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StarLux Airlines
Founded 2016(Company Registration)
Hubs Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
Headquarters No.382,Nanjing East Road Sec 6, Neihu District, Taipei City, Republic of China
Key people Chang Kuo-wei

StarLux Airlines (Chinese: 星宇航空; pinyin: Hsing Yu Hángkōng) is a Taiwanese-based airline company which is under preparation by Chang Kuo-wei after he resigned the President of Evergreen Group.


Chang Kuo-wei (張國煒) who was the Vice President of Evergreen Group announced his father's will after the death of Chang Yung-fa (張榮發), the Founder of EVA Air in February 2016. The will stated that he succeed the President of Evergreen Group but this led his brothers whom were born by the first wife of Chang Yung-fa against him. Chang Kuo-wei resigned as President and left the Group.[1] Later on, Chang Kuo-wei launched the new carrier company as Star Airlines (星宇航空) and the airlines company was registered in 2016 with the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of China.[2] This was confirmed by himself on November 30, 2016.[3] The Airlines is estimated to registry with the Civil Aeronautics Administration in the first half of 2017,[4] and to operate in 2018.[2] The Ministry of Economics Affairs received the formal application for establishing the airline under the name StarLux Airlines on 22 May 2017. [5]

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