many years ago, and that he inadvertently implanted his memories of her into another AI, Beta, which became Tex.

The Director is shown in person during the flashbacks in Season 9 and Season 10. However, his face is almost always obscured, and he wears a pair of glasses. The Director is shown to be a very strict and unforgiving commander, who is quick to punish failure and deliberately seeds rivalry among the Freelancers. He also shows a lack of concern for the safety of his soldiers, often caring more about the experimental equipment they are using rather than their lives. This attitude and his actions have caused many of the Freelancers, such as Tex, Washington, Carolina, and C.T., to utterly despise him.

In Season 10, he creates an army of Tex clones, each one an attempt to recreate Allison. When Church and Carolina confront him, he is seen viewing Alison's last video on repeat. Upon confrontation, he surrenders and requests Carolina to leave her pistol before proceeding to shut down the facility. It is also revealed that he has the same green eyes as Carolina and he states "You were my greatest creation" as she is leaving, implying that Carolina is his daughter.


  • Alternate Names: Vickory,[2] Vic Jr.
  • Full Name: Virtual Intelligent Computer v20
  • Voice Actor: Randall Glass (episode 10); Burnie Burns thereafter
  • Appearances: Season 1–5, 9, 14 (Voice), 15
  • Status: Deleted

Vic, also known as Vic Jr., is an AI that works for command whose computer terminal is located under Blood Gulch. He takes the personality of a sardonic and frequently unhelpful communications officer. Unknown to either team, he serves as a contact for both the Blue and Red Teams. Tucker eventually discovers this, when he accidentally intercepts a communication between Sarge and Vic. However, no member of either team believes Tucker, and he is knocked unconscious shortly after he makes the discovery. Vic then contacts Sarge and warns him against listening to what Tucker says. Vic works with O'Malley to some degree, and O'Malley hires Wyoming to kill Tucker in order to preserve the secret that Red and Blue are the same.

Vic Jr. originally appears at the end of Episode 71, when Church accidentally contacts him via radio, and he claims to be a descendant of the original Vic. Donut wonders how Vic was able to have descendants, as he had previously mentioned his vasectomy. Toward the beginning of Season 5, Church attempted to contact Vic Jr. for reinforcements, but Vic was not at his post and his message box turned out to be full after a lengthy and nonsensical set of instructions. He later contacted Church, telling him to immediately attack the Red base, going through the caves, then hanging up before Church could get any more information. Not long after, he is contacted by the Reds, but hangs up when he notices Simmons arriving at the surveillance console in the caverns. Simmons, unaware of who Sarge was talking to, says that Vic Jr. must be in the caverns somewhere. In Episode 99, Flowers is seen standing in front of the computer screen talking to Vic Jr. He appears in an alternate ending, where Sarge calls him for reinforcements. Vic Jr. tells Sarge that he ruined the plan by destroying the ship, making Sarge destroy the underground computer in anger.

Vic behaves like an annoying, ineffective technical support guy, constantly calling people "dude" and often offering obtuse and unhelpful advice and biting insults. Burnie Burns notes that Vic was portrayed as over-the-top annoying from Episode 20 so the character would be memorable to viewers.[9]

It is later revealed in Season 14 that Vic was originally a far more disciplined and efficient AI programmed by Agent Florida to keep watch over the Blood Gulch simulation. After Florida accidentally tripped a cable, however, Vic malfunctioned and degraded to the persona he displayed in the Blood Gulch Chronicles.

In Season 15, Vic has started to fail from operating so long, becoming suicidal. Dylan takes Vic as a helper A.I. in exchange for killing Vic when he gives her "three wishes". After Loco's time machine is activated, it begins to grow unstable. Dylan has Vic try to shut it off for her third wish, though Vic deletes himself to stabilize the machine. Vic leaves behind a recording parodying Epsilon's speech at the end of Season 13, culminating in him threatening to, if anyone made a backup of him, he will "punch them in the nuts".

Burnie Burns notes that the mystery surrounding Vic and Vic Jr. was deliberately left unexplained, as the crew felt that sufficient information had been given already for fans to draw their own conclusions. Based on information discovered by the main characters towards the end of Revelation, it is implied that Vic and Vic Jr. are the same, and Vic simply pretended he was his own descendant to fool the Red and Blue teams into thinking they were in the future.[13]

Four Seven Niner[edit]

  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Alternate Name: Command
  • Voice Actor: Lee Eddy
  • Appearances: Recovery One, Reconstruction (as Command); Season 9–10, 14-15 (as Four Seven Niner)
  • Status: Alive

Four Seven Niner is a pilot working with Project Freelancer. She first appears in the trailer for Season 9, flying a Pelican, trying to get the injured Maine to treatment. The medical station "Angel On My Shoulder", repeatedly denies her clearance to dock and tells her to throttle down, but she is persistent and is eventually allowed to proceed at the request of the Director. Throughout Seasons 9 and 10, Four Seven Niner escorts the Freelancers on numerous missions and performs multiple extractions. She also appears in an episode of Season 14 and 15 apiece flying Freelancers to missions.

Four Seven Niner is shown to be sarcastic and free-thinking. When Carolina remarks that she is late for extraction, she responds by saying Carolina could take it out of her tip. In their proceeding escape on the Pelican, she responds to Agent South's complaints by sealing the pilot door in her face. She also despises AI, believing that they use their superior abilities to steal jobs from humans. However, she is quick to accept Delta when he admits that he does not know how to fly a Pelican.

In the mini-series "Recovery One" and season 6 Reconstruction, Four Seven Niner is the voice on the other end of Washington's and South's radios, relaying their orders.

Freelancer Agents[edit]

The soldiers, mostly called Freelancers, are highly trained elite special ops soldiers for Project Freelancer, and are sent on the most dangerous missions. Their call-signs are based on the fifty states of America.


  • Full Name: Allison Church
  • Codename: Texas, Beta
  • Voice Actor: Kathleen Zuelch; Burnie Burns while in use of her Voice Modifier.
  • Armor Color: Black
  • Armor Ability: Active Camouflage, Strength Boost, and Voice Modifier
  • AI Fragment: Failure
  • Implanted AI: Omega (removed)
  • Signature Weapon(s): M7 SMG, BR55 Battle Rifle, M6C Magnum, Spike Grenade
  • Appearances: Season 1–6, Miniseries: Out of Mind, 8–10, 13, 15
  • Status: Deleted

Freelancer Tex, also known as Beta, is voiced by Burnie Burns in her initial appearance, and Kathleen Zuelch thereafter. Of the eight main characters, Tex was the last to appear, not debuting until Episode 10. Though she is associated with the Blue Team, she is not an official member, but rather a mercenary "paid" to help them. Her back story with Project Freelancer and previous affiliation with fellow Blue Team member Church are key elements in the plot. Her first name is Allison, but her nickname is Tex, based on her codename from Project Freelancer. With her Special Operations training, she is the most lethal member of the Blood Gulch cast, and especially so while she is still implanted with the Omega AI. Despite her skill, she is shown to be comparatively lacking in endurance and durability as seen in Chapter 19 of Revelation in which her combat ability diminished significantly after taking a bullet, whereas The Meta and Washington were both shown to hold up despite similar, if not worse, injuries.

Tex escapes in a ship at the end of Blood Gulch Chronicles, with Andy, Sheila, Gamma, and Omega. This ship crashes in Reconstruction and The Meta steals her as well as Gamma and Omega. Tex is later deleted in the EMP blast set by Washington.

She briefly reappeared in the trailer of Recreation along with Church, as a narrator, but does not appear in the series proper.

In Revelation, Epsilon-Church comes across a new robot body made for Tex in an abandoned facility and uses his memories to recreate Tex, this version of Tex is dubbed Epsilon-Tex by Rooster Teeth. Her adeptness in combat is fully demonstrated in Revelation, wherein she mercilessly and repeatedly pummels Sarge, Simmons, Grif and Tucker, without a scratch to show for it. Later Epsilon-Church reveals that Tex was a by-product of the creation of the Alpha. manifested from the Director's memories of his Allison, in the form of another seemingly fully formed AI. Because all the Director could remember of Allison was her death, Tex is always doomed to fail just as victory is in her grasp. Epsilon-Tex is later imprisoned in a capture unit by the Meta resulting in Epsilon going in to find her. While trapped with Epsilon-Church in the capture unit, Epsilon finally lets her go by saying "I forget you", not wishing to let her live a life of never ending failures.

In Season 9 in the past storyline, she joins Project Freelancer as a Master Captain, but shortly rises through the Freelancer ranks and takes the top spot over Carolina, which created a rivalry. Carolina was especially affected by the fact that she could never seem to beat Tex.

