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This is a list of publicly known Disney attractions that were never built, that is, rides and shows of Disney parks that never reached the final building stage. Some of them were fully designed and not built. Others were concepts, sometimes with preliminary artwork. Many were developed as far as it could but funding was either reallocated, consolidated and optimized in the "best possible" return of investment. In other major projects, signs of reuse documentation was evident in some of the parks.

Theme parks[edit]

Name Description Reference
Disney's America A patriotic park to be located in Haymarket, Virginia. [1]
DisneySea An indoor theme park designed to be a part of Port Disney.
Walt Disney's Riverfront Square An indoor theme park planned for St. Louis. [2]
Disney's Arabia Disney's first theme park in the Middle East and a new indoor-theme park inspired by the 1992 Disney animated film Aladdin to be located in Dubailand in the UAE in the Middle East.
Disney Wharf at Sydney Harbour Disneyland in Sydney, Australia
WestCOT A clone of Florida's EPCOT, except in California.


Name Description Reference
National Harbor resort hotel A 500-room hotel to be located at the National Harbor, an attempt at a national convention and visitor area in Maryland. In May 2009, Disney had purchased 11 acres $11 million for the hotel. In November 2011, they canceled the project. [3]


Walt Disney World, Florida[edit]

Name Description Reference
Disney's Asian Resort A Thai themed resort to be located where Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is today. [4]
Disney's Venetian Resort An Italian themed resort to be located between the Contemporary Resort and the Transportation and Ticket Center. [5]
Disney's Persian Resort An Iranian themed resort to be located on Bay Lake north of the Contemporary Resort. [6]
Disney's Mediterranean Resort A Greek themed resort to be located on the Seven Seas Lagoon. [7]

Disneyland Resort, California[edit]

Name Description Reference
Disneyland Resort Hotel A luxurious, 800-room complex that was to be constructed in the style of San Diego's Hotel del Coronado. It was inspired by Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa in Walt Disney World. [8]

Theme park lands[edit]


Name Development Years Description Reference
Lilliputian Land 1953–1955 A land that was to be located north of Tomorrowland east of Fantasyland. Everything would have been constructed on a greatly reduced scale. [9]
Mythica Unknown A land inspired by Greek and Roman myths and legends. [10]
Tomorrowland 2055 1993–1994 An update and makeover of Tomorrowland with a more Extraterrestrial theme, (2055 is the centennial of Disneyland). However, after Disneyland Paris failed the project was abandoned due to budget cuts. [11]
"Big City USA" 1976–1984 A New York-themed area where Mickey's Toontown now sits; it was to have featured a big Broadway-style theater that presented live stage shows every day. This idea became the inspiration for the American Waterfront at Tokyo DisneySea. [12]
Edison Square 1955–1960 A land that was supposed to be themed to electricity and Thomas Edison. Would have looked like a city in the 1900s that just got electricity. Was supposed to be where the Plaza Inn and Space Mountain currently are. [13]
Hollywood Land 1996 A land that was to have a 1930s-1940s theme with rides adapted from the “Dick Tracy” and “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” films. A similar land was later built at Disneyland and at Disney’s California Adventure. [13]
Discovery Bay late 1970s A land that was a tribute to Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. Elements of the plans were later used at Disneyland Paris and Tokyo DisneySea. [14]
Liberty Street 1955–1965 A land that was supposed to resemble 1776 Philadelphia and even have a small harbor. Was to have its entrance to the left of the Disneyland Opera House. [15]

Tokyo Disneyland[edit]

Name Development Years Description Reference
Sci-Fi City Mid-1990s A refurbishment of Tomorrowland, re-imagining the land as bustling metropolitan city of the future. Existing attractions would receive upgrades including Space Mountain (HyperSpace Mountain) and the Autopia (Lunar Rovers). New attractions included the Cyber Mid rollercoaster, the Rocket Bikes, and an alien abduction simulator titled UFO Encounter. The project was later cancelled due to funds.
Mickey Ville Mid-1990s A medieval inspired Toontown, featuring Mickey's Music Store and Theatre, and Minnie's Candy House. Rejected in favor of the Roger Rabbit-inspired Toontown.

