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The 2012 AFL draft consisted of five opportunities for player acquisitions during the 2012/13 Australian Football League off-season.

These were:

  • 2012 trade period; which was held between 1 October and 26 October, and for the first time incorporated a free agency eligibility period.[1]
  • A mini-draft of 17-year-old players, as part of the recruitment concessions given to the newly established Greater Western Sydney Giants, held on 26 October[2]
  • The 2012 national draft; which was conducted on 22 November at the Gold Coast Convention Centre.[2]
  • The 2013 pre-season draft which was held on 11 December 2012[2] and
  • The 2013 rookie draft, also held on 11 December 2012.[2]

Player movements[edit]

Of the players not yet eligible for free agency, Kurt Tippett from Adelaide, Sharrod Wellingham and Chris Dawes from Collingwood were the highest profile players who were linked to trade discussions. Geelong have reached an agreement with Gold Coast regarding Josh Caddy, which would involve Geelong's mid-first-round compensation pick, for losing Gary Ablett Jr. to the Suns and other picks to be confirmed, with paperwork for this trade to be lodged to the AFL at a later date.[3]

Free agency[edit]

During the 2012 AFL season, in the leadup to the first ever free agency trade period, there was speculation about high profile players who had contracts that expired at the end of the season, including Travis Cloke, Travis Boak, Brendon Goddard and Troy Chaplin.[4] However, during the season, Cloke[5] and Boak both re-signed with their current clubs. Brent Moloney from Melbourne became the first player to announce that he would become a free agent[6] He was followed by Carlton pair Bret Thornton and Jordan Russell, West Coast's Quinten Lynch and Port Adelaide's Steven Salopek to declare themselves as free agents.[7]

The initial list of free agents, published in March 2012, consisted of 62 unrestricted free agents and 19 restricted free agents.[8] A restricted free agent is a player who has served eight or more seasons of AFL football at one club, is one of the top 25 per cent highest-paid players at his club, and is now out of contract for the first time since reaching eight seasons of service. Unrestricted free agents are players who have been delisted by their club, played more than ten seasons at one AFL club or has played eight or more seasons at one club and is not one of the top 25 per cent highest-paid players at his club.[9] Restricted free agents must allow their current club to match any offer from a rival club, whereas unrestricted free agents are free to sign with any other club.

The final free agents list issued on 27 September in the week before the trade period commenced consisted of 28 unrestricted free agents and six restricted free agents, reflecting the number of players that had either re-signed with their current club or retired from the AFL.[10]

2012 AFL free agency period signings
Player Date Free agent type Former club New club Compensation[11] Ref
Pearce, DanyleDanyle Pearce 1 October 2012 Restricted Port Adelaide Fremantle 2nd round [12]
Goddard, BrendonBrendon Goddard 1 October 2012 Restricted St Kilda Essendon 1st round [13]
Knights, ChrisChris Knights 1 October 2012 Unrestricted Adelaide Richmond None [14]
Chaplin, TroyTroy Chaplin 1 October 2012 Restricted Port Adelaide Richmond 2nd round [15]
Lynch, QuintenQuinten Lynch 2 October 2012 Unrestricted West Coast Collingwood 3rd round [16]
Byrnes, ShannonShannon Byrnes 4 October 2012 Unrestricted Geelong Melbourne None [17]
Murphy, TomTom Murphy 12 October 2012 Unrestricted Hawthorn Gold Coast None [18]
Moloney, BrentBrent Moloney 12 October 2012 Restricted Melbourne Brisbane Lions 3rd round [19]
Rivers, JaredJared Rivers 18 October 2012 Unrestricted Melbourne Geelong 3rd round [20]
Young, ClintonClinton Young 19 October 2012 Unrestricted Hawthorn Collingwood 3rd round [21]
Simpkin, JonathanJonathan Simpkin 1 November 2012 Delisted Geelong Hawthorn None [22]
Gillies, TomTom Gillies 13 November 2012 Delisted Geelong Melbourne None [23]
Roberton, DylanDylan Roberton 30 November 2012 Delisted Fremantle St Kilda None [24]
Lower, NickNick Lower 3 December 2012 Delisted Fremantle Western Bulldogs None [25]


