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Thirteen states of the United States have designated one or more official state breeds of companion animals.


State Official pet Photo Date
Alaska Alaskan Malamute Alaskan Malamute.jpg 2010[1]
Colorado Colorado shelter pets Black cat Animal Rescue GalawebDesign.jpg 2013-05-13[2]
Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog Ch-Catahoula 002.jpg 1979[3]
Maine Maine Coon Cat MaineCoonSilverTabby.jpg 1985[4]
Maryland Chesapeake Bay Retriever MH Chesapeake.jpg 1964[5]
Calico Cat Creamycalico.JPG 2001[6]
Massachusetts Boston Terrier BostonTerrierBrindleStand w.jpg 1979[7]
Tabby Cat Jammlich crop.jpg 1988[7]
New Hampshire Chinook Mountan Laurel Ajax the Chinook dog.jpg 2009[8]
North Carolina Plott Hound Plotthund Kynnagardens Ziggy Lundamo.JPG 1989[9]
Ohio Shelter pets 2019
Pennsylvania Great Dane Great dane.jpg 1965[10]
South Carolina Boykin Spaniel Boykin Spaniel Winter.jpg 1985[11]
Texas Blue Lacy BlueLacyPhoto1.jpg 2005[12]
Virginia American Foxhound AmericanFoxhound2.jpg 1966[13]
Wisconsin American Water Spaniel Chien d'eau americain champion 1.JPG 1985[14]

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