Epcot World Showcase, Florida[edit]

Name Description Reference
Costa Rica Pavilion A Costa Rican-themed area. [16][17]
Equatorial Africa Pavilion An area in the park featuring the countries of Equatorial Africa. It would have featured a large 60-foot treehouse, and a live show with a going title "Heartbeat of Africa" that would have featured elements of the continent's culture. [18]
Iran Pavilion An area in the park featuring Iran. This pavilion was proposed before EPCOT was constructed. It would have featured a dark ride exploring different parts of Persian history and a shopping area based on a bazaar. After the Iranian Revolution saw the upheaval of the Shah of Iran, the concept was scrapped. [18]
Israel Pavilion Advertised on billboards when EPCOT opened, this would have recreated ancient Jerusalem with a courtyard stage and open-air restaurant. It remained unbuilt because of budget problems and security issues regarding the state of Israel. [16][19]
Puerto Rico Pavilion During the projected "Phase II" expansion of EPCOT, the Puerto Rico Pavilion was planned. Disney later said this speculation was false, but it was proven to be under works at one point. [20]
Soviet Union Pavilion During the projected "Phase II" expansion of EPCOT, a Russia-themed Pavilion was planned. It would have been based on the Moscow Kremlin, and dominated by a replica of St. Basil's Cathedral. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the concept was scrapped. [18]
Spain Pavilion Also advertised on billboards circa 1986, this pavilion would have featured a boat ride similar to Mexico, with a design blending elements of Barcelona and Madrid. Also planned were a film on Spain's history and a restaurant. [16][21]
Switzerland Pavilion Planned primarily to bring a Matterhorn Bobsleds-style ride to Epcot. [16][22]
United Arab Emirates Pavilion This pavilion would have paid tribute to the Middle East with a magic carpet ride attraction and a show focusing on how the Middle East paved the way for various ways of life and science. [16][23]
Venezuela Pavilion This pavilion would have included a waterfall, a high-rise built into a cliff, and an aerial tram ride. [16][23]

Disney's Hollywood Studios[edit]

Name Development Years Description Reference
Mickey's Movieland Late 1980s An area dedicated to the old fashioned Mickey Mouse shorts and classic movie production. A replica of Disney's original Hyperion Avenue Studio. An area dedicated to the classic Mickey Mouse shorts. Guests would encounter hands-on exhibits demonstrating classic movie production, such as creating folly sound effects or spinning projectors to see classic Mickey drawings animate. Elements of this land were lent to The Magic of Disney Animation and The Monster Sound Show, which later evolved into Sounds Dangerous.
Muppet Studios 1989–1991 A miniland in the Streets of America area dedicated to the Muppets. Only Muppet*Vision 3D was completed before plans were put on-hold/cancelled after the death of Muppets creator, Jim Henson, in 1991. Was to feature another attraction, The Great Muppet Movie Ride, and two restaurants: The Swedish Chef's Video Cooking School and The Great Gonzo's Pandemonium Pizza Parlor. A similar land, titled "Muppets Courtyard" is currently at Hollywood Studios, using areas of the Streets of America. Currently, the only ride is Muppet*Vision 3D, and the only restaurant is "Mama Melrose Ristorante Italiano".[24] A restaurant will be added in late 2016, titled "PizzeRizzo".[25]
Roger Rabbit's Hollywood 1989–1992 An extension of Sunset Boulevard based on the 1988 film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Would feature a Red Car Trolley line running up the street, dropping guest off at a recreation of Maroon Studios, which would've been featured where Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith is located today. The land is known to have included three attractions: Toontown Trolley, Baby Herman's Runaway Baby Buggy, and Benny the Cab (which eventually became Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin, and a recreation of the Terminal Bar). Disney and co-creator Steven Spielberg's company, Amblin, were in a legal dispute over the usage of the film/character, and future attractions not already in development were put on-hold.

Disneyland Paris[edit]

Name Development Years Description Reference
1920's Main Street, USA Early 1990s An alternative version of Main Street USA, themed to the 1920s, with speakeasies, jazz players, and motorcars. Rejected in favor of a more traditional Main Street, USA.
Indiana Jones miniland 1992–1996 A miniland in the Adventureland themed around Indiana Jones, featuring the Indiana Jones Adventure and a minecart rollercoaster. The rollercoaster, Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril, was built, and a large portion of land was reserved to build Indiana Jones Adventure, but the park didn't perform as expected and the plans were shelved.