In Season 10, Church and Carolina return to the facility looking to kill the Director, when it was revealed that the Director had kept trying to recreate Tex and instead had created dozens of angered Tex copies. It has been heavily implied that the original Allison was not only romantically involved with the Director, but that they are Carolina's parents. This is confirmed in "Meta vs Carolina: Dawn of Awesome".

In Season 13, a vision of Tex is seen as part of Carolina's worst fears. Epsilon-Tex's helmet is also seen in Hargrove's trophy room.

In Season 15 it is revealed that during one test involving simulation troopers, Tex lead the Reds to take the Blue flag, eventually battling Carolina who was leading the Blues, killing Biff and accidentally beginning Temple's quest for vengeance.


  • Full Name: Reginald (last name unknown)
  • Voice Actor: Matt Hullum
  • Armor Color: White
  • Armor Ability: Temporal Distortion
  • Implanted AI: Gamma
  • Signature Weapon(s): SRS99 Sniper Rifle
  • Appearances: Season 3–5, Miniseries: Out of Mind, Miniseries: Recovery One, 9–10
  • Status: Deceased

A ruthless mercenary with a British accent—his character profile on the DVDs states his place of birth as "somewhere British"[14]Wyoming is initially hired by O'Malley to kill Tucker, who discovered that Red and Blue are the same. Like Tex, Wyoming was a member of Project Freelancer.

Wyoming has a habit of giving an insincere "sorry" to his victims just prior to killing them,[15] but, in one instance, retracts this apology when Tex complains to him that he destroyed her alien ship.[16] He also is never shown getting agitated, showing no signs of annoyance when he can't spot his target during an assassination - instead, he seems impressed. Wyoming is fond of knock-knock jokes, a trait he passed on to his AI Gamma.

Wyoming has an armor enhancement, which he first uses while attacking the Blues. He continually loops a particular stretch of time in order to modify events in his favor. His use of the time looping is discovered by Tucker, who eventually lulls Wyoming into complacency and stabs him with a sword early in the loop, killing him. However, he and Church quickly discovered that, several copies of Wyoming were created as a result of the loop. In the resulting chaos the Reds attacked the Wyomings, leaving only one alive. The final Wyoming is then dispatched by Tex. Tex then uses Wyoming's helmet to obtain coordinates for the ship in which she later escapes. The helmet is believed to be destroyed along with everybody else when the ship appears to explode. However, in Reconstruction it is revealed that the ship crashed landed in Outpost-17B (Valhalla) and Wyoming's armor enhancement was taken by The Meta.

In the Season 9 flashbacks he is shown fighting Tex along with Maine and York in a training session where the three are beaten repeatedly by Tex. In the last round of eight, all of which Tex won, he and Maine use live ammo, Wyoming even manages to hit her during the fight, but they are still beaten. He is depicted without his helmet in Chapter 6 of Season 10, revealing he has black hair and a handlebar mustache. Wyoming is depicted as a sniper and has a careful style of attack. He is implied to be the first one attacked by a crazed Maine, however he manages to evade death and the removal of his AI.

The auditions for Wyoming are described by the cast as "terrible", almost every cast member auditioned for the role doing various accents-for example, Joel Heyman performed a Cockney accent, Burnie Burns an Australian accent-and eventually Matt Hullum's British accent was chosen because everything else was so bad.[17]


  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Codename: New York
  • Voice Actor: Sean Duggan
  • Armor Color: Tan with white trim
  • Armor Ability: Healing Unit
  • Implanted AI: Delta
  • Signature Weapon(s): M45 Tactical Shotgun
  • Appearances: Miniseries: Out of Mind, Season 9–10
  • Status: Deceased

Agent New York, referred to as York, is another member of the AI experimental program. York is an infiltration specialist who seems to have become unemployed since the program closed down. His left eye was severely injured in a grenade explosion during a 3 on 1 brawl against Tex, with Wyoming and Maine. Despite his armor's healing unit, his eye did not heal, nor did it later save his life.

He is found by Tex during Part 3 of the miniseries Out of Mind, trying to break into a store. It is revealed that he still had Delta. Here he accepts Tex's proposal of infiltrating Omega's base. At the end of Out of Mind, he and Tex attempt a raid on Omega's base. The two are caught in a firefight against Wyoming and two of his minions. As the two scramble for cover, York is shot twice in the chest by Wyoming, and Delta reports that the bullets were fatal. The AI stays with York and manages to trick Wyoming with a hologram of Tex. Delta chooses to stay with York until his death, rather than go with Tex, appearing to perish with him as the armor shuts down. The healing unit in his armor would later be retrieved, along with Delta, by Washington.

He appears in the trailer for Season 9, where he removes his helmet, revealing the broken eye, and brown/red hair. This marks him as the third character aside from Vic/Vic Jr, North, South. to have his face fully revealed. In Season 9, the origin of his eye wound is revealed. During the paintball fight with Tex, a live grenade meant for Tex is detonated next to him. He is also shown to have some kind of relationship with Carolina, who inquires about his eye when he returns from the hospital. York is shown to have a sarcastic personality. For example, while attempting to organize his team against Tex in the training mission, he makes several sarcastic remarks when his suggestions are ignored. He is also the first Freelancer to officially receive an AI.

It was revealed that he met Carolina at a club, where she takes his lighter from him. During the raid on the Mother Of Invention where Texas attempted to retrieve the Alpha AI York sided with her, telling Carolina that he was 'doing the right thing', after having been told by his AI Delta of Alpha's torture. When facing Carolina York seemed hesitant to fight her and was quickly defeated by her while battling hand-to-hand in a zero gravity environment. Before leaving Carolina threw her cigarette lighter to York, something which brought York great sadness since he understood that she didn't expect to see him again. Whether this was because Carolina now considered York to be a traitor or because she didn't expect to survive her battle with Texas has been left unclear.


  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Full Codename: South Dakota
  • Voice Actor: Shana Merlin
  • Armor Color: Violet with Lime Green Trim
  • Armor Ability: Domed Energy Shield
  • Implanted AI: Originally none, later Delta (taken from York)
  • Signature Weapon(s): MA37 Assault Rifle, Missile Pod
  • Appearances: Miniseries: Recovery One, Season 6, 9–10
  • Status: Deceased

South Dakota, referred to as South, is another member of Project Freelancer. South signed up with her twin brother, who was appropriately given the codename North Dakota. Unlike some of the other operatives, however, South was not given an AI partner; according to South, there was more than one group of soldiers for implantation, and after complications with the first group, specifically Washington himself, no more AIs were given to operatives in the next group, including South.[18] Later, Delta states she was part of an experiment alongside her brother, North, to analyze how some agents without AIs would respond to working with agents who did have AIs. She still, however, received an armor enhancement, able to create a domed energy shield. She had told Washington that this enhancement had been stolen, but this was not the case.

South's first appearance is in Part 2 of the mini-series Recovery One, where she is found by Washington alongside her deceased brother. South claims that she found North already dead when she arrived, and North's AI, Theta, was already missing. Washington is ordered by command to kill South, but instead keeps her with him, as he believes the Freelancers are being hunted and he could use help. As he dislikes having an AI implanted into himself, he resolves to giving South the Delta AI he had already recovered. When they encounter The Meta, she shoots him in the back so she can make an easier getaway from their enemy. She then radios command, and it is revealed she also operates under the codename Recovery Two, and that she was using Washington to draw out the enemy so that command could devise a strategy against it with the promise of an AI as a reward. She then refuses to return to base, flying away with Delta. Command threatens to locate her with other agents, but South claims she is more worried about something else.

In the opening episode of Reconstruction, South's whereabouts are listed on a communications screen as still unknown. A very much-alive Washington states his desire to hunt her down, and his superior states that they are not far from letting him, also feeling the sting of her betrayal, although Washington harbors some resentment towards Command as well, given that South was under their orders when she attacked him. In Chapter 4 South is shown to be following Washington, but unbeknownst to her, The Meta is as well. In the next Chapter, Washington receives a call from his commanders alerting him to the fact that South is in critical danger, as shown by a distress beacon sent by Delta. When Washington and the others arrive, they find South under heavy fire from The Meta, using her energy shield enhancement to protect herself. She then attempts to abandon Delta and her enhancement so she can escape. Caboose guns her down to stop her from escaping. After The Meta leaves, Washington interrogates her, according to Delta, South also betrayed her brother North much like how she had betrayed Washington. Delta says that her injuries will only hinder them and there is a high probability she would betray them again, so Washington kills her in mid-sentence, securing vengeance for himself and North in the process.