Trade # Player and/or picks traded Traded from Traded to Traded for
1[26] Draft picks No. 2 and 67
End of first-round (Brennan) compensation pick
Gold Coast Greater Western Sydney GWS Mini-draft pick No. 1
End of first-round (Palmer) compensation pick
2 Angus Monfries Essendon Port Adelaide Draft pick No.51
3 Tom Lee (Claremont)
Draft picks No. 24 and 45
Greater Western Sydney St Kilda Draft pick No. 12
4 Brian Lake
Draft pick No. 27
Western Bulldogs Hawthorn Draft picks No. 21 and 43
5 GWS Mini-draft pick No.2
Dominic Barry (North Ballarat)
Draft pick No. 20 (Davis compensation selection)
Greater Western Sydney Melbourne Draft picks No. 3 and 14 (Scully compensation selection)
6 Sharrod Wellingham Collingwood West Coast Draft pick No. 18
7 Chris Dawes
Draft pick No. 61
Collingwood Melbourne Draft picks No. 20 (Davis compensation selection) and 47
8 Hamish McIntosh North Melbourne Geelong Draft pick No. 38
9 Josh Caddy Gold Coast Geelong First-round Compensation pick
Draft pick No. 57
10 Angus Graham
Draft pick No. 53 (relinquished)
Richmond Adelaide Draft pick No. 42
11 Jack Hombsch
Jake Neade (North Ballarat)
Greater Western Sydney Port Adelaide Draft pick No. 28
12 Tom Hickey
Draft picks No. 25 and 46
Gold Coast St Kilda Draft picks No. 13, 36 and 55
13 Koby Stevens West Coast Western Bulldogs Draft pick No. 43
14 Greg Broughton
Draft pick No. 58
Fremantle Gold Coast Draft pick No. 36
15 Tom Young Collingwood Western Bulldogs Draft pick No. 69
16 David Rodan Port Adelaide Melbourne Draft pick No. 88
17 Jordan Russell Carlton Collingwood Draft pick No. 69
18 Lewis Stevenson West Coast Port Adelaide Draft pick No. 88
19 Campbell Heath
Draft pick No. 82
Sydney Port Adelaide Draft pick No. 70
20 Cale Morton Melbourne West Coast Draft pick No. 88 (unused)
21 Aaron Edwards North Melbourne Richmond Draft pick No. 72
22 Jordan Gysberts
Draft pick No. 61
Melbourne North Melbourne Cameron Pedersen
Draft pick No. 72
23 Matthew Spangher
Draft pick No. 70
Sydney Hawthorn Draft pick No. 64 (Young compensation selection)
24 Stephen Gilham
Draft picks No. 27 and 63
Hawthorn Greater Western Sydney Jed Anderson (NT zone selection)
Draft picks No. 28 and 66
25 Stefan Martin Melbourne Brisbane Lions Draft picks No. 52 and 71
26 Draft picks No. 41 and 47 Collingwood North Melbourne Draft pick No. 38
27 Trent Dennis-Lane Sydney St Kilda Draft pick No. 46
28 Jamie Cripps
Draft pick No. 45
St Kilda West Coast Draft picks No. 40 and 43

Note: the numbering of the draft picks in this trades table may be different to the draft picks known at the time of the trade due to adjustments due to either the insertion of compensation draft picks, Adelaide relinquishing their first two selections or clubs exiting the draft before the later rounds.