Disney's Animal Kingdom[edit]

Name Development Years 1998-2011 Description Reference Beastly Kingdom A "myths and legends"-themed land planned for Disney's Animal Kingdom. It was replaced by Camp Minnie-Mickey due to budget cuts. Much of the land designated for use by Beastly Kingdom will now be used for the forthcoming Avatar area. [citation needed]

Disney's California Adventure[edit]

Name Development Years Description Reference
Toy Story Pier Mid 2000s During the construction of Toy Story Midway Mania, the idea to revamp and theme the land to the Toy Story franchise was considered. Would feature a retheming of the Orange Stinger as The Claw, and a retheming of the Golden Zephyr centered around the rocket ships of the character, Evil Emperor Zurg.

Hong Kong Disneyland[edit]

Name Description Reference
Frontierland A Frontierland that would be similar to the Disneyland version. This area would have featured the Haunted Mansion. [26]
Toon Town A much more advanced version than its sisters in the other Disney parks. This area would have featured a roller coaster, an animatronic show, character houses, and character meet-and-greets. It may have become the idea for Toon Studios at Walt Disney Studios Park. [27]
Glacier Bay A land that was also planned at Tokyo DisneySea, would have had a winter/ice theme. Would have had an E-Ticket attraction along with a boat or dark ride. Was replaced by Toy Story Land.

Tokyo DisneySea[edit]

Name Description Reference
Glacier Bay An ice/winter themed land that was planned to go behind Lost River Delta and Arabian Coast. The path was supposed to lead to the land was to originate from where Jasmine's Flying Carpets currently are, and some space was left for a potential path to the land when the ride was built. A painting of the land is located in Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta.



Name Description Reference
Atlantis Expedition A re-theming of the Submarine Voyage in Tomorrowland at Disneyland, in which guests would have been able to use a mechanical arm that extended out into the water from their submarine window to grab at gold coins & gems lining the sea floor. The box-office failure of the 2001 animated film Atlantis: The Lost Empire caused this planned revamp to be scrapped. [citation needed]
Candy Mountain An addition to the Casey Jr. Train Ride in Fantasyland, it was supposed to be a mountain, that looked like it was made out of rock candy (and other various types of candy, such as licorice, lollipops, and candy canes), with a glossy, translucent appearance. The planned Rainbow Road To Oz attraction, was supposed to go underneath the mountain, and the ride would be inside it. It was cancelled due to Walt Disney being concerned about how they would be able to maintain and clean the mountain "because of all the smog" that came from around Anaheim, California. [citation needed]
Geyser Mountain A Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror-style ride to be built in Frontierland. Guests riding in a huge drilling machine would be caught in a massive geyser and thrown into the air. [28][29]
Herbie The Love Bug Ride An attraction conceived in 1976, to be placed in Fantasyland, it would take guests through scenes from the first two Herbie the Love Bug movies, The Love Bug and Herbie Rides Again,(in Largerst Herbies) such as Herbie driving up the Golden Gate Bridge, or the famous scene where Herbie skips across water. At the end of the ride, the Largerst Herbie ride vehicle wouldn't split in half (like in the movie). It was cancelled for unknown reasons. [citation needed]
Fireworks Factory An interactive shooter ride designed for Discovery Bay, housed inside a fireworks factory, where guests would shoot at skyrockets, pinwheels and other fireworks. A much smaller version was placed in Mickey's Toontown. [30]
The Enchanted Snow Palace A dark ride that was planned for Fantasyland at Disneyland. Marc Davis was instrumental in its design. It was designed as a boat ride on a river of melting ice, past naturalistic scenes of Arctic wildlife, beneath a display of the Northern Lights, and into the realm of the Snow Queen, a fantastical land populated by frost fairies and snow giants. Although eventually scrapped, extensive concept art still exists for this attraction. [31]
Lightkeepers A nighttime pageant that was planned for "Tomorrowland 2055". The show would have been about an entire race of god-like alien creatures that created light. They were alleged to come from a far-off mythical galaxy, where light was the source of everything. Created as a possible Main Street Electrical Parade replacement, the idea eventually inspired the short-lived Light Magic nighttime parade. [32]
Indiana Jones and the Lost Expedition A huge complex designed to house the Indiana Jones Adventure as well as a mine cart roller coaster and part of the Jungle Cruise, with the Disneyland Railroad travelling through the middle. [33]
Duck Bumps A bumper boat ride planned for Fantasyland, to be built against International Street alongside the lagoon. [34]
The Museum of the Weird A planned attraction within an attraction to be included at the beginning of The Haunted Mansion attraction. It was suggested and named by Walt Disney after a sleepless night spent thinking of a way to use all the strange and unusual concepts created for the attraction by Imagineer Rolly Crump. It included a chair that stood up and talked and many other weird things that had been collected from around the world. It was eventually cancelled when The Haunted Mansion attraction was changed from a walk-though attraction to a ride-through attraction. Several of the Museum of the Weirds designs were incorporated into The Haunted Mansion attraction including the wallpaper on the walls of the corridor of doors scene. [35]
The Old Ferris Mill A ferris wheel ride next to Duck Bumps which would take guests twirling around on a windmill. The concept might have been based on the 1937 Silly Symphonies cartoon The Old Mill. [citation needed]
Dumbo's Circusland A sub-area of Fantasyland where Dumbo the Flying Elephant and the Casey Jr. Circus Train would have been relocated. The idea eventually inspired the Storybook Circus subarea of the Fantasyland expansion at the Magic Kingdom. [36]
Circus Hot Air Balloons Would have bordered Discovery Bay and Dumbo's Circusland. [36]
Dumbo's Circus A nutty adventure underneath the big top with Dumbo leading the way. [36]
Mickey's Madhouse A funhouse adventure featuring clowns and such. [36]
The Great Movie Ride A clone was planned for Hollywood Pictures Backlot. [citation needed]
Dick Tracy's Crime Stoppers A dark ride planned for Hollywoodland. [citation needed]
Toontown Trolley A motion simulator that was to be a tour of Toontown with Roger Rabbit. [citation needed]
Baby Herman's Runaway Baby Buggy A dark ride for Hollywoodland. [citation needed]
Rainbow Road to Oz A ride based on the classic Oz books for Fantasyland. [citation needed]
Space Voyage Because of the Success Matterhorn Bobsleds, Walt Disney wanted to make another roller coaster with four separate tracks, but due to Space limitations, the idea was scrapped.