Season 9 has featured South as an active operative under Project Freelancer, carrying out a mission with her brother North, during which they frequently employ a tag-team style of combat. She's much more impulsive in her actions, though, ignoring half of his advice, charging into most situations without thinking too far ahead, and much more eager to get her hands dirty. However, this same impulsive attitude often causes her to make bad decisions, forcing the Director to ban her from future missions. In Season 10, South is allowed to participate in missions again, though she is clearly bitter over the fact that she will not receive an AI like North did. During the revolt on the 'Mother of Invention', she blocked Tex's way and nearly killed her out of spite, but is stopped by her brother, who fights her.

South is thus far the third of the Freelancers and the first female to remove their helmet during the course of Season 9, the second being her brother North and the first being York. She is shown to be a blonde headed woman with what appears to be a large scar on her left cheek.


  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Codename: North Dakota
  • Voice Actor: John Erler[19]
  • Armor Color: Purple with green trim[20]
  • Armor Ability: Domed Energy Shield
  • Implanted AI: Theta
  • Signature Weapon(s): SRS99 Sniper Rifle (can Dual Wield)
  • Appearances: Miniseries: Recovery One, Season 9–10
  • Status: Deceased

North Dakota, referred to as North, is South's twin brother, enlisting in the Freelancer Program at the same time. He is only seen before Season 9 after having been killed, offscreen, by The Meta, when Washington follows the distress signal sent out by North's armor. When Washington arrives, he finds North and South together, South having claimed that she had heard a cry from North and found him already deceased. Like York, North still had his AI partner, Theta, in his possession at the time of his death, but Washington and South surmise that it was stolen by his attacker. While surveying his dead body, South gives a lengthy spiel about growing up with North and how the two of them were both so alike in almost every way.

It is revealed in Reconstruction that South actually betrayed him in order to lure The Meta into stealing North's armor components, giving South the time she needed to flee. Delta claims she lured him into a position where he could be killed as opposed to killing him directly.

Season 9 has featured North as an active operative under Project Freelancer, carrying out a mission with his sister South, during which they frequently employ a tag-team style of combat, perfectly in sync with each other. He's much more methodical in his actions than his sister, attempting to rein her in by being her voice of reason, but he also appears to have no problem adapting to sudden changes in the plan. In Season 10, it is revealed that he was given Theta due to North's caring attitude and Theta's shyness.

North has provided an example of what happens when the enhanced armor abilities are utilized without the assistance of an AI unit. Applying a domed energy shield on top of a Pelican mid-flight to block oncoming missiles, North prevents the crash and afterward collapses with his armor overheating. Wash later points out how dangerous such an action is, citing the vaguely dismal outcome of Agent Utah's similar actions as an example, implying the armor abilities are still in early experimental stages. In Season 10, Delta references the incident saying that the attempt had a 0.1% chance of success. He received an AI, Theta, who he supported and cared for like a little brother. Later he ended up fighting his sister aboard the 'Mother of Invention'.

North is the second of the Freelancer operatives to remove his helmet to show his actual face during the course of Season 9 (York was the first to do so in the trailer). He is a blonde man having recently sustained an injury to his left cheek during the mission. Interestingly, his sister, South, has a scar on her left cheek as well.


  • Full Name: Connie (last name unknown)
  • Codename: Connecticut
  • Voice Actor: Samantha Ireland
  • Armor Color: Brown with White Trim
  • Armor Ability: Holographic decoy
  • Implanted AI: None
  • Signature Weapon(s): Combat Knife
  • Appearances: Season 9–10
  • Status: Deceased

C.T. was a member of Project Freelancer, not to be confused with the C.T. the Reds and Blues meet in Recreation, who was the Insurrectionist Leader. C.T. is shown to be much more unnerved and anxious about the rankings and missions that go on in Project Freelancer. She shows a wariness as to why they are pushed so far, and especially how they're pitted against each other, suspecting that their rankings based in the field have an underhanded motive. When she removes her helmet she is shown to be a Caucasian women with brown hair and brown eyes. Prior to being called C.T. she was known among the Freelancers as "Connie," (most likely short for Connecticut) but during a conversation with Wash she snaps at being called as such, feeling it sounds childish. It's here that she makes a conscious decision to be referred to as "C.T." from then on. In Chapter 19 of Season 9, C.T. is seen using a computer terminal to converse with the Insurrection leader, but is interrupted by Agent Washington.

In Season 10, C.T. is shown dropping onto the Scrap Metal Recycling Plant with the rest of the Freelancers but disappears during the ensuing fight. She is then found giving information to the Insurrectionist Leader who refers to her as "Connie" inferring that the two have some kind of relationship. In hiding at an escape bunker, C.T. insisted that they should escape, but the Leader didn't want to leave without his teammates. Tex and Carolina break into the bunker and C.T. tries to explain to them why she left Project Freelancer but the two don't believe her and a battle ensures. Tex ends up mortally wounding C.T. but the Leader manages to drag her into an escape pod, and they escape. As C.T. dies in his arms, she hands the Leader a device containing a location to where an artifact is. After she dies, the Leader then takes her armor, explaining how "she" appeared at the alien temple in the present day.

Maine/The Meta[edit]

The Meta, shown with seven AI: (clockwise from top left) Delta (green), Sigma (orange), Gamma (blue), Omega (grey), Eta and Iota (yellow, it is revealed that they can join together), Theta (blue and red) and Beta/Tex (light grey).
  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Codename: Maine, The Meta
  • Voice Actor: Matt Hullum
  • Armor Color: White with brown trim (as The Meta), white with rust trim (as Maine)
  • Armor Ability: Strength Boost
  • Meta Acquired Abilities: Domed Energy Shield (from North), Active Camouflage (from Tex), Temporal Distortion (from Wyoming), Overshield, Adaptive Camouflage (from Carolina)
  • Implanted AI: Originally Sigma (from Carolina), later Eta and Iota (from Carolina), Theta (from North), Gamma (from Wyoming's helmet), Omega and Beta (from Tex), and Delta (from Caboose)
  • Signature Weapon(s): Brute Shot, M6C Magnum
  • Appearances: Season 6–10, 14
  • Status: Deceased (Armor in possession of Tucker)

The Meta, the primary antagonist of the Recollection trilogy. It is later revealed that The Meta is a former Freelancer, Agent Maine. The Meta has an inability to speak due to an injury he sustained in earlier missions.

He first appears in Reconstruction as a mysterious character, who is hunting down Freelancers, killing them, and taking their equipment and AIs. He referred to as "The Meta" by Agent Washington and the Counselor, in reference to a cryptic message scratched into a wall of Outpost 17-B's Red base. He proves to be a capable foe for The Reds, Blues and Washington. Prior to the events of Reconstruction he managed to obtain seven AIs, and eventually obtains an eighth before losing them all when Washington sets off an EMP at Freelancer command.

In Revelation, The Meta is shown to be working with Washington. He is also shown to have difficulties using his armor enhancements due to the loss of his AIs. The Meta later captures Tex's AI and betrays Washington, using the captured Tex to power its cloaking field. Later, when the Reds and Blues attack, The Meta manages to fight them off, but Sarge tricks him and attaches a Warthog's tow-hook to his chest. Grif and Simmons push the Warthog over a nearby cliff. Sarge manages to dislodge the capture unit from The Meta's back just before he is pulled over the edge, where he falls to his death. This is confirmed by Chairman Hardgrove in Season 13 as he uses Maine's armor to give Locus and Felix incentive to work harder. Afterwards, Grif keeps his Brute Shot as a trophy.

In the Season 9 and Season 10 flashbacks, Maine is shown to be less skilled in combat than other Freelancers such as Tex and Carolina, relying primarily on brute strength than precise skill. However, he more than makes up for this through his incredible endurance. He is consistently shown to continue fighting despite suffering injuries that would cripple, if not outright kill, anyone else. During one mission in Season 9, Maine took a sniper bullet to the chest, got hit by a Warthog and had an entire magazine of bullets emptied into his neck. It is this injury that is the reason why he cannot speak in other seasons.

In the flashbacks of Season 9, Agent Maine can be heard speaking briefly several times and possesses a very deep and rough voice. In Chapter 6 of Season 10, he is shown without his helmet, revealing that he is bald, the back of his head is clearly seen in Chapter 18 revealing that he has the "Meta" symbol tattooed on the back of his head. In Season 10, Carolina gave Maine her AI, Sigma, so he could communicate with the others after his throat injury. Sigma then conceives the idea that he can become The Meta, and in turn, corrupts Agent Maine. In the present day, Carolina believes the creation of The Meta was her fault, as it was her AI.


