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Map of nations with diplomatic missions in Israel

Diplomatic missions in Israel are foreign embassies and consulates in Israel. There are currently 97 embassies in Israel, of which 92 embassies are located in the Tel Aviv District,[1] and five are located in Jerusalem. In addition to their embassy, some countries also maintain a consulate in Eilat, Haifa or Jerusalem.

On 6 December 2017 the President of the United States, Donald Trump announced that the US embassy to Israel would be moved to Jerusalem.[2] The move was made on 14 May 2018.[3] In April 2018, Guatemala announced that their embassy would move to Jerusalem,[4] which it did the following month. Kosovo and Honduras followed in 2021. Paraguay's embassy was briefly located in Jerusalem in 2018, then returned to Tel Aviv after a few months. Papua New Guinea followed in 2023.

Eight countries operate consulates-general in Jerusalem accredited to the Palestinian territories. These are not diplomatic missions to Israel, but rather to Palestine.



Tel Aviv[edit]

Entries in parentheses are located in cities that form part of the greater Tel Aviv metropolitan area.

Other missions and delegations[edit]



Tel Aviv[edit]





This is the list of countries that operate consulates within the Jerusalem municipal boundary but are accredited to the city of Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza Strip only. These missions are not directly accredited to the Palestinian Authority and also not to Israel. Between 1844 and 2019, the United States maintained a consulate-general in Jerusalem that conducted relations with the Palestinians. In March 2019, the Consulate General was merged into the new US Embassy in Jerusalem and many of its responsibilities were assumed by the Embassy's new Palestinian Affairs Unit.[14] Countries listed below already maintain separate embassies to Israel. For diplomatic missions accredited to the Palestinian Authority directly located inside the Palestinian territories of West Bank and Gaza Strip, see: List of diplomatic missions in Palestine.

Tel Aviv[edit]

Non-resident embassies[edit]

Resident in Ankara, Turkey:

Resident in Cairo, Egypt:

Resident in London, United Kingdom:

Resident in Paris, France:

Resident in Rome, Italy:

Other Resident Cities:

Closed missions[edit]

Host city Sending country Mission Year closed Ref.
Jerusalem  Cambodia Embassy 1975 [29][30]
 Weimar Republic Consulate-General 1939
Tel Aviv  Iran Embassy 1979 [31]
 Mauritania Embassy 2009 [32]
 Qatar Trade office 2000 [33]
 Tunisia Interest office 2000 [34]
 Venezuela Embassy 2009 [35]
Haifa  Ukraine Consulate-General 2014 [36][37]
 United States Consular Agency 2019 [38]

States with no relations[edit]

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