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The following is a list of Apple Inc. (formerly known as Apple Computer Inc.) software and hardware products that were superseded by improved versions, or discontinued, and are no longer manufactured. The first Apple product to be discontinued was the Apple I in 1977, superseded by the Apple II. The most recently discontinued products have been several iPod models including the iPod mini, replaced by the iPod nano. This list includes summarized descriptions and images of almost every known discontinued Apple product, including computer systems, software products, peripherals, iPods, Newtons, and miscellaneous products.

On September 3, 1998, Apple Computer published its first list abruptly dropping support for much of its discontinued product lines to date. Service providers were given little notice to stock up on existing parts inventory before Apple removed them from their databases.[1]

Currently Apple classifies discontinued products in three categories: Vintage, Obsolete or Legacy, based on the level of support they continue to provide. Apple's current hardware support policy provides for service and repair of products for up to five years following their discontinuation, except only in California, USA and Turkey (as required by statute), where products are guaranteed service for up to seven years after being discontinued. Products which fall into this additional two-year window are referred to as Vintage. Products which have been discontinued for more than seven years are considered Obsolete and no service of any kind is offered, nor parts obtainable from Apple.[2]

In 1997, Apple made changes to its technical support policy that resulted in a class action lawsuit. Essentially, Apple guaranteed free unlimited telephone support as long as an original customer owned certain Apple products purchased between 1993 and 1996. Apple subsequently dropped this support. However, the resulting settlement restored this phone based service as advertised, for all Legacy products. While hardware service is no longer available on any of these Obsolete models, free technical support is offered. Legacy models are indicated with an asterisk (*).[3]


An original Apple II, one of the first home computers. Introduced in 1977, replaced by the Apple II+ in 1980. Numerous other models followed until the line ended when the IIe was withdrawn in 1993.



A Macintosh 128k, the first Macintosh model, introduced in 1984 and discontinued in 1985.




A Macintosh LC, nicknamed the pizza box because of its casing shape.


A Macintosh Performa 5200 with an All-in-One case.

iMac, eMac[edit]

Mac Mini[edit]

II series[edit]

The Macintosh II, first introduced in 1987, was the first truly expandable Macintosh model.

Quadra and Centris[edit]

A Quadra 700, part of Apple's high-end desktop computer range of the early 1990s.

Power Macintosh[edit]

A Power Macintosh 7600.
A Power Mac G4 Cube, a compact high-performance Macintosh model.

Mac Pro[edit]

Portable, PowerBook, iBook and MacBook[edit]

A Macintosh Portable, the first laptop-form Macintosh model, introduced in 1989.
A PowerBook Duo 280c, part of Apple's line of small subnotebook computers.
A PowerBook 540c, Apple's high-end 1994 laptop Macintosh.
A PowerBook Duo 2300c, built between 1995 and 1997




A SilenType printer, Apple's first printer introduced in June 1979 and superseded by the Apple Dot Matrix Printer in October 1982.

Color LaserWriter[edit]

Color StyleWriter[edit]



An Apple LaserWriter II printer

LaserWriter Select[edit]

Personal LaserWriter[edit]



An Apple Monitor //
An Apple AudioVision 14 Display



iPod Classic[edit]

iPod Mini[edit]

iPod Shuffle[edit]

iPod Nano[edit]

iPod Touch[edit]




iPad Mini[edit]

iPad Pro[edit]

  • iPad Pro (12.9 inch) (1st generation)
  • iPad Pro (9.7 inch)

Apple TV[edit]

Apple Watch[edit]

  • Apple Watch Sport
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple Watch Edition
  • Apple Watch Series 2
  • Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+
  • Apple Watch Series 2 Hermès
  • Apple Watch Series 2 Edition

Peripherals and other devices[edit]

The Disk II was Apple's 5¼-inch floppy disk drive for the Apple II.

External Drives[edit]


AppleFax Modem
  • Apple Modem 300
  • Apple Modem 1200
  • Apple Personal Modem
  • Apple-Fax Modem
  • Apple Data Modem 2400
  • LocalTalk

Input Devices[edit]

Expansion Cards[edit]




Timeline of Apple products[edit]

Shelf life table for iPads[edit]

Release Discontinued Shelf life
iPad (1st generation) April 3, 2010 March 2, 2011 1
iPad 2 11-Mar-11 March 18, 2014 3
iPad (3rd generation) March 16, 2012 October 23, 2012 <1
iPad (4th generation) November 2, 2012 October 16, 2014 2
iPad Air 01-Nov-13 21-Mar-16 2.5
iPad Air 2 22-Oct-14 21-Mar-17 2.5
iPad Mini (1st generation) 02-Nov-12 19-Jun-15 3
iPad Mini 2 12-Nov-13 21-Mar-17 3.5
iPad Mini 3 22-Oct-14 09-Sep-15 1
iPad Mini 4 (16GB, 32GB,64GB) 09-Sep-15 Mar-17 1.5