  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Codename: Utah
  • Voice Actor: Kerry Shawcross
  • Armor Color: Grey
  • Armor Ability: Domed Energy Shield
  • Implanted AI: None
  • Signature Weapon(s): Assault Rifle
  • Appearances: Season 9–10 (DVD Easter egg)
  • Status: Unknown

Agent Utah is briefly mentioned by Washington in the aftermath of North's hasty decision to use enhanced armor abilities in the field, which are presumably still in early experimental stages. Utah is provided as an example of how dangerous it is to use said equipment without the assistance of an AI unit, as during training it's implied such an action did not end well for Utah, possibly leading to death or severe injury.

In a deleted scene, Utah is shown to have been testing his bubble shield in training. Despite activating the armor enhancement in Project Freelancer facilities under a supervised environment, the shield only materialized around his head, quickly forcing him to pass out. This implies his death.

In an Easter egg after the credits on the season 10 DVD. It shows that Utah survived his test with the shield. Utah finds Georgia's lucky penny.


  • Full Name: Thom (last name unknown)
  • Codename: Georgia
  • Voice Actor: Kerry Shawcross
  • Armor Color: Green with pink trim
  • Armor Ability: Unknown
  • Implanted AI: None
  • Appearances: Season 10 (DVD Easter egg) Season 14
  • Status: Unknown

Agent Georgia was briefly mentioned by Agent Carolina before the team jumped out of the Pelican during the attack on the U.N.S.C. Scrap Metal Recycling Station. Carolina said that the team should use their jet packs sparingly or end up like Georgia. When Wash asked what happened to Georgia, South tells him that no one knows. In when the Freelancers use their jet packs to reach the station, York is surprised at this course of action given what happened to Georgia. When Wash again asks what happened to Georgia, York replies that he doesn't want to know. In Chapter 4, Washington tries to escape a nuclear bomb, but refuses to use his jet pack as he does not want to end up like Georgia. After the credits on the Season 10 DVD it shows what happens to Georgia. He slams in to a space station wall after forgetting his lucky penny.


  • Full Name: Butch Flowers
  • Codename: Florida, Captain Butch Flowers, Cappy
  • Voice Actor: Ed Robertson (of the Barenaked Ladies)
  • Armor Color: Aqua (BGC Episode 50); Blue (BGC Episodes 96-100) Blue (Project Freelancer)
  • Armor Ability: Unknown
  • Implanted AI: None
  • Signature Weapon(s): MA5 Assault Rifle w/ Explosive Rounds
  • Appearances: Season 3, 5, 9–10, 14
  • Status: Deceased

Captain Butch Flowers was the Blue Team's previous commanding officer at Blood Gulch. His character is introduced when Church arrives at Blood Gulch after "travelling back in time". Flowers had been planning to lead a Blue offensive to destroy the Red Team in Blood Gulch, claiming he knew the key to the Blues' victory. However, before he can lead the attack he dies in his sleep. Church attempts to save Flowers, but he suffers a fatal allergic reaction to the aspirin medication, and dies anyway. After Flowers' death, Tucker, who had been wearing regulation blue armor, claims his captain's armor for himself. In Season 5, it is revealed that one of the Blues is to be promoted to captain, and Grif's sister is sent to fill the discrepancy.

Captain Flowers returns in Episode 96, wearing Tucker's old blue armor, accompanied by a new alien. He is revealed to be O'Malley's current host, and expresses a strong interest in Junior. Andy reveals in Episode 97 that the Alien revived Flowers. In Episode 99, he talks to Vic Jr. where they discuss their plans concerning Junior. Once O'Malley leaves his body he rejoins the Blue team in the final episode, but is shot in the head before he has a chance to reveal the information key to the Blues' victory.

Flowers appears unnamed throughout the flashbacks in Season 9 and Season 10, assisting the Freelancers. When they infiltrate the base to pursue the Leader and C.T., the Leader realizes he is being followed and throws a tomahawk, scoring a direct hit on Flowers and knocking him to the ground. However, he quickly recovers, pulls the tomahawk from his shoulder and throws it at the Insurrectionist Turret Soldiers pinning down the Freelancers. However, the tomahawk falls short of its target. He then shoots a nearby crane arm, which knocks the Insurrectionists into a pit, where they are crushed by a falling crate.

In the finale of Season 10 it is revealed that he was a former agent of Project Freelancer, Agent Florida. He was tasked with protecting the Alpha in Blood Gulch, the Counselor then stated to the Director he would then cover up Florida's disappearance. It is implied that this is accomplished by destroying the state of Florida.


  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Codename: Illinois
  • Armor Color: Aqua
  • Armor Ability: Unknown
  • Implanted A.I.: None
  • Appearances: Season 15
  • Status: Deceased

Agent Illinois was a demolitions expert and drinking buddy of York. Unlike many other Freelancer agents, Illinois was neither ambitious or competitive; instead he focused on his dream to own a home on a tropical island (with a tiny red sailboat), which he achieved after the fall of Project Freelancer. Temple later finds him, and kills Illinois with the armor lock mode.

Freelancer Artificial Intelligences[edit]

Created by Project Freelancer, the AI's are programs that are partnered with the Freelancers for improved performance (similar to Cortana in the original Halo). The original AI, Alpha (Church), was tortured in order to split its personality, creating new AIs. Each of these fragments possessed a different aspect of the Alpha's personality. However, some of these AIs malfunctioned, resulting in events like Epsilon's attempted suicide and Omega's rampage. This brought the end of the implantation process. In Reconstruction, The Meta seeks to possess the AIs and armor upgrades of all other Freelancers, and he eventually collected seven. These AIs were destroyed by an EMP at the end of Reconstruction. The fragmented Alpha AIs currently survive as memories inside the Epsilon unit, as revealed in Revelation.


  • Alternate Names: O'Malley[2]
  • Voice Actor: Burnie Burns (default voice, and while possessing Tex), Joel Heyman (while possessing Caboose), Matt Hullum (while possessing Doc and Sarge), Dan Godwin (while possessing Donut), Geoff Ramsey (while possessing Grif), Gustavo Sorola (while possessing Simmons)
  • AI Fragment: Rage
  • Color: Black
  • Appearances: Season 1–6, 10, 12–Present
  • Status: Deleted, Active (Epsilon-Omega)

A common enemy of both the Red and Blue Teams, O'Malley is an AI program and the primary antagonist of The Blood Gulch Chronicles. O'Malley's real name is Omega. The name O'Malley originates from a portmanteau of Omega and Tex's real name, Allison (Om'Alli). Tex claims Omega was a program designed to enhance her combat skills, but it also brought a violent attitude. According to Agent Washington, he inherited the ability to jump via radio to other hosts from the Alpha. Washington notes that while they tried to reassign him, he had a preference for Tex, and would always find his way back to her.

O'Malley is sadistically evil and aggressive, and was originally intended as a parody of over-the-top, megalomaniacal supervillains. O'Malley, being the fragment of rage, wants to annihilate both teams, and take over the universe. He expresses these desires in long monologues accompanied by extended fits of evil laughter.

Toward the end of Season 1, just before Tex attacks the Reds, O'Malley assesses that Tex has little chance of survival and jumps via radio into Caboose. Under O'Malley's possession, Caboose periodically makes threatening statements, but O'Malley is never able to take full control, possibly due to Caboose not having much of a mind in the first place. After being forced out of Caboose by Church and Tex, O'Malley possesses Doc, of whom he is able to take control of and use to further his own agenda, however, Doc often resurfaces, causing O'Malley to constantly argue with himself. He seems to work for Vic to some degree, hiring Wyoming to assassinate Tucker. In Episode 73 it is revealed that O'Malley, Doc and Lopez had been hiding in a secret lair. In the following episode, O'Malley, Doc, and Lopez return to Blood Gulch, at the request of Church, to diagnose Tucker's illness. Near the end of Season 4, he sees a chance to leave and jumps out of Doc.

Throughout most of season 5 his location is unknown; the Blues assume he is in Sheila because of her erratic and violent behavior. The suspicion then falls on Church when Sheila reveals O'Malley's current location to be "the Blue leader." This is quickly dispelled by Church in Episode 96 as he was never officially promoted, and it is then revealed that O'Malley is currently inhabiting Captain Butch Flowers. In Episode 100, Tex begins broadcasting on an open channel to lure O'Malley. O'Malley then jumps to nearly everyone in the canyon, and is then voiced by each character's respective voice actor. When he finally jumps into Tex, they board the ship and take off. Then Andy the bomb, who was placed on the ship by the Reds, detonates, apparently killing everyone on board.