Disney California Adventure[edit]

Name Description Reference
Rock 'N' Roller Coaster starring No Doubt An indoor roller coaster ride featuring music from the Anaheim-based rock band No Doubt.
Grizzly Railroad A railroad train which would have taken passengers on scenic trip around Grizzly Peak.
Paradise Pier Water Flume A "Chute-the-Chutes"-style boat ride that would have ended with a splash into Paradise Bay.
Green Army Men Parachute Drop A Parachute drop attraction themed to the Green Army Men from the film "Toy Story", Which would have replaced the former Maliboomer space-shot attraction. A similar attraction was built at Disneyland Paris
The Walt Disney Story A film presentation & exhibit about Walt Disney coming to California which was to be housed inside the current Cathay Circle Theater building. The attraction was cancelled when it was decided that more film based attractions were not needed for the park, and the space would better serve as a restaurant to increase revenues.
Mickey's Philharmagic A clone of the popular 3D film attraction from Walt Disney World. It would have replaced the current "Muppet*Vision 3D" attraction. The attraction was canceled when it was deemed that the entire Muppet*Vision theater would have had to be rebuilt in order to incorporate a screen wide enough to properly present the film in its intended size.
Toy Story The Musical A new production of the same stage show borrowed from the Disney Cruise Line. The show would have replaced Disney's Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular inside the Hyperion Theater.

Walt Disney World[edit]

Disney's Animal Kingdom[edit]

Name Description Reference
Dragon Tower A dragon-themed roller coaster planned for Beastly Kingdom. Laid-off Imagineers took the idea to Universal, where it became Dueling Dragons. [16]
Quest for the Unicorn A hedge maze planned for Beastly Kingdom. [16]
Fantasia Gardens A boat ride designed for Beastly Kingdom featuring the mythical animals in Fantasia. The current Fantasia Gardens is a miniature golf course located near the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin resorts. [16]
Enhanced DINOSAUR DINOSAUR was originally planned to have Ankylosaurus-shaped vehicles that would have traveled through prehistoric swamps and jungles. Additional scenes would feature feasting Tyrannosaurs, volcanic eruptions, high speeds, deinonychus attacks, and more. [citation needed]
Tarzan Rainforest Roller Coaster A Tarzan-themed inverted coaster that would be informative about the rainforest and all plants and animals that inhabit it that would go in Africa. [citation needed]
The Excavator A wooden runaway mine car roller coaster through an abandoned dinosaur dig, planned for Dinoland USA, but due to Budget cuts, it was replaced by Primeval Whirl. [16]
Dinorama Meteor Dark Ride A dark ride regarded as a junior version of DINOSAUR, planned for Dinorama. [citation needed]
The Tree of Life Carousel Instead of The Tree of Life, this double-decker carousel would have been the park's iconic symbol. Guests would ride on a Dumbo-like ride on vehicles based on animals from around the world. [citation needed]