As part of their entry concessions, Greater Western Sydney was allocated up to four selections in a mini-draft, which could be used to recruit seventeen-year-olds who would not otherwise be eligible for that year's national draft. These players could not play senior AFL football until the 2014 season. GWS could not use these draft picks themselves, but could trade them to other clubs prior to either the 2011 or 2012 AFL Drafts. In 2011, Gold Coast and Adelaide negotiated trades with GWS for selections in this draft and selected Jaeger O'Meara and Brad Crouch. The two remaining selections for the 2012 mini-draft were obtained by the Gold Coast (pick No. 1) and Melbourne (pick No. 2). Western Australian youngsters Jack Martin and Jesse Hogan were widely expected to be taken with the two Mini-draft picks.[27]

Pick Player Recruited from League Club
1 Jack Martin Claremont Football Club WAFL Gold Coast
2 Jesse Hogan Claremont Football Club WAFL Melbourne

2012 national draft[edit]

The 2012 AFL national draft was held on 22 November at the Gold Coast Convention Centre.[2]

During the free agency and trade period, the Adelaide Football Club was investigated for draft tampering and breaches of the salary cap relating to the 2009 contract extension of Kurt Tippett, who was seeking a trade. Adelaide was likely to incur a loss of draft picks, among other penalties, if found guilty, but the AFL Commission was yet to complete its hearing into the matter when the National Draft was held, so the club was permitted to participate in this year's draft as normal. However, on the day before the draft, the club voluntarily relinquished its highest two remaining selections (No. 20 and 54) as a "gesture of goodwill" ahead of the hearing.[28] When the final penalties were handed down on 30 November, Adelaide was also stripped of its first and second round draft picks in the 2013 National Draft, as well as receiving a fine; Tippett received an 11-match suspension, and a fine.[29]