In Reconstruction it is revealed that the ship crashed and Omega was stolen by a mysterious new enemy, The Meta. He was originally meant to have a larger role in Chapter 19, where a battle scene between The Meta and the Recovery Agents is shown. One projected idea was Omega possessing a Recovery Agent and using the body to kill other agents.[21] Omega is eventually wiped out with the seven other AI collected by The Meta during the EMP blast set off by Washington in Reconstruction. However, he, along with the other AI fragments, survives as a memory in Epsilon.

Omega appears in Chapter 15 of Season 10. He is shown to be a much more menacing character than in The Blood Gulch Chronicles. He speaks in a low guttural growl in an angry tone. During Tex's sparring match with Carolina, Tex orders Omega to log off and stay out of the fight, to which he snarls "Next time." Omega then reveals the true extent of his malice when Carolina breaks down due to the strain having two AIs in her mind. He goads Tex to kill Carolina, but Tex resists.

In Season 12, episode 11 Epsilon-Omega is briefly seen, rendered inactive by the other memories of the fragmented AIs ignoring him.

O'Malley seemingly returns in "Temple of the Key" when the Reds and Blues reunite with Doc, who was under the assumption that they had been searching for him whenever they could. When he discovers no one, other than Lopez, even realized he was gone, Doc reverts to O'Malley, and mercilessly throttles Tucker before Dr. Grey restrains him. O'Malley returns several times throughout Season 13, usually popping up to argue with Doc. Epsilon-Omega also makes a brief cameo in "the End".

Omega is one of the few characters to be voiced by more than one actor; several of the production crew, including Burnie Burns, have claimed they prefer the O'Malley presented by Matt Hullum. The O'Malley presented by Hullum has been regarded as a combination of Stewie Griffin, Dr. Evil, Gollum and many other villains.[9]


  • Alternate Name: Gary
  • Voice Actor: Mac OS X voice synthesizer, System Voice "Fred"
  • AI Fragment: Deceit
  • Color: Blue
  • Appearances: Season 3–6, 10, 12–Present
  • Status: Deleted, Active (Epsilon-Gamma)

Gary[22] is an AI housed in a computer, similar to Durandal in Marathon.

Church first encounters Gary after he "travels back in time". He talks of the existence of "The Great Weapon", which is part of "The Great Prophecy". This prophecy later proves to be fictitious. He is fond of jokes, and sometimes uses knock-knock jokes to communicate instead of giving a straight answer. He claims to have been built by Aliens, but knows nothing about his creators, only about the Shisno, a pejorative of humans described as the equivalent of the feces of the feces of the foulest-smelling animal on the planet.

After learning the name of Wyoming's AI (Gamma), Church concludes that Gary is actually Gamma and not an alien computer. Church phones Gary, and after an awkward conversation of Gary saying he is not Gamma, Gary hangs up, and has a short conversation with Wyoming himself, who instructs Gary to "hop in." It is later apparent that Gary used Wyoming's special ability to loop back in time to contact Church. At the end of Episode 97 Gary occupies the tank which previously housed Sheila's AI. He begins to shoot at the Blues under the command of Wyoming, but Tucker quickly plugs a cable from the ship housing Sheila into the tank. Sheila downloads Gary into the ship and locks him behind a firewall.

In Reconstruction, the ship that crash landed in Outpost 17-B is confirmed to be the same that housed Gary in the finale of the Blood Gulch Chronicles. Afterwards, The Meta took both Gamma and the armor enhancement from Wyoming's helmet. Gamma is eventually wiped out with the seven other AI collected by The Meta during the EMP blast set off by Washington in Reconstruction.

In Chapter 16 of Revelation the computer that Gary is normally represented by is seen while Tex and Epsilon-Church are talking. He makes an appearance in Season 10, where he misleads Carolina on the strength of Tex's AI, Omega. Sigma, seeing an opportunity to get two AI in one target, builds on the lie.


  • Alternate Name: D
  • Voice Actor: Mark Bellman
  • AI Fragment: Logic
  • Color: Green
  • Appearances: Season 6–10, 12–Present
  • Status: Deleted, Active (Epsilon-Delta)

Another AI created by the program, Delta (or "D" for short) is the AI originally assigned to York. Unlike the other agents, York somehow retained his AI after the program closed. Unlike some of the other AIs, Delta does not pose a threat to anyone. Instead, he is extremely logical and analytical, to the point of being largely unfamiliar with human emotions. Matt Hullum has described Delta as "largely devoid of personality."[23] Delta is also polite and well-mannered, even bidding good luck to his enemy Wyoming when he believed himself to be shutting down. York often asks for Delta's advice on certain situations, such as whether or not to help Tex, and uses Delta to watch his left side during combat due to his visual impairment. Burnie Burns also notes that Delta was useful in Recovery One as a way of reminding the audience indirectly of the various rules of the freelancer program and the AIs.[24]

Delta often appears as a holographic miniature soldier beside York's head; the green glow was created in-game by using the plasma pistol according to Burnie Burns.[13] However, Delta can modify his appearance to match the situation. When threatened by Tex, he went "on alert" and his glow turned red. Later, in a ploy to trick Wyoming, Delta managed to change his size and color, and appears as a hologram of Tex.

After York was fatally wounded at O'Malley's base, Delta decide to stay with him, having picked up a fond attachment to his host. When an operative dies their armor shuts down the AIs within them, and so it was believed Delta perished with York. However, some time later, Agent Washington comes to collect Delta, who is alive and confused as to why he was not shut down. Washington explains that AIs are too expensive to simply destroy, so they are instead encrypted for a Recovery Agent to pick them up, after which they are stored. Washington then removes Delta from York's suit and takes him away. Delta is later implanted in South, as Washington dislikes having an AI due to a past incident. Agent Washington intends for her to assist him in confronting an unknown enemy that has been hunting the remaining freelancers. Following this, South betrays Washington, shooting him and taking Delta. It is then revealed this was part of commands plan. However, she betrays command as well and escapes with Delta, all she wanted was an AI.

In Reconstruction, South is still shown to be in possession of Delta, who warns her about the risks of following Washington. They are attacked by The Meta, and South attempts to abandon Delta as bait, but she is stopped by Caboose. He is then given to Caboose as a new host just before Washington, on Delta's advice, kills South. Not long after, The Meta finds an unconscious Caboose, who split off from the group on Delta's insistence. Several other AIs appear around Delta as The Meta collects him, welcoming him while he remains silent. In Caboose's mind, Church discovers critical information that Delta left in order to help Washington: the message, "Memory is the key." Caboose's mental projection of Delta also warns Church that the next time they meet, the AI may not want his help. In Chapter 16, it is revealed that Delta is the logic fragment of Alpha which the Alpha shed so as to not be able to analyze the suffering it endured. In Chapter 19 Delta is destroyed by the EMP set by Washington.

Delta reappears briefly in Revelation, when Epsilon-Church is temporarily disabled. He reveals that he and the other collected AI fragments have been able to secretly maintain their existence within Epsilon's memories. However, he fears Epsilon will eventually discover their existence. Delta then warns Caboose that Epsilon is trying to regain his memories, some of which could drive him to insanity again.

During Season 12, episode 11 Epsilon-Delta is seen during Epsilon-Church's hyper-fast analysis of Carolina's fight with the Space Pirates; Delta questions Church's decisions. Church respond that "sometimes, you just gotta have faith".

In Season 13, episode 11 Carolina orders Church to run all of her armor enhancements at once. When Church begins yet another analysis, Delta freezes and dematerializes. During episode 20, Delta asks if Church is sure about defragmenting himself to power the Meta's armor, which Church confirms, before having Delta record his final goodbye to the Reds and Blues.


  • Voice Actor: J.D. Burns[25]
  • AI Fragment: Trust
  • Color: Blue and Purple
  • Appearances: Season 6, 10, 12–Present
  • Status: Deleted, Active (Epsilon-Theta)

Theta was Agent North Dakota's artificial intelligence unit during the AI experimental program. Towards the program's end, Theta was assigned to North while North's twin-sister South was given no AI, to see how the three would react. Later on, when The Meta began to hunt down and kill the Freelancers, taking their equipment and AIs, Theta, North, and South were attacked by the rogue Freelancer. In order to survive, South allowed North to be killed (off-camera) and let The Meta take Theta so that she could escape.

Theta remained with The Meta while he hunted down and took several more AI units. In Reconstruction Chapter 8, Theta is among the AIs that welcome Delta into The Meta's stolen AI collection. Theta is eventually wiped out with the seven other AI collected by The Meta during the EMP blast set off by Washington in Reconstruction.