Disney's Hollywood Studios[edit]

Name Description Reference
Baby Herman's Runaway Baby Buggy A Fantasyland-style dark ride based on Baby Herman, a character from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. [16]
Benny the Cab Ride A dark ride based on Who Framed Roger Rabbit that eventually became Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin at Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland. [16]
Dick Tracy's Crime Stoppers An enhanced motion vehicle ride through the streets of Chicago based on the 1990 film Dick Tracy. [16]
The Great Muppet Movie Ride A "misguided" tour through movie history, given Muppet-style. The ride could be part of a planned Disney's The Muppets themed area called Muppet Studios, along with Jim Henson's Muppet Vision 3D. [16]
Hotel Mel A precursor to The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. A comedic dark based on the humor of Mel Brooks.
Gyser Mountain Another precursor to Twilight Zone Tower of Terror that was going to be a Drop Tower and roller coaster combo.
The Nightmare Before Christmas A dark ride based on Tim Burton's 1993 film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Also considered for Disney's California Adventure.
The Rocketeer A flying jetpack-themed rollercoaster based on the 1991 superhero film, The Rocketeer.
Toontown Trolley A madcap adventure that would have flight simulators surrounded by animated screens to take guests on a "hare-raising" trolley ride through a zany cartoon world with Roger Rabbit at the helm. [16]
Silent film Stunt Show Housed in a 1920s soundstage and considered as part of The Studio Backlot Tour, guests would watch as a Buster Keaton type character accidentally causes a series of slapstick disasters which cause the soundstage to collapse around them. Rejected for Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular.
Villain ride A 3D adventure where visitors would have been menaced by three-dimensional recreations of Disney's most famous fiends before the forces of good finally came to their rescue. A possible replacement for The Great Movie Ride. [16]


Name Description Reference
Simulated Bullet Train Ride A unique variation on Disney's CircleVision 360 show. Guests would have found themselves standing aboard a vibrating recreation of the passenger compartment of a Japanese bullet train. Looking out through the oversized faux windows in this passenger car, they would have been treated to a high-speed travelogue as some of Japan's most beautiful scenery whizzed by the windows. The attraction was planned for the Japan Pavilion at Epcot. [16]
Godzilla Bullet Train Ride Similar to both the Mt. Fuji and Bullet Train ideas, in this case having the bullet train run afoul of Godzilla in Tokyo Bay, followed by a race to safety. This ride would be planned for the Japan Pavilion at Epcot. This ride inspired Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom [16]
Rhine River Cruise A cruise down Germany's most famous rivers, including the Rhine, the Tauber, the Ruhr and the Isar. Detailed miniatures of famous landmarks would also be seen, including one of the Cologne Cathedral. The ride entrance and the building that would have housed it are still visible at the Germany pavilion. [16]
Time Racers A high-tech thrill ride about fast-forwarding through history that was to replace Spaceship Earth. [16]
Jr. Autopia The Disneyland attraction would be added next to the new Test Track for a new Transportation pavilion. The concept emerged in response to Test Track's high rider height requirements. [citation needed]
Thames River Ride Designed as part of the UK pavilion, this full-scale water ride would visit key London landmarks. Concept art from 1986 shows the Tower of London, Big Ben, and the Houses of Parliament. [37]
WEDway PeopleMover When the Communicore (now Innoventions East and West) buildings were built, they were designed with a second level and very high ceilings. This was because a peoplemover system was destined to be installed on the second level. [citation needed]
The Incredible Journey Within An omnimover ride to be part of the health and fitness pavilion which "shrunk" guest to tour the human body. The idea was similar to Adventure Thru Inner Space, formally at Disneyland. The idea was scrapped due to concerns regarding the costs in maintaining the giant props and set pieces (such as moving heart valves, air sacks breathing in the lungs, etc.) The premise for the ride eventually led to Body Wars, a motion simulator through the human body. [citation needed]

Magic Kingdom[edit]

Name Description Reference
Western River Expedition A Pirates of the Caribbean-style ride through the Wild West. This was first proposed for Walt Disney's Riverfront Square. The land proposed for the ride is now used by Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. [38]
Nostromo The genesis of ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter. Originally based on the film Alien and slated to star the film's titular creature, the idea wasn't scrapped, a rated-R horror film, wasn't deemed too frightening for the Magic Kingdom. There is an Alien scene in The Great Movie Ride.
Cinderella Dark Ride In the first two blueprints for New Fantasyland, the area now used by the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train was to have a Cinderella dark ride, a Cinderella meet and greet, and a Princess Aurora meet and greet.
Pixie Hollow In the first blueprint for New Fantasyland, the Storybook Circus area, except for The Barnstormer and Dumbo the Flying Elephant, was to be used for a Pixie Hollow area, which would have held a dark ride as well as meet and greets for Tinkerbell and other fairies.