Round Pick Player Recruited from League Drafted to Notes
1 1 Lachie Whitfield Dandenong Stingrays TAC Cup Greater Western Sydney
1 2 Jonathan O'Rourke Calder Cannons TAC Cup Greater Western Sydney Traded from Gold Coast
1 3 Lachlan Plowman Calder Cannons TAC Cup Greater Western Sydney Traded from Melbourne
1 4 Jimmy Toumpas Woodville-West Torrens SANFL Melbourne Greater Western Sydney uncontracted player compensation pick (Scully)
1 5 Jake Stringer Bendigo Pioneers TAC Cup Western Bulldogs
1 6 Jackson Macrae Oakleigh Chargers TAC Cup Western Bulldogs Greater Western Sydney uncontracted player compensation pick (Ward)
1 7 Ollie Wines Bendigo Pioneers TAC Cup Port Adelaide
1 8 Sam Mayes North Adelaide SANFL Brisbane Lions
1 9 Nick Vlastuin Northern Knights TAC Cup Richmond
1 10 Joe Daniher Calder Cannons TAC Cup Essendon Father-son selection (son of Anthony Daniher)
1 11 Troy Menzel Central District SANFL Carlton
1 12 Kristian Jaksch Oakleigh Chargers TAC Cup Greater Western Sydney Traded from St Kilda
1 13 Jesse Lonergan Launceston TSL Gold Coast Traded from St Kilda, free agency compensation pick (Goddard)
1 14 Aidan Corr Northern Knights TAC Cup Greater Western Sydney Traded from Melbourne, Greater Western Sydney uncontracted player compensation pick (Scully)
1 15 Taylor Garner Dandenong Stingrays TAC Cup North Melbourne
1 16 Jackson Thurlow Launceston TSL Geelong
1 17 Josh Simpson East Fremantle WAFL Fremantle
1 18 Brodie Grundy Sturt SANFL Collingwood Traded from West Coast
1 19 Ben Kennedy Glenelg SANFL Collingwood
1 relinquished Adelaide voluntarily surrendered ahead of Kurt Tippett draft tampering hearing[30]
1 20 Tim Broomhead Port Adelaide Magpies SANFL Collingwood Traded by Melbourne, received from Adelaide, Greater Western Sydney uncontracted player compensation pick (Davis)
1 21 Nathan Hrovat Northern Knights TAC Cup Western Bulldogs Traded from Hawthorn
1 22 Dean Towers North Ballarat VFL Sydney
1 23 Marco Paparone East Fremantle WAFL Brisbane Lions Gold Coast uncontracted player compensation pick (Rischitelli)
2 24 Nathan Wright Dandenong Stingrays TAC Cup St Kilda Traded from Greater Western Sydney
2 25 Spencer White Western Jets TAC Cup St Kilda Traded from Gold Coast
2 26 Jack Viney Oakleigh Chargers TAC Cup Melbourne Father-son selection (son of Todd Viney)
2 27 James Stewart Sandringham Dragons TAC Cup Greater Western Sydney Traded by Hawthorn, received from Western Bulldogs
2 28 Tim O'Brien Glenelg SANFL Hawthorn Traded by Greater Western Sydney, received from Port Adelaide
2 29 Tom Clurey Murray Bushrangers TAC Cup Port Adelaide Free agency compensation pick (Pearce)
2 30 Mason Shaw South Fremantle WAFL Port Adelaide Free agency compensation pick (Chaplin)
2 31 Kamdyn McIntosh Peel Thunder WAFL Richmond Traded from Port Adelaide, Gold Coast uncontracted player compensation pick (Krakouer)
2 32 Michael Close North Ballarat Rebels TAC Cup Brisbane Lions
2 33 Liam McBean Calder Cannons TAC Cup Richmond
2 34 Jason Ashby Oakleigh Chargers TAC Cup Essendon
2 35 Tom Temay Sandringham Dragons TAC Cup Carlton
2 36 Tanner Smith North Ballarat Rebels TAC Cup Fremantle Traded by Gold Coast, received from St Kilda
2 37 Ben Jacobs Port Adelaide AFL North Melbourne
2 38 Jackson Ramsay East Perth WAFL Collingwood Traded by North Melbourne, received from Geelong
2 39 Max Duffy East Fremantle WAFL Fremantle
2 40 Brodie Murdoch Glenelg SANFL St Kilda Traded from West Coast
2 41 Mason Wood Geelong Falcons TAC Cup North Melbourne Traded from Collingwood
2 42 Matthew McDonough Woodville-West Torrens SANFL Richmond Traded from Adelaide
2 43 Josh Saunders Geelong Falcons TAC Cup St Kilda Traded by West Coast, received from Hawthorn
2 44 Harrison Marsh East Fremantle WAFL Sydney
3 45 Brant Colledge Perth WAFL West Coast Traded by St Kilda, received from Greater Western Sydney
3 46 Tim Membrey Gippsland Power TAC Cup Sydney Traded by St Kilda, received from Gold Coast
3 47 Mitchell Wilkins Norwood SANFL North Melbourne Traded by Collingwood, received from Melbourne
3 48 Dean Kent Perth WAFL Melbourne Free agency compensation pick
3 49 Lachie Hunter Western Jets TAC Cup Western Bulldogs Father-son selection (son of Mark Hunter)
3 50 Josh Prudden Murray Bushrangers TAC Cup Western Bulldogs Greater Western Sydney uncontracted player compensation pick (Reid)
3 51 Dylan Van Unen Frankston VFL Essendon Traded from Port Adelaide
3 52 Matt Jones Box Hill Hawks VFL Melbourne Traded from Brisbane Lions
3 relinquished Adelaide Traded from Richmond, voluntarily surrendered ahead of Kurt Tippett draft tampering hearing,[30]
3 53 Martin Gleeson North Ballarat Rebels TAC Cup Essendon
3 54 Nicholas Graham Gippsland Power TAC Cup Carlton
3 55 Tim Sumner Woodville-West Torrens SANFL Gold Coast Traded from St Kilda
3 56 Daniel Currie North Adelaide SANFL North Melbourne
3 57 Kyal Horsley (Rookie promotion) Gold Coast Traded from Geelong
3 58 Clay Cameron Mount Gravatt NEAFL Gold Coast Traded from Fremantle
3 59 Adam Carter South Fremantle WAFL West Coast
3 60 Mark Hutchings West Perth WAFL West Coast Free agency compensation pick (Lynch)
3 61 Taylor Hine Gold Coast AFL North Melbourne Traded by Melbourne, received from Collingwood
3 62 Sam Siggins Lauderdale TSL Adelaide
3 63 Pass Greater Western Sydney Traded from Hawthorn
3 64 Matthew Dick Calder Cannons TAC Cup Sydney Traded from Hawthorn, free agency compensation pick (Young)
3 65 Pass Sydney
4 66 Kaiden Brand West Adelaide SANFL Hawthorn Traded from Greater Western Sydney
4 67 Pass Greater Western Sydney Traded from Gold Coast
4 68 Dean Terlich Norwood SANFL Melbourne
4 69 Pass Carlton Traded by Collingwood, received from Western Bulldogs
4 70 Michael Osborne Hawthorn AFL Hawthorn Traded by Sydney, received from Port Adelaide
4 71 Daniel Nicholson (Rookie promotion) Melbourne Traded from Brisbane Lions
4 72 Michael Evans (Rookie promotion) Melbourne Traded by North Melbourne, received from Richmond
4 73 Nicholas Kommer East Perth WAFL Essendon
4 74 Pass Carlton
4 75 Lewis Pierce Dandenong Stingrays TAC Cup St Kilda
4 76 Sam Gibson (Rookie promotion) North Melbourne
4 77 Bradley Hartman Sturt SANFL Geelong
4 78 Clancee Pearce (Rookie promotion) Fremantle
4 79 Brad Dick (Rookie promotion) West Coast
4 80 Pass Collingwood
4 81 Rory Atkins Calder Cannons TAC Cup Adelaide
4 82 Pass Port Adelaide Traded from Sydney
5 83 Sam Frost (Rookie promotion) Greater Western Sydney
5 84 Pass Western Bulldogs
5 85 Tom Jonas (Rookie promotion) Port Adelaide
5 86 Jack Crisp (Rookie promotion) Brisbane Lions
5 87 Pass Richmond
5 88 Sean Gregory Calder Cannons TAC Cup Essendon
5 89 Levi Casboult (Rookie promotion) Carlton
5 90 Sam Dunell (Rookie promotion) St Kilda
5 91 Aaron Mullett (Rookie promotion) North Melbourne
5 92 Jesse Stringer (Rookie promotion) Geelong
5 93 Lee Spurr (Rookie promotion) Fremantle
5 94 Marley Williams (Rookie promotion) Collingwood
5 95 Ian Callinan (Rookie promotion) Adelaide
5 96 Pass Sydney
6 97 Andrew Phillips (Rookie promotion) Greater Western Sydney
6 98 Tom Campbell (Rookie promotion) Western Bulldogs
6 99 Niall McKeever (Rookie promotion) Brisbane Lions
6 100 Pass Richmond
6 101 Pass Essendon
6 102 Zach Tuohy (Rookie promotion) Carlton
6 103 Majak Daw (Rookie promotion) North Melbourne
6 104 Pass Sydney
7 105 Jason Johannisen (Rookie promotion) Western Bulldogs
7 106 Mark Baguley (Rookie promotion) Essendon
7 107 Harry Cunningham (Rookie promotion) Sydney


