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Russ music (Norwegian: russemusikk) is a subgenre of electronic dance music and a music scene which originated from Norway during the mid 2000s.[1] Drawing inspiration from EDM, hip hop and techno. Russ music is characterized by its fast tempo, synthesizers, notable bass and explicit lyrics, often combined with rapping.

Usually, this type of music are produced on request by Norwegian high school graduates to promote their "russ concept" as a part of the russ celebration.[2]

Russ music has lately been labeled as a controversial genre as a part of an constantly growing market. Record producers are heavily criticized for their use of explicit lyrics, as the distribution of russ music has grown to be an independent music industry in Norway.[3]

Some notable artists[edit]

Russ music producers
  • Tix / The Pøssy Project
  • Soppgirobygget
  • Unge Lama
  • DJ Loppetiss
  • BEK & Wallin
  • BEK & Moberg
  • Kudos
  • Truse Tarzan
  • Spasme
  • Mackarinø
  • El Papi
  • Olav Haust
  • Solguden & Mannen
  • Sandmans
  • Ringnes-Ronny
  • Kuselofte
  • Öresus
  • Heux
  • B3nte
Recurring producers
Former producers

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