Disneyland Paris[edit]

Name Description Reference
The Undersea Voyage of the Little Mermaid A Little Mermaid-themed dark ride, due to open on the hillside facing Pizzeria Bella Notte, so that it would fit the "Mediterranean" look of this part of Fantasyland. However, since Disney California Adventure Park and Magic Kingdom have built this ride, it may open in the European Resort in the future. [citation needed]
Matterhorn Bobsleds An updated replica of the popular ride from Disneyland which would have been placed behind Fantasyland Station. A still existing tunnel was created below the station so that the ride could have been accessible from both the Toad Hall area and from Le Pays des Contes de Fées.
Indiana Jones Adventure Since 1995, the large "Jungle Exploration" space behind Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril has been reserved for an attraction of the size of Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. It is unknown if it may become reality or whether the space is entirely for that attraction.
Splash Mountain Since Splash Mountain and Disneyland Paris were built at the same time, the ride was not part of the original design. However, Imagineers intended to have it built in the Cottonwood Creek area of Frontierland in the following years. They designed Frontierland Depot so that the station can be easily removed and relocated elsewhere. They decided against it due to cold weather in Paris and for budgetary reasons.
Geyser Mountain A free-fall ride envisioned for Frontierland, possibly located in the Cottonwood Creek area. Designed as a mining facility in the middle of a geyser field, it would have taken guests to subterranean caves filled with golden ore, until they reached the heart of an active geyser known as the Old Unfaithful. The adventure would have come to a climax with the geyser erupting.
Lava Lagoon A Polynesian-themed indoor waterpark, built under a glass dome. It was planned for Disneyland Paris.

Tokyo DisneySea[edit]

Name Description Reference
The Jungle Book Adventure Audio-Animatronics Show A Jungle Book-themed show that would have been situated next to the Indiana Jones attraction. [citation needed]
The Undersea Voyage of the Little Mermaid When it remained unbuilt at Disneyland Paris, Imagineers redesigned the attraction for Hong Kong and Tokyo DisneySea. A variant of it is currently operating Paradise Pier at Disney's California Adventure and in the New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. A variant would be built in the "Mermaid Lagoon" section of Tokyo DisneySea. [citation needed]

Hong Kong Disneyland[edit]

Name Description Reference
Peter Pan's Flight A dark ride that would have been placed in Fantasyland. It would have been similar to the Magic Kingdom one. [citation needed]
The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure An attraction that was mentioned in the project fact sheet in 1999. A variant of it is currently operating Paradise Pier at Disney's California Adventure and in the New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. [citation needed]
Raging Spirits A speedy roller coaster that would whisk guests through a very dark jungle. This ride would have been placed in Adventureland. The ride would have shared its name with a ride at Tokyo DisneySea. [citation needed]
The Boneyard The popular Animal Kingdom attraction would have been recreated in Adventureland. [citation needed]
Grizzly River Run-style river raft ride A version of the California Adventure river raft ride was originally planned as an opening day thrill. It is unknown if the design of the mountain would have changed. [citation needed]
Pirates of the Caribbean A Splash Mountain-style water ride that would have been placed in Pirate Coast. Redesigned for Shanghai Disneyland. [citation needed]
Toy Story Mania! A 4D ride that would have been placed in Toy Story Land.
Star Tours—The Adventures Continue A 3-D motion simulator ride would have been placed in Tomorrowland. It may have been replaced by Iron Man Experience. It remains unknown if will it be built in Tomorrowland.


Disney's Hollywood Studios[edit]

Name Description Reference
Copperfield Magic Underground Based on David Copperfield, the famous stage magician. It was also considered for Downtown Disney. [39]
Gonzo's Pandemonium Pizza Parlor Muppet-themed restaurant; the Great Gonzo and Rizzo the Rat's version of a pizza parlor. [40]

Disneyland Paris[edit]

Name Description Reference
Nautilus Restaurant An undersea restaurant designed for the Nautilus walkthrough inside Discovery Mountain.


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