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List of programs broadcast by CNN Philippines

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This is a list of programs being broadcast by CNN Philippines, airing on VHF terrestrial television station RPN-TV 9 Manila, owned and managed by Nine Media Corporation through the facilities of Radio Philippines Network. Its local programming includes news and current affairs programs and lifestyle shows produced by various local production outfits.

As part of the partnership between Nine Media and Turner Broadcasting System, CNN Philippines also broadcasts several programming content from CNN International, CNN USA and HLN.

For the list of the previously aired programs of RPN-9, check List of programs previously broadcast by Radio Philippines Network.

Currently broadcast[edit]

Flagship local newscasts[edit]

CNN/US and HLN-provided newscasts[edit]

National newscasts in native Philippine languages[edit]

Sports news[edit]

Public service[edit]

Stories documentary block (since 2013)[edit]

  • Operation Change (Mondays, 2016)
  • CNN Freedom Project (occasional)

Current affairs[edit]


  • The Boardroom (2016)
  • CNN Philippines Presents (occasional, 2016)
  • On the Record (occasional, 2016)
  • News.PH (2012)*
  • MedTalk (2012)*
  • Profiles (2015)
  • The Source (2016)[7]
  • The Story of the Filipino (2016)

CNN Domestic & International[edit]

Reality shows[edit]


  • Drive (Season 4) (2014–2015, 2016)
  • Flavors (2016)
  • Leading Women (2015; produced by Go Motion Productions)
  • Real Talk (Season 3) (2015)
  • Something to Chew On (Season 4) (2013–2015, 2016)*


  • TV Healing Mass for the Homebound with Fr. Mario Sobrejuanite (2014)*
  • EWTN on CNN Philippines (2015, special Papal events only)

CNN International-produced programs[edit]

  • Business Traveller (2015)
  • CNN GO (2015)
  • Culinary Journeys (2016)
  • Talk Asia (2015)
  • The Art of Movement (2016)
  • Vital Signs with Dr. Sanjay Gupta (2016)

Foreign entertainment news[edit]

  • Hollywood Express (2014)*


CNN produced[edit]

  • Health Minute
  • Hollywood Minute**
  • Jeanne Moos**
  • Take a Look at This
  • Caught on Cam

Locally produced[edit]

  • CNN Philippines Billboard*
  • CNN Philippines Snippets
  • The Scoop*
  • Traffic Bites

* Rebranded/retained Solar News Channel/9TV carry-overs.
** First aired on 9TV as lead-up/promotional segments.
*** Axed before August 2016 as part of program restructuring, but returned on August 23, 2016 after CNNI programs set to premiere on the network were put on hold.

Future programming[edit]


  • The Insider (2017)[8]


  • Hoop Nation (2017)[8]


  • Harvest (2017)[8]
  • My Philippines (2017)[8]
  • Trippies (2017)[8]

Previously aired on RPN[edit]


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