Theta appears in Season 10. In addition to now having more childlike proportions, he displays very childlike traits such as hiding behind North's leg when first introduced to other Freelancers and playing on a holographic skateboard during a lecture. He demonstrated exceptional skills in managing North's Shield enhancement.

Epsilon-Theta later appears in Season 12, during Epsilon's hyper-fast analysis of Carolina's fight with Space Pirates.


  • Voice Actor: Elijah Wood[26][27]
  • AI Fragment: Creativity/Ambition
  • Color: Orange
  • Appearances: Season 6, 10, 12–Present
  • Status: Deleted, Active (Epsilon-Sigma)

Sigma was originally Agent Carolina's AI unit, but she gave it to Maine after his vocal cords were shot so he could communicate. In Season 10, he displays great interest in the idea of AI rampancy, specifically the theoretical fourth stage, Metastability, in which an AI can be considered fully human. Sigma believed that if it brought together all of the AI fragments that he would become the Alpha. He even manages to trick Carolina into getting two AIs. It was Sigma that convinced Agent Maine to kill his fellow Freelancers and steal their AI and equipment, becoming The Meta. He never achieves his goal, however as Sigma, along with all the AIs captured by The Meta, was destroyed in an EMP.


  • AI Fragment: Fear
  • Color: Gold
  • Appearances: Season 10, 12–Present
  • Status: Deleted, Active (Epsilon-Eta)

Eta was one of the two artificial intelligence implanted in Agent Carolina. Originally intended for Washington or South, Carolina instead requested to receive Eta, along with Iota, so she could increase her abilities and become a better agent than Tex. Following the Freelancer Break-in led by Tex, the Mother of Invention crashes on Sidewinder, where Eta along with Iota is captured by The Meta. Eta is eventually wiped out with the seven other AI collected by The Meta during the EMP blast set off by Washington in Reconstruction.


  • AI Fragment: Happiness
  • Color: Cyan
  • Appearances: Season 10, 12–Present
  • Status: Deleted, Active (Epsilon-Iota)

Iota was one of the two artificial intelligence implanted in Agent Carolina. Originally intended for Washington or South, Carolina instead requested to receive Iota, along with Eta, so she could increase her abilities and become a better agent than Tex. Following the Freelancer Break-in led by Tex, the Mother of Invention crashes on Sidewinder, where Iota along with Eta is captured by The Meta. Iota is eventually wiped out with the seven other AI collected by The Meta during the EMP blast set off by Washington in Reconstruction.

The Insurrection[edit]

The Insurrection is a military force that has defected from the UNSC, shown in the prequel sections of Season 9 and Season 10 and is the main antagonist of Project Freelancer. They are first seen in Chapter 2 of Season 9. They take the attitude of nonchalance towards their duties, and are commonly used for comic relief during a stressful scene. They also show little aptitude in combat, and are repeatedly pummeled by the Freelancers. Some Insurrectionist, however, are more competent in combat, these soldiers serve as powerful foes to the Freelancers.

Insurrectionist Demo Man[edit]

  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Voice Actor: Brandon Farmahini
  • Armor Color: Black with red trim
  • Signature Weapon(s): M90 Tactical Shotgun
  • Appearances: Season 9–10
  • Status: Unknown

The Insurrectionist Demo Man first appears in Season 9, Chapter 2, appearing to be in charge of the Bjørdinal Cryogenics Research Facility. When North and South Dakota infiltrate the base to steal a data file, the Demo Man, along with dozens of other Insurrectionist soldiers, surround the two Freelancers on a heli-pad. He mans a turret and demands the two return the file, however Carolina appears and knocks him down and the three Freelancers proceed to fight the Insurrectionists. The Demo Man manages to get back on the turret and heavily injure North before Carolina sends him, along with other soldiers, into the water below. Later, when the Freelancers are infiltrating a building, he sends a squad up to kill the Freelancers. In the following chapter, he, along with dozens of Insurrectionists, surround the Freelancers on top of the building. He demands York disarm Tex's bomb, but York reveals it isn't a bomb, only a transmitter. York then hands the Demo Man the transmitter, who looks up just as a MAC round crushes the building.

He reappears in Season 10, Chapter 7, revealing he survived the events of the previous season. In a battle at the Insurrection base, he drives a Warthog, while the Female Soldier uses the turret. Twice during the battle he saves the Female Soldier from being killed by Carolina. When lifts his arm to fire his shotgun, it is revealed that he has a robotic arm after the events of the previous season. He manages to do impressive feats with his new arm, such as catching a grenade from Maine's Brute Shot. Eventually, Maine throws the blade of the Brute Shot to slice his arm off, then knocks him into the water. In a deleted scene from Season 10, after the battle at Longshore, he washes up on a beach. Having now lost both arms, he swears he will have his revenge on Project Freelancer.

Insurrectionist Sniper[edit]

  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Voice Actor: Nathan Zellner
  • Armor Color: Black with red trim
  • Signature Weapon(s): SRS99 Sniper Rifle
  • Appearances: Season 9–10
  • Status: Deceased

The Insurrectionist Sniper first appears in Season 9, Chapter 13. He wears binoculars on his helmet and has a cross-hair emblem on his armor. Later, in Chapter 17, he is part of the response team sent out to stop the Freelancers from stealing a briefcase. He, the Insurrectionist Female Soldier and the Sleeveless Soldier follow the Freelancers Warthog using jet packs and engage them on the highway.

He later appears in Season 10, Chapter 7, using a seagull as target practice. In the following chapter the Freelancers attack the Insurrectionist base. As they begin their attack, the Insurrectionist Sniper appears, alongside other snipers and pins down the Freelancers. Carolina asks North for help and he throws his Domed Energy Shield in the direction of the snipers. The enhancement lands beside the group and activates. The Sniper then tells the soldiers to hold their fire. However, one of the soldiers fires at the shield and the bullet bounces off and kills him. The dead soldier falls, firing the rest of his ammo inside the shield causing the bullets to ricochet, killing the remaining soldiers including the Sniper.

Insurrectionist Female Soldier[edit]

  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Voice Actor: Hannah Hart
  • Armor Color: Black with red trim
  • Signature Weapon(s): Dual Wield Pistols, Dual Wield Machetes
  • Appearances: Season 9–10
  • Status: Deceased

The Insurrectionist Female Soldier first appears walking down a highway with other high ranking Insurrectionists. She makes a larger appearance in the Chapter 17, where she is part of an Insurrectionist response team, sent out to stop the Freelancers on the highway. Her, the Insurrectionist Sniper and the Sleeveless Soldier follow the Freelancers Warthog using jet packs and engage them, they are unsuccessful. She prefers to dual wield pistols as her primary weapons.

In Season 10, she asks why the Insurrectionists should trust C.T., who had recently defected. She removes her helmet and is revealed to be a blond, Caucasian woman. During the battle at the Insurrection base, her and the Demo Man fight Carolina and Maine on a platform. Eventually, she is knocked off but manages to grab on to the platform above the water. Maine, holding the Demo Man's disembodied, robotic arm, offers the Female a hand. She mistakes it for her fellow soldier and when she grabs it, Maine lets go and she falls down, hitting her back before falling into the water.

Insurrectionist Sleeveless Soldier[edit]

  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Voice Actor: None
  • Armor Color: Black with red trim
  • Appearances: Season 9–10
  • Status: Deceased

The Insurrectionist Sleeveless Soldier is a soldier that prefers to use brute strength over weapons. He first appears in Season 9, Chapter 13, walking down a highway with other Insurrectionist leaders. In the next chapter, he appears as a member of the response team sent to stop the Freelancers from taking a briefcase. He, along with the Female Soldier and Sniper use jet packs to chase the Freelancer's Warthog. It is during this fight that the Sleeveless Soldier takes a pistol and shoots Maine in the throat, revealing how Maine became unable to speak.

He reappears in Season 10 at the Insurrectionist base. When the Freelancers attack the Insurrection base, he works with the Female and the Demo Man to fight the Freelancers. He gives chase to Carolina but is stopped when a drop pod lands in between them. The door is kicked open, revealing an angered Maine inside. When his AI, Sigma, points the Soldier out to Maine as the one from the highway that shot him in the throat, Maine then punches him in the head hard enough to rip it off.

Insurrectionist Leader[edit]

  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Voice Actor: Michael Joplin
  • Armor Color: Black with red trim
  • Signature Weapon(s): Tomahawks
  • Appearances: Season 7–10
  • Status: Deceased

The Insurrectionist Leader is a high-ranking member of the Insurrection, recognized by the pill symbol on his chest. He seems to have a close relationship with C.T. as he is the only person she lets call her Connie. He first appears walking down a highway with other high-ranking Insurrectionists, carrying a briefcase. In the Chapter 19 he is seen talking to C.T. over video chat, but she is interrupted by Washington.

