Malice Vundabar

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Malice Vundabar
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Hawk and Dove vol. 2 #21,
(February 1991)
Created by Karl Kesel (writer)
Barbara Kesel (writer)
Steve Erwin (artist)
In-story information
Alter ego Malice Vundabar
Species New Gods
Place of origin Apokolips
Team affiliations Female Furies
  • Inmortality
  • Controls the shadow monster named Chessure.

Malice Vundabar is a fictional extraterrestrial published by DC Comics. She first appeared in Hawk and Dove vol. 2 #21 (February 1991), she was created by Karl Kesel, Barbara Kesel and Steve Erwin.

Fictional character biography[edit]

A member of the junior Female Furies, Malice is an insane girl that controls a shadow demon called Chessure.[1] Niece of Virman Vundabar, Malice and the other junior Furies played a game to see who could kill the most humans on Earth. During one of their games, they came across the superheroes Hawk and Dove. Malice won the game by killing a college wrestler in a super hero costume. She participated in several missions and is noteworthy for her bratty, yet cynical personality. Most often, she feigns being a helpless little girl, and then summons Chessure to attack. It was also hinted that her older brother was physically abusive towards her until she became a member of the Furies.

Other version[edit]

  • Malice Vundabar appeared in Sovereign Seven, which is not considered in DC continuity. She also appeared in a Superman & Savage Dragon: Metropolis, where the Furies teamed up with villains from Savage Dragon's rogues gallery.


  • Malice's appearance and name are based on Alice from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". Her shadow monster named Chessure is based on the Cheshire Cat.


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