Michael Makowski

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Michael Makowski
Born (1983-10-22) 22 October 1983 (age 33)
Sydney, Australia
Occupation Television presenter
Known for Good Game

Michael Makowski (born 22 October 1983) is a former Australian television presenter and video game reviewer. He is best known by his nickname "Kapowski" which he uses since his time presenting for Good Game.

Early life[edit]

Michael grew up on Sydney's northern beaches.


Early career[edit]

Two of Makowski's early jobs were working at a mobile phone kiosk, Tandy and whilst working on the show opted to reduce his work from full-time to part-time at Optus to focus on the creation of Good Game.

Good Game[edit]

Michael was one of the founding creators of Good Game, with many references and segments still seen today such as the bullet proof rubber chicken rating system and gamers news.

A segment that was in the first series - "Build Your Own Machine" with Dr Daneel was also created by Michael, although it did not continue after series one of the show.

Michael Makowski was successul in being selected to be one of the presenters of the video game talk show Good Game alongside former presenter, and co-creator Jeremy Ray On 19 September 2006.

The selection of two gamers, rather than two seasonsed television presenters was to coincide with the message - "the show for gamers, by gamers".

He made his first appearance on the very first episode.[1] and features throughout season one of Good Game.

Michael was also the voice over and operator for a yellow puppet that made occasional appearances in the show known as P_Nutz.

On 14 February 2007, he announced his resignation from the Good Game team via the official forums. He was succeeded by current host Steven O'Donnell. He returned for an interview for the 100th episode on 24 August 2009.[2]


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