In Season 10, he appears in the space ship graveyard along two other Insurrectionist Soldiers. While the Freelancers search for him, C.T. sneaks away to his location and hands him a data file. Later when the Freelancers search Bone Valley, the Leader commands an Insurrectionist destroyer ship, 'The Staff of Charon', and attacks the Freelancer frigate. The two ships fight but the Insurrection Leader escapes into Slipspace, leaving behind a nuclear device. However, the Freelancers and the frigate manage to escape the explosion.

Later, he appears with C.T. entering the Insurrectionist base, while Wyoming spies on them. His companions aren't pleased to see C.T., as they distrust her. When the Freelancers attack, C.T. is surprised that her "friends" found her so fast and the two overlook the battle through cameras. While he and C.T. head to a bunker, he notices Florida up on a ledge. He throws a tomahawk at him, knocking him off. Suddenly, Wyoming snipes at him, shooting him in the foot, causing him and C.T. to retreat. While C.T. proposes that they leave to escape the Freelancers, he refuses to leave without his teammates. As the two argue, Tex and Carolina break into the bunker. While C.T. tries to explain that the Director is using the Freelancers, Tex is angered and attacks her. Eventually, Tex mortally wounds C.T., but the Leader manages to escape with C.T. in an escape pod. C.T. hands him another file, containing the location of an artifact, before dying in his arms. Stricken with grief, he puts on her helmet, revealing that he took on C.T.'s identity.

The soldier now known as C.T. appears in the desert excavation site where he claims to be working with a team of humans and aliens to uncover a structure. Tucker later reveals that he had in fact killed the actual dig crew. C.T. first appeared as the driver of an Elephant, assisting Sarge, Grif, and Caboose through an active minefield protecting the location of the temple. He appeared in the following chapter physically and introduced one of his alien "co-workers", Smith. He allows the trio to scavenge spare parts to fix their jeep so they can depart swiftly, but secretly makes plans to "deal with" them to Smith. When the temple door opens, he leads the dig team to try to kill Tucker, but is forced to call a retreat. After breaching the temple, C.T. manages to capture Epsilon-Church, angering the Aliens and causing them to revolt. C.T. flees the temple with Epsilon-Church while the Reds, Blues, and the Aliens give chase. Eventually the Reds and Blues catch up, destroy C.T.'s jeep, and he is finally killed by Epsilon-Church after refusing to reveal his identity.

Insurrection Turret Soldiers[edit]

  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Voice Actor: Michael Jones and Lindsay Jones (as Lindsay Tuggey)
  • Armor Color: Black with maroon/pink trim and yellow visors
  • Appearances: Season 10
  • Status: Deceased

The Insurrectionist Turret Soldiers are a pair Insurrection soldiers that wield large turrets. One has a happy face painted on their visor and turret while the other has a sad face, and they both carry ammo canisters on their back. One of them first appears in Season 10, Chapter 7, spray painting a turret yellow. In Chapter 9, they appear again, guarding C.T. and the Insurrection Leader. Wyoming and Florida watch from above, but the Leader notices Florida and throws a tomahawk at him, causing him to fall. The Leader then orders the two Turret Soldiers to suppress the area. Carolina, York and Wash soon join the fight and attempt to figure out how to bypass the soldiers when a cloaked Tex sprints past them. In anger, Carolina follows Tex using her Super Speed leaving the rest to fend for themselves. However, Florida picks himself up and uses a grenade launcher to shoot a crane holding a crate, knocking the two Turret Soldiers off of the platform. The crate then falls on the two killing them, and leaving a large yellow stain from their paint canisters.

Recurring unaffiliated characters[edit]


  • Full Name: Andrew D. Kaboom[14]
  • Voice Actor: Nathan Zellner
  • Color: Gun metal-green, orange trim
  • Appearances: Season 3–6, 9
  • Status: Unknown

Built by Tex, Andy is the short-tempered, rude, and vulgar bomb. Andy often expresses a desire to detonate himself to solve a problem, much to the worry the teams, who attempt to calm him down. Andy is apparently self-conscious about his weight. In episode 75, after O'Malley repeatedly calls him "bowling ball", Andy asks Caboose if this is true, claiming that he has been working out. When Sarge steals Andy, he remarks that Andy is much lighter than the last time he tried to pick him up, and Andy is relieved that someone has noticed. Since Andy was built from parts of an old robot, he is able to speak. He also understands the Alien's language, and rest of the group use him to act as a translator. In Episode 76, the Reds steal Andy to translate a recording for them, which is stored in Lopez, but is in Spanish.

Later, he was taken by O'Malley, then possessing Captain Flowers, but was left in the caves with Lopez after Flowers learned enough Alien language to get by. The Red team returns to pick him up in Episode 100 and plant him in the ship as a contingency plan. They order him to detonate if O'Malley tries to escape in the ship. O'Malley does so, so Andy detonates, seemingly killing everyone on board. Andy's fate is expanded upon somewhat in the Chapter 5 of Reconstruction. Andy did explode, but while the blast did not destroy him, it caused major damage to the ship. Andy's fate after the crash landing is unknown.

He appears briefly in Season 9, in the Epsilon unit, where he is placed by Tex in the middle of the Reds. He then counts down, but to his dismay, does not explode.

In the Season 11 Episode "Finders Keepers" Tuckers voicemail system took him to Andy's and Quotes "Hi you've reached the voicemail of Andy the bomb".

In the Season 4 DVD commentary, the series creators stated that they originally wanted to explain Andy's rudeness by making him bitter about being rejected by Sheila, but it was never incorporated into the series.


The Alien.
  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Voice Actor: Nathan Zellner
  • Armor Color: Dark Blue (Covenant Elite)[28]
  • Appearances: Season 4
  • Status: Deceased

Appearing for the first time at the end of Season 3, the Alien scares Church out of his body after it wiped out Lopez's robot army single-handedly. This prompts the Blues to attempt to hunt him down, but they suffer a series of humiliating defeats. Even Tex is cut down seconds after attempting to attack the Alien, and, like Church, is forced to flee her body. Eventually, however, Caboose manages to befriend the Alien, who had found him unpalatable after biting him once. Conversely, the Alien has a strong odor to the Blues, who describe the smell with a series of unpleasant analogies.

The Alien has a habit of staying crouched, and its language appears to consist entirely of "blarg" and "honk". It seems to understand English, as it responds to other characters when they speak English, but it is unable to speak English itself. The Blues suggest a variety of names for the Alien including "Crunch-bite", "Fluffy", and "Honk-Honk". Gary later claims that the Alien is a member of the species that built him, though this later proves to be a lie.

The Alien reveals in Episodes 63 and 64 that he was on a quest to retrieve the sword that Tucker had discovered so that he could save his race from extinction. When the Alien first spots Tucker with the sword, he begins beat Tucker to a pulp relentlessly, upset that Tucker had discovered the sword first, as the sword only works for its original finder. The Alien consequently forces Tucker to join him on his quest, threatening to kill everyone otherwise. In 71, when the team reaches the temple in the Great Freezing Plains, the Alien has Tucker use the sword to unlock the gates to an alien ship. The Alien takes off in the ship, but he is almost immediately killed by Wyoming.

In episode 69, Tucker complains that the Alien is always standing over him when he awakes. Tex assumes that the Alien is simply obsessing over the sword. However, Andy accidentally reveals that the Alien's race reproduces by implanting parasitic embryos in other beings. Soon after, Tucker gives birth to the "baby" or Junior who is heard off-camera speaking in higher-pitched "honks" and "blargs". In 99 Tucker explains that the Alien's prophecy concerning the sword providing salvation for the Aliens did not fail with his death; instead, Junior, the son of Tucker and the Alien, is the intended savior of the Alien race.

In Revelation, it was revealed that the Alien's claims of a "prophecy" was all a ruse. The entire plot of the Blood Gulch Chronicles was a simulation battle test for Freelancers, in this case, specifically for Tex.

Red Zealot[edit]

  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Voice actor: Burnie Burns with altered pitch
  • Armor Color: Red
  • Appearances: Season 3, 15
  • Status: Deceased

The Red Zealot is one of the eternally respawning Red Team Grunts from Battle Creek, and is a hyperactive, frantic fellow with a high-pitched voice who worships "The Flag". Although all of the Battle Creek soldiers seem to share this faith, the Red Zealot has a far more religious mindset than his comrades do, and his fast-paced speech consists almost entirely of Biblical-type quotes and religious dogma, often speaking about crusades and promised lands during battles. He later teams up with O'Malley after being separated from the other Grunts, having been convinced the rogue AI is the guardian of the Holy Temple. O'Malley, Doc, and Lopez find him annoying, but tolerate him because he performs menial tasks without complaint. Ultimately, he is killed by Tucker when the Red and Blue Teams attack O'Malley's fortress. A deleted scene shows the Red Zealot resurrecting and vowing revenge.

