Sullivan County Sheriff's Office (Tennessee)

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Sullivan County Sheriff's Office
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Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
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Legal jurisdiction Sullivan County Tennessee
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[2] Sullivan County Sheriff Office

The Sullivan County Sheriffs Office, sometimes referred to as "SCSO", is the primary law enforcement organization serving Sullivan County, Tennessee, in the United States. The Department has a staff of 260 deputies, corrections officers, and support personnel.


The Administration Division is responsible for Records, Training, Warrants, and the department SRO program with area schools.


The Operations Division includes Patrol and K-9 units, Criminal Investigations, Communications, and Accreditation for the department.


The Corrections Division handles all jail and prisoner matters, which include prisoner transportation, medical staff, and protection of all prisoners and other persons in the Sullivan County Jail.

Rank structure[edit]

Title Insignia
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Chief Deputy
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Captain insignia gold.svg
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Fallen officers[edit]

Since the organization was established, 8 members of the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office have died in the line of duty.[1]

Officer Date of Death Details
Special Deputy Lee Eldridge
December 25, 1907
Special Deputy Eldridge was shot and killed while attempting to arrest a man who had broken into the post office in Harris, Tennessee. A warrant for the man's arrest was placed in the hands of a regular deputy, who deputized Mr. Eldridge to assist him. As Deputy Eldridge and the other deputy approached the man, the suspect suddenly leveled a shotgun at them and opened fire, killing Deputy Eldridge. The 23-year-old suspect was captured two days later near Abingdon, Virginia.
Deputy Sheriff Hubert Webb
April 13, 1925
Deputy Hubert Webb and Patrolman John Smith, of the Kingsport Police Department, were shot and killed as they and another officer attempted to arrest a fugitive. The suspect was wanted for murdering Deputy Sheriff Murdock McIntosh, of the Greene County, Tennessee, Sheriff's Department, on December 24, 1924. As the officers approached, the suspect opened fire, fatally wounding both officers and a civilian who was with the officers. The suspect was apprehended and later died while serving time in a penitentiary in Parchman, Mississippi.
Sergeant Arthur Carroll Lane
March 30, 1981
Sergeant Lane was struck and killed by a vehicle while conducting a roadblock to stop a stolen vehicle on Wadlow Gap Road. The driver of the vehicle struck Sergeant Lane as he stood outside of his patrol car. The juvenile was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 6 years in prison, but released after serving only 3 years. During the investigation of his murder, Sergeant Paul Mooneyham of the Tennessee Highway Patrol suffered a fatal heart attack due to the stress and long hours of the investigation.
Patrolman Glayton Mitchell Parker
May 31, 1990
Deputy Glayton Parker was shot in the face and killed with a high powered rifle while attempting to serve a misdemeanor warrant because the suspect failed to show up for a court-ordered mental evaluation.
Sergeant Roscoe Teague
May 30, 1995
Patrolman Teague suffered a fatal heart attack shortly after being involved in an altercation with two men during a traffic stop. During the altercation, he had to spray the men with his department issued chemical agent. He suffered a heart attack a short time later. He was transported to a local hospital where he remained until passing away while waiting for a heart transplant.
Deputy Sheriff Steve N Mullins
November 22, 1995
Deputy Steve Mullins was killed when he was struck by a vehicle. The vehicle, being driven by three runaway juveniles, had been stolen in Florida and was being chased by members of another department. Deputy Mullins pulled his cruiser into the lane of traffic in which the van was traveling to protect the traffic ahead of him. The van crashed into the cruiser, knocking Deputy Mullins into the grill of a wrecker approximately 25 feet away. He was flown to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.
Reserve Deputy Barry Shelton
September 30, 2001
Reserve Deputy Barry Shelton and Deputy Stephen Riner were killed in a single vehicle accident while responding to a domestic violence call. Both officers were killed when their vehicle went off the roadway and hit a tree.
Deputy Sheriff Stephen Dwight Riner
September 30, 2001
Reserve Deputy Barry Shelton and Deputy Stephen Riner were killed in a single vehicle accident while responding to a domestic violence call. Both officers were killed when their vehicle went off the roadway and hit a tree.

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