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Quaker Honey Graham Oh's, stacked 3 by 3

Honey Graham Oh's (or Oh's! or Oh!s ) is a cereal brand introduced in the mid-1980s by the Quaker Oats Company. The pieces are crunchy corn and oat rings filled with graham cracker bits, crispy rice, and honey.

Oh's originally came in two varieties: "Crunchy Graham" and "Honey Nut". In 1988 the names of the two versions were switched to "Honey Graham" and "Crunchy Nut." Eventually Crunchy Nut was phased out; today, only Honey Graham is available. In 1989 Quaker introduce apple cinnamon oh's.[1] There was also Apple Oh's[2] and fruitangy.[3] In late 2014, the brand was sold to Post Cereals.[4]