In Season 15, a similar soldier shown to be working for Temple along with the other Grunts. After Wash is shot in a firefight, Caboose proceeds to attack the Grunts in a rage, at which point the soldier proclaims Caboose the Antichrist before being killed.


  • Full Names: Unknown
  • Voice actors: Various with altered pitches
  • Armor Colors: Red, Blue
  • Appearances: Season 3, 4, 11, 15
  • Status: Deceased

The Grunts[17] are a group of eternally respawning Reds and Blues originally from Battle Creek. Initially engaged in Capture the Flag, the group parodies the multiplayer mode of Halo and the stereotypical behaviors of online gamers, using terms like "rocket whore," "camper", and "noob."

Sarge and Caboose first encounter the Grunts near the beginning of Season 3. They become held up in the group's endless firefights, but eventually escape with Simmons' help. Simmons later teleports the group to Sidewinder and convinces them to attack O'Malley by claiming that he has their flag, but they are caught in the explosion with the rest of the characters. Later on, both teams are seen working together to guard the temple in the Great Freezing Plains, but they still exchange trash talk with each other over armor color. They are all soon wiped out by Tex.

In Season 15, they are among the simulation troopers working with the Blues and Reds. Multiple Grunts are killed in a firefight with the Reds, Blues, and Locus, but a Grunt sniper manages to shoot Wash in the throat. In return, Caboose and Sarge kill the remaining Grunts.

Other Alien[edit]

  • Armor Color: Green and Blue
  • Appearances: Season 5
  • Status: Unknown

When Captain Flowers returned as O'Malley's new host, he brought with him a new alien partner, referred to as the Other Alien on his DVD profile. In Episode 97 it was revealed that the Other Alien is seeking the original Alien for unknown reasons, and it revived Captain Flowers to assist him. The pair of them then begin searching for Junior as well. Flowers is working with O'Malley, Vic Jr. and Wyoming to exploit the Alien's race, however Flowers' dialogue with Vic Jr. reveals that the Other Alien is unaware of this fact. The Other Alien follows O'Malley and Junior onto the ship in episode 100. In Reconstruction, when Washington and the Blues were looking over the footage from the crashed Pelican, a door is heard opening and Tex says "Wait, where are they going? Close the hatch." And the Alien, and Junior were not found on the ship, implying that the Other Alien escaped with Junior to safety.


  • Voice Actor: Jack Pattillo
  • Armor Color: Purple
  • Appearances: Season 7–8
  • Status: Deceased

Smith is one of the Aliens working with the soldier known as C.T., and he appears to be second in command. On his first appearance he is disturbed by the arrival of Sarge, Grif and Caboose. In Recreation Chapter 18 he beats down Jones in retaliation for shooting Epsilon-Church, and when C.T. flees with Epsilon-Church, Smith gives chase, but is taken out when C.T. destroys his vehicle. He survives, however, and is seen standing in front of the temple at the end of the scene. Later in Revelation, he is seen, along with the other aliens, worshipping Epsilon-Church. He is eventually killed along with the rest of the aliens by Washington and The Meta.


  • Full Name: Cyclops
  • Voice Actor: Katie Newville
  • Model: Cyclops Mark II Military Assault Droid
  • Appearances: Season 11
  • Status: Destroyed

C.C. was a Cyclops military assault droid that Sarge decides to use to destroy Freckles. To carry it to the Red base, the droid is taken apart, but Grif loses multiple pieces. Dubbed C.C. due to stuttering on its name, it now sees everything as a hostile. C.C. is quickly deactivated, but alerts the Reds to Locus and the FAC troopers presence in the canyon. Dos Point.0 and Lopez are ordered to reactivate C.C. by Sarge during Locus' attack; instead an insane Dos Point.0 transfers his mind into C.C. to kill all present in the canyon. C.C.'s body is destroyed when Donut uses a "future cube" to teleport it into a minefield.


  • Full Name: Allison
  • Voice Actor: Lindsay Hicks
  • Appearance: Caucasian female with blonde hair
  • Appearances: Season 10
  • Status: Deceased

Allison was the Director's loved one that had died in a war, she was first mentioned in Reconstruction and makes a physical appearance in Season 10. Her death has haunted the Director ever since then and when the Alpha AI was created the memory of her was so strong it created a 'shadow' of her (Which gave The Director the idea of fragmenting the Alpha). This 'shadow' was put in a robotic body, given the codename Tex, retaining the memories of Allison. The Director remembered Allison for her failure to survive and therefore, Tex is always destined to fail, no matter how close she may be to victory.

In Season 10, Tex and Carolina were about to fight in the training room, when the Director notices. The Director, worried about Tex, called out "No! Allison!". This caused all the AIs in the area to begin muttering 'Allison' due to them also having memories of Allison from the Alpha. Later in the season, Washington was implanted with Epsilon. As Epsilon's memories were also from the Alpha, when Wash was given Epsilon, he immediately began having flash memories of a conversation the Director had with Allison before she went off to war.

In the epilogue of "Season 10," Carolina talks to Epsilon-Church about her mother. She says her mother was gone a lot, and it seemed like she always had important things to do, but her mother never said goodbye. Carolina explains that her mother disliked goodbyes because the person wasn't really gone, they just weren't there right now. This interaction strongly implies that Allison is indeed Carolina's mother, and—as implied by her green eyes and the Director's last words to her, "You were my greatest creation"—that Leonard Church is her father.


  • Full Name: Mason Wu
  • Voice Actor: Christopher Sabat
  • Appearance: Asian-American man with prosthetic left leg.
  • Appearances: Season 14
  • Status: Unknown

Siris appears in Episodes 9, 10 and 11 of Season 14, as part of a three-part story centered around Locus and Felix before the events of the Chorus trilogy. He is a bounty hunter working with Locus and Felix to apprehend criminals and bring them to custody as a way to make money to support his wife, Megan. He aids them in the capture of Gabriel Lozano, son of mafia boss Reuben Lozano, and later finds out that his criminal record was erased. When Felix suggests holding Gabriel for ransom for more than he was initially worth, Siris objects at first, but reluctantly accepts. When Reuben threatens to kill the bounty hunters (or their loved ones, should they escape), disowns Gabriel, and reveals he knows their hiding location, Siris attempts to back out of the mission to defend his family, but ultimately stays, assisting them in killing Reuben and his henchmen. The very next morning, the three decide to pawn Reuben's limousine to cover the original equipment costs. He is the sniper on the team, and is in charge of surveillance and support.

Dylan Andrews[edit]

  • Voice Actor: Anna Margaret Hollyman
  • Armor Color: White with cobalt trim
  • Appearances: Season 12 (mentioned), Season 15 (first full appearance)
  • Status: Alive

Dylan Andrews is an investigative journalist who's investigating the attacks by the Reds and Blues during Season 15. However, Andrews does not believe the Reds and Blues are behind the attacks, due to having previously written an article about how the Reds and Blues, along with Carolina and Washington, took down Project Freelancer and their subsequent pardon. Her search for the truth on what apparently turned the Reds and Blues from hapless heroes to cold-blooded criminals is the main focus of Season 15. She decides to start her investigation by going to where it all began, Blood Gulch.

Dylan meets the Reds and Blues, discovering her theory was correct and giving them Church's transmission. Dylan loses the trust of them, and becomes suspicious of the Blues and Reds. Dylan is apprehended by Loco and Temple, and detained.

Jax Jonez[edit]

  • Voice Actor: Joe Nicolosi
  • Armor Color: White with cobalt trim
  • Appearances: Season 15
  • Status: Alive

Jax Jonez is Dylan's new cameraman. He joins her side after her previous Cameraman, Frank, quit. However, instead of just doing his job, Jax is constantly trying out new filming techniques and forgetting things. He claims he is good at accidentally finding things that "advance the plot."


Due to the popularity and success of Red vs. Blue, Rooster Teeth has created dozens of Red vs. Blue-themed merchandise available for sale on the website's store.[30] Rooster Teeth has released several posters featuring major characters accompanied by their most popular quotes, dubbed "-isms posters".[31] Several t-shirts based off quotes from the show have also been created.[32] In addition, several products have been created from the "Grifball" game type Rooster Teeth created for the Halo series, including a messenger bag and a plush Grifball.[citation needed]


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