  • Compensation picks are selections in addition to the normal order of selection, allocated to clubs by the AFL as compensation for losing uncontracted players to the new expansion clubs, Gold Coast and Greater Western Sydney. The picks can be held for up to five years and clubs declare at the beginning of the season of their intent to utilise the pick at the end of the season. Picks could be traded to other clubs in return for players or other draft selections.
  • free agency compensation picks are additional selections awarded to teams based on their net loss of players during the free agency trade period.
  • Promoted rookies are players who are transferred from a club's rookie list to their primary list.
  • Local talent selections are local zone selections available to the new expansion clubs.

2013 pre-season draft[edit]

The 2013 AFL pre-season draft was held on 11 December 2012.[2]

Round Pick Player Recruited from League Drafted to
1 1 Bret Thornton Carlton AFL Greater Western Sydney
1 2 Pass Western Bulldogs
1 3 Sam Colquhoun Central District SANFL Port Adelaide
1 4 Pass Brisbane Lions
1 5 Pass Richmond
1 6 Will Hams Gippsland Power TAC Cup Essendon
1 7 Pass Carlton
1 8 Jack Hannath Central District SANFL Fremantle
1 9 Pass Collingwood
1 10 Nick Joyce Adelaide AFL Adelaide
1 11 Kurt Tippett Adelaide AFL Sydney
2 12 Dean Brogan Greater Western Sydney AFL Greater Western Sydney
2 13 Pass Carlton
2 14 Jesse Crichton Fremantle AFL Fremantle
2 15 Pass Collingwood
2 16 Pass Sydney
3 17 Pass Sydney