Timeline of Apple Inc. products

Windows 10 Windows 8.1 Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP Debian NeXT Microsoft Windows IBM PC TRS-80 Altair 8800 iWork iLife iTunes Final Cut FileMaker Pro ClarisWorks AppleShare MacPaint MacWrite AppleWorks AirPort Time Capsule AirPort#AirPort Extreme (802.11n) iSight Camera AirPort GeoPort Apple USB Modem LocalTalk Apple USB Modem Apple displays#LCD displays Apple displays#LCD displays Trinitron Apple displays Apple displays Apple displays Magic Mouse 2 Magic Mouse Apple Mighty Mouse Apple Wireless Mouse Apple Mouse#Apple USB Mouse (M4848) Apple Adjustable Keyboard Apple Scanner Apple Desktop Bus Apple Mouse Apple Keyboard Color LaserWriter 12/600 PS StyleWriter LaserWriter Template:Apple printers SuperDrive SuperDrive#Floppy disk drive AppleCD Hard Disk 20SC Macintosh External Disk Drive Apple ProFile Disk II Apple TV Apple Bandai Pippin Apple Interactive Television Box Apple Watch Apple QuickTake PowerCD#AppleDesign Powered Speakers iPod Touch iPod PowerCD iPhone iPad Newton (platform) MacBook Pro MacBook Air Mac Pro Apple's transition to Intel processors Power Mac G5 OS X Power Mac G4 iMac Power Macintosh G3 Power Macintosh PowerBook Macintosh LC Macintosh II Compact Macintosh iMac Apple Network Server Macintosh XL Apple Lisa MacBook family Xserve MacBook family iBook iBook Apple IIe Card Apple IIe#The Platinum IIe Apple IIc Plus Apple GS/OS Apple IIc Apple IIGS Apple IIe Apple III Apple II Plus Apple III Apple II Apple I
Products on this timeline indicate introduction dates only and not necessarily discontinued dates, as new products begin on a contiguous product line.

Detailed timeline of Apple II family models[edit]

Detailed timeline of Macintosh models[edit]

MacBook Air MacBook Air iBook G4 MacBook Air iBook (white) iBook iBook PowerBook 2400 PowerBook Duo PowerBook Duo PowerBook Duo PowerBook Duo PowerBook Duo PowerBook Duo PowerBook Duo Apple TV Apple iPod Apple iPhone Apple iPad Apple Watch Apple Newton PowerCD Apple IIc Plus Apple IIe Platinum Apple IIe Card Apple IIGS Apple IIc Apple IIe Apple III Plus Apple III MacBook Pro#3rd generation (Retina) MacBook Pro#3rd generation (Retina) MacBook (Retina) MacBook#Unibody polycarbonate model MacBook Pro MacBook Pro MacBook Pro MacBook MacBook MacBook Pro MacBook Pro MacBook MacBook Pro MacBook Pro Aluminum PowerBook G4 Aluminum PowerBook G4 Aluminum PowerBook G4 iBook G4 PowerBook G4 iBook (white) PowerBook G3 PowerBook G3 PowerBook G3 PowerBook G3 PowerBook 3400 PowerBook 1400 PowerBook 5300 PowerBook 190 PowerBook 500 PowerBook 500 PowerBook 500 PowerBook 150 PowerBook 180c PowerBook 165 PowerBook 145b PowerBook 180 PowerBook 165c PowerBook 160 PowerBook 145 PowerBook 170 PowerBook 140 PowerBook 100 Macintosh Portable Macintosh Portable Apple Workgroup Server Apple Workgroup Server Apple Workgroup Server Apple Workgroup Server Apple Workgroup Server Apple Workgroup Server Apple Workgroup Server Apple Workgroup Server Apple Workgroup Server Apple Workgroup Server Apple Workgroup Server Apple Workgroup Server Apple Workgroup Server Intel Xserve Xserve G5 Cluster Node Xserve G5 Xserve Cluster Node Xserve Xserve Apple Network Server Apple Network Server Apple Network Server Apple Workgroup Server Apple Workgroup Server Apple Workgroup Server Mac Pro#Mac Pro Server Power Macintosh G4 Power Macintosh G4 Power Macintosh G4 Power Macintosh G3 (Blue & White) Power Macintosh G3 Quadra 950 Quadra 900 Mac Pro#2nd generation Mac Pro Power Mac G5 Power Mac G5 Power Mac G5 Power Mac G4 Cube Power Macintosh G3 Power Macintosh 8600 Power Macintosh 7300 Power Macintosh 9600 Power Macintosh 8500 Power Macintosh 7600 Power Macintosh 7200 Power Macintosh 9500 Power Macintosh 8100 Power Macintosh 7500 Power Macintosh 7100 Quadra 840AV Quadra 800 Quadra 700 Mac Mini#Unibody Mac Mini Mac mini#Mac Mini Server Mac mini#Intel-based Mac Mini Mac mini#Intel-based Mac Mini Mac mini Power Macintosh 6400 Power Macintosh 6200 Power Macintosh 6500 Power Macintosh 6200 Power Macintosh 6100 Quadra 630 Quadra 650 Quadra 610 Quadra 660AV Quadra 650 Quadra 610 Quadra 605 Macintosh IIvx Macintosh IIvi Macintosh IIsi Macintosh IIfx Macintosh IIci Macintosh IIcx Macintosh IIx Macintosh II Power Macintosh 4400 Macintosh LC III Macintosh LC II Macintosh LC iMac (Intel-based)#iMac with Retina display iMac (Intel-based)#iMac with Retina display iMac (Intel-based)#Slim Unibody iMac iMac (Intel-based)#Slim Unibody iMac iMac (Intel-based)#Unibody iMac iMac (Intel-based)#Unibody iMac iMac (Intel-based) iMac (Intel-based) iMac (Intel-based) iMac (Intel-based) iMac (Intel-based) iMac iMac iMac iMac Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh Macintosh Color Classic Macintosh LC 550 Macintosh Color Classic Macintosh Classic II Macintosh LC 520 Macintosh Classic Macintosh SE/30 Macintosh Plus Macintosh SE FDHD Macintosh Plus Macintosh SE Macintosh 512Ke Macintosh XL Macintosh 512K Macintosh 128K eMac iMac iMac iMac Power Macintosh G3 Power Macintosh 5500 Power Macintosh 5260 Power Macintosh 5400 Power Macintosh 5200 Macintosh LC 580 Macintosh LC 575 Macintosh TV Extensible Firmware Interface New World ROM Old World ROM


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