2013 rookie draft[edit]

The 2013 AFL rookie draft was held on 11 December 2012.[2]

Round Pick Player Recruited from League Drafted to
1 1 Pass Greater Western Sydney
1 2 Leigh Osborne Frankston VFL Gold Coast
1 3 Nathan Stark Glenelg SANFL Melbourne
1 4 Brett Goodes Williamstown VFL Western Bulldogs
1 5 Kane Mitchell Claremont WAFL Port Adelaide
1 6 Nicholas Hayes Woodville West Torrens SANFL Brisbane Lions
1 7 Ricky Petterd Melbourne AFL Richmond
1 8 Ariel Steinberg Essendon AFL Essendon
1 9 Jaryd Cachia Norwood SANFL Carlton
1 10 Tim McGenniss Dandenong Stingrays TAC Cup North Melbourne
1 11 Matt Taberner Murray Bushrangers TAC Cup Fremantle
1 12 Callum Sinclair Subiaco WAFL West Coast
1 13 Kyle Martin Frankston VFL Collingwood
1 14 Kyle Hartigan Werribee VFL Adelaide
1 15 John Ceglar Collingwood AFL Hawthorn
1 16 Jake Lloyd North Ballarat Rebels TAC Cup Sydney
2 17 Pass Greater Western Sydney
2 18 Pass Gold Coast
2 19 Mitch Clisby North Adelaide SANFL Melbourne
2 20 Justin Hoskin Port Adelaide Magpies SANFL Port Adelaide
2 21 Callum Bartlett Brisbane Lions AFL Brisbane Lions
2 22 Sam Lonergan Essendon AFL Richmond
2 23 Andrew Collins Carlton AFL Carlton
2 24 Ben Speight North Melbourne AFL North Melbourne
2 25 Alex Howson East Fremantle WAFL Fremantle
2 26 Jamie Bennell Melbourne AFL West Coast
2 27 Sam Dwyer Port Melbourne VFL Collingwood
2 28 Ciarán Kilkenny Dublin GAA GAA Hawthorn
2 29 Xavier Richards Sandringham Dragons TAC Cup Sydney
3 30 Pass Greater Western Sydney
3 31 Pass Gold Coast
3 32 Pass Brisbane Lions
3 33 Orren Stephenson Geelong AFL Richmond
3 34 Cameron Richardson North Melbourne AFL North Melbourne
3 35 Adam Oxley Redland NEAFL Collingwood
3 36 Jack Osborn Alternative talent (Basketball) Adelaide
3 37 Dane Rampe UNSW-Eastern Suburbs AFL Sydney Sydney
4 38 Pass Greater Western Sydney
4 39 Pass Gold Coast
4 40 Cadeyn Williams Murray Bushrangers TAC Cup Richmond
4 41 Jack Frost Williamstown VFL Collingwood
4 42 Tim Klaosen Alternative talent (Basketball) Adelaide
4 43 Pass St Kilda
5 44 Pass Greater Western Sydney
5 45 Pass Gold Coast
5 46 Craig Moller Sydney Uni NEAFL Fremantle
5 47 Ben Hudson Brisbane Lions AFL Collingwood
6 48 Pass Gold Coast
6 49 Peter Yagmoor Collingwood AFL Collingwood
6 50 Daniel Robinson NSW/ACT Rams TAC Cup Sydney
7 51 Joseph Redfern Sydney Hills Eagles NEAFL Greater Western Sydney
7 52 Pass Gold Coast
7 53 Ben Richmond Alternative Talent (Basketball) Collingwood
8 54 Zac Williams Narrandera Riverina Football League Greater Western Sydney
8 55 Andrew Boston Broadbeach NEAFL Gold Coast
9 58 Brandon Jack Pennant Hills AFL Sydney Sydney
9 59 Sam Naismith North Shore AFL Sydney Sydney
10 63 Jordon Bourke Morningside NEAFL Brisbane Lions


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